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Military Acronym Tool: The Results

AASAdvanced Automation System
DAASCDefence Automatic Addressing System Centre
FAASVField Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle
FTAASFast Time Acoustic Analysis System
GaAsGallium Arsenide
HAASHigh Altitude Active / semi-active Seeker
ICAASIntegrated Controls and Avionics for Air Superiority
ILAASIntegrated Low Altitude Attack Subsystem
LAAASLow-Altitude Airfield Attack System
LAASHLITEFs Analogue Air data System for Helicopters
LOCAASLow-cost Anti-Armour Sub-munitions programme
LORAASLong-range Air-borne ASW System
LRAASLong-range Air-borne ASW System
RCAASRemote-Controlled Anti-Armour System
TAASTactical Airfield Attack Munition
TAASTraffic Accident Analysis System

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