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The MOD offers service personnel an allowance for working in unpleasant conditions – see how much you can earn per day.

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What Is Unpleasant Work Allowance?

If you’re in the Army, Navy, RAF or Royal Marines then you can claim Unpleasant Work Allowance (UWA).

Simply put, UWA is something you can claim for if you work in objectionable circumstances.

Whether that’s cleaning out cesspits, handling corpses or recovering large volumes of human remains then you’re eligible to claim.

Unpleasant Work Allowance Levels And Rates

Currently there are 3 levels for claiming UWA.

Level 1

Level 1 UWA means you can claim up to £2.87 per day if you’re working with hazardous substances for up to four hours per day.

This also includes working in extreme temperatures where air conditioning is unavailable.

Level 2

You can claim up to £6.97 per day if your role requires you to work for a minimum of 4 hours in unpleasant conditions.

This level is more for those handling corpses or covering sanitary duties.

Level 3

This level gives you £20.61 per day if your role involves in handling large numbers of un-coffined human remains.

You typically qualify for this level during a major disaster or a humanitarian relief duty.

The criteria for UWA claims is quite strict so always speak to your clerks before making any claim.

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