Civilian Clothing Daily Allowance (CCDA)

This article explains Civilian Clothing Daily Allowance and Civilian Clothing Annual Grant.

What Is CCDA?

Civilian clothing daily allowance (CCDA) is for Army, Navy, RAF and Royal Marines personnel.

It’s a type of claim that can be made if you are required to wear your own civilian clothing whilst on duty.

You are entitled to claim either per day or yearly and you must wear civvies for a minimum of 60 days (which is backdated).

If you apply annually then you need to apply for Civilian Clothing Annual Grant (CCAG).

How Much CCDA/CCAG Can I Get?

As it stands, you can claim £0.94 per day or £343 per year.

Whilst this isn’t exactly footballer wages, every little helps and if you’re entitled to it – you may as well claim for it.

Civilian Clothing Daily Allowance Eligibility

In order to claim CCDA or CCAG you must fall into the following requirements:

  • Non-commissioned Regular and Reserve personnel.
  • You must wear civilian clothes for a minimum of 60 days.

You will not be able to claim for this if you are provided clothing by the MOD for your duty.

As always, speak to your clerk before making any claims.

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