Disturbance Allowance Calculator

Discover the disturbance allowance rates for eligible personnel.

What Is The Disturbance Allowance?

These days, the MOD calls it Disturbance Expense (D.E).

The idea behind the Disturbance Allowance is to help contribute towards additional expenses when required to move from your Residence at Work Address (RWA) to a permanent assignment.

In short, if you’re permanently posted away from where you live now, you are entitled to D.E.

What Disturbance Allowance Can I Claim?

We’d always advise speaking to your clerk so you don’t get anything wrong.

This type of claim can get very complicated and when reading JSP 752 – Chapter 12 Section 1 – Disturbance Expenses, you will see why.

Can I Qualify For Disturbance Allowance?

The main qualifying criteria is for you to be ordered in writing to move to a new place of duty to undertake a permanent assignment following Phase 1 training or on subsequent qualifying moves.

Some other qualifying reasons you can claim Disturbance Allowance:

  • Undertake a mid-assignment move as detailed at JSP 752 12.0117
  • Undertake a move in advance of an extended operational tour
  • Be required to move from a RWA to temporary accommodation awaiting a further assignment

It’s always best to check with your clerk before making any claim.

Disturbance Allowance Rates 2023

If you’re wondering how much disturbance allowance you’re entitled to then check out the table below.

Location / Property TypeApril 2022
SFA/SSFA/Privately Owned/Rented
SFA/SSFA/Privately Owned/Rented
Child Element
For Each Eligible Child


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