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APCAir Pollution Control
APCArmoured Personnel Carrier
APCArmour-Piercing Capped
APCArmy Personnel Centre
APCAutomatic Phase Control
APC(L)Air Picture Compiler (Local)
APCBCArmour-Piercing Capped Ballistic Capped
APCOMAir Picture Compilation
APC-TArmour-Piercing Capped Tracer
APCT-BFArmour-Piercing Capped Tracer Base Fuze
APCUAlarm and Power Remote-Control Unit
EAPCEuro Atlantic Partnership Council
EAPCEuro-Atlantic Partnership Council
LAAPCLocal Authority Air Pollution Control
LAPCLocal Accident Procedure Course
NAPCNaval Air Projects Co-ordination office
NAPCNuclear Accident Procedures Course
NCAPCNATO Conventional Armaments Planning Committee
SAPCStand Alone Prime Contract
SAPCSubmarine Air Purification Committee
SAPCSubmarine Atmosphere Purification Committee
APCArmoured Personnel Carrier

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