Lakeside Bee Services

A Veteran Owned Business Specialising In Bee Extractions, Bee Removal Courses And Bee Care & Maintenance

As Veteran Owned businesses go, Marcus definitely set the bar when he built his business, Lakeside Bee Services.

After having spent 25 years as a Vehicle Support Specialist within the Royal Logistic Corps, Marcus set up shop in Langley, Hampshire.

What started out as a passionate hobby, his retirement allowed him to bring his passion into a profession.

Ex-Forces Beekeeping

When you think of a soldier, bee keeping doesn’t spring to mind.

That being said, Marcus has built a peaceful, sustainable business that not only generates revenue but also allows him to create and sell the bi-product of his beekeeping – Honey and wax.

Their honey is grown locally within the New Forest and is widely available throughout Hampshire.

Market stalls, restaurants, shops and hotels sell their products showing Lakeside Bee Services as a fantastic veteran owned business.

Local Benefits

Lakeside Bee Services offers much more to the local economy than just an ex-soldier making a life for themselves.

Instead their bees pollinate local crops and plants meaning food for both humans and wildlife. The honey and wax the bees produce are then sold to local businesses who generate a profit from their product.

All-in-all, beekeeping is a fantastic idea for any ex-forces personnel to get into.

In fact, if this is a field you might be interested in, they offer courses in beekeeping.

Honey Bee Removal

Our last highlight for this business that is definitely worth mentioning has to be their live honey bee removal service.

Lakeside Bee Services will come to your property and remove entire honey bee nests for a fixed price.

This gives them a fantastic way to generate extra revenue for their business allowing them to scale their business with each removal they carry out.

Final Summary

Marcus is a leading example as to what veterans can achieve when they set their mind to it.

He has set up a sustainable, eco-friendly platform that offers a fantastic ranges of services allowing the business to scale up.

If you are local to the area and you’re looking for a veteran owned business to support then we highly recommend Lakeside Bee Services.

Also, don’t forget to check out their products, courses and bee removal services that can all be found on their website.

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Lakeside Bee Services

Lakeside Bee Services Hampshire

Location: Hampshire

POC: Marcus Collings

Years Of Service: 25 Years

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