UK Military Acronyms

An up-to-date database of all known acronyms used by the UK military.

Military Acronym Tool: The Results

1ACCNo. 1 Air Control Centre
AACAll-Aspect Capability
AACArmy Air Corps
AACAsset Accounting Centre
AACAutomatic Amplitude Control
AACMIAutonomous Air Combat Manoeuvring Installation
AACOMSArmy Area Communications System
AACPAACP Advanced Airborne Command Post
AACRAnglo-American Community Relations
AACSAirborne Advanced Communications System
AACSAutomatic Access Control Systems
AACTAir-to-Air Combat Test
AARMACAir-to-Air Macro
ABACUSAll Arms Battlefield Computer Simulation
ABACUSArtillery Battery Computer Support system
ACAccounting Classification
ACAccounting Code.
ACActive Component
ACAdditional Capability
ACAgreed Characteristics
ACAir Coordinator
ACAircraft Commander
ACAircraft Controller
ACAlternating Current
ACAmmunition Container
ACAnalyst Console
ACArea Coverage antenna
ACAuthorisation Committee
ACAuthorisation Condition.
AC & CSAir Command & Control Systems
Ac ComdAircraft Commander
Ac TechAircraft Technician
AC(H)Aircraft Controller (Helicopters))
AC/RCActive Component/Reserve Component
ACAAgile Combat/Cargo Aircraft
ACAAirspace Control Authority
ACAAllied Control Authority
ACAAmmunition Container Assembly
ACAApplication Control Architecture
ACAArmy Cataloguing Authority
ACABAir Cavalry Attack Brigade
ACACAir Cargo Allocation Centre
ACADAAutomatic Chemical Agent Detector Alarm
ACALSArmy Computer aided Acquisitions and Logistic Support
ACAMAUV Concept Assessment Model
ACAPAdvanced Composite Airframe Programme
ACARDAdvisory Council for Applied Research and Development
ACARSAutomatic Communications and Reporting System
ACASAdvisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service
ACASAirborne/Aircraft Collision Avoidance System
ACASAirfield Chemical Alarm System
ACASAssistant Chief of the Air Staff
ACASAssistant Chief of the Air Staff (2* post)
ACASTAdvisory Committee on the Application of Science and Technology
ACBSAtmosphere Control Breathing System
ACCAir Component Commander
ACCAircraft Commodities IPT
ACCAlternative Command Centre
ACCArea Control Centre
ACCArmy Catering Corps
ACCArtillery Control Console
ACCAvionics Computer Control
ACCAxis Controlled Carrier
ACCACQualifications Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales
ACCAPACE CIS Contingency Assets Pool
ACCCHANAllied Command Channel
ACCEAFCEA Computing Conference and Exhibition
ACCESSAircraft Computerised Equipment Support System
ACCESSWAH64 Attack Helicopter Logistic Support System
ACCHANAllied Command Channel
ACCHANAllied Command Channel
ACCISAutomated Command and Control Information System
ACCMAcoustic Counter Counter Measure
ACCORDAdvanced Command and Control Research Demonstrator
ACCORDApplication to Co-ordinate Comments On Repository
ACCSAdvanced Communications Control System
ACCSAir Command & Control System
ACCSAir Command and Control System
ACCSAirborne Computing and Communications System
ACCSAllied Command and Control System
ACCSArmy Command and Control System
ACCSAuthorisation Condition Compliance Statement
ACCSAAllied Communications and Computer Security Agency
ACCUAlternate Current Charging Unit
ACCVArmoured Cavalry Cannon Vehicle
ACDAccess Control Device
ACDAuthentication Control Device
ACDAutomated Chart Display
ACDAutomatic Call Distribution
ACDAArms Control and Disarmament Agency
ACDPArmament Control and Display Panel
ACDSAdvanced Combat Direction System
ACDSAdvanced Countermeasures Dispenser System
ACDSAir Combat Direction System
ACDSAssistant Chief of Defence Staff
ACDSAssistant Chief of the Defence Staff (2* posts)
ACDSAutomatic Computer-controlled Dispensing System
ACDSAutomatic Countermeasures Dispensing System
ACDS(CIS)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Command-Control-Comms and Info Sys)
ACDS(L)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Logistics)
ACDS(O)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Overseas)
ACDS(Op/Sy)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Operations and Security)
ACDS(Pol/Nuc)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Policy and Nuclear)
ACDS(Prog)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Programmes)
ACDS(Res&Cdts)Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Reserves and Cadets)
ACDUArea Clearance Diving Unit
ACEActuator Control Electronics
ACEAdvanced Computing Environment
ACEAgile Control Experiment
ACEAllied Command Europe
ACEAnalogue Code Encryption unit
ACEArmoured Combat Earth-mover
ACEAsset Control and Evaluation
ACE COMSECACE Communications Security
ACE HighACE tropo-scatter communications system
ACEATMAimed Controlled Effect Anti Tank Mine
ACEATMAimed Controlled Effect Anti--Tank Mine
ACEATMAimed Controlled-Effect Anti-Tank Mine
ACELIPACE Long-term Infrastructure Plan
ACEPAutomatic Contact Evaluation Plotter
ACESAdvanced Carry-on ELINT/ESM Suite
ACESAdvanced-Concept Escape System
ACESAeroequip Corp. Engineering Standard
ACESArrow Continuation Experiments
ACETAir-cushion Equipment Transporter
ACETEFAir Combat Environment Test and Evaluation Facility
ACEWSAutomated Computer Assisted Electronic Warfare System
ACFAcquisition Competence Framework
ACFArmy Cadet Force
ACFArmy Cadet Force (British Army)
ACGAmphibious Combat Group
ACGCAgency Clinical Governance Committee
ACGFAluminium-Coated Glass-Fibre (chaff)
ACGSAssistant Chief of the General Staff
ACHAdvanced Compound Helicopter
ACHAnti-Condensation Heater
ACHDFAir Commander Home Defence Forces
ACIAmerican Concrete Institute
ACIArmament Control Indicator
ACIAAsynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
ACIDAtomicity Consistency Isolation and Durability
ACINTAcoustic Intelligence
ACISArmament Control Indicator Set
ACISAArmy CIS Authority
ACISGArms Command and Control Communications and Information Systems
ACLAccess Control List
ACLAccess Control List
ACLANTAllied Command Atlantic
ACLOSAutomated Command to Line Of Sight
ACLOSAutomatic-to-Command Line-Of-Sight
ACLSAir Cushion Landing System
ACLSAutomatic Carrier Landing System
ACLTAircraft Carrier Landing Trainer
ACMAdvanced Cruise Missile
ACMAir Chief Marshal
ACMAir Combat Manoeuvre
ACMAnti-Armour Cluster Munitions
ACMEAdvanced Core Military Engine
ACMEAdvanced-Core Military Engine
ACMESTAir Combat Manoeuvring Expert Systems Trainer
ACMIAir Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation
ACMRAir Combat Manoeuvring Range
ACMSAir Combat Manoeuvring Simulator
ACMSAircraft Condition Monitoring System
ACMSApplication Control and Management System
ACMSArmament Control and Monitoring System
ACMSAutomatic Communication Management System
ACMTAdvanced Cruise Missile Technology
ACNActivity Control Number
ACNAircraft Classification Number
ACNIPAuxiliary Communications Navigation and Identification Panel
ACNSAssistant Chief of Naval Staff
ACNSAssistant Chief of the Naval Staff
ACNSAssistant Chief of the Naval Staff (2* post)
ACOAdministrative Contracting Officer
ACOAirspace Control Order
ACOAirspace Co-ordination Order
ACOAirspace Co-ordinator Order
ACO(W)Atomic Co-ordinating Office (Washington)
ACODAccess Code
ACOPApproved Code of Practice
ACOPApproved Code Of Practice (H&S)
ACoPApproved Code of Practice and Guidance (Managing Health & Safety in
ACORAuthorised Contractor Record
ACOSAssistant Chief of Staff
ACOS(AV)Assistant Chief of Staff (Aviation) RN
ACOS(CIS)Assistant Chief of Staff (Communications and Information systems)
ACOS(M&D)Assistant Chief of Staff (Medical & Dental)
ACOS(OPS)Assistant Chief of Staff (Operations and Plans)
ACOS(P&S)Assistant Chief of Staff (Personnel and Support)
ACOS(POL)Assistant Chief of Staff (Policy)
ACOS(W)Assistant Chief of Staff (Warfare)
ACOSTAdvisory Committee on Science and Technology
ACOVSArtillery Combat Observer Vehicle Simulator
ACPActive Cathodic Protection
ACPAirborne Command Post
ACPAllied Communications Publication
ACPAltimeter Check Point
ACPAnti-Collision Plot
ACPArmament Control Panel
ACPAutomatic Colt Pistol
ACP127Allied Communications Publication 127
ACPAAdaptive-Controlled Phased Array
ACPOAssociation of Chief Police Officers
ACPS or AcPSAction Plot Supervisor
ACRAdvanced Combat Rifle
ACRAerial Combat Reconnaissance
ACRAir Control Radar
ACRIMActive Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor
ACRVArmoured Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle
AcsAgreed Characteristics
ACSAir Command Simulator
ACSAir Commando Squadron
ACSAirborne Control System
ACSApplication Control Structure
ACSArmament Control System
ACSAttitude Control System
ACSAutomatic Channel Selection
ACSAAllied Communications Security Agency
ACSAAssistant Chief Scientific Advisor
ACSA(C)Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor (Capabilities)
ACSA(N)Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor (Nuclear)
ACSA(P)Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor (Projects)
ACSA(R)Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor (Research)
ACSC2Advanced Command and Staff Course 2
ACSEAssociation Control Service Element
ACSMAdvanced Conventional Stand-off Missile
ACSMAir Commodore Supply and Movements
ACSMAssemblies Component Spare parts and Materials
ACSRActive Control of Structural Response
ACSSBAmplitude Companded Single Side-Band
ACSTBAir Command System Test Bed
ACSTPACE Command and Staff Training Program
ACSUAir Combat Support Unit (RAF)
ACTAcquisition and Commercial Team
ACTActive Control Technology
ACTAir Combat Training
ACTAir Control Team/Technology
ACTAir-portable Cargo Trailer
ACTAnti-Communications Threat
ACTArea Capability Training
ACTArea Capability Training (specialist post-OST training)
ACTCOSTActivity Cost Analysis
ACTDAdvanced Concept Technology Demonstrator
ACTEWAcoustic Charged Transport Electronic Warfare
ACTISAdvanced Compact Thermal Imaging System
ACTSAdvanced Communications Technology Satellite
ACTSAdvisory Committee on Toxic Substances
ACTSAir Commodore Training Support
ACTURAviation Turbine Fuel
ACUAcceleration Control Unit
ACUAdaptive Control Unit
ACUAir Chiller/Conditioning Unit
ACUAirborne Computer Unit
ACUAnalysis Control Unit
ACUAntenna Control Unit
ACUArtillery Computer Unit
ACUAutomatic Calling Unit
ACUAvionics Control Unit
ACVAcquisition and Command Vehicle
AcVAcquisition View(s)
ACVAir Cushion Vehicle
ACVArmoured Cannon Vehicle
ACVArmoured Command Vehicle
ACVTArmoured Combat Vehicle Technology Programme
ACVTArmoured Combat Vehicle Tracked
ACWAdjusted Charge Weight
ACWARAgile Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar
ACWSAdvanced Colour Work Station
ADACASW Data Analysis Acinct Centre
ADACSAirborne Digital Automatic Collection system
ADACSAlarm and Distributed Access Control System
AFAACAir Force and Anti-Aircraft Command
AIACACCS Implementation Advisory Committee
AirSpaceMgrAir Space Manager
AMACSAdvanced Multi-Axis Cueing Seat
APACHEAdvanced Phased Array Chemical High Energy laser equipment
APACHEAnalysis of Pacific Area Communications for Hardening to EMP
APACHEArme Propulsee A Charges Ejectables
ARRC ACERapid Reaction Corps
Art AcArtificer Aircraft
ASAACAllied Standard Avionics Architecture Council
ASAACAllied Standardisation Avionics Architecture Council
ASACAir-borne Surveillance Air-borne Control
ASACAll Source Analysis Cell
ASACSAir Surveillance And Control System
ASaCSAirborne Surveillance and Control System
ASaCSAirborne Surveillance and Control System
ASWACAnti-Submarine Warfare Analysis Centre
ASWACSAnti-Submarine Warfare Air Control Ship/System
ATAACAnti-Torpedo Air-launched Acoustic Countermeasures
ATACAir-Transportable Acoustic Communications buoy
ATACAll-Terrain All Climate
ATACAll-Terrain Amphibious Carrier
ATACApplied Technology Advanced Computer
ATACCAdvanced Tactical Command Central
ATacCSArmy Tactical Command System
ATACDIGArmy Tactical Digital Image Generator
ATACMSArmy Tactical Communications Management System
ATACMSArmy Tactical Missile System
ATACOAir Tactical Control Operator
ATACSAdvanced Tank Cannon System
ATACSAdvanced Target Acquisition Counter-fire System (US Army)
AUSTACCSAustralian Automatic Command and Control System
AWACSAirborne Warning & Control System
AWACSAirborne Warning and Control System
BACBattlefield Area Clearance
BACBritish Aircraft Corporation
BACBusiness Assurance Co-ordinating
BACBusiness Assurance Coordinator
BACBusiness Assurance Co-ordinator
BACSBankers Automated Clearance System
BACSBankers Automated Clearing Service
BeachmasterBeach Master
BRACI(I)Biological Radiological & Chemical IS (Integrated)
BRACISBiological Radiological and Chemical Information System
CAAC?Civil Aviation Administration of China
CAC?Coastal Artillery Computer
CAC?Combat Air Command
CAC?Combat Assessment capability
CAC?Combined Arms Centre
CAC?Computer-Aided Classification
CAC?Connection Access Control (ATM)
CAC?Control and Analysis Centre
CAC?Cost Accounts Code
CAC?Customer Account Code
CAC2?Combined Arms Command and Control programme
CACCC?Combat Air Command and Control Centre
CACE?Computer Aided Control Engineering
CACM?Central American Common Market
CACOS?Computer Aided Cable Optimisation System
CACS?Computer Assisted Command System
CAFACAComputer Assistance For the Army Cataloguing Authority
CALFACCalibration Facility
CASEVACCasualty Evacuation
CATPACCATering Provision and Accounting
CCWACCINO Conventional Weapon Accident Committee
CEACCommittee for European Airspace Co-ordination
CFACConstant-Frequency Alternating Current
CINCPACCommander-in-Chief Pacific Command
CINCSACCommander-in-Chief Strategic Air Command
CNACContractors’ Name and Address Code.
COJACSCombat Jamming / Communication Support System
COMNAVACTUKCommander US Naval Activities United Kingdom
COMSUBACLANTCommander Submarines Allied Command Atlantic
COSSACSComputerised Stock Segregation and Control System
CPACSCoded Pulse Anti-Clutter System
D Def AcqDirectorate of Defence Acquisition
DAACMDirect Airfield Attack Combined Munitions
DACDangerous Air Cargo
DACDefence Administrative Committee
DACDigital to Analogue Converter
DACDiscretionary Access Control
DACDockyard Accounting Code
DaCCDisplay and Computer Console
DACEDDays After Contract Effective Date
DACMData Adapter Control Mode
DACOSDeputy Assistant Chief of Staff
DACPDefence Acquisition Change Programme
DACSDeployable Acoustic Calibration System
DACSDirectorate of Aerospace Combat System
DACTDissimilar Air Combat Training
DACUDefence Arms Control Unit
DBSO (FAC)Deputy Base Supply Officer (Fleet Accommodation Centre)
DCACASData Collection Analysis and Corrective Action System
DITACSDigital Tactical System
DOACDefence Operational Analysis Centre
DRAcDepartmental Resource Account
DRACDirector Royal Armoured Corps
DRACASData Recording And Corrective Action System
DRACASData Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System
DSACDefence Scientific Advisory Committee
DSACDefence Scientific Advisory Council
DSACEURDeputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe
DSACSDirect Support Armoured Cannon System
DSMACDigital Scene-Matching Area Correlation
EACEnvironmental Audit Committee
EACEquipment Accounting Centre
EACEquipment Approval Committee
EACEquipment Approvals Committee. Now IAB
EACEquivalent Annual Cost
EAC-MLAEuropean Accreditation of Certification MultiLateral Agreement
EC-NC/ACEarth Coverage to Narrow Coverage / Area Coverage
EDIFACTEDI For Administration Commerce & Transport
EDIFACTElectronic Data Interchange for Administration Co
ELACElevator and Aileron Computer
EOACEqual Opportunities Awareness Course
EPACEngine Performance Analysis by Comparison
ER-ATACMSExtended-Range Army Tactical Missile System (US Army)
ESTACSEstablishment Authority Computer System
EUROSPACEEuropean Industrial Space Study Group
EWACElectronic Warfare Analysis Centre
EXACTEXercise Analysis for Collective Training
FAACAForce Anti-Air Co-ordination Area
FAACOFirst Aid Aircraft Outfit
FACFast Attack Craft
FACFleet Accommodation Centre.
FACFleet Audit Committee
FACFlight Augmentation Computer
FACForward Air Control
FACForward Air Controller
FACAForce Air Coordination Area
FACAFuture Attack and Combat Aircraft
FACCWGFuture Air Command and Control Working Group
FACCWGFuture Air Control Centre Working Group
FACEField Artillery Computing Equipment
FACETSPhysical optics prediction code
FACONFacilities Control
FACPForward Air Control Post
FACTSFLIR Augmented Cobra TOW Sight
FADACField Artillery Digital Automatic Computer
FOACFlag Officer Aircraft carrier
FONACFlag Officer Naval Air Command
FONACFlag Officer Naval Air Command
FORACSFleet Operational Readiness Accuracy and Check System
FRACASFailure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action
FSACFull Stern Arc Clearance
GACCGround Attack Control Capability
GTACSGround Target Attack Control System
HACHonourable Artillery Company
HACHouse Appropriations Committee
HACHover / Approach Coupler
HACVHeavy Armament Combat Vehicle
HFACHelicopter Flight Advisory Computer
HIPACTHigh Power Acoustic Coaxial Transducer
HPACHigh Pressure Air Compressor
HQACHeadquarters Air Cadets
HQACCSHQ Air Cadets Computer System
HSW ActHealth and Safety at Work etc Act 1974
HUDWACHead-Up Display and Weapon Aiming Computer
IACIntegrated Avionics Computer
IACIntelligence Analysis Centre
IACInternal Account Code
IACInternal Accounting Code
IACInternal Audit Code
IACSIntegrated Avionics Control System
IACSInternational Association of Classification Societies
IDACSIntegrated Digital Audio Control System
IFACInformation Fusion Architectures & Coordination
ILACInternational Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
IMPACIntegrated Message Processing And Communications system
IMPACTIndustry & MOD Programme to Accelerate CALS Implementation Today
IMPACTTraffic accident-reporting system
INTACSIntegrated Tactical Communications Study
ISACInterim Stern Arc Clearance
ITACIntelligence Threat Analysis Centre
ITACSIntegrated Tactical Command System
IWACIntegrated Weapon-Aiming System
JAAC PUBJoint Acoustic Analysis Centre Publication
JACJoint Acceptance Committee
JACJoint Acoustic Centre
JACJoint Airworthiness Committee
JACIGJoint Arms Control Implementation Group
JACKAn anthropometric modelling tool
JFACJoint Force Air Component
JFACCJoint Force Air Component Commander
JINTACSJoint Inter-operability of Tactical Command And Control System
JTACMSJoint Tactical Missile System
JTSACJoint Training Simulation and Analysis Centre
LACLeading Aircraftman
LACList of Assessed Contractors
LACELandline Air defence Communications Encryption
LACHLightweight Amphibious Container Handler
LACWLeading Aircraftwoman
LCACLanding Craft Air-Cushion
LINACLinear Accelerator
LOACLaw of Armed Conflict
LOSACALiaison Officer to the Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic
LRAACALong-range Air Anti-Submarine Capability Aircraft
MACMaintenance Allocation Chart
MACMandatory Access Control
MACMean Aerodynamic Chord
MACMedia Access Control
MACMedium Access Control (ATM)
MACMedium Armoured Car
MACMilitary Airlift Command (USAF)
MACMulti Activity Contract
MACMulti Activity Contracts
MACAMilitary Aid to the Civil Authorities
MACAMilitary Assistance to the Civil Authorities
MACA/C/M/PMilitary Aid to the Civil Authority/Community/Ministry/Power
MACCMilitary Aid to the Civil Commander
MACCMilitary Aid to the Civil Community
MACCMilitary Aid to the Civilian Community
MACCMilitary Area Control Centre
MACCMilitary Assistance to the Civil Community
MACCSMarine Air Command Control System
MACCSMMobile Adaptable Communications Countermeasures System
MACDMaintenance Analysis and Computer Division
MACEManpower Analysis & Constraints Evaluation Model or Multi-static Active
MACEDMonth After Contract Effective Date
MACEXMilitary Air Control Exercise
MACIMilitary Adaption of Commercial Items
MACIMSMilitary Airlift Command Integrated Management System
MACMMilitary Aid to the Civil Ministries
MACMMilitary Assistance to Civil Ministries
MACMMilitary Assistance to the Civil Ministries
MACMTMean Active Corrective Maintenance Time
MACPMilitary Aid to the Civil Power
MACPMilitary Assistance to Civil Power
MACRMajor Accident Control Regulations
MACSMagnetic Countermine System
MACSManagement Accountants Computer System
MACSMarine Air Control Squadron
MACSMulti-Altitude Control System
MACSMultiple Acceleration Control System
MACSMultiple Access Communications System
MACSMultiple Applications Control System
MACTISMine-hunting Action Information Subsystem
MARPACMaritime Forces Pacific
MASTACSManoeuvrability Augmentation System for Tactical Air Combat Simulation
MEDEVACMedical Evacuation
MILTRACSMilitary Air Traffic Control System
MIRACLMid Infra-Red Advanced Chemical Laser
MTACC/IASMarine Corp Tactical C2 System/Intelligence C2 System
MTACSMarine Tactical Air Control System
MTIACManufacturing Technology Information Analysis Centre
MTRACSMultiple input Tracking Control System
NACNational Accounts Classification
NACNATO Alert Committee
NACNaval Air Command
NACNaval Avionics Centre
NACNetwork Access Controller
NACNorth Atlantic Council
NACCBNational Accreditation Council for Certification Bodies
NACCISNorth Atlantic Command & Control Information System
NACETTNational Advisory Council for Education and Training Targets
NACNOCNo Acceptable / Appropriate Certification - NO Contract
NACNOCNo Appropriate Certification No Contract
NACOSANATO Communications Organisation Support Agency
NAVDACNaval Data Automation Command
NAVFACENGCOMNaval Facilities Engineering Command
NAVMACSNaval Modular Automated Communications System
NC/AC-ECNarrow Coverage / Area Coverage to Earth Coverage
NDACNuclear Defence Affairs Committee
NEWACNATO Electronic Warfare Advisory Committee
NIACENational Institute of Adult Continuing Education
NPACCNominated Primary Alternate Command Centre
OACOperational Analysis Committee
OACOperator Assistance Centre
OBVACTOn-Board Visual Aimer Continuation Trainer
OBVACTOnboard Visual Aimer Continuation Trainer (for CR guns)
OMACOn-Line Manufacturing And Control
ORACOn-board RFA Accounting Computer system
ORACOperational Resources Allocation Computer. BAOR control of 3rd line
ORAC-AOROn-Board RFA Accounting Computer - Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment
ORACLEOperational Research and Critical-Link Evaluation
OSPACOpen System Packet Access Controller
PAACProvisioning Alternative and Amalgamation Code
PACPenetration Aid Carrier
PACPolicy Advisory Committee
PACPre-Action Calibration
PACProcurement Authority Code
PACProgrammable Armament Control
PACPublic Accounts Committee
PACAFPacific Air Forces (US 7th Air Force)
PACCPrimary Alternative Command Centre
PACCSPost Attack Command and Control System
PACEPerformance Assessment of Combustion Emission
PACEPerformance Agility Confidence Efficiency
PACEProperty Advisors to the Civil Estate
PACSProject Authorisation and Control System
PACSProliferation and Arms Control Secretariat
PERACProject Estimating and Risk Analysis Committee
P-JFACHQPilot-Joint Force Air Component HeadQuarters
PMACPreliminary Maintenance Allocation Chart
prac practiceprac practice
QMACQuadriparite Material and Agreements Committee
QMACQuestionnaire on the Method of Allocation of Costs
RACResource Accounting Code
RACReturns Acceptance Code
RADIACRAdiation Detection Indication And Computation
RADIAC GRPRADIAC Generic Research Programme
RATACRadar for Field Artillery Fire
REDACSREgenerated DAta Communications System
REPACRegional Environmental Protection Advisory Committee
RFACRegional Fisheries Advisory Committee
RFACCYRFA CPO Communications Yeoman
RUMTACRegional Utilities Management Tariff Analysis Cell
SACScene of Action Commander
SACSenior Aircraftman / Aircraftwoman
SACSpecial Area of Conservation
SACStrategic Air Command
SAC(T)Senior Aircraftman or Aircraftwoman Technician
SACCSupport Arms Coordinating Centre
SACCSupporting Arms Coordination Centre
SACEURSupreme Allied Commander Europe
SACLANTSupreme Allied Commander Atlantic
SACLOSSemi-Active Command to Line Of Sight
SACLOSSemi--Automatic Command to Line Of Sight
SACRUSemi Automatic Cargo Release Unit
SACSService Air Cargo System
SBACSociety of British Aerospace Companies
SEACLShip Engineering Assessment Consolidated List
SH/PRACSquash Head Practice
SIDFACShore Integration & Demonstration FACility
SMACScene Matching by Area Correlation
SMACShort Miscellaneous Air Course
SNACSecure Net Alongside Communication
SNACSecure Network Alongside Communications
SRACStrategic Resources Allocation Committee
STACCSStandard Theatre Army Command and Control System
TACTactical Air Command (US Air Force)
TACTechnical Assurance Coordinator
TACTotal Acquisition Cost
tac air recceTactical Air Reconnaissance
TAC T(MR/SR)Tactical Transport (Aircraft)(Medium/Short
TACANTactical Air Navigation
TACCTactical Air Control Cell
TACCTactical Air Control Centre
TACDEMTACtical DEMonstrator
TACDITactical Direction
TACEVALTactical Evaluation
TACFIRETactical Fire Direction System
TACFIRETactical Fire Network
TACOMTactical Command
TACOMTank Automotive Command
TACOMMSTActical COMMunicationS
TACONTActical CONtrol
TACPTactical Air Control Party
TACSTactical Air Control System
TACSYTasking And Control SYstem (SE District Transport and Movement)
TEACASEThermal Effects on Airborne Conventional Armament Stores and Equipment
TRACTradoc Analysis Command
TRACERTactical Reconnaissance Armoured Combat Equipment Requirement
TRACERTactical Reconnaissance for Armoured Combat Equipment
TRACSTARTracked Search and Target Acquisition Radar
TWACNTheatre Wide Area Communication Network
TWACNTheatre-Wide Area Communications Network
UACUser Assurance Coordinator
UKACCSUK Air Command & Control System
UKMACCSUK Maritime Coastal Comms System
UKMACCSUnited Kingdom Coastal Communications System
UN-EDIFACTUnited Nations - Electronic Data Interchange Standard for Administration
US ACTDUnited States Advanced Concepts Technology Demonstrator
VAACVectored thrust Aircraft Advanced flight Control
VAACVectored-thrust Aircraft Advanced Control
VECTACsVectored (ASW) Attacks (using a helicopter)
WACWeapon Acceptance Committee
WOTSACWhen Old Type Spares are Consumed
ACEAllied Command Europe
ACVArmoured Command Vehicle
CasevacCasualty Evacuation
AWACSAirborne Warning And Control Systems
Hack ItTo endure or to do something
FACForward Air Controller
JackTo Be Selfish
JackedTo Give Up
SACUERSupreme Allied Commander Europe
WAACWomen’s Army Auxiliary Corps

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