UK veteran ID card applications
The HM Armed Forces Veteran ID card was a concept that has been discussed for years.

We cover off all the information that you need to know about the Veteran ID card below.

About The ID Card

Back in 2018, there was an announcement stating that a “V” would be marked onto your driving license if you were a veteran.

There has always been a lot of attention around these types of ideas and there are still many passionate debates that you can find online.

The Veteran ID card that is now available was the brain child of the Strategy For Our Veterans plan presented by the Secretary of State for Defence. The plan covers off some really interesting ideas and their main goal for the next 10 years is for Veterans to be at their full potential on civvy street and to receive full support for their needs.

strategy for veterans 2028

“Better identification of Veterans within and through data can lead to a greater understanding of their needs, trends and geographical distribution.”

The HM Armed Forces Veteran ID card was made available to service personnel leaving the forces as of 18th February 2019. The ID card is a standalone piece that isn’t linked to any other form of identification like your driving license or passport unlike the original announcements before.

The card has information printed onto the front that gives the following information:

  • Photo Identification
  • Unique Identification Code
  • Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Veteran ID Card Expiry Date

This card is roughly the same size as the MOD Form 90 and can be used to prove you served for Queen and country.

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The Benefits Of A Veterans ID Card

Aside the card being something you can easily pull out of your wallet to prove you’re not a Walt, there are still many other benefits that will become available throughout the next few years.

    • NHS / Healthcare Services

Healthcare services for veterans will be readily available in the near future offered by the NHS and other healthcare providers that offer their services privately.

Using the card will prove your service and get you the right help that you need.

The details on what those services could be are still not very clear but over time we will find out more and update this section.

    • Local Authorities

If you’ve ever applied for Council housing as a Veteran, you will know that you need to provide evidence of your service and the same goes if you are going to purchase a property using the Council housing discount. Now the cards are introduced, it should make this process much easier.

The Veteran ID card can also be used for job seekers, housing associations and charities to provide proof of your service.

    • Veteran Discounts

The Defence Discount Service is something that nearly every Veteran I know has applied for.

The service provides discounts to hundreds of high street stores and online shops which is a fantastic product within it’s own right however we have a feeling that it may be discontinued within the next 5 – 10 years now the HM Forces Veteran ID Card is released.

Much like a student ID card, most shops will simply offer discounts once the card becomes something that most Veterans will carry around. This eliminates the need for businesses to join the DDS and any discounts can be offered within store level.

Please keep in mind that this isn’t a personal attack on the DDS, it’s just a business model that we think won’t be needed once the ID cards become more popular.

The Veteran ID card is designed to reduce waiting times and lower outgoing costs. The amount of paperwork needed when applying for things in the future should be reduced.

HM Armed Forces Veteran ID Card Availability

As of February 2019, the ID card is only available to service personnel that left the military since December 2018.

For existing Veterans, the card is not yet available but the second it is we will update this article.

There were predictions at the beginning of 2019 for the card to be made available to existing Veterans for the end of the year but we’re looking to push into mid-2020 now. It seems there are still a few disagreements on the best way for the ex-forces community to apply for the cards which is delaying the release.

For an additional insight into how the Government plans to improve their input within the Veteran community, the Strategy For Our Veterans is a great read.

How Much Does The Veterans ID Card Cost?

We’re not entirely sure on the costs for applying for the ID card just yet. The details are still very murky but as soon as the information becomes available, we will update this section immediately.


What’s Your Opinion?

We’d love to know your thoughts on the ID card. Let us know your views in the comments about any of the following:

  • Benefits
  • Negative Outcomes
  • Will You Apply For A Card?
  • Do You Already Have An ID Card?
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