UK Military Acronyms

An up-to-date database of all known acronyms used by the UK military.

The Complete MOD Abbreviation Database

We have a complete list of over 21,000 acronyms used by the Ministry of Defence.

The abbreviations listed below are used by all brances of the Military in the UK.

1ACCNo. 1 Air Control Centre
1SLFirst Sea Lord
2 PUSSecond Permanent Under Secretary
2 PUSSecond Permanent Under Secretary of State
200DSecond OOD
200WSecond 00W
2CSecond Customer
2ICSecond in Command
2LtSecond Lieutenant
2nd PUSSecond Permanent Under Secretary of State
2SLSecond Sea Lord
2SL/CNHSecond Sea Lord Commander in Chief Naval Home Command
3D3 Dimensional
3ICThird in Command
A in AAppropriations in Aid
A&AAlteration & Addition
A&AAlterations & Additions
A&AApproval and Authorisation
A&AEEAeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment
A&AEWAvionics And Air Electronic Warfare IPT
A&ERAmmunition and Explosive Regulations
A&ERAmmunition and Explosives Regulations
A&ErsAmmunition and Explosive Regulations
A&SDArms and Service Director
A/ASAdvanced/Advanced Supplementary level qualifications
a/c or A/CAircraft
A/DAir Defence
A/G/AAir Ground Air
A/RAs Required
A/S or ASAnti Submarine
A/WSTAvionic/Weapons Systems Trainer
A3*GAcquisition 3-Star Group
A3IAccelerated Architecture Acquisition Initiative
A3PAdvanced Avionics Architecture and Policy
A3PAdvanced Avionics Architectures and Packaging (TDP)
AAAccommodation Allowance
AAActive Adjunct (sonar)
AAAdministering Authority
AAAdministrative Assistant. Civil Service grade
AAAir Adviser
AAAir Attache
AAAlterations and Additions
AAAlternative Assumption
AAApplication Administrator
AAArea Administrator
AAAustralian Army
AAAAnti-Aircraft Artillery
AAAAutomatic Anti-Aircraft
AAADAirborne Anti-Armour Defence
AAADAll Arms Air Defence
AAAIAssociation of Australian Aerospace Industries
AAAMAdvanced Air-to-Air Missile
AAAPAdvanced Avionics Architecture and Policy
AAAVAdvanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle
AAAWAdvanced (Airborne) Anti-Armour Weapon
AAAWAdvanced Airborne Anti-Armour Weapon
AAAWAdvanced Anti-Armour Weapon
AABMAir-to-Air Battle Management
AABNCPAdvanced Airborne National Command Post
AABWAntarctic Bottom Water
AACAll-Aspect Capability
AACArmy Air Corps
AACAsset Accounting Centre
AACAutomatic Amplitude Control
AACMIAutonomous Air Combat Manoeuvring Installation
AACOMSArmy Area Communications System
AACPAACP Advanced Airborne Command Post
AACRAnglo-American Community Relations
AACSAirborne Advanced Communications System
AACSAutomatic Access Control Systems
AACTAir-to-Air Combat Test
AADArmy Armament Depot
AADEOSAdvanced Air Defence Electro-Optical Sensor
AADGEAllied Command Europe Air Defence Ground Environment
AAEArms Ammunition & Explosives
AAEDAdvanced Airborne Expendable Decoy
AAEEAeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment
AAFAuxiliary Air Force
AAFCEAllied Air Forces Central Europe
AAFSSAdvanced Aerial Fire-Support System
AAGAir-to-Air Gunnery
AAGAnti-Aircraft Gun
AAGWAir-to-Air Guided Weapon
AAHAdvance Attack helicopter
AAIAmbient Attitude Detector
AAIAngle of Approach/Attack Indicator
AAICPAir-to-Air Interrogator Control Panel
AAIPAnalogue Auto-land Improvement Programme
AALAbove Aerodrome Level
AALATM Adaptation Layer
AALAAWAdvanced Air-Launched Anti-Armour Weapon
AALCAmphibious Assault Landing Craft
AALPSAutomated Air Load Planning System
AAMAir-to-Air Missile
AAMIAssociation for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
AAMOURAnglo-Australian Memorandum Of Understanding on Research
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