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LSA Pay Scales 2023

Please Note: The LSA figures below are calculated before tax and N.I contributions.

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This section shows you exactly how much LSA you can earn each time you're away and eligible.

Simply Enter the amount of days you will be receiving LSA pay and this calculator does the rest.

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Longer Separation Allowance (LSA)

This section explains the basics around LSA within the Armed Forces.

What Are LSA Days?

LSA days are accrued for every eligible day that you are away.

This means that when you’re posted somewhere away from your unit and it isn’t a permanent posting, you will accrue LSA days.

How Many LSA Days Can I Get?

The MOD has LSA within certain levels ranging from 1 to 16 and each level entitles you to earn a bit more than the last.

The highest level of LSA days that you can hit is level 16, which means you have spent over 3161 days away from your unit.

How Can I Increase My LSA Days?

To increase your LSA levels, you will need to hit the right criteria for qualified days away.

Usually this would be time away on temporary postings such as going on tour to the Falklands, Canada, Kenya or Afghanistan (for example).

How Does The Pay Increase Between LSA Levels Work?

LSA pay scales increase with each level.

Everyone starts on Level 1 and personnel have to acquire more than 280 days away to hit Level 2.

Currently, going from Level 1 to Level 2 means that you earn an extra £4.20 per day.

If you’re someone that’s happy to be away and earn that extra pay, then LSA days is the way to go.

If you’re unsure about your eligibility then make sure to read Chapter 10: Section 1 of JSP 752.

Always speak to your clerk before making any claims.

The data provided is for representational purposes only and the correlation between LSA days and the rates of pay are updated as of October 2022.

LSA Chuff Chart

Military personnel have used Chuff Charts for years.

Sometimes those files become corrupt or are deleted by the chain of command.

Luckily, Daysack Media has developed a free LSA Chuff Chart that you can use with Google Sheets and Excel.

Download LSA Chuff Chart

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