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Complete List Of British Army Acronyms

AMC Air Material Command
AMC Air Mobility Command
AMC Aircraft Management Computer
AMC Airframe/Armament Modification Committee
AMC Army Material Command
AMCA Air Movement and Control Association
AMCA Avionic Modular Component Acquisition
AMCAPS Affordable Manufacture of Composite Aircraft Primary Structure
AMCCOM Armament Munitions and Chemical Command
AMCM Advanced Mine Countermeasures
AMCO Air Maintenance Control Office
AMCS Airborne Missile Control System
AMCS Alert Monitoring System Computer
AMCSA Army Material Command Support Activity Office (US Army)
AMD Ammunition Marking Drawing
AMDI Acoustic Miss Distance Indicator
AMDR Automatic Missile Detecting Radar
AMDS Anti-Missile Discarding Sabot
AMDS Automatic Manoeuvring Device System
AMDS Automatic Message Distribution System
AME Air Movements Executive
AME Amplitude Modulation Equivalent
AME Angle Measuring Equipment
AME Annually Managed Expenditure
AME Authorized Medical Examiner
AMED Advanced Mechanical Engineering Demonstrator
AMEPP Allied Maritime Environmental Protection Publication
AMES Advanced Multiple Environment Simulator
AMES Assistant Manager Engineering Services
AMET Advanced Military Engine Technology
AMET Advanced Military Engineering Technology
AMETS Artillery Meteorological System
AMEWS Automated Mobile EW System
AMEX American Express (card)
AMF ACE Mobile Force
AMF Allied Mobile Force
AMF Attributable Mission Failures
AMF(L) Allied Command Europe mobile Force (Land)
AMF-A ACE Mobile Force - Air
AMFCTS Artillery and Mortar Fire Control Training Simulator
AMF-L ACE Mobile Force - Land
AMG Aircraft Maintenance Group
AMG Antenna Mast Groups
AMGOT Allied Military Government of Occupied Territories
AMH Allied Message Handling
AMHA Automatic Message Handling Assistance
AMHMS Advanced Magnetic Helmet-Mounted Sight
AMHS Automated Message Handling System
AMI Alternate Mark Inversion
AMIDARS Airborne Minefield Detection And Reconnaissance System
AMIDS Airborne Minefield Detection System
AMIEE Associate Member of Institution of Electrical Engineering
AMIK Automatic Target Recognition System
AMIPSC Aircraft Maintenance Information Programme Steering Committee
AMIR Anti-Missile Infra-Red
AMIS Air Movements Information Systems
AMIS Anti-Materiel Incendiary Sub-munitions
AMIS Automated Management Information System
AMIT Aerospace Maintenance Information Technology
AML Air Member for Logistics
AMLCD Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display
AMM Anti-Missile Missile
ammo ammunition
AMN Admiralty Manual of Navigation
AMO Air Movements Operations
AMOP Amplitude Modulation On Pulse
AMOPS Army Machine Readable-Format Output Production System
AMOS ARPA Maul Optical Station
AMP Air Member for Personnel
AMP Assisted Maintenance Period
AMP Aviation Modernisation Plan (US Army)
AMPA Advanced Mission Planning Aid
amph Amphibious
AMPO Assistant Management Planning Officer
AMPS Automated Message Processing System
AMPSS Advanced Manned Precision Strike System
AMR Assistant Master Rigger.
AMRAAM Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile
AMRAAM Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
AMRAD Armament / Munitions Requirements and Development
AMRAD Atomic Military Research and Development
AMRAD Automated Message Routing and Distribution
AMRAD Automatic Message Routing And Distribution
AMRE Aeromedical Role Equipment
AMREP Ammunition logistic Report
AMRS Advanced Maintenance Recorder System
AMS Acquisition Management System
AMS Advanced Missile System (US Navy)
AMS Aerospace Materials Specification
AMS Air Maintenance Squadron
AMS Air Management System
AMS Aircraft Management System
AMS Alenia Marconi Systems
AMS American Material Standard
AMS Antenna Matching System
AMS Anti-Ship Missile
AMS Armoured Mortar System
AMS Army Medical Services
AMS Automatic Marking System
AMS Automatic Meteorological System
AMS Automatic Mode Scheduling
AMS Avionics Management System
AMSAR Airborne Multimode Solid State Active array Radar
AMSAR Airborne Multimode/function Solid-state Array Radar
AMSAT Ammunition STATus report
AMSCREP Automated Messaging Systems and Commcen Replacement Equipment
AMSG Allied Military Security General (Publication)
AMSG Allied Military Standards Group
AMS-H Advanced Missile System - Heavy
AMSL Above Mean Sea Level
AMSO Air Member for Supply and Organisation
AMSO Air Member for Supply and Transport
AMSS Advanced Multi-Sensor System
AMSS Automatic Message Switching System
AMT Action Messing Team
AMT Advanced Manufacturing Technology
AMTAT Air Manoeuvre Training and Advisory Team
AMTD Adaptive Moving Target Detection
AMTE Admiralty Marine Technology Establishment
AMTI Air Moving Target Indication
AMTI Airborne Moving Target Indicator
AMTN Active Matrix Twisted Nematic
AMU Antenna Matching Unit
AMU Auxiliary Memory Unit
AMV Advanced Marine Vehicle
AMV Armoured Maintenance Vehicle
AM-VSB Amplitude Modulation-Vestigial Sideband
AMW Advanced Microwave
AN Air Force / Navy
AN Autonomous Network
ANA Advance Notification of Amendment
ANA Army Navy Air Force
ANBCDO Assistant NBCD officer
ANC African National Congress
ANCA Allied Naval Communications Agency
AND Alphanumeric Display
ANDVT Advanced Narrow-band Digital Voice Terminal
ANEP Allied Naval Engineering Publication
ANF Atlantic Nuclear Force
ANG Air National Guard
ANI Automatic Number Identification
ANLO Assistant Naval Liaison Officer
ANMI Air Navigation Multiple Indicator
ANN Artificial Neural Network
ANN Automatic Neural Networks
ANO Abu Nidal Organisation
ANO Air Navigation Order (1995)
ANODE Ambient sea Noise Directionality Estimator
ANP Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion
ANR Active Noise Reduction
ANRI Automatic Net Radio Interfacing
ANS Air Navigation School
ANS Airborne Navigation System
ANS American Nuclear Society
ANS Automatic Navigation System
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ANSI American National Standards Institution
ANSSM Assistant Nuclear Support Service Manager
ANSSM (DC) Assistant Nuclear Services Support Manager (Design Control)
ANSSM (Ops) Assistant Nuclear Services Support Manager (Operations)
ANSSM(Ops) Assistant Nuclear Services Support Manager (Operations)
ANT Air Navigation Trainer
ANV Advanced Naval Vehicle
ANVIS Aviators Night Vision Imaging System
ANZUK Australia New Zealand and United Kingdom military
ANZUS Australia New Zealand and USA security treaty
AO Accounting Officer
AO Accounting Operations
AO Administrative Officer
AO Area of Operations
AO Army Officer
AO Army Order
AO Artillery Observation
AO Assisting Officer
AO Auxiliary Oiler
Ao Operational Availability
AO Regt + STO Air Officer Regiment and Survive to Fight
AO(R) Auxiliary Oiler (Replacement)
AO/MT Administrative Officer/Motor Transport
AOA Activity on Arrow (networks)
AOA Air Officer Admin
AOA Airborne Optical Adjunct
AOA Aircraft Operating Authority
AOA Amphibious Objective Area
AOA Amphibious Operating Area
AOA Angle Of Arrival
AOA Angle Of Attack
AOA Army Operational Architecture
AOB Air Order of Battle
AOB Aircrew Operating Brief
AoB Angle of Bank
AOB Any Other Business
AOB Arctic Ocean Buoy
AOB Automatic Optical test-Bench
AOC Adaptive Optical Camouflage
AOC Agreed Operational Characteristic
AOC Air Officer Commanding
AOC Air Operations Centre
AoC Association of Colleges
AOC Association of Old Crows
AOC Assumption Of Control (message)
AOC DAUs Air Officer Commanding Directly Administered Units
AOC in C STC Air Officer Commander-in-Chief Strike Command
AOC Mus Air Officer Commanding Maintenance Units
AOC Sus Air Officer Commanding Signals Units
AOCinC Air Officer Commanding in Chief
AOCinC STC Air Officer Commanding in Chief Strike Command
AOCIS Air Officer Communications & Information Systems
AOCM Advanced Optical Countermeasures
AOCS Attitude and Orbit Control System
AOCS Attitude and Orbit Control System (Skynet)
AOCS Attitude and Orbit Control Systems
AOCSTC Air Officer Commander-in-Chief Strike Command
AOD Area Of Display
AOF Auxiliary Oiler Fleet
AofD Angle of Departure
AofP Angle of Projection
AofS Angle of Sight
AOG Aircraft on Ground
AOI Arab Organisation for Industrialisation
AOI Area of Interest
AOII Area of Intelligence Interest
AOIR Area of Intelligence Responsibility
AOM Accounting Officer Memorandum
AOM Air Officer Maintenance
AON Activity On Node (networks)
AO-N Administrative Office Navy
AONB Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
AOO Analysis Of Options
AOP Airbome Observation Post (for NGS)
AOP Airborne Observation Post
AOP Allied Ordnance Publication
AOP Area Of Projection
AOPF Active Optical Proximity Fuze
AOPL Advance Ordering Percentage Limit
AOPR Area Of Prime Responsibility
AOPT Advanced Optical Position Transducer
AOR Acquisition Organisation Review
AOR Acquisition Organization Review
AOR Annual Operating Requirements
AOR Area of Operational Responsibility
AOR Area of Responsibility
AOR Assault Operations Room
AOR Auxiliary Oiler and Replenishment ship
AOR Auxiliary Oiler Refueller/Replacement
AOR Auxiliary Oiler Replacement
AOR Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment
AOS Add-On Stabilisation
AOS Airborne Optical Sensor
AOS Airfield Operations Support IPT
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