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Complete List Of British Army Acronyms

AHRS Attitude and Heading Reference System
AHRU Attitude and Heading Reference Unit
AHS American Helicopter Society
AHTOC Attack Helicopter Target Operational Characteristics
AI Administrative Instruction
AI Air Interdiction
AI Airborne Intercept
AI Airborne Interception
AI Artificial Intelligence
AI Automatic Identification
AI2S Advanced Infra-red Imaging Seeker
AIA Aircraft Interface Assembly
AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIAAM Advanced Intercept Air-to-Air Missile
AIAC ACCS Implementation Advisory Committee
AIAG Automotive Industries Action Group
AIAH Advanced Integrated Avionic Helmet
AIAIT Centre (US Army) Army Intelligence and Threat Analysis
AIB Admiralty Interview Board
AIBU Advanced Interference Blanker Unit
AICORN Adaptive Intelligent Control of Radio Networks
AICP Anglo-Italian Collaboration Programme
AICRO Association of Independent Contract Research Organisations
AID Agency for International Development
AIDB Anti-Intrusion Defence Barriers
AIDC Aero Industry Development Centre
AIDLO Atomic and International Defence liaison Officer
AIDS Acoustic Intelligence Data System
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIDS Advanced Integrated Display System
AIDS Airborne Integrated Data System
AIDU Aeronautical Information Documentation Unit
AIDU Aeronautical Information Documents Unit
AIEFSO Accident Investigation and Engineering Flight Safety Officer
AIEWS Advanced Integrated Electronic Warfare System
AIFF Advanced Identification Friend or Foe
AIFF Audio Interchange File Format
AIFFC Audio Interchange File Format plus Compression
AIFS Advanced Indirect Fire System
AIFTA Anglo-Irish Free Trade Agreement
AIFV Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle
AIG Address Indicating Group
AIG Address Indicator Group
AIG Assistant Instructor of Gunnery (Royal Air Force)
AIG Automatic Indicator Group
AII Accuracy Improvement Initiative (GPS)
AIIM Association for Information and Image Management
AIL Advance Information Leaflet
AILA Airborne Instrument Landing Approach system
AIM Active Inert Missile
AIM Air Intercept Missile
AIM Air Interceptor Missile
AIM Air traffic control beacon IFF Mk XII system
AIM Aircraft Inter-phone and Mixer
AIM Anti-Invasion Mine
AIME Aircraft Integrity Monitoring Equipment
AIMES Avionics Integrated Maintenance Expert System
AIMIS Advanced Integrated Modular Instrumentation System
AIMS Accident Information Management System
AIMS Advanced Integrated MAD System
AIMS Aircraft Identification Monitoring System
AIMS Arctic Ice Monitoring System
AIMS Attitude Indicator Measurement System
Aimval Air Intercept Missile Evaluation
AINS Airborne Inertial Navigation System
AIO Action Information Organisation
AIO Action Information Organisation (ship command centre)
AIP Aeronautical Information Publication
AIP Agreed Implementation Plan
AIP Air-Independent Propulsion
AIPS Advanced Integrated Propulsion System
AIPT Advanced Image Processing Terminal
AIR Accident Incident Rate
AIR AIR Command replaced Strike when Strike and PTC merged
AIR Air Intercept Radar
AIR Annual Infrastructure Report
Air Cdre Air Commodore
Air Chf Mshl Air chief Marshal
Air Mshl Air Marshal
AIRBALTAP Allied Air Forces Baltic Approaches
AIRCOM Air Command
AIRNON Allied Air Forces Northern Norway
AirOpsCen Air Operations Centre
AIRS Advanced Inertial Reference System
AIRS Advanced Infra-Red imaging Seeker
AIRS Airborne Integrated Reconnaissance System
AIRS2P2 Air Sensors Systems and Platform Protection IPT
AirSH Air Support Helicopter
AIRSONOR Allied Air Forces Southern Norway
AIRSOUTH Allied Air Forces Southern Europe
AirSpaceMgr Air Space Manager
AIRT Air-to-air Interceptor Radar Training
AIS Advanced Instrumentation SubSystem
AIS Aeronautical Information Service
AISD Advance Interoperability Services Demonstrator
AISEC Army Information Engineering Command (US Army)
AISR Advanced Initial Spares Requirements
AISS Alliance for Information Systems Skills
AISS Armaments Interim Supply Solution
AIT Advanced Intruder Test
AIT Assembly Integration & Test
AITAT Armoured Infantry Training and Advisory Team
AITT Association of Industrial Truck Trainers.
AIU Active Inject Unit
AIU Airborne Installation Unit
AIU Aircraft Interface Unit
AIU Armament Interface Unit
AIU Audio Interface Unit
AIVA Association of Internal Verifiers and Assessors
AIWS Advanced Interdiction Weapon System
AIX Advanced Interactive Executive (IBMs UNIX operating system)
AJ Anti-Jam
AJ Anti-jamming
AJF Allied Joint Force
AJFHQ Allied Joint Force Headquarters
AJM Anti-Jam Modem
AJPO Ada Joint Program Office
AJS Advanced Jamming System
AJT Advanced Jet Trainer
AK Avtomat Kalashnikov
AKM AK Modified
AL Amendment List
AL Analogue Loop
AL xx Helicopter Alert State
ALA Army Licensing Authority
ALAAVA Advanced Light Armoured/Amphibious Vehicle System
ALAD Automatic Liquid Agent Detector
ALADEIN Assets Liabilities And Depot Equipment / Information Network
ALARA As Low As Reasonably Achievable
ALARM Air Launched Anti-Radiation Missile
ALARM Air-Launched Anti-Radiation Missile
ALARMS Airborne Laser Radar Mine Sensor
ALARP As Low As is Reasonably Practicable
ALARP As Low As Reasonably Practicable
ALARR Air-Launched Air-Recoverable Rocket
ALASIS Assignment Ledger and Automated Sales Invoicing System
ALB Automatic Load-dependent Brake
ALBF Airland Battle Future
ALBM Air-Launched Ballistic Missile
ALC Air Logistics Command
ALC Alternate Logistics control number (LCN) Code
ALC Army Learning Centre
ALC Army Legal Corps
ALC Automatic Level Control
ALCAM Air-Launched Conventional Attack Missile
ALCC Airborne Launch Control Centre
ALCE Army List of Classified Equipments
ALCM Air-Launched Cruise Missile
ALCS Airborne Launch Control System
ALCV Armoured Land-mine Clearing Vehicle
ALDC Army Logistic Development Committee
ALDP Airborne Laser Designator Pod
ALDS Acquisition Leadership Development Scheme
ALDS Acquisition Leadership Development Team
ALDT Administrative & Logistics Delay Time
ALE Arbitrary Lagrange-Euler code
ALE Automatic Link Establishment
ALEBI Air/Land Enhancement for BFG Intelligence
Alert Warning that an incident has occurred
ALERTDECL Alert Stage / State Declaration
ALERTS Airborne Laser Electronic warfare Receiver Training
ALES Authorised List of Explosive Stores
ALEX Automatic Launching of Expendables
ALF Atomic Line Filter
ALFENS Automated Low Flying Entry and Notification System
ALFENS Automated Low Flying Flight Planning Enquiry and Management System
ALFENS Automated Low-Flying Flt-Planning Enquiry & Notification System
ALFS Airborne Low Frequency Sonar
ALFS Automatic Low Flying Systems
ALG Action Learning Group(s)
ALG Autonomous Landing Guidance
ALGMS Advanced Laser-Guided Missile System
ALGOL Algorithmic Language
ALGW Air Launched Guided Weapon
ALH Active Laser Homing
ALI Adult Learning Inspectorate
ALI Automatic Line Integration
ALL Admiralty List of Lights
ALLA Allied Long Lines Agency
ALLD Airborne Laser Location Designator
ALLOCATION The band of frequencies available for a certain equipment these are
ALLOTMENT The list of frequencies available for the operation
ALLTV All Light Level Television
ALM Air Launched Munitions
ALM Air Load Master (Royal Air Force)
ALM Air Loadmaster
ALMSS Air Launched Marine Sound Signal
ALMV Air Launched Miniature Vehicle
ALO Air Liaison Officer
ALOC Air Line of Communications
ALOFT Airborne Light Optical Fibre Technology
ALOOS Air Liaison Officer Offensive Support
ALOR Advisory Levels of Release
ALOS Airborne Light Observation System
ALOSH Air Liaison Officer Support Helicopters
ALOTS Airborne Lightweight Optical Tracking System
ALP Ammunition Logistic Process
ALPOS Anti-Laser Protected Optical Sight
ALPS Accidental Launch Protection System
ALPS Air Load Planning System
ALQA Automatic Link Quality Analysis
ALRAAM Advanced long-range Air-to-Air Missile
ALRAD Airborne Laser Range-finder And Designator
ALRI Airborne Long-range Radar Input
ALRS Admiralty List of Radio Signals
ALS Acquisition Logistics Standard
ALS Advanced Launched System (SDI project)
ALS Advanced Life Support
ALS All-weather Landing System
ALS Army Legal Services
ALS Augmented Logistics Support
ALS Auxiliary Lighter
ALSAD Aircraft Logistics Supply And Demand
ALSG Air Logistics and Support Group
ALSL Alternative Landing Ship Logistic
ALSP Aggregate Level Simulation Protocol
ALSS Advanced Logistics Support Site
ALSS Air-Launched Saturation System missile
ALT Administration Lead Time
ALT Administrative Lead Time
ALT Airborne Laser Tracker
ALT Altimeter
ALT Armoured Launching Turret
ALT Attack Light Torpedo
ALTA Advanced Lightweight Tactical Antenna
ALTAIR ARPA Long-range Tracking And Instrumentation Radar
ALTE Approved List of Test Equipment
ALU Arithmetic and Logic Unit
ALW Air / Land Warfare
ALW Amphibious and Land Warfare
ALWT Advanced Lightweight Torpedo
ALYCAT Aeromechanics LYnx Control and Agility Testbed
AM Aircrew Manual
AM Amplitude Modulation
AM Ante Meridian
AM Anti-Material
AM Assignment Manager or Achievement Milestone
AMA Adaptive Multi-function Antenna
AMA Advanced Modern Apprenticeship
AMACS Advanced Multi-Axis Cueing Seat
AMAD Airframe Mounted Accessory Drive
AMANDA Ammunition Management Area Network Depot Aid
AMANS Army Management Services
AMARV Advanced Manoeuvring Re-entry vehicle
AMAS Alternate Main Access Switch
AMAS Automated Manoeuvring Attack System
AMB Active Magnetic Bearing
Amb Ambulance
AMC Acquisition Management Cell
AMC Advanced Micro-Electronics Converter
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