UK Military Acronyms

An up-to-date database of all known acronyms used by the UK military.

The Complete MOD Abbreviation Database

We have a complete list of over 21,000 acronyms used by the Ministry of Defence.

The abbreviations listed below are used by all brances of the Military in the UK.

AD/OEAssistant Director/Ordnance Engineering
AD/QOIAssistant Director/Quality Ordnance Inspection
AD/TCAssistant Director Trident Co-ordination
AD/XJAMArtillery Delivered Expendable Jammer
ADAAction Data Automation
ADAAir Danger Area
ADAAir Defence Artillery
ADAAir Defended Area
ADACASW Data Analysis Acinct Centre
ADACSAirborne Digital Automatic Collection system
ADACSAlarm and Distributed Access Control System
ADADAir Defence Alerting Device
ADAIRSAir Data and Inertial Reference System
ADAMArea Denial Artillery Munitions
ADAMSAir Defence Advanced Mobile System
ADAMSAir Defence Anti-Missile System
ADAMSAllied Deployment & Movement System
ADAPSAutomatic Data Acquisition and Processing
ADAPTAcquisition of NEC and Dabinett Programme Team IPT
ADARAirfield Damage And Repair
ADARIOAnalogue/Digital Adaptable Recorder Input/Output
ADARSAdaptive Antenna Receiver System
ADASAirborne Data Acquisition System
ADASAirfield Damage Assessment System (USAF)
ADASAuxiliary Data Annotation Set
AdatPAllied Data Publication.
ADatPAllied Data Publications
ADat-P3Automatic Data Processing (Standard)3
ADATSAir Defence Anti-Tank System
ADAUAuxiliary Data Acquisition Unit
ADAWSAction Data Automatic Weapons System
ADAWSAction Data Automation Weapon System
ADAWWAssistant Director Above Water Warfare
ADAZAir Defence Zone
ADBMSAir Defence Battle Management Simulation
ADBriCAir Defence Bridging Capability
ADCAcoustic Device Countermeasure
ADCAction Data & Control (systems)
ADCAdditional Duties Commitment (type of reserve service)
ADCAir Data Computer
ADCAir Defence Command (former USAF Command)
ADCAir Defence Commander
ADCAnalogue to Digital Converter
ADCAnalogue-to-Digital Conversion/Converter
ADCAnnual Delegate Conference
ADCArmament Directors Conference
ADCArmy Doctrine Committee
ADCAssessment and Development Centre
ADCAssistant Director Contracts
ADCAsynchronous Digital Combiner
ADC(X)Auxiliary Dry Cargo Carrier
ADC/WDOAction Data & Communications / Weapons Delivery & Ordnance
ADCAAdvanced Design Composite Aircraft (USAF)
ADCAPAdvanced Capabilities
ADCAPARMAdvanced Capabilities Anti-Radar Missile
ADCCAir Defence Control Centre
ADCCAir Direction Control Centre
ADCISAir Defence Communication and Information System
ADCISArmy Air Defence CIS System
ADCOMAerospace Defence Command
ADCPAcoustic Doppler Current Profile
ADCPAssistant Director Corporate Planning
ADCSAir Data Computer System
ADCTAircraft Data Configuration Tool
ADDAgency for Defence Development
ADDCAir Defence Data Centre
ADDSAdvanced Decoy Dispenser System
ADDSAdvanced Digital Dispensing System
ADDSArmy Data Distribution System
ADEAerial Delivery Equipment
ADEAeronautical Development Establishment
ADEAArmy Development and Employment Agency
ADECSAdvanced Digital Engine Control System
ADEKSAdvanced Design Electronics Key System
ADELAAtlantic Development Group for Latin America
ADELTAutomatically Deployable Emergency Locator Transponder
ADENArmament Designed Enfired
ADESMAutomatic Data Extraction from Signal Messages
ADEWSAir Defence Electronic Warfare System
ADEXAir Defence Exercise
ADFAutomatic Direction Finding
ADFAutomatic Document Feeder.
ADFCCAir Force Defence Control Centre
ADGAccessory-Drive Generator
ADGAircraft Delivery Group
ADGBSAir Defence Ground Based Systems IPT
ADGEAir Defence Ground Environment
ADGSAir Defence Gun Sight
ADHAir Danger Height
ADIAir Defence Initiative
ADIAttitude Director Indicator
ADIBAir Deployable Ice Beacon
ADIMPAda Improvement Programme
ADIRSAir Data and Inertial Reference System
ADIRSAirfield Damage Information and Reporting System
ADITAutomatic Detection and Tracking Unit
ADITTAerially Deployed Ice Thickness Transponder
ADIVSAir Defence Inter-operability Validation System
ADIZAir Defence Identification Zone
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