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ABSActivity Breakdown Structure
ABSAmphibious Bridging System
ABSAnti-Lock Braking System
ABsAwarding Bodies
ABS(T)Amphibious Bridging System (Tracked)
ABS(W)Amphibious Bridging System (Wheeled)
ABSAAdvanced Base Support Aircraft
ABSDArmy Blood Supply Depot
ABSOCAdvanced Broadcasting Systems of Canada
ABSVArmoured Battlefield Support Vehicle
APPLABSAppleton Rutherford Laboratory
ASTABSAutomated Status Board
BABSBeam / Blind Approach Beacon System
DSABSDefence Science Advisory Board
FINABSFinancial Accounting and Business System
JCABSJoint Cockpit Air Bag System
LABSLow Altitude Bombing System
LABSLow-Altitude Bombing System
NABSNATO Air Base Satcom
NABSENorwegian Artillery Battery Survey
NLABSUS Army Natick Laboratories Natick Massachusetts
RABSREME Aircraft Branch System
CrabsThe slang name for the RAF

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