Home To Duty Travel Allowance 2023

An up-to-date Home To Duty travel calculator for eligible personnel.

Home To Duty Travel (HTD Travel) Allowance

The HTD allowance rate is published annually in the CDP(AF Rem) Allces Directed letter.

Currently the MMA (Motor Mileage Allowance) is £0.25 per mile.

The HTD calculator below is based service personnel living in a private residence away from work, claiming per day of the month.

HTD Travel Calculator

£ Per Day

£ Per Month

HTD travel allowance is allocated to serving personnel looking to reclaim some cost incurred when travelling between their Residence at Work Address (RWA) and their place of duty.

Currently, it doesn’t matter if the vehicle you use is a manual, automatic, diesel, petrol or an electric vehicle – each person claiming from the MOD will receive the same amount per mile.

We have heard rumours that electric vehicles will receive a higher rate however currently, this is purely hearsay.

What’s The Maximum Home To Duty Travel Claim I Can Make?

The maximum amount of miles you can claim for is 50 miles.

How Is HTD Travel Calculated or Measured?

Home To Duty Travel is calculated using Google Maps.

Your clerk will measure the actual distance of the most effective route travelled.

The route you take must be deemed the most cost effective and practical for the journey.

What Else Should I Know?

You can claim HTD Travel for one return journey per day.

HTD Rates as of 2023 are paid per mile. Fractions of miles are rounded down if they are 0.4 or below and rounded up if they are 0.5 or above.

Currently there is no clear indication of the minimum miles you can claim for however it is believed to be 9 miles.

Always speak to your clerk before making any claims.

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