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Military Acronym Tool: The Results

ACEActuator Control Electronics
ACEAdvanced Computing Environment
ACEAgile Control Experiment
ACEAllied Command Europe
ACEAnalogue Code Encryption unit
ACEArmoured Combat Earth-mover
ACEAsset Control and Evaluation
ACE COMSECACE Communications Security
ACE HighACE tropo-scatter communications system
ACEATMAimed Controlled Effect Anti Tank Mine
ACEATMAimed Controlled Effect Anti--Tank Mine
ACEATMAimed Controlled-Effect Anti-Tank Mine
ACELIPACE Long-term Infrastructure Plan
ACEPAutomatic Contact Evaluation Plotter
ACESAdvanced Carry-on ELINT/ESM Suite
ACESAdvanced-Concept Escape System
ACESAeroequip Corp. Engineering Standard
ACESArrow Continuation Experiments
ACETAir-cushion Equipment Transporter
ACETEFAir Combat Environment Test and Evaluation Facility
ACEWSAutomated Computer Assisted Electronic Warfare System
AirSpaceMgrAir Space Manager
ARRC ACERapid Reaction Corps
CACE?Computer Aided Control Engineering
DACEDDays After Contract Effective Date
DSACEURDeputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe
EUROSPACEEuropean Industrial Space Study Group
FACEField Artillery Computing Equipment
FACETSPhysical optics prediction code
LACELandline Air defence Communications Encryption
MACEManpower Analysis & Constraints Evaluation Model or Multi-static Active
MACEDMonth After Contract Effective Date
MACEXMilitary Air Control Exercise
NACETTNational Advisory Council for Education and Training Targets
NAVFACENGCOMNaval Facilities Engineering Command
NIACENational Institute of Adult Continuing Education
PACEPerformance Assessment of Combustion Emission
PACEPerformance Agility Confidence Efficiency
PACEProperty Advisors to the Civil Estate
SACEURSupreme Allied Commander Europe
TACEVALTactical Evaluation
TRACERTactical Reconnaissance Armoured Combat Equipment Requirement
TRACERTactical Reconnaissance for Armoured Combat Equipment
ACEAllied Command Europe

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