UK Military Acronyms

An up-to-date database of all known acronyms used by the UK military.

The Complete MOD Abbreviation Database

We have a complete list of over 21,000 acronyms used by the Ministry of Defence.

The abbreviations listed below are used by all brances of the Military in the UK.

ABSAnti-Lock Braking System
ABsAwarding Bodies
ABS(T)Amphibious Bridging System (Tracked)
ABS(W)Amphibious Bridging System (Wheeled)
ABSAAdvanced Base Support Aircraft
ABSDArmy Blood Supply Depot
ABSOCAdvanced Broadcasting Systems of Canada
ABSVArmoured Battlefield Support Vehicle
ABTAdvanced Back-plane Technology
ABTAdvanced Bi-CMOS Technology
ABTAAssociation of British Travel Agents
ABTALAircraft Branch Temporary Amendment Leaflet
ABUAviation Bird Unit
ABWAbbey Wood
ACAccounting Classification
ACAccounting Code.
ACActive Component
ACAdditional Capability
ACAgreed Characteristics
ACAir Coordinator
ACAircraft Commander
ACAircraft Controller
ACAlternating Current
ACAmmunition Container
ACAnalyst Console
ACArea Coverage antenna
ACAuthorisation Committee
ACAuthorisation Condition.
AC & CSAir Command & Control Systems
Ac ComdAircraft Commander
Ac TechAircraft Technician
AC(H)Aircraft Controller (Helicopters))
AC/RCActive Component/Reserve Component
ACAAgile Combat/Cargo Aircraft
ACAAirspace Control Authority
ACAAllied Control Authority
ACAAmmunition Container Assembly
ACAApplication Control Architecture
ACAArmy Cataloguing Authority
ACABAir Cavalry Attack Brigade
ACACAir Cargo Allocation Centre
ACADAAutomatic Chemical Agent Detector Alarm
ACALSArmy Computer aided Acquisitions and Logistic Support
ACAMAUV Concept Assessment Model
ACAPAdvanced Composite Airframe Programme
ACARDAdvisory Council for Applied Research and Development
ACARSAutomatic Communications and Reporting System
ACASAdvisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service
ACASAirborne/Aircraft Collision Avoidance System
ACASAirfield Chemical Alarm System
ACASAssistant Chief of the Air Staff
ACASAssistant Chief of the Air Staff (2* post)
ACASTAdvisory Committee on the Application of Science and Technology
ACBSAtmosphere Control Breathing System
ACCAir Component Commander
ACCAircraft Commodities IPT
ACCAlternative Command Centre
ACCArea Control Centre
ACCArmy Catering Corps
ACCArtillery Control Console
ACCAvionics Computer Control
ACCAxis Controlled Carrier
ACCACQualifications Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales
ACCAPACE CIS Contingency Assets Pool
ACCCHANAllied Command Channel
ACCEAFCEA Computing Conference and Exhibition
ACCESSAircraft Computerised Equipment Support System
ACCESSWAH64 Attack Helicopter Logistic Support System
ACCHANAllied Command Channel
ACCHANAllied Command Channel
ACCISAutomated Command and Control Information System
ACCMAcoustic Counter Counter Measure
ACCORDAdvanced Command and Control Research Demonstrator
ACCORDApplication to Co-ordinate Comments On Repository
ACCSAdvanced Communications Control System
ACCSAir Command & Control System
ACCSAir Command and Control System
ACCSAirborne Computing and Communications System
ACCSAllied Command and Control System
ACCSArmy Command and Control System
ACCSAuthorisation Condition Compliance Statement
ACCSAAllied Communications and Computer Security Agency
ACCUAlternate Current Charging Unit
ACCVArmoured Cavalry Cannon Vehicle
ACDAccess Control Device
ACDAuthentication Control Device
ACDAutomated Chart Display
ACDAutomatic Call Distribution
ACDAArms Control and Disarmament Agency
ACDPArmament Control and Display Panel
ACDSAdvanced Combat Direction System
ACDSAdvanced Countermeasures Dispenser System
ACDSAir Combat Direction System
ACDSAssistant Chief of Defence Staff
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