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AAAccommodation Allowance
AAActive Adjunct (sonar)
AAAdministering Authority
AAAdministrative Assistant. Civil Service grade
AAAir Adviser
AAAir Attache
AAAlterations and Additions
AAAlternative Assumption
AAApplication Administrator
AAArea Administrator
AAAustralian Army
AAAAnti-Aircraft Artillery
AAAAutomatic Anti-Aircraft
AAADAirborne Anti-Armour Defence
AAADAll Arms Air Defence
AAAIAssociation of Australian Aerospace Industries
AAAMAdvanced Air-to-Air Missile
AAAPAdvanced Avionics Architecture and Policy
AAAVAdvanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle
AAAWAdvanced (Airborne) Anti-Armour Weapon
AAAWAdvanced Airborne Anti-Armour Weapon
AAAWAdvanced Anti-Armour Weapon
AABMAir-to-Air Battle Management
AABNCPAdvanced Airborne National Command Post
AABWAntarctic Bottom Water
AACAll-Aspect Capability
AACArmy Air Corps
AACAsset Accounting Centre
AACAutomatic Amplitude Control
AACMIAutonomous Air Combat Manoeuvring Installation
AACOMSArmy Area Communications System
AACPAACP Advanced Airborne Command Post
AACRAnglo-American Community Relations
AACSAirborne Advanced Communications System
AACSAutomatic Access Control Systems
AACTAir-to-Air Combat Test
AADArmy Armament Depot
AADEOSAdvanced Air Defence Electro-Optical Sensor
AADGEAllied Command Europe Air Defence Ground Environment
AAEArms Ammunition & Explosives
AAEDAdvanced Airborne Expendable Decoy
AAEEAeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment
AAFAuxiliary Air Force
AAFCEAllied Air Forces Central Europe
AAFSSAdvanced Aerial Fire-Support System
AAGAir-to-Air Gunnery
AAGAnti-Aircraft Gun
AAGWAir-to-Air Guided Weapon
AAHAdvance Attack helicopter
AAIAmbient Attitude Detector
AAIAngle of Approach/Attack Indicator
AAICPAir-to-Air Interrogator Control Panel
AAIPAnalogue Auto-land Improvement Programme
AALAbove Aerodrome Level
AALATM Adaptation Layer
AALAAWAdvanced Air-Launched Anti-Armour Weapon
AALCAmphibious Assault Landing Craft
AALPSAutomated Air Load Planning System
AAMAir-to-Air Missile
AAMIAssociation for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
AAMOURAnglo-Australian Memorandum Of Understanding on Research
AAMTUAutomatic Antenna Matching and Tuning Unit
AANCPAdvanced Airborne National Command Post
AAOAgency Accounting Officer
AAOAir-to-Air Operations
AAOSAcoustic Artillery Observer Sub-system
AAPAA Practice ammunition with a small bursting charge
AAPAllied Administrative Publication
AAPAnnual Application Plans
AAPAnti-Aircraft Practice
AAPSOAfro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organisation
AAQMGAssistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General
AARAfter Action Review or Air to Air Refuelling
AARAir to Air Refuelling
AARAir-to-Air Refuelling
AARAAir-to-Air Refuelling Area
AARADCOMArmy Armament Research and Development Command
AARBAdvanced Aerial Refuelling Boom
AARMACAir-to-Air Macro
AASAdvanced Automation System
AATAll Arms Trencher
AATDCArmy Air Transport and Development Centre
AATHAutomatic Approach to Hover
AATSAnti-Aircraft Training System
AATUAutomatic Antenna Tuning Unit
AAUSActive Adjunct Undersea Surveillance
AAVAmphibious Assault Vehicles
AAVAutonomous Aerial Vehicle
AAVPAssault Amphibian Vehicle Personnel
AAVRAssault Amphibian Vehicle Recovery
AAWAdvanced Analysts Workstation
AAWAnti-Air Warfare
AAWAnti-Armour Weapon
AAWCAAW Commander or Co-ordination circuit
AAWCAnti-Air Warfare Commander
AAWCAnti-Air Warfare Controller
AAWCAnti-Air Warfare Co-ordinator
AAWOAnti-Air Warfare Officer
AAWSAdvanced Anti-tank Weapon System
AAWS-HAnti-Armour Weapons System – Heavy
AAWS-MAdvanced Anti-tank Weapon System – Medium
AAWWSAirborne Adverse Weather Weapon System
AdSAAMSAdvanced Surface-to-Air Missile System
AFAACAir Force and Anti-Aircraft Command
AFAALCAir Force and Anti-Aircraft Logistics Command
AFAAMSAnglo-French Air-to-Air Missile System/Anti-air Multi-spectral Seeker
AFAATCAir Force and Anti-Aircraft Training Command
AFPAAArmed Forces Personnel Administration Agency
AIAAAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIAAMAdvanced Intercept Air-to-Air Missile
ALAAVAAdvanced Light Armoured/Amphibious Vehicle System
ALRAAMAdvanced long-range Air-to-Air Missile
AMRAAMAdvanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile
AMRAAMAdvanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
AR/AAVArmoured Reconnaissance / Airborne Assault Vehicle
ASAACAllied Standard Avionics Architecture Council
ASAACAllied Standardisation Avionics Architecture Council
ASRAAMAdvanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile
ASRAAMAdvanced Short-Range Air-Air Missile
ATAACAnti-Torpedo Air-launched Acoustic Countermeasures
BAABritish Astronomical Association
BAABroad Agency Announcement
BVRAAMBeyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile IPT
CAA?Civil Aviation Authority
CAA?Civil Aviation Authority (UK)
CAA?Civilian Aviation Authority
CAA?Clean Air Act
CAAC?Civil Aviation Administration of China
CAAIS?Computer Assisted Action Information System
CAAT?Commissioning and Advisory Team
CDAACircularly Disposed Antenna Array
CHAALSCommunications High Accuracy Air-borne Location System
COMAAFCECommander Allied Air Forces Central Europe
COMAAFCECommander Allied Air Forces Central Europe
DAADefence Accounts Agency
DAADigital / Analogue Adapter
DAADivisional Administrative Area
DAACMDirect Airfield Attack Combined Munitions
DAASCDefence Automatic Addressing System Centre
DAATDigital Angle of Attack Transmitter
DAAvnDirector Army Aviation
DSAADefence Security Assistance Agency
DSAATDirect Sensor Fuzed Attack of Area Targets Submunition
EAAElectro-Acoustic Subassembly
EAAEquipment Accounting Authority
EAAExperimental Aircraft Association
ERAAMExtended Range Air-to-Air Missile
FAAFederal Aviation Administration
FAAFleet Air Arm
FAAForce Administration Area
FAAUS Federal Aviation Administration
FAACAForce Anti-Air Co-ordination Area
FAACOFirst Aid Aircraft Outfit
FAADForward Area Air Defence
FAADC21Forward Area Air Defence Command Control and Intelligence
FAADSForward Area Air Defence System
FAAITFleet Air Arm Information Technology (system)
FAAITFleet Air Arm IT
FAAITMFleet Air Arm Information Technology Management
FAALSForward Area Armoured Logistic System
FAAMFamily of Air-to-Air Missiles
FAARForward Area Alerting Radar
FAASVField Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle
FAAWCForce Anti-Air Warfare Commander
FAAWCForces Anti-Air Warfare Coordinator
FMRAAMFuture Medium Range Air to Air Missile
FMRAAMFuture Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
FPAAField Programmable Analogue Array
FSAAFlight Simulator for Advanced Aircraft
FTAASFast Time Acoustic Analysis System
GAAPGenerally Accepted Accounting Practice
GaAsGallium Arsenide
GLAADSGun Low Altitude Air Defence System
HAALHead of Attache & Adviser Administration and Liaison
HAARSHigh-Altitude Airdrop Re-supply System
HAASHigh Altitude Active / semi-active Seeker
HEAAHigh Explosive Anti-Armour
IAAFAInter-American Air Forces Academy
ICAASIntegrated Controls and Avionics for Air Superiority
ILAASIntegrated Low Altitude Attack Subsystem
IMAAWSInfantry Man-Portable Anti-armour / Assault Weapon System
INSAAInstructions for Service Attachés and Advisers
ISQAAIn-Service Quality Assurance Authority
JAAJoint Airworthiness Authorities HQ in the Netherlands
JAAJoint Airworthiness Authority
JAAC PUBJoint Acoustic Analysis Centre Publication
JAATTJoint Air Attack Team Tactics
JAAWSCJoint Anti Air Warfare Shore Coordination
JAAWSCJoint Anti-Air Warfare Shore Control (circuit)
JAAWSCJoint Anti-Air Warfare Shore Co-ordination Network
LAALight Anti-Aircraft
LAAASLow-Altitude Airfield Attack System
LAADLow Altitude Air Defence
LAADSLow Altitude Aircraft Detection System
LAAGLight Anti-Aircraft Gun
LAAMLight Anti-Aircraft Missile
LAAPCLocal Authority Air Pollution Control
LAASHLITEFs Analogue Air data System for Helicopters
LAATLaser Augmented Air-borne TOW
LAAVLight Air-borne ASW Vehicle
LAAWCLocal AAW Commander or Coordination circuit
LAAWCLocal Anti-Air Warfare Coordinator
LOCAASLow-cost Anti-Armour Sub-munitions programme
LOFAADSLo-Altitude Forward Area Air Defence System
LORAASLong-range Air-borne ASW System
LRAACALong-range Air Anti-Submarine Capability Aircraft
LRAASLong-range Air-borne ASW System
MAAMaster At Arms (Royal Navy)
MAAMission Area Analysis
MAAMonitoring Angle of Attack
MAAPMaster Air Attack Plan
MASAAGMilitary Aircraft Structural Airworthiness Advisory Group
MLTAAManufacturing License and Technical Assistance Agreement
MPAAMultifunctional / Multi-beam Phased-Array Antenna
MRAAMMedium Range Air-Air Missile
MRAAMMedium Range Air-to-Air Missile
NAANorth Atlantic Assembly
NAABNot Available Any Base
NAADMNorth American Air Defence Modernisation
NAAFINavy Army and Air Force Institutes
NAAGNATO Armies Armaments Group
NAAIHTONot Available Action In Hand To Obtain
NAAWSNATO Anti-Air Warfare System
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NQAANational Quality Assurance Authority
NWTAANaval Weapon Trials & Assessment Authority
PAAPrecision Approach Aid
PAACProvisioning Alternative and Amalgamation Code
PAAMSPrincipal Anti Air Missile System
PAAMSPrincipal Anti-Air Missile System
PAATPassive Acoustics Analysis Trainer
PBAAPolybutadiene Acrylic Acid
QAAQuality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
QAAQuality Assurance Authority
RAARange Allocating Authority
RAARapid Area Assessment
RAAMSRemote Anti-Armour Mine System
RAAONRemain at Anchor Overnight
RCAASRemote-Controlled Anti-Armour System
RNAAIURoyal Naval Aircraft Accident Investigation Unit
SAASmall Arms Ammunition
SAARShips A&A Register
SAAvnSchool of Army Aviation
SAAWCShore Anti-Aircraft Weapon Control
SBAASovereign Base Areas Administration Cyprus
SPAAGSelf-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun
SPAAMSelf-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Missile
SRAAMShort Range Air-Air Missile
SRAAMShort Range Air-to-Air missile
SWAARMSmart Weapon Anti-ARmour Missile
TAAType Airworthiness Authority
TAAMTemperature Airfield Attack Munition
TAASTactical Airfield Attack Munition
TAASTraffic Accident Analysis System
TAAUTowed Array Analysis Unit
THAAD(US) Theatre High Altitude Air Defence
THAADTheatre High Altitude Area Defence
UKGAAPUK Generally Accepted Accounting Practice
VAACVectored thrust Aircraft Advanced flight Control
VAACVectored-thrust Aircraft Advanced Control
VSRAAMVery Short Range Air-to-Air Missile
WDAAPSWeapon Danger Area Assessment and Prediction System
NAAFINavy Army and Air Force Institutes
WAACWomen’s Army Auxiliary Corps

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