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The abbreviations listed below are used by all brances of the Military in the UK.

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Complete List Of British Army Acronyms

WLCSG Whole Life Cost Steering Group
WLHR Weapon Launch & Handling Rig
WLR Weapon Locating Radar
WM Weapons Management
WM Workstream Manager
WMC Weapon Maintenance Condition
WMD Weapon of Mass Destruction
WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction
WMF Windows Meta File
WMI Wider Markets Initiative
WMO Weapon Maintenance Officer (RFA)
WMP With Much Pleasure (affirmative reply to an RPC)
WMR War Maintenance Reserve
WMRV Wheeled Maintenance and Recovery Vehicle
WMS Warehouse Management System
WMS Weapons Multi block Euler Code
Wng Cdr Wing Commander
WO Warrant Officer
WO(L) WO(Electrical)
WO(M) WO(Mechanical)
WO(U) Warrant Officer (Upkeep)
WOC Weather & Oceanographic Centre
WOC Work Order Control
WOCA WO Catering Accountant
WOCY Warrant Officer Communications Yeoman
WOCY WO Chief Yeoman
WORM Write Once Read Many
WORS WO Radio Supervisor
WOSA Windows Open Systems Architecture
WOSA WO Stores Accountant
WOTSAC When Old Type Spares are Consumed
WOW Weight On Wheels
WOWE(RFA) WO Weapons Engineering (RFA)
WP Warsaw Pact
WP Water Point
WP Weapons Processor
WP White Phosphorous
WP Work Proposal
WPAFB Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
WPD Warship Planning Document
WPD Warship Policy Document
WPI Wavell Processor Installation
WPM Warship Project Manager
WPM Words Per Minute
WPM Work Package Management
WPP Weekly Practice Programme
WPP Works Project Programme
WPT Weapons Procedure Trainer
WPWSR Working Party on War Stocks & Reserves
WR War Reserve
WR HALL PORT Wardroom Hall Porter
WR OPV Warrior Observation Post Vehicle
WRA91 Water Resources Act 1991
WRAM Asset management information for helicopter engines
WRAM Work Recording and Asset Management
WRAM Work Recording and Asset Management system
WRAP Waste Resources Action Programme
WRC World Radio communications Conference
WRNS Womens Royal Naval Service
WRPC Weapon Repair Policy Code
wrt with regard to
WS Weapon System
WS Weapons Systems
WS3 Weapons Secure Survivable Storage
WSA Warship Support Agency
WSB Weapon Section Base
WSC Weapon Safety Committee
WSC Weapon Stowage Compartment
WSC Weapon System Coordination or Wargaming and Simulation Centre
WSC Whole Ship Coordinator (MM in RN)
WSCTDS Weapon System Coordination Technology Demonstrator
WSDEM Weapon System Design Effectiveness Model
WSEAF Weapons Systems Effectiveness Analysis Facility
WSER Weapon System Effectiveness Report
WSL Whole Ship Life
WSM Water Space Management
WSM Weapon System Manager
WSM Weapon System Model
WSM Work Service Manager
WSM Work Services Manager
WSM Works Service Manager
WSMR White Sands Missile Range
WSO Washington Standardisation Officer
WSO Weapon Section Officer
WSO Weapons System Operator
WSP Warship Support Plan
WSP Whole Ship Procurement
WSP Works Scrutiny Panel
WSPS Wire Strike Protection System
WSS Weapons System Specification
WSS Weapons Systems Sector
WSS Windmill Signal Station
WSS Windows Sharepoint Services
WSS Workshop Support Services
WSSS Wideband Secure Speech System
WSTG Weapon Systems Tuning Group
WSU Weapon System Upgrade
WSWSB Whole Ship Watch & Station Bill
WT Wireless Telegraphy
WTMS Warehouse and Transport Management System
WTMS Warehouse and Transportation Management System
WTO World Trade Organisation
WTSV Watertight Slide Valve
WUDD Weapon Upkeep Disclosure Document
WUP Weapon Upkeep Plan
WWCCS World Wide Control and Communication System
WWFN World Wide Fund for Nature
WWG Weapon Working Group
WWMCCS World Wide Military Command and Control System
WWW World Wide Web
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
X.121 The numbering scheme for Packet Switched Service
X.21 ITU protocol standard
X.25 ITU interface standard for terminals operating in the packet mode
X.29 ITU standard of procedures for the exchange of Control and Data information
X.3 ITU standard for Packet Assembly/disassembly (PAD) facility
X.400 International Standard for message handling systems
X.500 International Standard for Directory Services
X1 WOMAA who works for SXO
X2/BDX NBCDX2/Battle Damage Exercise
XB Executive Board (as in DPA)
XBS eXternal Breathing System
XBT eXpendable Bathy Thermography
XBT eXpendable BathyThermograph
XD Executive Director (as in DPA)
XMI XML Metadata Interchange
XML Extensible Markup Language
XML Extensible Mark-up Language
XO Executive Officer
XOT eXpendable Optical Temperature/Depth
XP eXchange Point
XSV eXpendable Sound Velocimeter
XTM or XOTM XOs Temporary Memorandum
X-Windows A Graphical User Interface standard
Y of S Yeoman of Signals
Y2K Year 2000 (Millennium Bug)
YARD Yarrows Admiralty Research & Development.
yd Yard (UK unit of measurement)
yd(s) yard(s)
YO Young Officer (under training)
YOFB Young Officers Fleet Board
YPG Yuma Proving Ground
Yr Year
YSM Yard Services Manager
Z Zone
ZEUS Harrier GR5/7 Mission Planning Aid?
ZMC Zone Military Commander
ZZ Zig-Zag
AMS Army Medical Services
QARANC Queen Alexandras Royal Army Nursing Corps
RAMC Royal Army Medical Corps
2IC Second In Command
7ps Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents a Pretty Poor Performance
ACE Allied Command Europe
ACV Armoured Command Vehicle
Adjt Adjutant
AFCENT Allied Forces Central European Theatre
AFV Armoured Fighting Vehicle
AMF Allied Mobile Force
AP Armoured Piercing or Ammunition Point
APC Armoured Personnel Carrier
APO Army Post Office
Armd Armoured
ARRC Allied Rapid Reaction Corps
ARV Armoured Recovery Vehicle
ASAP As Soon As Possible
Cas Casualty
ATGW Army Tank Guided Weapon
Casevac Casualty Evacuation
Att Attached
CCP Casualty Collecting Point
AWOL Absent Without Leave
CCS Casualty Clearing Station
AWACS Airborne Warning And Control Systems
CGS Chief of the General Staff
CinC Commander in Chief
BAOR British Army of the Rhine
CO Commanding Officer
Battle Bowlers What the QAs of World War Two nicknamed their tin hats
Comd Command or Commander
Comms Z Communications Zone
Bde Brigade
Compo or Comp Rat Composite Ration (also called comp rat)
BFG British Forces Germany
BFPO British Forces Post Office
COMSEN Communications Centre
BG Battle Group Coord Co-ordinate
BGHQ BattleGroup Headquarters
CoS Chief of Staff
Bimbling To Walk Or Do Something Slowly
Coy Company
CP Command Post or Close Protection
Blag To acquire something
BMH British Military Hospital
CPO Chief Petty Officer (Navy Rank) or Command Pay Office
Bn Battalion
Bootneck A Royal Marine Commando
BRSC British Rear Support Command
CQMS Company Quartermaster Sergeant
Bty Battery
Crabs The slang name for the RAF
Buzzes or Buzz Gossip or Rumours
C Sups Combat Supplies
Crap Hat Paratroopers call a regiment or corps that does not wear a maroon beret a crap hat
CAD Central Ammunition Depot
Cam Camouflaged
CV Combat Vehicles
GDP General Defence Plan
CVD Central Vehicle Depot
GOC General Officer Commanding
CVRT Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked
CVRW Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Wheeled
GPMG General Purpose Machine Gun
GPS Global Positioning System
CW Chemical Warfare
Green New to the job or service
Greenfly The nickname of the British Army Intelligence Corps
Def Defence
Det Detached
Grunt Slang Word For An Infantryman
DF Defensive Fire
Dml Demolition
Hack It To endure or to do something
DS Directing Staff (also called Di Staff)
HE High Explosive
HEAT High Explosive Anti Tank
DTG Date Time Group Hel Helicopter
Ech Echelon HLS Helicopter Landing Site
EDP Emergency Defence Plan
HMT Hired Military Transport
Emb Embarkation
EMP Electro Magnetic Pulse
En Enemy
EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Eqpt Equipment
IED Improvised Explosive Device
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
II Image Intensifier
EW Electronic Warfare or Early Warning
Int Sum Intelligence Summary
IO Intelligence Officer
Ex Exercise
IR Individual Reservist
FAC Forward Air Controller
IS Internal Security
Fat Albert Nickname of the Hercules plane
IW Individual Weapon
Jack To Be Selfish
FEBA Forward Edge Battle Area
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