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An up-to-date GYH calculator for eligible soldiers.

GYH Calculator

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Get You Home Allowance Eligibility

Get You Home Early Years (GHY(EY)) allows junior members of the services in the UK to maintain links with their close family or friends and home area while they adjust to service life.

You’re eligible to receive GYH pay if you meet the following criteria:

  • Under the age of 18 and assigned to the UK
  • Aged 18 years or older and in Phase 1 training

If you’re unsure about your eligibility then make sure to read Section 7: Chapter 1 of JSP 752.

You cannot receive GYH allowance if you receive LSA.

Always speak to your clerk before making any claims.

The data provided is for representational purposes only and the correlation between miles and pricing are updated as of February 2020.