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Complete List Of British Army Acronyms

ACAS Airborne/Aircraft Collision Avoidance System
ACAS Airfield Chemical Alarm System
ACAS Assistant Chief of the Air Staff
ACAS Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (2* post)
ACAST Advisory Committee on the Application of Science and Technology
ACBS Atmosphere Control Breathing System
ACC Air Component Commander
ACC Aircraft Commodities IPT
ACC Alternative Command Centre
ACC Area Control Centre
ACC Army Catering Corps
ACC Artillery Control Console
ACC Avionics Computer Control
ACC Axis Controlled Carrier
ACCAC Qualifications Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales
ACCAP ACE CIS Contingency Assets Pool
ACCCHAN Allied Command Channel
ACCE AFCEA Computing Conference and Exhibition
ACCESS Aircraft Computerised Equipment Support System
ACCESS WAH64 Attack Helicopter Logistic Support System
ACCHAN Allied Command Channel
ACCHAN Allied Command Channel
ACCIS Automated Command and Control Information System
ACCM Acoustic Counter Counter Measure
Accn Accommodation
ACCORD Advanced Command and Control Research Demonstrator
ACCORD Application to Co-ordinate Comments On Repository
ACCS Advanced Communications Control System
ACCS Air Command & Control System
ACCS Air Command and Control System
ACCS Airborne Computing and Communications System
ACCS Allied Command and Control System
ACCS Army Command and Control System
ACCS Authorisation Condition Compliance Statement
ACCSA Allied Communications and Computer Security Agency
Acct Accountant
Acctng Accounting
ACCU Alternate Current Charging Unit
ACCV Armoured Cavalry Cannon Vehicle
ACD Access Control Device
ACD Authentication Control Device
ACD Automated Chart Display
ACD Automatic Call Distribution
ACDA Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
ACDP Armament Control and Display Panel
ACDS Advanced Combat Direction System
ACDS Advanced Countermeasures Dispenser System
ACDS Air Combat Direction System
ACDS Assistant Chief of Defence Staff
ACDS Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (2* posts)
ACDS Automatic Computer-controlled Dispensing System
ACDS Automatic Countermeasures Dispensing System
ACDS(CIS) Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Command-Control-Comms and Info Sys)
ACDS(L) Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Logistics)
ACDS(O) Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Overseas)
ACDS(Op/Sy) Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Operations and Security)
ACDS(Pol/Nuc) Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Policy and Nuclear)
ACDS(Prog) Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Programmes)
ACDS(Res&Cdts) Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Reserves and Cadets)
ACDU Area Clearance Diving Unit
ACE Actuator Control Electronics
ACE Advanced Computing Environment
ACE Agile Control Experiment
ACE Allied Command Europe
ACE Analogue Code Encryption unit
ACE Armoured Combat Earth-mover
ACE Asset Control and Evaluation
ACE COMSEC ACE Communications Security
ACE High ACE tropo-scatter communications system
ACEATM Aimed Controlled Effect Anti Tank Mine
ACEATM Aimed Controlled Effect Anti--Tank Mine
ACEATM Aimed Controlled-Effect Anti-Tank Mine
ACELIP ACE Long-term Infrastructure Plan
ACEP Automatic Contact Evaluation Plotter
ACES Advanced Carry-on ELINT/ESM Suite
ACES Advanced-Concept Escape System
ACES Aeroequip Corp. Engineering Standard
ACES Arrow Continuation Experiments
ACET Air-cushion Equipment Transporter
ACETEF Air Combat Environment Test and Evaluation Facility
ACEWS Automated Computer Assisted Electronic Warfare System
ACF Acquisition Competence Framework
ACF Army Cadet Force
ACF Army Cadet Force (British Army)
ACG Amphibious Combat Group
ACGC Agency Clinical Governance Committee
ACGF Aluminium-Coated Glass-Fibre (chaff)
ACGS Assistant Chief of the General Staff
ACH Advanced Compound Helicopter
ACH Anti-Condensation Heater
ACHDF Air Commander Home Defence Forces
AChE AcetylCholinEsterase
ACI American Concrete Institute
ACI Armament Control Indicator
ACIA Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
ACID Atomicity Consistency Isolation and Durability
ACINT Acoustic Intelligence
ACIS Armament Control Indicator Set
ACISA Army CIS Authority
ACISG Arms Command and Control Communications and Information Systems
ACL Access Control List
ACL Access Control List
ACLANT Allied Command Atlantic
ACLOS Automated Command to Line Of Sight
ACLOS Automatic-to-Command Line-Of-Sight
ACLS Air Cushion Landing System
ACLS Automatic Carrier Landing System
ACLT Aircraft Carrier Landing Trainer
ACM Advanced Cruise Missile
ACM Air Chief Marshal
ACM Air Combat Manoeuvre
ACM Anti-Armour Cluster Munitions
ACME Advanced Core Military Engine
ACME Advanced-Core Military Engine
ACMEST Air Combat Manoeuvring Expert Systems Trainer
ACMI Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation
ACMR Air Combat Manoeuvring Range
ACMS Air Combat Manoeuvring Simulator
ACMS Aircraft Condition Monitoring System
ACMS Application Control and Management System
ACMS Armament Control and Monitoring System
ACMS Automatic Communication Management System
ACMT Advanced Cruise Missile Technology
ACN Activity Control Number
ACN Aircraft Classification Number
ACNIP Auxiliary Communications Navigation and Identification Panel
ACNS Assistant Chief of Naval Staff
ACNS Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff
ACNS Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff (2* post)
Acnts Accounts
ACO Administrative Contracting Officer
ACO Airspace Control Order
ACO Airspace Co-ordination Order
ACO Airspace Co-ordinator Order
ACO(W) Atomic Co-ordinating Office (Washington)
ACOD Access Code
ACOP Approved Code of Practice
ACOP Approved Code Of Practice (H&S)
ACoP Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (Managing Health & Safety in
ACOR Authorised Contractor Record
ACOS Assistant Chief of Staff
ACOS(AV) Assistant Chief of Staff (Aviation) RN
ACOS(CIS) Assistant Chief of Staff (Communications and Information systems)
ACOS(M&D) Assistant Chief of Staff (Medical & Dental)
ACOS(OPS) Assistant Chief of Staff (Operations and Plans)
ACOS(P&S) Assistant Chief of Staff (Personnel and Support)
ACOS(POL) Assistant Chief of Staff (Policy)
ACOS(W) Assistant Chief of Staff (Warfare)
ACOST Advisory Committee on Science and Technology
ACOVS Artillery Combat Observer Vehicle Simulator
ACP Active Cathodic Protection
ACP African/Caribbean/Pacific
ACP Airborne Command Post
ACP Allied Communications Publication
ACP Altimeter Check Point
ACP Anti-Collision Plot
ACP Armament Control Panel
ACP Automatic Colt Pistol
ACP127 Allied Communications Publication 127
ACPA Adaptive-Controlled Phased Array
ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers
ACPS or AcPS Action Plot Supervisor
Acq Acquisition
ACR Advanced Combat Rifle
ACR Aerial Combat Reconnaissance
ACR Air Control Radar
ACRIM Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor
ACRV Armoured Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle
Acs Accounts
Acs Agreed Characteristics
ACS Air Command Simulator
ACS Air Commando Squadron
ACS Airborne Control System
ACS Application Control Structure
ACS Armament Control System
ACS Attitude Control System
ACS Automatic Channel Selection
ACSA Allied Communications Security Agency
ACSA Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor
ACSA(C) Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor (Capabilities)
ACSA(N) Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor (Nuclear)
ACSA(P) Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor (Projects)
ACSA(R) Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor (Research)
ACSC2 Advanced Command and Staff Course 2
ACSE Association Control Service Element
ACSM Advanced Conventional Stand-off Missile
ACSM Air Commodore Supply and Movements
ACSM Assemblies Component Spare parts and Materials
ACSR Active Control of Structural Response
ACSSB Amplitude Companded Single Side-Band
ACSTB Air Command System Test Bed
ACSTP ACE Command and Staff Training Program
ACSU Air Combat Support Unit (RAF)
ACT Acquisition and Commercial Team
ACT Active Control Technology
ACT Air Combat Training
ACT Air Control Team/Technology
ACT Air-portable Cargo Trailer
ACT Anti-Communications Threat
ACT Area Capability Training
ACT Area Capability Training (specialist post-OST training)
ACTCOST Activity Cost Analysis
ACTD Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrator
ACTEW Acoustic Charged Transport Electronic Warfare
ACTIS Advanced Compact Thermal Imaging System
ACTS Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
ACTS Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances
ACTS Air Commodore Training Support
ACTUR Aviation Turbine Fuel
ACU Acceleration Control Unit
ACU Adaptive Control Unit
ACU Air Chiller/Conditioning Unit
ACU Airborne Computer Unit
ACU Analysis Control Unit
ACU Antenna Control Unit
ACU Artillery Computer Unit
ACU Automatic Calling Unit
ACU Avionics Control Unit
ACV Acquisition and Command Vehicle
AcV Acquisition View(s)
ACV Air Cushion Vehicle
ACV Armoured Cannon Vehicle
ACV Armoured Command Vehicle
ACVT Armoured Combat Vehicle Technology Programme
ACVT Armoured Combat Vehicle Tracked
ACW Adjusted Charge Weight
ACWAR Agile Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar
ACWS Advanced Colour Work Station
AD Accidental Damage
AD Action Data (section of WE Department)
AD Air Defence
AD Air Division (USAAF USAF)
AD Analogue/Digital
AD Anno Domini
AD Area-Denial munitions
AD Armament Division (AFSC)
AD Army Department
AD Arrival Date
AD Assistant Director
AD Assistant Director or Air Defence
AD Authorised Demander
AD BISA Air Defence BISA
AD SM Assistant Director Service Management
AD/ADE Assistant Director/Armaments Documentation and Engineering
AD/ADRP AD/Airworthiness Design Requirements and Procedures in the DPA
AD/Cycle Analysis and Design (through life) to Code generation
AD/Eng Pol AD/Engineering Policy in DGES(Air) DLO
AD/IE Assistant Director Information Engineering
AD/MR(Nuc) Assistant Director Material and Research (Nuclear)
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