Veteran Owned Businesses

This section is dedicated to highlighting other Veteran Owned businesses in the UK.

Veteran Owned Business: Lakeside Bee Services

Lakeside Bee Services

This Veteran Owned bee removal company specialises in live bee removal, bee care & maintenance, beekeeping courses and sell their own honey and candle wax.

Read more to see why this is a brilliant veteran owned business.

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Veteran Owned Business: Forces Money

Forces Money

Military Tax Refund Specialists

A fantastic company owned and operated by the one and only Alfie Usher.

An ex-para that is determined to help military servicemen and women every step of the way.

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Veteran Owned Business: Kit Pest

Kit Pest

Outdoor Clothing & Tactical Gear Reviews

Their reviews on tactical equipment, outdoor kits and survival gear is unparalled within the forces community.

Find out about their website design and build.

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Veteran Owned Business: Homewatch Isle Of Wight

Homewatch IOW

Building & Construction

Homewatch consists of ex-forces personnel whose business is absolutely smashing it.

Pure professionalism and consistent workmanship all-round.

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Veteran Owned Business: Veterans Network

Veterans Network

Veteran Business Directory

This was definitely one of the biggest website design projects we’ve ever worked on.

A business directory, forum, jobs board and blog all rolled into one, it is huge!

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Veteran Owned Business: Pineridge Tree Care

Pineridge Tree Care

Local Tree Surgeons

A fantastic team of tree surgeons based in Surrey.

We built their site and have ran SEO and marketing services for years.

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Veteran Owned Business: TRC Outdoors

TRC Outdoors

Outdoor Clothing Supplies

A practical, tactical product needs a straight-forward, no-hassle platform to make it easier for customers to buy it.

We’re proud to give this product a platform!

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Veteran Owned Business: Jacobite Solutions

Jacobite Solutions

SERE / E&E eCommerce Products

A Veteran Owned business specialising in search, escape, rescue and evade products.

We built this website in 2020 and are very proud of how well they are performing.

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Veteran Owned Business: Propercoat Automotive Care

Propercoat Automotive Care

Automotive Care Products

Specialists in automotive care, Propercoat began to take on the UK markets back in 2020.

They established themselves quite early on as experts in the field of headlight restoration products.

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