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ADAMSAir Defence Advanced Mobile System
ADAMSAir Defence Anti-Missile System
ADAMSAllied Deployment & Movement System
AdSAAMSAdvanced Surface-to-Air Missile System
AFAAMSAnglo-French Air-to-Air Missile System/Anti-air Multi-spectral Seeker
AMSAcquisition Management System
AMSAdvanced Missile System (US Navy)
AMSAerospace Materials Specification
AMSAir Maintenance Squadron
AMSAir Management System
AMSAircraft Management System
AMSAlenia Marconi Systems
AMSAmerican Material Standard
AMSAntenna Matching System
AMSAnti-Ship Missile
AMSArmoured Mortar System
AMSArmy Medical Services
AMSAutomatic Marking System
AMSAutomatic Meteorological System
AMSAutomatic Mode Scheduling
AMSAvionics Management System
AMSARAirborne Multimode Solid State Active array Radar
AMSARAirborne Multimode/function Solid-state Array Radar
AMSATAmmunition STATus report
AMSCREPAutomated Messaging Systems and Commcen Replacement Equipment
AMSGAllied Military Security General (Publication)
AMSGAllied Military Standards Group
AMS-HAdvanced Missile System - Heavy
AMSLAbove Mean Sea Level
AMSOAir Member for Supply and Organisation
AMSOAir Member for Supply and Transport
AMSSAdvanced Multi-Sensor System
AMSSAutomatic Message Switching System
BLAMSBarrel Launched Adaptive MunitionS
CAMSCalibration Recall and Maintenance System
CAMSCombat Aviation Management System
CAMSConfiguration and Asset Management System
CAMSIMCamouflage Simulation System
CLAMSClear Lane Marking System
CRAMSCalibration Recall And Maintenance System
DAMSDesign Authority Maintenance Schedule
DAMSDrum Auxiliary Memory Sub-Unit
DAMSONDoppler And Multipath SOunding Network
DEAMSDefence Equipment Acquisition & Material Support
DEAMSDefence Equipment Acquisition and Materiel Support
DGAMSDirector General Army Medical Service
DIRAMSDockyard Installed Reactor Accident Monitoring System
DRAMSDepot Recall And Maintenance System
FAMSFamily of Air Missile Systems
FAMSFamily of Anti-air Missile Systems
FAMSField Automatic Message Switch
FIRAMSFlight Incident Recorder and Aircraft Monitoring System
LAMSLocal Area Missile System
MAMSMobile Air Movement Squadron
MAMSMobile Air Movements Squadron
NAMSANATO Maintenance and Supply Agency
NAMSONATO Maintenance and Supply Organisation
NASAMSNorwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air-Missile System
PAAMSPrincipal Anti Air Missile System
PAAMSPrincipal Anti-Air Missile System
PAMSPoint Anti-Missile System
PB teamsPlanning and Budgeting teams
PRAMSPegasus Repairable Asset Management System
QAMSQuality Assurance Management System
RAAMSRemote Anti-Armour Mine System
RAMSReplenishment and Movements (Operations) Scheduling
SAMSSatellite Access Management System
SAMSSupplier Approval Management System
TAMSTest & Monitoring System
UAMSUnit Ammunition Management System
UKNAVCAMSUK Naval Communication Area Master Station
UKNAVCAMSUK Naval Communications Area Master Station
AMSArmy Medical Services

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