UK Military Acronyms

An up-to-date database of all known acronyms used by the UK military.

The Complete MOD Abbreviation Database

We have a complete list of over 21,000 acronyms used by the Ministry of Defence.

The abbreviations listed below are used by all brances of the Military in the UK.

ADKEMAdvanced Kinetic Energy Missile
ADLadvanced distributed learning
ADLArmament Data Line
ADLAuthorised Data List
ADLAuthorised Demander Level
ADLBSASACS Data Link Buffer System
ADLIPSAutomatic Data Link Plotting System
ADLSAssistant Director Logistic Support
ADMAdaptive Delta Modulation
ADMAdd Drop Mux
ADMAdvanced Development Model
ADMAerodrome Design Manual
ADMAfrican Democratic Movement
ADMAir Decoy Missile
ADMAsynchronous Data Modem
ADMAtomic Demolition Munitions
ADMDAdministrative Managed Domains
ADMDAdministrative Management Domain
ADMISArmy Department Management Information System
ADMTAssistant Director Movements and Transport
ADMUAir Distance Measuring Unit
ADNARAssistant Director Nuclear Accident Response
ADNBS(Transport)Assistant Director Naval Bases and Supply (Transport)
ADNCAir Defence Notification Centre
ADNOCAir Defence Operations Centre
ADNOCSAdvanced Digital Optical Control System
ADNPAssistant Director Nuclear Propulsion
ADOCAir Defence Operations Centre
ADOPAdvanced Distributed Onboard Processor
ADOPTAerodynamic Design Optimisation for Long Duct Nacelles
ADPAdmiralty Driving Permit.
ADPArab Democratic Party
ADPAuto Data Processing
ADPAutomated Data Processing
ADPAutomatic Data Processing
ADPAutomatic/Advanced Data Processing
ADPAAmerican Defence Preparedness Association
ADPCMAdaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADPCMAdaptive Pulse Code Modulation
ADPEAutomated Data Processing Equipment
ADPGAir Defence Planning Group
ADPMP(QA)Assistant Director Procurement Management Policy (Quality Assurance)
ADPS(SS)Assistant Director Programmes and Support (Strategic systems)
ADPSOAutomatic Data Processing Selection Office
ADQSAssistant Director Quality and Safety
ADQUALAdditional Qualification
ADRAccident Data Recorder
ADRAccord Dangerous Routier (EEC Policy on Transport)
ADRActive Decoy Round (Mk 251)
ADRAir Data Relay
ADRAir Defence Region
ADRAirfield Damage Repair
ADRAllocation Deficiency Report
ADR(LS)Assistant Director Research (Life Sciences)
ADR+Advanced Digital Radio + Bowman VHF Radio
ADRCAdvanced Defence Radar Controller
ADREF NoAdmiralty Reference Number
ADRGARC Digital Radar Graphics
ADRGARC Digitised Raster Graphics
ADROWPUAdvanced Double Pass Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit
ADRPAircraft Design Approvals Requirements & Procedure
ADRSAirfield Damage Repair Squadron (Royal Air Force)
ADRTIESAdvanced Digital Radar Imagery Exploitation System
ADRUAdvanced Defence Radar Unit
ADSAcoustic Detection System
ADSActive Dipping Sonar
ADSAdvanced Deployable Systems program (US Navy)
ADSAir Data System
ADSAirborne/Active Dipping Sonar or Air Defence System
ADSAircraft Document Set
ADSAmmunition Delivery System
ADSArchitectural Design Study
ADSAstronomical Data Services
ADSAudio Distribution System
ADSAutomatic Defence System
ADSAutomatic Dependent Surveillance
ADS/PSAssistant Director Project Support
AdSAAMSAdvanced Surface-to-Air Missile System
ADSAFAutomatic Data System for the Army in the Field
ADSCMAdvanced Ship Communications
ADSIAir Defence Systems Integrator
ADSIAAllied Data Systems Interoperability Agency
ADSIAAllied Data Systems Inter-operability Agency
ADSLAsymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
ADSMAir Defence Suppression Missile
ADSPAdvanced Digital Signal Processor
ADSR(CD))Assistant Director Ship Refitting (Corporate Development)
ADSTAssistant Director Supply and Transport
ADSUAir Data Sensor Unit
ADTAdministrative Delay Time
ADTAdvanced Display Terminal
ADTAir Data Terminal
ADTAir Defence Technology programme
ADTAirborne Data Terminal
ADTAlphanumeric Display Terminal
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