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Military Acronym Tool: The Results

AACAll-Aspect Capability
AACArmy Air Corps
AACAsset Accounting Centre
AACAutomatic Amplitude Control
AACMIAutonomous Air Combat Manoeuvring Installation
AACOMSArmy Area Communications System
AACPAACP Advanced Airborne Command Post
AACRAnglo-American Community Relations
AACSAirborne Advanced Communications System
AACSAutomatic Access Control Systems
AACTAir-to-Air Combat Test
AFAACAir Force and Anti-Aircraft Command
ASAACAllied Standard Avionics Architecture Council
ASAACAllied Standardisation Avionics Architecture Council
ATAACAnti-Torpedo Air-launched Acoustic Countermeasures
CAAC?Civil Aviation Administration of China
DAACMDirect Airfield Attack Combined Munitions
FAACAForce Anti-Air Co-ordination Area
FAACOFirst Aid Aircraft Outfit
JAAC PUBJoint Acoustic Analysis Centre Publication
LRAACALong-range Air Anti-Submarine Capability Aircraft
PAACProvisioning Alternative and Amalgamation Code
VAACVectored thrust Aircraft Advanced flight Control
VAACVectored-thrust Aircraft Advanced Control
WAACWomen’s Army Auxiliary Corps

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