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Complete List Of British Army Acronyms

AD/OE Assistant Director/Ordnance Engineering
AD/QOI Assistant Director/Quality Ordnance Inspection
AD/TC Assistant Director Trident Co-ordination
AD/XJAM Artillery Delivered Expendable Jammer
ADA Action Data Automation
ADA Air Danger Area
ADA Air Defence Artillery
ADA Air Defended Area
ADAC ASW Data Analysis Acinct Centre
ADACS Airborne Digital Automatic Collection system
ADACS Alarm and Distributed Access Control System
ADAD Air Defence Alerting Device
ADAIRS Air Data and Inertial Reference System
ADAM Area Denial Artillery Munitions
ADAMS Air Defence Advanced Mobile System
ADAMS Air Defence Anti-Missile System
ADAMS Allied Deployment & Movement System
ADAPS Automatic Data Acquisition and Processing
ADAPT Acquisition of NEC and Dabinett Programme Team IPT
ADAR Airfield Damage And Repair
ADARIO Analogue/Digital Adaptable Recorder Input/Output
ADARS Adaptive Antenna Receiver System
ADAS Airborne Data Acquisition System
ADAS Airfield Damage Assessment System (USAF)
ADAS Auxiliary Data Annotation Set
AdatP Allied Data Publication.
ADatP Allied Data Publications
ADat-P3 Automatic Data Processing (Standard)3
ADATS Air Defence Anti-Tank System
ADAU Auxiliary Data Acquisition Unit
ADAWS Action Data Automatic Weapons System
ADAWS Action Data Automation Weapon System
ADAWW Assistant Director Above Water Warfare
ADAZ Air Defence Zone
ADBMS Air Defence Battle Management Simulation
ADBriC Air Defence Bridging Capability
ADC Acoustic Device Countermeasure
ADC Action Data & Control (systems)
ADC Additional Duties Commitment (type of reserve service)
ADC Aide-De-Camp
ADC Air Data Computer
ADC Air Defence Command (former USAF Command)
ADC Air Defence Commander
ADC Analogue to Digital Converter
ADC Analogue-to-Digital Conversion/Converter
ADC Annual Delegate Conference
ADC Armament Directors Conference
ADC Army Doctrine Committee
ADC Assessment and Development Centre
ADC Assistant Director Contracts
ADC Asynchronous Digital Combiner
ADC(X) Auxiliary Dry Cargo Carrier
ADC/WDO Action Data & Communications / Weapons Delivery & Ordnance
ADCA Advanced Design Composite Aircraft (USAF)
ADCAP Advanced Capabilities
ADCAPARM Advanced Capabilities Anti-Radar Missile
ADCC Air Defence Control Centre
ADCC Air Direction Control Centre
ADCIS Air Defence Communication and Information System
ADCIS Army Air Defence CIS System
ADCOM Aerospace Defence Command
ADCP Acoustic Doppler Current Profile
ADCP Assistant Director Corporate Planning
ADCS Air Data Computer System
ADCT Aircraft Data Configuration Tool
ADD Agency for Defence Development
ADDC Air Defence Data Centre
ADDS Advanced Decoy Dispenser System
ADDS Advanced Digital Dispensing System
ADDS Army Data Distribution System
ADE Aerial Delivery Equipment
ADE Aeronautical Development Establishment
ADEA Army Development and Employment Agency
ADECS Advanced Digital Engine Control System
ADEKS Advanced Design Electronics Key System
ADELA Atlantic Development Group for Latin America
ADELT Automatically Deployable Emergency Locator Transponder
ADEN Armament Designed Enfired
ADESM Automatic Data Extraction from Signal Messages
ADEWS Air Defence Electronic Warfare System
ADEX Air Defence Exercise
ADF Automatic Direction Finding
ADF Automatic Document Feeder.
ADFCC Air Force Defence Control Centre
ADG Accessory-Drive Generator
ADG Aircraft Delivery Group
ADGBS Air Defence Ground Based Systems IPT
ADGE Air Defence Ground Environment
ADGS Air Defence Gun Sight
ADH Air Danger Height
ADI Air Defence Initiative
ADI Attitude Director Indicator
ADIB Air Deployable Ice Beacon
ADIMP Ada Improvement Programme
ADIRS Air Data and Inertial Reference System
ADIRS Airfield Damage Information and Reporting System
ADIT Automatic Detection and Tracking Unit
ADITT Aerially Deployed Ice Thickness Transponder
ADIVS Air Defence Inter-operability Validation System
ADIZ Air Defence Identification Zone
adj adjustment
Adjt Adjutant
Adjt-Gen Adjutant-General
ADKEM Advanced Kinetic Energy Missile
ADL advanced distributed learning
ADL Armament Data Line
ADL Authorised Data List
ADL Authorised Demander Level
ADLBS ASACS Data Link Buffer System
ADLIPS Automatic Data Link Plotting System
ADLS Assistant Director Logistic Support
ADM Adaptive Delta Modulation
ADM Add Drop Mux
Adm Admiral
ADM Advanced Development Model
ADM Aerodrome Design Manual
ADM African Democratic Movement
ADM Air Decoy Missile
ADM Asynchronous Data Modem
ADM Atomic Demolition Munitions
ADMD Administrative Managed Domains
ADMD Administrative Management Domain
Admin Administrator/Administration
ADMIS Army Department Management Information System
ADMT Assistant Director Movements and Transport
ADMU Air Distance Measuring Unit
ADNAR Assistant Director Nuclear Accident Response
ADNBS(Transport) Assistant Director Naval Bases and Supply (Transport)
ADNC Air Defence Notification Centre
ADNOC Air Defence Operations Centre
ADNOCS Advanced Digital Optical Control System
ADNP Assistant Director Nuclear Propulsion
ADOC Air Defence Operations Centre
ADOP Advanced Distributed Onboard Processor
ADOPT Aerodynamic Design Optimisation for Long Duct Nacelles
ADP Admiralty Driving Permit.
ADP Arab Democratic Party
ADP Auto Data Processing
ADP Automated Data Processing
ADP Automatic Data Processing
ADP Automatic/Advanced Data Processing
ADPA American Defence Preparedness Association
ADPCM Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADPCM Adaptive Pulse Code Modulation
ADPE Automated Data Processing Equipment
ADPG Air Defence Planning Group
ADPMP(QA) Assistant Director Procurement Management Policy (Quality Assurance)
ADPS(SS) Assistant Director Programmes and Support (Strategic systems)
ADPSO Automatic Data Processing Selection Office
ADQS Assistant Director Quality and Safety
ADQUAL Additional Qualification
ADR Accident Data Recorder
ADR Accord Dangerous Routier (EEC Policy on Transport)
ADR Active Decoy Round (Mk 251)
ADR Air Data Relay
ADR Air Defence Region
ADR Airfield Damage Repair
ADR Allocation Deficiency Report
ADR(LS) Assistant Director Research (Life Sciences)
ADR+ Advanced Digital Radio + Bowman VHF Radio
ADRC Advanced Defence Radar Controller
ADREF No Admiralty Reference Number
ADRG ARC Digital Radar Graphics
ADRG ARC Digitised Raster Graphics
ADROWPU Advanced Double Pass Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit
ADRP Aircraft Design Approvals Requirements & Procedure
ADRS Airfield Damage Repair Squadron (Royal Air Force)
ADRTIES Advanced Digital Radar Imagery Exploitation System
ADRU Advanced Defence Radar Unit
ADS Acoustic Detection System
ADS Active Dipping Sonar
ADS Advanced Deployable Systems program (US Navy)
ADS Air Data System
ADS Airborne/Active Dipping Sonar or Air Defence System
ADS Aircraft Document Set
ADS Ammunition Delivery System
ADS Architectural Design Study
ADS Astronomical Data Services
ADS Audio Distribution System
ADS Automatic Defence System
ADS Automatic Dependent Surveillance
ADS/PS Assistant Director Project Support
AdSAAMS Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System
ADSAF Automatic Data System for the Army in the Field
ADSCM Advanced Ship Communications
ADSI Air Defence Systems Integrator
ADSIA Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency
ADSIA Allied Data Systems Inter-operability Agency
ADSL Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
ADSM Air Defence Suppression Missile
ADSP Advanced Digital Signal Processor
ADSR(CD)) Assistant Director Ship Refitting (Corporate Development)
ADST Assistant Director Supply and Transport
ADSU Air Data Sensor Unit
ADT Administrative Delay Time
ADT Advanced Display Terminal
ADT Air Data Terminal
ADT Air Defence Technology programme
ADT Airborne Data Terminal
ADT Alphanumeric Display Terminal
ADT Assistant Director Training
ADT Assured Deterrent Time
ADT Automatic Data Transmission
ADT Automatic Detection and Tracking
ADT3 Air Defence Tactical Training Centre
ADTC Armament Development and Test Centre (USAF)
ADTD Assistant Director Tactical Development
ADTM Aircraft Data Transfer Module
ADTU Auxiliary Data Transfer Unit
ADU Air Data Unit
ADU Air Defence Unit
ADU Annotation Display Unit
ADU Automatic Dialling Unit
ADU Auxiliary Display Unit
ADU Avionics Display Unit
Adv Advanced
ADV Air Defence Variant
Adv Sig Advanced Signaller
Adv Sig(S) Advanced Signaller (Systems)
Advc Advice
ADVC Airborne Digital Video Cassette
ADVCAP Advanced Capability
ADVICE Analogue and Digital Video Integrator and Contrast
Advn Adventure Adventurous
AdvnTrg Adventurous Training
ADVON Advanced Echelon
Advsr Advisor
ADW Area Defence Weapon
ADW Area Denial Weapon
ADWRFS Armament Depot Weapon Repair Facility Statement
ADZ Air Danger Zone
AE Adult Education
AE Aircraft Established
AE Ammunition ship
AE Assault Echelon
AE Authorising Engineer
AEA Aircrew Equipment Assemblies
AEA Aircrew Equipment Assembly
AEA Atomic Energy Authority
AEA/SRD Atomic Energy/Safety & Reliability Directorate
AEB Active Electronic Buoy
AEC Air Element Co-ordinator
AEC Army Education Centre
AEC Army Education Corps
AEC Associated Equipment Company
AEC Atomic Energy Commission
AECB Arms Export Control Board
AECM Active Electronic Countermeasures
AECMA Association European des Constructeurs de Materiel Aerospatial
AECU Advanced Electronic Control Unit
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