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Military Acronym Tool: The Results

CCPCasualty Collection Point
CCPCentral Control Point
CCPChest Counter Pressure
CCPChief Crown Prosecutor
CCPCoherent Countermeasures Processor
CCPCombat Command Post
CCPCommunication Control Panel
CCPComputer Control Panel
CCPContingency Communications Package
CCPContractor Conversion Package
CCPControl and Correlation Processor
CCPCCivil Communications Planning Committee
CCPDSCommand and Control Processing and Display System
CCPDSRCommand & Control Passive Display System Replacement
CCPOCharge Chief Petty Officer
ICCPImpressed Current Cathode Protection
ICCPImproved Computer Control Panel
MCCPMain Communications Control Panel
MCCPMovement Control Check Point
CCPCasualty Collecting Point

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