UK Military Acronyms

An up-to-date database of all known acronyms used by the UK military.

Military Acronym Tool: The Results

1ACCNo. 1 Air Control Centre
A in AAppropriations in Aid
A&AAlteration & Addition
A&AAlterations & Additions
A&AApproval and Authorisation
A&AEEAeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment
A&AEWAvionics And Air Electronic Warfare IPT
A&ERAmmunition and Explosive Regulations
A&ERAmmunition and Explosives Regulations
A&ErsAmmunition and Explosive Regulations
A&SDArms and Service Director
A/ASAdvanced/Advanced Supplementary level qualifications
a/c or A/CAircraft
A/DAir Defence
A/G/AAir Ground Air
A/RAs Required
A/S or ASAnti Submarine
A/WSTAvionic/Weapons Systems Trainer
A3*GAcquisition 3-Star Group
A3IAccelerated Architecture Acquisition Initiative
A3PAdvanced Avionics Architecture and Policy
A3PAdvanced Avionics Architectures and Packaging (TDP)
AAAccommodation Allowance
AAActive Adjunct (sonar)
AAAdministering Authority
AAAdministrative Assistant. Civil Service grade
AAAir Adviser
AAAir Attache
AAAlterations and Additions
AAAlternative Assumption
AAApplication Administrator
AAArea Administrator
AAAustralian Army
AAAAnti-Aircraft Artillery
AAAAutomatic Anti-Aircraft
AAADAirborne Anti-Armour Defence
AAADAll Arms Air Defence
AAAIAssociation of Australian Aerospace Industries
AAAMAdvanced Air-to-Air Missile
AAAPAdvanced Avionics Architecture and Policy
AAAVAdvanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle
AAAWAdvanced (Airborne) Anti-Armour Weapon
AAAWAdvanced Airborne Anti-Armour Weapon
AAAWAdvanced Anti-Armour Weapon
AABMAir-to-Air Battle Management
AABNCPAdvanced Airborne National Command Post
AABWAntarctic Bottom Water
AACAll-Aspect Capability
AACArmy Air Corps
AACAsset Accounting Centre
AACAutomatic Amplitude Control
AACMIAutonomous Air Combat Manoeuvring Installation
AACOMSArmy Area Communications System
AACPAACP Advanced Airborne Command Post
AACRAnglo-American Community Relations
AACSAirborne Advanced Communications System
AACSAutomatic Access Control Systems
AACTAir-to-Air Combat Test
AADArmy Armament Depot
AADEOSAdvanced Air Defence Electro-Optical Sensor
AADGEAllied Command Europe Air Defence Ground Environment
AAEArms Ammunition & Explosives
AAEDAdvanced Airborne Expendable Decoy
AAEEAeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment
AAFAuxiliary Air Force
AAFCEAllied Air Forces Central Europe
AAFSSAdvanced Aerial Fire-Support System
AAGAir-to-Air Gunnery
AAGAnti-Aircraft Gun
AAGWAir-to-Air Guided Weapon
AAHAdvance Attack helicopter
AAIAmbient Attitude Detector
AAIAngle of Approach/Attack Indicator
AAICPAir-to-Air Interrogator Control Panel
AAIPAnalogue Auto-land Improvement Programme
AALAbove Aerodrome Level
AALATM Adaptation Layer
AALAAWAdvanced Air-Launched Anti-Armour Weapon
AALCAmphibious Assault Landing Craft
AALPSAutomated Air Load Planning System
AAMAir-to-Air Missile
AAMIAssociation for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
AAMOURAnglo-Australian Memorandum Of Understanding on Research
AAMTUAutomatic Antenna Matching and Tuning Unit
AANCPAdvanced Airborne National Command Post
AAOAgency Accounting Officer
AAOAir-to-Air Operations
AAOSAcoustic Artillery Observer Sub-system
AAPAA Practice ammunition with a small bursting charge
AAPAllied Administrative Publication
AAPAnnual Application Plans
AAPAnti-Aircraft Practice
AAPSOAfro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organisation
AAQMGAssistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General
AARAfter Action Review or Air to Air Refuelling
AARAir to Air Refuelling
AARAir-to-Air Refuelling
AARAAir-to-Air Refuelling Area
AARADCOMArmy Armament Research and Development Command
AARBAdvanced Aerial Refuelling Boom
AARMACAir-to-Air Macro
AASAdvanced Automation System
AATAll Arms Trencher
AATDCArmy Air Transport and Development Centre
AATHAutomatic Approach to Hover
AATSAnti-Aircraft Training System
AATUAutomatic Antenna Tuning Unit
AAUSActive Adjunct Undersea Surveillance
AAVAmphibious Assault Vehicles
AAVAutonomous Aerial Vehicle
AAVPAssault Amphibian Vehicle Personnel
AAVRAssault Amphibian Vehicle Recovery
AAWAdvanced Analysts Workstation
AAWAnti-Air Warfare
AAWAnti-Armour Weapon
AAWCAAW Commander or Co-ordination circuit
AAWCAnti-Air Warfare Commander
AAWCAnti-Air Warfare Controller
AAWCAnti-Air Warfare Co-ordinator
AAWOAnti-Air Warfare Officer
AAWSAdvanced Anti-tank Weapon System
AAWS-HAnti-Armour Weapons System – Heavy
AAWS-MAdvanced Anti-tank Weapon System – Medium
AAWWSAirborne Adverse Weather Weapon System
ABAble Seaman
ABAdmiralty Board
ABAir Base
ABAirborne (forces)
ABArmy Board
ABAssault Breaker
AB 88Lift Equipment Register Form Book
ABAAdaptation Box Assembly
ABACUSAll Arms Battlefield Computer Simulation
ABACUSArtillery Battery Computer Support system
ABCAcquisition Behavioural Competences
ABCActivity Based Costing
ABCAll-purpose Ballastable Crawler
ABCAll-purpose Battle Computer
ABCAmerica Britain and Canada
ABCArgentina Brazil Chile
ABCAtomic Biological/Bacteriological and Chemical
ABCAutomatic Boost Control
ABCAutomatic Brightness Control
ABCPARETO Cost Accounting (20% of stock = 80% of Value)
ABCAAmerica Britain Canada and Australia. The treaty
ABCAAmerican British Canadian Australian (group)
ABCAAmerican-British-Canadian-Australian Armies
ABCCCAirborne Battlefield Command and Control Centre
ABCDAmerican British Chinese and Dutch Allied Forces
ABCFAcquisition Behavioural Competence Framework
ABDRAircraft Battle Damage Repair
ABESAir Breathing Engine System
ABFAdaptive Beam Forming
ABFAnnular Blast Fragmentation warhead
ABFMAmerican Board of Foreign Missions
ABIApplication Binary Interface
ABIAssociation of British Insurers
ABICSADA Based Integrated Control System
ABIOSAdvanced Basic Input Output System
ABISAll-Bus Instrumentation System
ABITAdvanced Built-In Test
ABLAirborne Laser
ABLEAutomated Bridge Launching Equipment
ABMActivity Based Management (MRPII)
ABMAdaptive Bandwidth Management
ABMAnti-Ballistic Missile
ABMAssignment Bid Manager
ABMAssistant Bandmaster
ABMDAdvanced Ballistic Missile Defence
ABMSAir Battle Management System
ABMTAnti-Ballistic Missile Treaty
ABNLAdmiral Benelux and Netherlands
ABOAccess Basing and Overflight
ABOArmy Band Office
ABOsAgents of Biological Origin
ABPWAdmiralty Board Professional Warning
ABRCAdvisory Board for the Research Councils
ABRESAdvanced Ballistic Re-Entry System
ABROArmy Base Repair Organisation
ABRVAdvanced Ballistic Re-entry Vehicle
ABSActivity Breakdown Structure
ABSAmphibious Bridging System
ABSAnti-Lock Braking System
ABsAwarding Bodies
ABS(T)Amphibious Bridging System (Tracked)
ABS(W)Amphibious Bridging System (Wheeled)
ABSAAdvanced Base Support Aircraft
ABSDArmy Blood Supply Depot
ABSOCAdvanced Broadcasting Systems of Canada
ABSVArmoured Battlefield Support Vehicle
ABTAdvanced Back-plane Technology
ABTAdvanced Bi-CMOS Technology
ABTAAssociation of British Travel Agents
ABTALAircraft Branch Temporary Amendment Leaflet
ABUAviation Bird Unit
ABWAbbey Wood
ACAccounting Classification
ACAccounting Code.
ACActive Component
ACAdditional Capability
ACAgreed Characteristics
ACAir Coordinator
ACAircraft Commander
ACAircraft Controller
ACAlternating Current
ACAmmunition Container
ACAnalyst Console
ACArea Coverage antenna
ACAuthorisation Committee
ACAuthorisation Condition.
AC & CSAir Command & Control Systems
Ac ComdAircraft Commander
Ac TechAircraft Technician
AC(H)Aircraft Controller (Helicopters))
AC/RCActive Component/Reserve Component
ACAAgile Combat/Cargo Aircraft
ACAAirspace Control Authority
ACAAllied Control Authority
ACAAmmunition Container Assembly
ACAApplication Control Architecture
ACAArmy Cataloguing Authority
ACABAir Cavalry Attack Brigade
ACACAir Cargo Allocation Centre
ACADAAutomatic Chemical Agent Detector Alarm
ACALSArmy Computer aided Acquisitions and Logistic Support
ACAMAUV Concept Assessment Model
ACAPAdvanced Composite Airframe Programme
ACARDAdvisory Council for Applied Research and Development
ACARSAutomatic Communications and Reporting System
ACASAdvisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service
ACASAirborne/Aircraft Collision Avoidance System
ACASAirfield Chemical Alarm System
ACASAssistant Chief of the Air Staff
ACASAssistant Chief of the Air Staff (2* post)
ACASTAdvisory Committee on the Application of Science and Technology
ACBSAtmosphere Control Breathing System
ACCAir Component Commander
ACCAircraft Commodities IPT
ACCAlternative Command Centre
ACCArea Control Centre
ACCArmy Catering Corps
ACCArtillery Control Console
ACCAvionics Computer Control
ACCAxis Controlled Carrier
ACCACQualifications Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales
ACCAPACE CIS Contingency Assets Pool
ACCCHANAllied Command Channel
ACCEAFCEA Computing Conference and Exhibition
ACCESSAircraft Computerised Equipment Support System
ACCESSWAH64 Attack Helicopter Logistic Support System
ACCHANAllied Command Channel
ACCHANAllied Command Channel
ACCISAutomated Command and Control Information System
ACCMAcoustic Counter Counter Measure
ACCORDAdvanced Command and Control Research Demonstrator
ACCORDApplication to Co-ordinate Comments On Repository
ACCSAdvanced Communications Control System
ACCSAir Command & Control System
ACCSAir Command and Control System
ACCSAirborne Computing and Communications System
ACCSAllied Command and Control System
ACCSArmy Command and Control System
ACCSAuthorisation Condition Compliance Statement
ACCSAAllied Communications and Computer Security Agency
ACCUAlternate Current Charging Unit
ACCVArmoured Cavalry Cannon Vehicle
ACDAccess Control Device
ACDAuthentication Control Device
ACDAutomated Chart Display
ACDAutomatic Call Distribution
ACDAArms Control and Disarmament Agency
ACDPArmament Control and Display Panel
ACDSAdvanced Combat Direction System
ACDSAdvanced Countermeasures Dispenser System
ACDSAir Combat Direction System
ACDSAssistant Chief of Defence Staff
ACDSAssistant Chief of the Defence Staff (2* posts)
ACDSAutomatic Computer-controlled Dispensing System
ACDSAutomatic Countermeasures Dispensing System
ACDS(CIS)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Command-Control-Comms and Info Sys)
ACDS(L)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Logistics)
ACDS(O)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Overseas)
ACDS(Op/Sy)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Operations and Security)
ACDS(Pol/Nuc)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Policy and Nuclear)
ACDS(Prog)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Programmes)
ACDS(Res&Cdts)Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Reserves and Cadets)
ACDUArea Clearance Diving Unit
ACEActuator Control Electronics
ACEAdvanced Computing Environment
ACEAgile Control Experiment
ACEAllied Command Europe
ACEAnalogue Code Encryption unit
ACEArmoured Combat Earth-mover
ACEAsset Control and Evaluation
ACE COMSECACE Communications Security
ACE HighACE tropo-scatter communications system
ACEATMAimed Controlled Effect Anti Tank Mine
ACEATMAimed Controlled Effect Anti--Tank Mine
ACEATMAimed Controlled-Effect Anti-Tank Mine
ACELIPACE Long-term Infrastructure Plan
ACEPAutomatic Contact Evaluation Plotter
ACESAdvanced Carry-on ELINT/ESM Suite
ACESAdvanced-Concept Escape System
ACESAeroequip Corp. Engineering Standard
ACESArrow Continuation Experiments
ACETAir-cushion Equipment Transporter
ACETEFAir Combat Environment Test and Evaluation Facility
ACEWSAutomated Computer Assisted Electronic Warfare System
ACFAcquisition Competence Framework
ACFArmy Cadet Force
ACFArmy Cadet Force (British Army)
ACGAmphibious Combat Group
ACGCAgency Clinical Governance Committee
ACGFAluminium-Coated Glass-Fibre (chaff)
ACGSAssistant Chief of the General Staff
ACHAdvanced Compound Helicopter
ACHAnti-Condensation Heater
ACHDFAir Commander Home Defence Forces
ACIAmerican Concrete Institute
ACIArmament Control Indicator
ACIAAsynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
ACIDAtomicity Consistency Isolation and Durability
ACINTAcoustic Intelligence
ACISArmament Control Indicator Set
ACISAArmy CIS Authority
ACISGArms Command and Control Communications and Information Systems
ACLAccess Control List
ACLAccess Control List
ACLANTAllied Command Atlantic
ACLOSAutomated Command to Line Of Sight
ACLOSAutomatic-to-Command Line-Of-Sight
ACLSAir Cushion Landing System
ACLSAutomatic Carrier Landing System
ACLTAircraft Carrier Landing Trainer
ACMAdvanced Cruise Missile
ACMAir Chief Marshal
ACMAir Combat Manoeuvre
ACMAnti-Armour Cluster Munitions
ACMEAdvanced Core Military Engine
ACMEAdvanced-Core Military Engine
ACMESTAir Combat Manoeuvring Expert Systems Trainer
ACMIAir Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation
ACMRAir Combat Manoeuvring Range
ACMSAir Combat Manoeuvring Simulator
ACMSAircraft Condition Monitoring System
ACMSApplication Control and Management System
ACMSArmament Control and Monitoring System
ACMSAutomatic Communication Management System
ACMTAdvanced Cruise Missile Technology
ACNActivity Control Number
ACNAircraft Classification Number
ACNIPAuxiliary Communications Navigation and Identification Panel
ACNSAssistant Chief of Naval Staff
ACNSAssistant Chief of the Naval Staff
ACNSAssistant Chief of the Naval Staff (2* post)
ACOAdministrative Contracting Officer
ACOAirspace Control Order
ACOAirspace Co-ordination Order
ACOAirspace Co-ordinator Order
ACO(W)Atomic Co-ordinating Office (Washington)
ACODAccess Code
ACOPApproved Code of Practice
ACOPApproved Code Of Practice (H&S)
ACoPApproved Code of Practice and Guidance (Managing Health & Safety in
ACORAuthorised Contractor Record
ACOSAssistant Chief of Staff
ACOS(AV)Assistant Chief of Staff (Aviation) RN
ACOS(CIS)Assistant Chief of Staff (Communications and Information systems)
ACOS(M&D)Assistant Chief of Staff (Medical & Dental)
ACOS(OPS)Assistant Chief of Staff (Operations and Plans)
ACOS(P&S)Assistant Chief of Staff (Personnel and Support)
ACOS(POL)Assistant Chief of Staff (Policy)
ACOS(W)Assistant Chief of Staff (Warfare)
ACOSTAdvisory Committee on Science and Technology
ACOVSArtillery Combat Observer Vehicle Simulator
ACPActive Cathodic Protection
ACPAirborne Command Post
ACPAllied Communications Publication
ACPAltimeter Check Point
ACPAnti-Collision Plot
ACPArmament Control Panel
ACPAutomatic Colt Pistol
ACP127Allied Communications Publication 127
ACPAAdaptive-Controlled Phased Array
ACPOAssociation of Chief Police Officers
ACPS or AcPSAction Plot Supervisor
ACRAdvanced Combat Rifle
ACRAerial Combat Reconnaissance
ACRAir Control Radar
ACRIMActive Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor
ACRVArmoured Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle
AcsAgreed Characteristics
ACSAir Command Simulator
ACSAir Commando Squadron
ACSAirborne Control System
ACSApplication Control Structure
ACSArmament Control System
ACSAttitude Control System
ACSAutomatic Channel Selection
ACSAAllied Communications Security Agency
ACSAAssistant Chief Scientific Advisor
ACSA(C)Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor (Capabilities)
ACSA(N)Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor (Nuclear)
ACSA(P)Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor (Projects)
ACSA(R)Assistant Chief Scientific Advisor (Research)
ACSC2Advanced Command and Staff Course 2
ACSEAssociation Control Service Element
ACSMAdvanced Conventional Stand-off Missile
ACSMAir Commodore Supply and Movements
ACSMAssemblies Component Spare parts and Materials
ACSRActive Control of Structural Response
ACSSBAmplitude Companded Single Side-Band
ACSTBAir Command System Test Bed
ACSTPACE Command and Staff Training Program
ACSUAir Combat Support Unit (RAF)
ACTAcquisition and Commercial Team
ACTActive Control Technology
ACTAir Combat Training
ACTAir Control Team/Technology
ACTAir-portable Cargo Trailer
ACTAnti-Communications Threat
ACTArea Capability Training
ACTArea Capability Training (specialist post-OST training)
ACTCOSTActivity Cost Analysis
ACTDAdvanced Concept Technology Demonstrator
ACTEWAcoustic Charged Transport Electronic Warfare
ACTISAdvanced Compact Thermal Imaging System
ACTSAdvanced Communications Technology Satellite
ACTSAdvisory Committee on Toxic Substances
ACTSAir Commodore Training Support
ACTURAviation Turbine Fuel
ACUAcceleration Control Unit
ACUAdaptive Control Unit
ACUAir Chiller/Conditioning Unit
ACUAirborne Computer Unit
ACUAnalysis Control Unit
ACUAntenna Control Unit
ACUArtillery Computer Unit
ACUAutomatic Calling Unit
ACUAvionics Control Unit
ACVAcquisition and Command Vehicle
AcVAcquisition View(s)
ACVAir Cushion Vehicle
ACVArmoured Cannon Vehicle
ACVArmoured Command Vehicle
ACVTArmoured Combat Vehicle Technology Programme
ACVTArmoured Combat Vehicle Tracked
ACWAdjusted Charge Weight
ACWARAgile Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar
ACWSAdvanced Colour Work Station
ADAccidental Damage
ADAction Data (section of WE Department)
ADAir Defence
ADAir Division (USAAF USAF)
ADAnno Domini
ADArea-Denial munitions
ADArmament Division (AFSC)
ADArmy Department
ADArrival Date
ADAssistant Director
ADAssistant Director or Air Defence
ADAuthorised Demander
AD SMAssistant Director Service Management
AD/ADEAssistant Director/Armaments Documentation and Engineering
AD/ADRPAD/Airworthiness Design Requirements and Procedures in the DPA
AD/CycleAnalysis and Design (through life) to Code generation
AD/Eng PolAD/Engineering Policy in DGES(Air) DLO
AD/IEAssistant Director Information Engineering
AD/MR(Nuc)Assistant Director Material and Research (Nuclear)
AD/OEAssistant Director/Ordnance Engineering
AD/QOIAssistant Director/Quality Ordnance Inspection
AD/TCAssistant Director Trident Co-ordination
AD/XJAMArtillery Delivered Expendable Jammer
ADAAction Data Automation
ADAAir Danger Area
ADAAir Defence Artillery
ADAAir Defended Area
ADACASW Data Analysis Acinct Centre
ADACSAirborne Digital Automatic Collection system
ADACSAlarm and Distributed Access Control System
ADADAir Defence Alerting Device
ADAIRSAir Data and Inertial Reference System
ADAMArea Denial Artillery Munitions
ADAMSAir Defence Advanced Mobile System
ADAMSAir Defence Anti-Missile System
ADAMSAllied Deployment & Movement System
ADAPSAutomatic Data Acquisition and Processing
ADAPTAcquisition of NEC and Dabinett Programme Team IPT
ADARAirfield Damage And Repair
ADARIOAnalogue/Digital Adaptable Recorder Input/Output
ADARSAdaptive Antenna Receiver System
ADASAirborne Data Acquisition System
ADASAirfield Damage Assessment System (USAF)
ADASAuxiliary Data Annotation Set
AdatPAllied Data Publication.
ADatPAllied Data Publications
ADat-P3Automatic Data Processing (Standard)3
ADATSAir Defence Anti-Tank System
ADAUAuxiliary Data Acquisition Unit
ADAWSAction Data Automatic Weapons System
ADAWSAction Data Automation Weapon System
ADAWWAssistant Director Above Water Warfare
ADAZAir Defence Zone
ADBMSAir Defence Battle Management Simulation
ADBriCAir Defence Bridging Capability
ADCAcoustic Device Countermeasure
ADCAction Data & Control (systems)
ADCAdditional Duties Commitment (type of reserve service)
ADCAir Data Computer
ADCAir Defence Command (former USAF Command)
ADCAir Defence Commander
ADCAnalogue to Digital Converter
ADCAnalogue-to-Digital Conversion/Converter
ADCAnnual Delegate Conference
ADCArmament Directors Conference
ADCArmy Doctrine Committee
ADCAssessment and Development Centre
ADCAssistant Director Contracts
ADCAsynchronous Digital Combiner
ADC(X)Auxiliary Dry Cargo Carrier
ADC/WDOAction Data & Communications / Weapons Delivery & Ordnance
ADCAAdvanced Design Composite Aircraft (USAF)
ADCAPAdvanced Capabilities
ADCAPARMAdvanced Capabilities Anti-Radar Missile
ADCCAir Defence Control Centre
ADCCAir Direction Control Centre
ADCISAir Defence Communication and Information System
ADCISArmy Air Defence CIS System
ADCOMAerospace Defence Command
ADCPAcoustic Doppler Current Profile
ADCPAssistant Director Corporate Planning
ADCSAir Data Computer System
ADCTAircraft Data Configuration Tool
ADDAgency for Defence Development
ADDCAir Defence Data Centre
ADDSAdvanced Decoy Dispenser System
ADDSAdvanced Digital Dispensing System
ADDSArmy Data Distribution System
ADEAerial Delivery Equipment
ADEAeronautical Development Establishment
ADEAArmy Development and Employment Agency
ADECSAdvanced Digital Engine Control System
ADEKSAdvanced Design Electronics Key System
ADELAAtlantic Development Group for Latin America
ADELTAutomatically Deployable Emergency Locator Transponder
ADENArmament Designed Enfired
ADESMAutomatic Data Extraction from Signal Messages
ADEWSAir Defence Electronic Warfare System
ADEXAir Defence Exercise
ADFAutomatic Direction Finding
ADFAutomatic Document Feeder.
ADFCCAir Force Defence Control Centre
ADGAccessory-Drive Generator
ADGAircraft Delivery Group
ADGBSAir Defence Ground Based Systems IPT
ADGEAir Defence Ground Environment
ADGSAir Defence Gun Sight
ADHAir Danger Height
ADIAir Defence Initiative
ADIAttitude Director Indicator
ADIBAir Deployable Ice Beacon
ADIMPAda Improvement Programme
ADIRSAir Data and Inertial Reference System
ADIRSAirfield Damage Information and Reporting System
ADITAutomatic Detection and Tracking Unit
ADITTAerially Deployed Ice Thickness Transponder
ADIVSAir Defence Inter-operability Validation System
ADIZAir Defence Identification Zone
ADKEMAdvanced Kinetic Energy Missile
ADLadvanced distributed learning
ADLArmament Data Line
ADLAuthorised Data List
ADLAuthorised Demander Level
ADLBSASACS Data Link Buffer System
ADLIPSAutomatic Data Link Plotting System
ADLSAssistant Director Logistic Support
ADMAdaptive Delta Modulation
ADMAdd Drop Mux
ADMAdvanced Development Model
ADMAerodrome Design Manual
ADMAfrican Democratic Movement
ADMAir Decoy Missile
ADMAsynchronous Data Modem
ADMAtomic Demolition Munitions
ADMDAdministrative Managed Domains
ADMDAdministrative Management Domain
ADMISArmy Department Management Information System
ADMTAssistant Director Movements and Transport
ADMUAir Distance Measuring Unit
ADNARAssistant Director Nuclear Accident Response
ADNBS(Transport)Assistant Director Naval Bases and Supply (Transport)
ADNCAir Defence Notification Centre
ADNOCAir Defence Operations Centre
ADNOCSAdvanced Digital Optical Control System
ADNPAssistant Director Nuclear Propulsion
ADOCAir Defence Operations Centre
ADOPAdvanced Distributed Onboard Processor
ADOPTAerodynamic Design Optimisation for Long Duct Nacelles
ADPAdmiralty Driving Permit.
ADPArab Democratic Party
ADPAuto Data Processing
ADPAutomated Data Processing
ADPAutomatic Data Processing
ADPAutomatic/Advanced Data Processing
ADPAAmerican Defence Preparedness Association
ADPCMAdaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADPCMAdaptive Pulse Code Modulation
ADPEAutomated Data Processing Equipment
ADPGAir Defence Planning Group
ADPMP(QA)Assistant Director Procurement Management Policy (Quality Assurance)
ADPS(SS)Assistant Director Programmes and Support (Strategic systems)
ADPSOAutomatic Data Processing Selection Office
ADQSAssistant Director Quality and Safety
ADQUALAdditional Qualification
ADRAccident Data Recorder
ADRAccord Dangerous Routier (EEC Policy on Transport)
ADRActive Decoy Round (Mk 251)
ADRAir Data Relay
ADRAir Defence Region
ADRAirfield Damage Repair
ADRAllocation Deficiency Report
ADR(LS)Assistant Director Research (Life Sciences)
ADR+Advanced Digital Radio + Bowman VHF Radio
ADRCAdvanced Defence Radar Controller
ADREF NoAdmiralty Reference Number
ADRGARC Digital Radar Graphics
ADRGARC Digitised Raster Graphics
ADROWPUAdvanced Double Pass Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit
ADRPAircraft Design Approvals Requirements & Procedure
ADRSAirfield Damage Repair Squadron (Royal Air Force)
ADRTIESAdvanced Digital Radar Imagery Exploitation System
ADRUAdvanced Defence Radar Unit
ADSAcoustic Detection System
ADSActive Dipping Sonar
ADSAdvanced Deployable Systems program (US Navy)
ADSAir Data System
ADSAirborne/Active Dipping Sonar or Air Defence System
ADSAircraft Document Set
ADSAmmunition Delivery System
ADSArchitectural Design Study
ADSAstronomical Data Services
ADSAudio Distribution System
ADSAutomatic Defence System
ADSAutomatic Dependent Surveillance
ADS/PSAssistant Director Project Support
AdSAAMSAdvanced Surface-to-Air Missile System
ADSAFAutomatic Data System for the Army in the Field
ADSCMAdvanced Ship Communications
ADSIAir Defence Systems Integrator
ADSIAAllied Data Systems Interoperability Agency
ADSIAAllied Data Systems Inter-operability Agency
ADSLAsymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
ADSMAir Defence Suppression Missile
ADSPAdvanced Digital Signal Processor
ADSR(CD))Assistant Director Ship Refitting (Corporate Development)
ADSTAssistant Director Supply and Transport
ADSUAir Data Sensor Unit
ADTAdministrative Delay Time
ADTAdvanced Display Terminal
ADTAir Data Terminal
ADTAir Defence Technology programme
ADTAirborne Data Terminal
ADTAlphanumeric Display Terminal
ADTAssistant Director Training
ADTAssured Deterrent Time
ADTAutomatic Data Transmission
ADTAutomatic Detection and Tracking
ADT3Air Defence Tactical Training Centre
ADTCArmament Development and Test Centre (USAF)
ADTDAssistant Director Tactical Development
ADTMAircraft Data Transfer Module
ADTUAuxiliary Data Transfer Unit
ADUAir Data Unit
ADUAir Defence Unit
ADUAnnotation Display Unit
ADUAutomatic Dialling Unit
ADUAuxiliary Display Unit
ADUAvionics Display Unit
ADVAir Defence Variant
Adv SigAdvanced Signaller
Adv Sig(S)Advanced Signaller (Systems)
ADVCAirborne Digital Video Cassette
ADVCAPAdvanced Capability
ADVICEAnalogue and Digital Video Integrator and Contrast
AdvnAdventure Adventurous
AdvnTrgAdventurous Training
ADVONAdvanced Echelon
ADWArea Defence Weapon
ADWArea Denial Weapon
ADWRFSArmament Depot Weapon Repair Facility Statement
ADZAir Danger Zone
AEAdult Education
AEAircraft Established
AEAmmunition ship
AEAssault Echelon
AEAuthorising Engineer
AEAAircrew Equipment Assemblies
AEAAircrew Equipment Assembly
AEAAtomic Energy Authority
AEA/SRDAtomic Energy/Safety & Reliability Directorate
AEBActive Electronic Buoy
AECAir Element Co-ordinator
AECArmy Education Centre
AECArmy Education Corps
AECAssociated Equipment Company
AECAtomic Energy Commission
AECBArms Export Control Board
AECMActive Electronic Countermeasures
AECMAAssociation European des Constructeurs de Materiel Aerospatial
AECUAdvanced Electronic Control Unit
AEDAir Engineering Department
AEDCArnold Engineering Development Centre
AEDFAsian Economic Development Fund
AEDITAircraft Engineering Development & Investigation Team
AEDSAtomic Energy Detection System
AEFAir Experience Flying
AEFSSAutomatic Explosion/Fire Sensing and Suppression system
AEGISAdvanced Engine/Gearbox Integrated System
AEGISAirborne Early Warning Ground Integration Segment
AEGISAirborne Early Warning Ground Integration System
AEIAustralian Electronics Industry Association
AELAccessible Emission Limit
AEMAviation Engineering and Maintenance
AEMIArmy Equipment Management Instruction
AEMISArmy Equipment Management Information System
AENAlternative ELINT Notation
AEOAir Electronics Officer
AEOAir Electronics Officer (Royal Air Force)
AEOAircraft Engineer Officer
AEOArmy Estates Organisation
AEOOWAssistant Engineer Officer of the Watch (in the RFA)
AEPApplication Environment Profile
AEQBAir Engineering Qualifying Board
AERApproval Early Retirement
AEREAtomic Energy Research Establishment
AERSAccess/Egress Roadway System
AESAircrew Escape and Survival (Survival Team) IPT
AESApplication Environment Specification
AESArms and Explosives Search
AESAuger Electron Spectroscopy
AESBArmy Environmental and Safety Board
AESITSAviation Equipment Support IT System
AESOPAircraft Equipment Support On-Line Packages
AESPArmy Engineering Support Publication
AESPArmy Equipment Support Publication
AETAwareness Education and Training
AETGAdvanced Electronic Technology Group
AETMSAirborne Electronic Terrain Mapping System
AEUAeromedical Evacuation Unit
AEUAirborne Electronics Unit
AEVArmoured Engineer Vehicle
AEVAssociation of External Verifiers
AEWAirborne Early Warning
AEW&CAirborne Early Warning and Control
AEWTFAir-crew Electronic Warfare Tactics Facility
AFAdmiral of the Fleet
AFAir Force
AFAmphibious Force
AFArmed Forces
AFArmy Form
AFAttributable Faults
AFAudio Frequency
AFAugmentation Force
AFAAir Force Association
AFAArea Firearms Adviser
AFAAudio Frequency Amplifier
AFA 06Armed Forces Act 2006
AFAACAir Force and Anti-Aircraft Command
AFAALCAir Force and Anti-Aircraft Logistics Command
AFAAMSAnglo-French Air-to-Air Missile System/Anti-air Multi-spectral Seeker
AFAATCAir Force and Anti-Aircraft Training Command
AFAPArtillery-Fired Atomic Projectile
AFARVArmoured Forward-Area Rearm Vehicle
AFASAdvanced Field Artillery System
AFASDAir Force Aeronautics systems Division
AFASPOAir Force Automated Systems Project Office (USAF)
AFATDSAdvanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
AFATLAir Force Armaments Laboratory
AFBAir Force Base
AFBAir Force Board
AFBMAAnti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association
AFBMDAir Force Ballistic Missile Division
AFBMOAir Force Ballistic Missile Office
AFBSCAir Force Board Standing Committee
AFCAir Force Cross
AFCAutomatic Frequency Control
AFCASAutomatic Flight Control Augmentation System
AFCCAir Force Communications Command
AFCEAArmed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
AFCENTAllied Forces Central Europe
AFCMDAir Force Contract Management Division
AFCSArtillery Fire-Control System
AFCSAutomatic Fire Control System
AFCSAutomatic Flight Control System
AFDAir Fleet Division/Department DTEO
AFDAir Force Department
AFDAir Force Department of MoD
AFDAutomatic Feeding Device (for ammunition)
AFDCAir Freight Distribution Centre (at Portsmouth)
AFDEArctic Fuels Dispensing Equipment
AFDRGAnglo French Defence Research Group
AFDSAdvanced Flight-Deck Simulator
AFDSAir Fighting Development Squadron
AFDSAutomatic Flight Director System
AFEAdult Further Education
AFEAirborne Forces Equipment
AFEArchaeological Field Evaluation
AFEAuthority Furnished Equipment
AFEDAvailable Force Element Day
AFEDDSAutomatic Fire and Explosion Detection and Suppression System
AFESAutomatic Fire Extinguishing System
AFESDAir Force Electronic Systems Division
AFEWCAir Force Electronic Warfare Centre
AFEWESAir Force Electronic Warfare Evaluation Simulator
AFEXAnglo-French Exchange meeting
AFFASArmed Forces Financial Advisory Services
AFFFAnglo-French Future Frigate
AFFFAqueous Film-Forming Foam
AFFTCAir Force Flight Test Centre
AFGAnti-Frogman Grenade
AFGLAir Force Geophysics Laboratory
AFGSAutomatic Flight Guidance System
AFICAir Force Intelligence Command
AFISAir Force Intelligence Service
AFLCAir Force Logistics Command
AFMAir Force Manual
AFMCAir Force Materiel Command
AFMMAssistant Functional Machinery Manager.
AFMM (M)Assistant Functional Machinery Manager (Maintenance)
AFMM (MAINT)Assistant Functional Machinery Manager (Maintenance)
AFMM (P)Assistant Functional Machinery Manager (Proc)
AFMM (PROC)Assistant Functional Machinery Manager (Procurement)
AFMSAutomatic Flight Management System
AFNCPAnglo-French-Netherlands Collaboration Programme
AFNOAmphibious Forces Notes and Orders
AFNONAllied Forces North Norway
AFNORAssociation Francais de Normalisation. French ISO
AFNORTHAllied Forces Northern Europe
AFNORTHWESTAllied Forces Northwest Europe
AFNWAllied Forces North West
AFOArea Flag Officer
AFOLTSAutomatic Fire Overheat Logic Test System
AFOPSArmed Forces Overarching Personnel Strategy
AFOPSArmed Forces Over-Arching Personnel Strategy
AFOSRAir Force Office of Scientific Research
AFPArmed Forces of the Philippines
AFPAssault Fire Platoon
AFP+Assault Fire Platoon Plus
AFPAAArmed Forces Personnel Administration Agency
AFPRBArmed Forces Pay Review Body
AFPROAir Force Plant Representative Office
AFRAccident Frequency Rate
AFRAir Force Regulation
AFRESAir Force Reserve
AFRPAramid Fibre Reinforced Plastics
AFSAdvanced Flight Simulator
AFSAir Force Station
AFSAutomatic Flight System
AFSAutomatic Frequency Selection
AFSAuxiliary Forward Support
AFSAuxiliary Fleet Support
AFS(H)Auxiliary Fleet Support (with Helicopter)
AFS(N)Auxiliary Forward Support (Helicopters)
AFSARCAir Force Systems Acquisition Review Council
AFSATAir Force Satellite
AFSATCOMAir Force Satellite Communications System
AFSCAir Force Systems Command
AFSCFAir Force Satellite Control Facility
AFSCNAir Force Satellite Control Network
AFSDAir Force Space Division
AFSEDArab Fund for Economic and Social Development
AFSHAuxiliary Fleet Support Helicopter carrying
AFSKAudio Frequency Shift Keying
AFSONORAllied Forces South Norway
AFSOUTHAllied Forces Southern Europe
AFSTCAir Force Space Technology Centre
AFSVArmoured Fire Support Vehicle
AFTAir Force Department
AFTArray Function Tester
AFTAAdvanced First Term Avionics
AFTIAdvanced Fighter Technology Integration
AFTNAeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network
AFTSAir-tech Firearms Training System
AFUAir Filtration Unit
AFUAssault Fire Unit
AFVArmoured Family of Vehicles
AFVArmoured Fighting Vehicle
AFV DetArmoured Fighting Vehicle Detector
AFWALAir Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratory
AFWLAir Force Weapons Laboratory
AFWSAirfield Frost Warning System
AGAdjutant General
AGAerospace Ground Equipment
AGAir Gunner
AGAntenna Group
AGArmy Garrison (US)
AGAttention Getter
AGAIArmy General and Administrative Instructions
AGARDAdvisory Group for Aerospace Research & Development
AGARDAdvisory Group for Aerospace Research and Defence
AGCAdjutant Generals Corps
AGCAutomatic Gain Control
AGCASAssociation of Graduate Careers Advisory Services
AGCSAdvanced Guidance and Control System
AGCWAutonomous Guidance for Conventional Weapons
AGCWAutonomously Guided Conventional Weapon
AGEAdvanced Graphics Engine
AGEAerospace Ground Equipment
AGEAircraft Ground Equipment
AGESAir Ground Engagement System
AGES/ADAir-to-Ground Engagement/Air Defence
AGETSAutomated Ground Engine Test System
AGEXAnglo-German Exchange meeting
AGFArmy Ground Forces
AGIAssociation for Geographic Information
AGLAbove Ground Level
AGLAeronautical Ground Light(Ing)
AGLAirborne Gun Laying (radar)
AGLAutomatic Grenade Launcher
AGLSAutomatic Gun Laying System
AGLTAirborne Gun Laying Turret
AGMAir-to-Ground Missile
AGMAnnual General Meeting
AGMAAmerican Gear Manufacturers Association
AGOUTISystem for raising propellor cavitation speed
AGPPEAdvanced General Purpose Processor Element
AGRAdvanced Gas-cooled Reactor
AGRAAutomatic Gain Ranging Amplifier
AGREEAdvisory Group on Reliability in Electronic Equipment
AGSAdvanced Ground Station
AGSAeronautical Ground Station
AGSAircraft General Spares
AGSAircraft General Stores
AGSAir-to-Ground System
AGSArmoured Gun System
AGSSAuxiliary research submarine
AGTSAir Gunnery Target System
AGVAssault Gun Vehicle
AGVAutomated Guided Vehicle
AGVTAdvanced Ground Vehicle Technology
AGZActual Ground Zero
AHArtificial Horizon
AHAttack Helicopter
AHAttack Helicopter (Apache)
AH 64Attack Helicopter 64
AHBAttack Helicopter Battalion
AHCAAdditional Housing Cost Allowance
AHCPAd-Hoc Collective Protection
AHDAd Hoc Duties (type of reserve service)
AHEAmmunition Handling Equipment
AHEADAdvanced Hit Efficiency And Destruction
AHEMAssociation of Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers
AHIPArmy Helicopter Improvement Programme
AHITAdvanced Hover Intercept Technology
AHMAnti-Helicopter Mine
AHPAllied Hydrographic Publication
AHQAir Headquarters
AHQAllied Headquarters
AHQAlternative DC HQ
AHRSAttitude and Heading Reference System
AHRUAttitude and Heading Reference Unit
AHSAmerican Helicopter Society
AHTOCAttack Helicopter Target Operational Characteristics
AIAdministrative Instruction
AIAir Interdiction
AIAirborne Intercept
AIAirborne Interception
AIArtificial Intelligence
AIAutomatic Identification
AI2SAdvanced Infra-red Imaging Seeker
AIAAircraft Interface Assembly
AIAAAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIAAMAdvanced Intercept Air-to-Air Missile
AIACACCS Implementation Advisory Committee
AIAGAutomotive Industries Action Group
AIAHAdvanced Integrated Avionic Helmet
AIAIT Centre (US Army)Army Intelligence and Threat Analysis
AIBAdmiralty Interview Board
AIBUAdvanced Interference Blanker Unit
AICORNAdaptive Intelligent Control of Radio Networks
AICPAnglo-Italian Collaboration Programme
AICROAssociation of Independent Contract Research Organisations
AIDAgency for International Development
AIDBAnti-Intrusion Defence Barriers
AIDCAero Industry Development Centre
AIDLOAtomic and International Defence liaison Officer
AIDSAcoustic Intelligence Data System
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIDSAdvanced Integrated Display System
AIDSAirborne Integrated Data System
AIDUAeronautical Information Documentation Unit
AIDUAeronautical Information Documents Unit
AIEFSOAccident Investigation and Engineering Flight Safety Officer
AIEWSAdvanced Integrated Electronic Warfare System
AIFFAdvanced Identification Friend or Foe
AIFFAudio Interchange File Format
AIFFCAudio Interchange File Format plus Compression
AIFSAdvanced Indirect Fire System
AIFTAAnglo-Irish Free Trade Agreement
AIFVArmoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle
AIGAddress Indicating Group
AIGAddress Indicator Group
AIGAssistant Instructor of Gunnery (Royal Air Force)
AIGAutomatic Indicator Group
AIIAccuracy Improvement Initiative (GPS)
AIIMAssociation for Information and Image Management
AILAdvance Information Leaflet
AILAAirborne Instrument Landing Approach system
AIMActive Inert Missile
AIMAir Intercept Missile
AIMAir Interceptor Missile
AIMAir traffic control beacon IFF Mk XII system
AIMAircraft Inter-phone and Mixer
AIMAnti-Invasion Mine
AIMEAircraft Integrity Monitoring Equipment
AIMESAvionics Integrated Maintenance Expert System
AIMISAdvanced Integrated Modular Instrumentation System
AIMSAccident Information Management System
AIMSAdvanced Integrated MAD System
AIMSAircraft Identification Monitoring System
AIMSArctic Ice Monitoring System
AIMSAttitude Indicator Measurement System
AimvalAir Intercept Missile Evaluation
AINSAirborne Inertial Navigation System
AIOAction Information Organisation
AIOAction Information Organisation (ship command centre)
AIPAeronautical Information Publication
AIPAgreed Implementation Plan
AIPAir-Independent Propulsion
AIPSAdvanced Integrated Propulsion System
AIPTAdvanced Image Processing Terminal
AIRAccident Incident Rate
AIRAIR Command replaced Strike when Strike and PTC merged
AIRAir Intercept Radar
AIRAnnual Infrastructure Report
Air CdreAir Commodore
Air Chf MshlAir chief Marshal
Air MshlAir Marshal
AIRBALTAPAllied Air Forces Baltic Approaches
AIRCOMAir Command
AIRNONAllied Air Forces Northern Norway
AirOpsCenAir Operations Centre
AIRSAdvanced Inertial Reference System
AIRSAdvanced Infra-Red imaging Seeker
AIRSAirborne Integrated Reconnaissance System
AIRS2P2Air Sensors Systems and Platform Protection IPT
AirSHAir Support Helicopter
AIRSONORAllied Air Forces Southern Norway
AIRSOUTHAllied Air Forces Southern Europe
AirSpaceMgrAir Space Manager
AIRTAir-to-air Interceptor Radar Training
AISAdvanced Instrumentation SubSystem
AISAeronautical Information Service
AISDAdvance Interoperability Services Demonstrator
AISECArmy Information Engineering Command (US Army)
AISRAdvanced Initial Spares Requirements
AISSAlliance for Information Systems Skills
AISSArmaments Interim Supply Solution
AITAdvanced Intruder Test
AITAssembly Integration & Test
AITATArmoured Infantry Training and Advisory Team
AITTAssociation of Industrial Truck Trainers.
AIUActive Inject Unit
AIUAirborne Installation Unit
AIUAircraft Interface Unit
AIUArmament Interface Unit
AIUAudio Interface Unit
AIVAAssociation of Internal Verifiers and Assessors
AIWSAdvanced Interdiction Weapon System
AIXAdvanced Interactive Executive (IBMs UNIX operating system)
AJFAllied Joint Force
AJFHQAllied Joint Force Headquarters
AJMAnti-Jam Modem
AJPOAda Joint Program Office
AJSAdvanced Jamming System
AJTAdvanced Jet Trainer
AKAvtomat Kalashnikov
AKMAK Modified
ALAmendment List
ALAnalogue Loop
AL xxHelicopter Alert State
ALAArmy Licensing Authority
ALAAVAAdvanced Light Armoured/Amphibious Vehicle System
ALADAutomatic Liquid Agent Detector
ALADEINAssets Liabilities And Depot Equipment / Information Network
ALARAAs Low As Reasonably Achievable
ALARMAir Launched Anti-Radiation Missile
ALARMAir-Launched Anti-Radiation Missile
ALARMSAirborne Laser Radar Mine Sensor
ALARPAs Low As is Reasonably Practicable
ALARPAs Low As Reasonably Practicable
ALARRAir-Launched Air-Recoverable Rocket
ALASISAssignment Ledger and Automated Sales Invoicing System
ALBAutomatic Load-dependent Brake
ALBFAirland Battle Future
ALBMAir-Launched Ballistic Missile
ALCAir Logistics Command
ALCAlternate Logistics control number (LCN) Code
ALCArmy Learning Centre
ALCArmy Legal Corps
ALCAutomatic Level Control
ALCAMAir-Launched Conventional Attack Missile
ALCCAirborne Launch Control Centre
ALCEArmy List of Classified Equipments
ALCMAir-Launched Cruise Missile
ALCSAirborne Launch Control System
ALCVArmoured Land-mine Clearing Vehicle
ALDCArmy Logistic Development Committee
ALDPAirborne Laser Designator Pod
ALDSAcquisition Leadership Development Scheme
ALDSAcquisition Leadership Development Team
ALDTAdministrative & Logistics Delay Time
ALEArbitrary Lagrange-Euler code
ALEAutomatic Link Establishment
ALEBIAir/Land Enhancement for BFG Intelligence
AlertWarning that an incident has occurred
ALERTDECLAlert Stage / State Declaration
ALERTSAirborne Laser Electronic warfare Receiver Training
ALESAuthorised List of Explosive Stores
ALEXAutomatic Launching of Expendables
ALFAtomic Line Filter
ALFENSAutomated Low Flying Entry and Notification System
ALFENSAutomated Low Flying Flight Planning Enquiry and Management System
ALFENSAutomated Low-Flying Flt-Planning Enquiry & Notification System
ALFSAirborne Low Frequency Sonar
ALFSAutomatic Low Flying Systems
ALGAction Learning Group(s)
ALGAutonomous Landing Guidance
ALGMSAdvanced Laser-Guided Missile System
ALGOLAlgorithmic Language
ALGWAir Launched Guided Weapon
ALHActive Laser Homing
ALIAdult Learning Inspectorate
ALIAutomatic Line Integration
ALLAdmiralty List of Lights
ALLAAllied Long Lines Agency
ALLDAirborne Laser Location Designator
ALLOCATIONThe band of frequencies available for a certain equipment these are
ALLOTMENTThe list of frequencies available for the operation
ALLTVAll Light Level Television
ALMAir Launched Munitions
ALMAir Load Master (Royal Air Force)
ALMAir Loadmaster
ALMSSAir Launched Marine Sound Signal
ALMVAir Launched Miniature Vehicle
ALOAir Liaison Officer
ALOCAir Line of Communications
ALOFTAirborne Light Optical Fibre Technology
ALOOSAir Liaison Officer Offensive Support
ALORAdvisory Levels of Release
ALOSAirborne Light Observation System
ALOSHAir Liaison Officer Support Helicopters
ALOTSAirborne Lightweight Optical Tracking System
ALPAmmunition Logistic Process
ALPOSAnti-Laser Protected Optical Sight
ALPSAccidental Launch Protection System
ALPSAir Load Planning System
ALQAAutomatic Link Quality Analysis
ALRAAMAdvanced long-range Air-to-Air Missile
ALRADAirborne Laser Range-finder And Designator
ALRIAirborne Long-range Radar Input
ALRSAdmiralty List of Radio Signals
ALSAcquisition Logistics Standard
ALSAdvanced Launched System (SDI project)
ALSAdvanced Life Support
ALSAll-weather Landing System
ALSArmy Legal Services
ALSAugmented Logistics Support
ALSAuxiliary Lighter
ALSADAircraft Logistics Supply And Demand
ALSGAir Logistics and Support Group
ALSLAlternative Landing Ship Logistic
ALSPAggregate Level Simulation Protocol
ALSSAdvanced Logistics Support Site
ALSSAir-Launched Saturation System missile
ALTAdministration Lead Time
ALTAdministrative Lead Time
ALTAirborne Laser Tracker
ALTArmoured Launching Turret
ALTAttack Light Torpedo
ALTAAdvanced Lightweight Tactical Antenna
ALTAIRARPA Long-range Tracking And Instrumentation Radar
ALTEApproved List of Test Equipment
ALUArithmetic and Logic Unit
ALWAir / Land Warfare
ALWAmphibious and Land Warfare
ALWTAdvanced Lightweight Torpedo
ALYCATAeromechanics LYnx Control and Agility Testbed
AMAircrew Manual
AMAmplitude Modulation
AMAnte Meridian
AMAssignment Manager or Achievement Milestone
AMAAdaptive Multi-function Antenna
AMAAdvanced Modern Apprenticeship
AMACSAdvanced Multi-Axis Cueing Seat
AMADAirframe Mounted Accessory Drive
AMANDAAmmunition Management Area Network Depot Aid
AMANSArmy Management Services
AMARVAdvanced Manoeuvring Re-entry vehicle
AMASAlternate Main Access Switch
AMASAutomated Manoeuvring Attack System
AMBActive Magnetic Bearing
AMCAcquisition Management Cell
AMCAdvanced Micro-Electronics Converter
AMCAir Material Command
AMCAir Mobility Command
AMCAircraft Management Computer
AMCAirframe/Armament Modification Committee
AMCArmy Material Command
AMCAAir Movement and Control Association
AMCAAvionic Modular Component Acquisition
AMCAPSAffordable Manufacture of Composite Aircraft Primary Structure
AMCCOMArmament Munitions and Chemical Command
AMCMAdvanced Mine Countermeasures
AMCOAir Maintenance Control Office
AMCSAirborne Missile Control System
AMCSAlert Monitoring System Computer
AMCSAArmy Material Command Support Activity Office (US Army)
AMDAmmunition Marking Drawing
AMDIAcoustic Miss Distance Indicator
AMDRAutomatic Missile Detecting Radar
AMDSAnti-Missile Discarding Sabot
AMDSAutomatic Manoeuvring Device System
AMDSAutomatic Message Distribution System
AMEAir Movements Executive
AMEAmplitude Modulation Equivalent
AMEAngle Measuring Equipment
AMEAnnually Managed Expenditure
AMEAuthorized Medical Examiner
AMEDAdvanced Mechanical Engineering Demonstrator
AMEPPAllied Maritime Environmental Protection Publication
AMESAdvanced Multiple Environment Simulator
AMESAssistant Manager Engineering Services
AMETAdvanced Military Engine Technology
AMETAdvanced Military Engineering Technology
AMETSArtillery Meteorological System
AMEWSAutomated Mobile EW System
AMEXAmerican Express (card)
AMFACE Mobile Force
AMFAllied Mobile Force
AMFAttributable Mission Failures
AMF(L)Allied Command Europe mobile Force (Land)
AMF-AACE Mobile Force - Air
AMFCTSArtillery and Mortar Fire Control Training Simulator
AMF-LACE Mobile Force - Land
AMGAircraft Maintenance Group
AMGAntenna Mast Groups
AMGOTAllied Military Government of Occupied Territories
AMHAllied Message Handling
AMHAAutomatic Message Handling Assistance
AMHMSAdvanced Magnetic Helmet-Mounted Sight
AMHSAutomated Message Handling System
AMIAlternate Mark Inversion
AMIDARSAirborne Minefield Detection And Reconnaissance System
AMIDSAirborne Minefield Detection System
AMIEEAssociate Member of Institution of Electrical Engineering
AMIKAutomatic Target Recognition System
AMIPSCAircraft Maintenance Information Programme Steering Committee
AMIRAnti-Missile Infra-Red
AMISAir Movements Information Systems
AMISAnti-Materiel Incendiary Sub-munitions
AMISAutomated Management Information System
AMITAerospace Maintenance Information Technology
AMLAir Member for Logistics
AMLCDActive Matrix Liquid Crystal Display
AMMAnti-Missile Missile
AMNAdmiralty Manual of Navigation
AMOAir Movements Operations
AMOPAmplitude Modulation On Pulse
AMOPSArmy Machine Readable-Format Output Production System
AMOSARPA Maul Optical Station
AMPAir Member for Personnel
AMPAssisted Maintenance Period
AMPAviation Modernisation Plan (US Army)
AMPAAdvanced Mission Planning Aid
AMPOAssistant Management Planning Officer
AMPSAutomated Message Processing System
AMPSSAdvanced Manned Precision Strike System
AMRAssistant Master Rigger.
AMRAAMAdvanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile
AMRAAMAdvanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
AMRADArmament / Munitions Requirements and Development
AMRADAtomic Military Research and Development
AMRADAutomated Message Routing and Distribution
AMRADAutomatic Message Routing And Distribution
AMREAeromedical Role Equipment
AMREPAmmunition logistic Report
AMRSAdvanced Maintenance Recorder System
AMSAcquisition Management System
AMSAdvanced Missile System (US Navy)
AMSAerospace Materials Specification
AMSAir Maintenance Squadron
AMSAir Management System
AMSAircraft Management System
AMSAlenia Marconi Systems
AMSAmerican Material Standard
AMSAntenna Matching System
AMSAnti-Ship Missile
AMSArmoured Mortar System
AMSArmy Medical Services
AMSAutomatic Marking System
AMSAutomatic Meteorological System
AMSAutomatic Mode Scheduling
AMSAvionics Management System
AMSARAirborne Multimode Solid State Active array Radar
AMSARAirborne Multimode/function Solid-state Array Radar
AMSATAmmunition STATus report
AMSCREPAutomated Messaging Systems and Commcen Replacement Equipment
AMSGAllied Military Security General (Publication)
AMSGAllied Military Standards Group
AMS-HAdvanced Missile System - Heavy
AMSLAbove Mean Sea Level
AMSOAir Member for Supply and Organisation
AMSOAir Member for Supply and Transport
AMSSAdvanced Multi-Sensor System
AMSSAutomatic Message Switching System
AMTAction Messing Team
AMTAdvanced Manufacturing Technology
AMTATAir Manoeuvre Training and Advisory Team
AMTDAdaptive Moving Target Detection
AMTEAdmiralty Marine Technology Establishment
AMTIAir Moving Target Indication
AMTIAirborne Moving Target Indicator
AMTNActive Matrix Twisted Nematic
AMUAntenna Matching Unit
AMUAuxiliary Memory Unit
AMVAdvanced Marine Vehicle
AMVArmoured Maintenance Vehicle
AM-VSBAmplitude Modulation-Vestigial Sideband
AMWAdvanced Microwave
ANAir Force / Navy
ANAutonomous Network
ANAAdvance Notification of Amendment
ANAArmy Navy Air Force
ANBCDOAssistant NBCD officer
ANCAfrican National Congress
ANCAAllied Naval Communications Agency
ANDAlphanumeric Display
ANDVTAdvanced Narrow-band Digital Voice Terminal
ANEPAllied Naval Engineering Publication
ANFAtlantic Nuclear Force
ANGAir National Guard
ANIAutomatic Number Identification
ANLOAssistant Naval Liaison Officer
ANMIAir Navigation Multiple Indicator
ANNArtificial Neural Network
ANNAutomatic Neural Networks
ANOAbu Nidal Organisation
ANOAir Navigation Order (1995)
ANODEAmbient sea Noise Directionality Estimator
ANPAircraft Nuclear Propulsion
ANRActive Noise Reduction
ANRIAutomatic Net Radio Interfacing
ANSAir Navigation School
ANSAirborne Navigation System
ANSAmerican Nuclear Society
ANSAutomatic Navigation System
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institution
ANSSMAssistant Nuclear Support Service Manager
ANSSM (DC)Assistant Nuclear Services Support Manager (Design Control)
ANSSM (Ops)Assistant Nuclear Services Support Manager (Operations)
ANSSM(Ops)Assistant Nuclear Services Support Manager (Operations)
ANTAir Navigation Trainer
ANVAdvanced Naval Vehicle
ANVISAviators Night Vision Imaging System
ANZUKAustralia New Zealand and United Kingdom military
ANZUSAustralia New Zealand and USA security treaty
AOAccounting Officer
AOAccounting Operations
AOAdministrative Officer
AOArea of Operations
AOArmy Officer
AOArmy Order
AOArtillery Observation
AOAssisting Officer
AOAuxiliary Oiler
AoOperational Availability
AO Regt + STOAir Officer Regiment and Survive to Fight
AO(R)Auxiliary Oiler (Replacement)
AO/MTAdministrative Officer/Motor Transport
AOAActivity on Arrow (networks)
AOAAir Officer Admin
AOAAirborne Optical Adjunct
AOAAircraft Operating Authority
AOAAmphibious Objective Area
AOAAmphibious Operating Area
AOAAngle Of Arrival
AOAAngle Of Attack
AOAArmy Operational Architecture
AOBAir Order of Battle
AOBAircrew Operating Brief
AoBAngle of Bank
AOBAny Other Business
AOBArctic Ocean Buoy
AOBAutomatic Optical test-Bench
AOCAdaptive Optical Camouflage
AOCAgreed Operational Characteristic
AOCAir Officer Commanding
AOCAir Operations Centre
AoCAssociation of Colleges
AOCAssociation of Old Crows
AOCAssumption Of Control (message)
AOC DAUsAir Officer Commanding Directly Administered Units
AOC in C STCAir Officer Commander-in-Chief Strike Command
AOC MusAir Officer Commanding Maintenance Units
AOC SusAir Officer Commanding Signals Units
AOCinCAir Officer Commanding in Chief
AOCinC STCAir Officer Commanding in Chief Strike Command
AOCISAir Officer Communications & Information Systems
AOCMAdvanced Optical Countermeasures
AOCSAttitude and Orbit Control System
AOCSAttitude and Orbit Control System (Skynet)
AOCSAttitude and Orbit Control Systems
AOCSTCAir Officer Commander-in-Chief Strike Command
AODArea Of Display
AOFAuxiliary Oiler Fleet
AofDAngle of Departure
AofPAngle of Projection
AofSAngle of Sight
AOGAircraft on Ground
AOIArab Organisation for Industrialisation
AOIArea of Interest
AOIIArea of Intelligence Interest
AOIRArea of Intelligence Responsibility
AOMAccounting Officer Memorandum
AOMAir Officer Maintenance
AONActivity On Node (networks)
AO-NAdministrative Office Navy
AONBArea of Outstanding Natural Beauty
AOOAnalysis Of Options
AOPAirbome Observation Post (for NGS)
AOPAirborne Observation Post
AOPAllied Ordnance Publication
AOPArea Of Projection
AOPFActive Optical Proximity Fuze
AOPLAdvance Ordering Percentage Limit
AOPRArea Of Prime Responsibility
AOPTAdvanced Optical Position Transducer
AORAcquisition Organisation Review
AORAcquisition Organization Review
AORAnnual Operating Requirements
AORArea of Operational Responsibility
AORArea of Responsibility
AORAssault Operations Room
AORAuxiliary Oiler and Replenishment ship
AORAuxiliary Oiler Refueller/Replacement
AORAuxiliary Oiler Replacement
AORAuxiliary Oiler Replenishment
AOSAdd-On Stabilisation
AOSAirborne Optical Sensor
AOSAirfield Operations Support IPT
AOSAAirborne Optical Sensor Adjunct
AOSNIAir Officer Commanding Scotland and Northern Ireland
AOSPArmy Operational Shooting Policy
AOSPPAir Officer Strategic Policy & Plans
AOTAsset Optimisation Tool
AOTAutomated Operations Tool
AOTCAssociated Offices Technical Committee
AOTFAcousto-Optic Tuned Filter
AOUArea Of Uncertainty
AOVArtillery Observation Vehicle
AOWAsia Oceania Workshop (for Open Systems)
APAccounting Period
APAccounts Payable
APAir Publication
APAllied Publication
APAmmonium Perchlorate
APAmmunition Point
APApplication Protocol
APArmour Piercing
APAssessment Phase
APAuthorised Person
APAAdvanced Pilots Aid
APAAll Points Addressable (computer screen)
APAAmphibious transport
APACHEAdvanced Phased Array Chemical High Energy laser equipment
APACHEAnalysis of Pacific Area Communications for Hardening to EMP
APACHEArme Propulsee A Charges Ejectables
APAGAtlantic Policy Advisory Group
APAMAnti-Personnel Anti-Material
APARActively Phased-Array Radar
APARTAdvanced Phased Array Radar Technology
APBAcquisition Policy Board
APBAir Portable Bridge
APBAnalysing Printer Base
APBAssessment Phase Board
APCAir Pollution Control
APCArmoured Personnel Carrier
APCArmour-Piercing Capped
APCArmy Personnel Centre
APCAutomatic Phase Control
APC(L)Air Picture Compiler (Local)
APCBCArmour-Piercing Capped Ballistic Capped
APCOMAir Picture Compilation
APC-TArmour-Piercing Capped Tracer
APCT-BFArmour-Piercing Capped Tracer Base Fuze
APCUAlarm and Power Remote-Control Unit
APDAmplitude photodiode
APDSArmour Piercing Discarding Sabot
APDSArmour-Piercing Discarding Sabot
APDS-TArmour-Piercing Discarding Sabot Tracer
APEArmour Piercing Explosive
APEIArmour Piercing High Explosive and Incendiary
APEPArmour Piercing Enhanced Performance
APERS-TAnti-Personnel Tracer
APESAzimuth Position and Elevation System
APEXAdvanced Photovoltaics and Electronic eXperiment
APEXAnalysis of Public Expenditure Statistics System
APFCAir-Portable Fuel Container
APFDAutopilot Flight Director
APFIDSArmour-Piercing Fragmentation Incendiary Discarding Sabot
APFSAir Publications Forms and Stationery
APFSDSArmour Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding Sabot
APFSDSArmour-Piercing Fin-Stabilised Discarding Sabot
APFSDS(P)Armour-Piercing Fin-Stabilised Discarding Sabot (Practice)
APFSDS-TArmour-Piercing Fin-Stabilised Discarding Sabot-Tracer
APGAberdeen Proving Ground (US)
APGArmy Publications Group
APGAspect Project Group
APGMAutonomous Precision Guided Munition
APHAZAircraft Proximity Hazard
APHCArmour-Piercing High Capacity
AP-HCArmour-Piercing Hard Core
APHCIArmour-Piercing Hard Core Incendiary
APHCSAdmiralty Pilotage & Harbour Control Service
APHCSArmy Primary Healthcare Service
APHEArmour Piercing High Explosive
APHEIArmour Piercing High Explosive Incendiary
APHEIArmour-Piercing High Explosive Incendiary
APHE-SDArmour-Piercing High Explosive Self-Destroying
APHIDSAdvanced Panoramic Helmet Integrated Display System
APHIDSAdvanced Panoramic Helmet Interface Demonstrator System
APIAim Point Initiative
APIAir Photo Interpreter
APIAir Position Indicator
APIAmerican Petroleum Institute
APIApplication Programme Interface
APIApplication Programming Interface
APIApplications Program Interface.
APIArmour Piercing Incendiary
APIAApplication Programming Interface Association
APICSAmerican Production Inventory Control Society
APIHCArmour Piercing Incendiary Hard Core
APITArmour Piercing Incendiary Tracer
APLAccreditation of prior learning
APLAllowance Parts List
APLApplication Programme Libraries
APLDAdvanced Passive Localisation Demonstrator
APLMAnti-Personnel Landmine
APLNAutomatic Position Location Navigator & Reporting
APLSAdvanced Procurement and Logistics Support
APLSAdvanced Procurement and Logistics Systems
APMAnti-Personnel Mine
APMAssociation for Project Management
APMAuthority Project Manager
APMIArmour Piercing Marker Incendiary
APOBSAnti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching System
APODAir Port of Debarkation
APODAir Port of Disembarkation
APOEAir Ports of Embarkation
APPAllied Procedural Publication
APPApplication Portability Profile
APPArmour Protection Program
App AdminApplications Administrator
APP OEUAir Platform Protection Operational Evaluation Unit
App OpApplications Operator
App SpecApplications Specialist
APPCAdvanced Programme to Programme Communication
AppID or APIDApplication ID
APPLABSAppleton Rutherford Laboratory
APPLETA mini software application (or program)
AppSpecApplication Specialist
APQArmaments Planning Questionnaire
APRAir Photo Reader
APRAuto Power Reserve
APR(F)Air Picture Reporter (Force)
APR(L)Air Picture Reporter (Local)
APREArmy Personnel Research Establishment
APROArmy Pay and Records Office
APSAdaptive Processor System (sonar)
APSAdvanced Fighter Crew Protection System
APSAerial Post Squadron (USAF)
APSAir Plot Supervisor
APSAircraft Position Sensor
APSAircraft Prepared for Service
APSAssistant Private Secretary
APSAutomatic Pointing System or Air Planning System
APSEAda Programming or Project Support Environment
APSEADA Programming Support Environment
APSEArmour Piercing Special Effect
APSEArmour-Piercing Secondary Effect
APSECAdvanced Power System Electronic Control
APSE-TArmour-Piercing Secondary Effect-Tracer
APSIAircraft Propulsion System Integration
APSOHAdvanced Panoramic Sonar - Hull-mounted
APSSAtlas Port Surveillance System
APTAerospace Project Team IPT
APTArmour-Piercing Tracer
APTCArmy Physical Training Corps
APTCIArmy Physical Training Corps Instructor
APTEAbrams Power Train Evolution
APUArmoured Patrol Unit
APUAuxiliary Power Unit
APVArmoured Patrol Vehicle
APVAuto-piloted Vehicle
APWGASMA Priorities Working Group
APWGAssessment Phase Working Group
APWTAnnual Personal Weapon Test
APXExtended Assessment Phase
AQAcceptance Questionnaire
AQAPAllied Quality Assurance Paper
AQAPAllied Quality Assurance Publication
AQAP1Allied Quality Assurance Plan Vol 1
AQDAeronautical Quality Assurance Directorate
AQFAcquisition Competence Framework
AQLAcceptable Quality Level
AQLAdvanced Quick-fix sensor
AQMSArtificer Quatermaster Sergeant Major
AQRDAir Quartermasters Readiness Date
ARArmy Regulation
ARAssault Rifle
AR&MAvailability Reliability and Maintainability
AR/AAVArmoured Reconnaissance / Airborne Assault Vehicle
ARAAircraft Research Association
ARAArmy Rifle Association
ARALLARAMID Reinforced Aluminium ALLoy
ARAMISAmerican Requisitions And Management Information System
ARBSAngle Rate Bombing Set
ARCAdmiralty Raster Chart.
ARCAir Refuelling And Comms Fleets IPT
ARCAmes Research Centre
ARCArea Reprogramming Capability
ARCAuthority Responsible Code
ARCADSArmament Control and Delivery System
ARCEAmphibious River Crossing Equipment
ARCMAnti-Radiation Countermeasures
ARCSAcquisition Radar and Control System
ARCSAerial Rocket Control System
ARCSAutomatic Radio Control System
ARCSAutomatic Release Consent Switch
ARCS(HCRF)Admiralty Raster Chart (Hydrographic Chart Raster Format)
ARDAcquired Rights Directive (connected with TUPE)
ARDAll Round Defence
ARDAnti-Radar Drone
ARDApplied Research Technology Demonstration
ARDAuxiliary Repair Dry dock
ARDECArmament Research Development and Engineering Centre (US Army)
ARDNOTAutomatic Day / Night Optical Tracker
ARDSAirborne Radar Demonstrator System
AREAddressable Remote Encoder
AREAdmiralty Research Establishment
AREAirborne Radar Extension
ARENArmy Radio Engineered Network
ARESActive Relief Sensor
ARETSArmoured Remoted Target System
ARFAir Reserve Forces
ARFAAllied Radio Frequency Agency
ARGSAdvanced Resolution Gunnery Simulator
ARHActive Radar Homing
ARHAnti-Radar / Radiation Homing
ARIAirborne Radio Installation
ARIAir-power Research Institute (USAF)
ARIUS Army Research Institute
ARICAir-borne Radio and Intercom Control system
ARINCAeronautical Radio Incorporated
ARJSAir-borne Radar Jamming System
AR-LAirborne Reconnaissance - Low
ARLTAdministrative Repair Lead Time
ARMAdvanced RISC Machines
ARMAerodrome Retroreflective Marker
ARMAnti-Radar Missile
ARMAnti-Radiation Measures
ARMAnti-Radiation Missile
ARMArtillery Re-arm Module
ARMAvailability Reliability Maintainability
ARM 1Armament 1
ARM&TAvailability Reliability Maintainability & Testability
ARMAAnnual Report of Material Accounted
ARMADArmoured and Mechanised Unit Air Defence
ARMADASAnti-Radiation Missile Airborne Data Analysis System
ARM-DAnti-Radiation Missile Decoy
ARMPAllied Reliability and Maintainability Publication
ARMSAdvanced Radar Missile Scoring System
ARMSAdvanced Reconfigurable Mission Simulator
ARMSAdvanced Remote Mine-hunting System
ARMSArmoured Re-supply Maintenance System
ARMSCORArmament Manufacturing Corporation (South Africa)
ARMVALAnti-Armour Vehicle Evaluation
ARNEATM Network Research Environment
ARNGArmy National Guard
AROAccident Response Officer.
AROArmy Research Office
AROAuxiliary Readout
ARPAddress Resolution Protocol
ARPAerodrome Reference Point
ARPAir Raid Precautions
ARPAnti-Radiation Projectile
ARPApplied Research Programme
ARPAttack Reference Point
ARPAAdvanced Projects Research Agency (US)
ARPAAdvanced Research Projects Agency
ARPAAutomatic Radar Plotting Aid
ARPANETAdvanced Research Projects Agency Network
ARPSAcoustic Range Prediction System
ARPSAdvanced Radar Processing Subsystem
ARPTTAir-Refuelling Part-Task Trainer (USAF)
ARQAutomatic Repeat Request
ARRAudit Recommendations Report
ARRADCOMArmament Research and Development Command
ARRCACE Rapid Reaction Corps
ARRCAllied command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps
ARRC ACERapid Reaction Corps
ARRLAmerican Radio Relay League
ARROWADP assistance to RAOC and REME Operations in Work
ARRVArmoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle
ARSAdvanced Rocket System
ARSAir Reinforcement Squadron
ARSAlternate Route Select
ARSAttack Radar Set
ARSAutomatic Reporting System
ARSRAir Route Surveillance Radar
ARSVArmoured Reconnaissance Scout Vehicle
ARTAir Refuelling Transport
ARTAir-Refuelling Transport
Art AcArtificer Aircraft
Art AvArtificer Avionics
ARTADSArmy Tactical Data Systems
ARTBASSArmy Training Battle Simulation System
ARTCCAir Route Traffic Control Centre
ARTDApplied Research Technology Demonstrator
ARTEMISArray TEchnology for MIssile Seekers
ARTHURArtillery Hunting Radar
ARTIAeronautical Research and Test Institute
ARTSAgile Radar Target Simulator
ARTS All-RoundThermal Surveillance
ArtyArtillery Equipment
ARTYSYSArtillery Systems IPT
ARVArmoured Recovery Vehicle
ARWAirborne Rotary Wing
ARWAnti-Riot Weapons
ARWARAdvanced Radar Warning Receiver
ARWSAdvanced Radar Warning System
ASAcquisition Stream
ASAir Staff
ASAir Station
ASAir Systems
ASAircraft Support IPT
ASAmmunition Storage
ASAnti-Scintillation or Air Superiority or Air System
ASArmament Stores
ASAssistant Secretary
As & AsAlterations & Additions
AS1077/AS1092Types of RN Sonar Trainers
AS90Artillery System for the Nineties
ASAAdvanced Security Agency
ASAAdvanced System Architecture
ASAAnalogue Signature Analysis
ASAAppropriate Superior Authority
ASAArmy Scaling Authority
ASAACAllied Standard Avionics Architecture Council
ASAACAllied Standardisation Avionics Architecture Council
ASACAir-borne Surveillance Air-borne Control
ASACAll Source Analysis Cell
ASACSAir Surveillance And Control System
ASaCSAirborne Surveillance and Control System
ASaCSAirborne Surveillance and Control System
ASALAArmenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia
ASALMAdvanced Strategic Air-Launched Missile
ASAMAdvanced Surface-Air Missile
ASAMAdvanced Surface-to-Air Missile
ASAMAdvances Surface-to-Air Missile
ASAPAir-borne Shared Aperture Program
ASAPAs Soon As Possible
ASARAdvanced Synthetic Aperture Radar
ASARCArmy Systems Acquisition Review Council
ASARGAutonomous Synthetic Aperture Radar Guidance
ASARSAdvanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System
ASARSAir-borne Search and Rescue System
ASASAll Source Analysis System
AsAsAlterations and Additions
ASATAdvanced Subsonic Aerial Target
ASATAnti-Satellite Missile
ASATAvionics Situation Awareness Trainer
ASBAll Stations Broadcast
ASBMAir-to-Surface Ballistic Missile
ASCAccredited Standards Committee
ASCAir Systems Controllerate
ASCAnalytical Studies Committees
ASCAutomatic Channel Selection
ASCAutomatic Sensitivity Control
ASC/PAMAdvanced System Control / Processor And Memory
ASCAArmy Scaling and Cataloguing
ASCAArmy Scaling and Codification Authority
ASCAIPSArmy Scaling and Cataloguing Authority Initial Provisioning System
ASCBAircraft Standard Communication Bus
ASCCAir Standardisation Coordinating Committee
ASCCAir Standardisation Co-ordinating Committee
ASCCAir Standardisation Co-ordination Committee
ASCETTAdvisory Scottish Council for Education and Training Targets
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCLAdvanced Sonobuoy Communications Link
ASCMAdvanced Space-borne Computer Module
ASCMAnti-Ship Cruise Missile
ASCONAutomatic Switched Communications Network
ASCOTAccounting Software Catalogue Options
ASCOTAir Support Command On Transit
ASCOTAirspace Control and Operations Training simulator
ASCUArmament Station Control Unit
ASDAdvanced System Development
ASDAerospace and Defence
ASDAutomatic Stopping Device
ASDAAccelerate-Stop Distance Available
ASDAPArmy Sustainable Development Action Plan
ASDAWCAircraft Self Damage from Air Weapons Committee
ASDCAlternative Space Defence Centre
ASDCArmy Strategic Defence Command
ASDIAnalogue Simple Data Interface set
ASDICAllied Submarine Devices Investigation Committee (now sonar)
ASDLAir-borne Self-Defence Laser
ASDPAdvanced Seeker Development Program
ASDSAdvanced Seal Delivery System
ASDsArmy Supply Depots
ASDUArmament Signal Data Converter
ASEAdmiralty Signal Establishment
ASEAir Support Executive
ASEAircraft Support Executive
ASEAircraft Survivability Equipment
ASEAncillary Support Equipment
ASEAutomatic Stabilisation Equipment
ASEANAssociation of Southeast Asian Countries
ASEMAnti-Ship Euro-missile consortium
ASEMAAdvanced Special Electronics Mission Aircraft (US Army)
ASEMSAcquisition Safety and Environmental Management System
ASESActive Sonar for Entrance Surveillance
ASETAutomatic Scoring Electronic Target
ASETSAir-borne Seeker Evaluation Test Set
ASFAdditional Secondary Factors
ASFAnti-Surface Force
ASFArmy Standard Family (shelters)
ASGActive Shaft Grounding
ASGAir Studies Group
ASGAir Systems Group
ASGAir-borne System Gun
ASGAssistant Secretary General
ASGAvailability Steering Group
ASGCAir Surveillance and Gun Control console
ASGCAir-borne Surveillance Ground Control
ASGWAir-to-Surface Guided Weapon
ASGWAnt-Surface Guided Weapon
ASHAdvanced Seeker Homing
ASHAdvanced Support Helicopter
ASHEApproval to Store and Handle Explosives
ASHFCGAir Systems Human Factors Co-ordination Group
ASIAccounting Systems Integrator
ASIAircraft Structural Integrity (a section in DGES(Air))
ASIAirspeed Indicator
ASICAircraft Systems Integration Corporation
ASICApplication Specific Integrated Circuit
ASICApplications Specific Integrated Circuit
ASIDApplication Specific Integrated device
ASIGAviation Safety Implementation Group
ASILAmerican Society of International Law
ASIPAircraft Structural Integrity Program
ASIRAirspeed Indicator Reading
ASISAdvanced Schedule Information Signal
ASITArmament Systems IT
ASJAutomatic Search Jammer
ASKAmplitude Shift Keying
ASLAbove Sea Level
ASLApplied Science Laboratories
ASLAuthorised Stockage List
ASLCAccruing Superannuation Liability Contribution
ASLOAccident Site Liaison Officer
ASLRAir / Surface Laser Ranger
ASMAdvanced Sea Mine
ASMAdvisory Services Manager
ASMAircraft Support Management
ASMAircraft Systems Management
ASMAirfield Survivability Measures
ASMAirfield Survival Measures
ASMAirport Services Manual
ASMAir-to-Surface Missile
ASMAnti-Ship Missile
ASMArmoured Systems Modernisation programme
ASMArtificer Sergeant Major
ASMAttack Submarines IPT
ASMAAir Staff Management Aid
ASMAAir Staff Management Aid (ADP System)
ASMAAir Systems Management Authority
ASMDAnti Ship Missile Defence
ASMDAnti-Ship Missile Defence
ASMEAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASMIAirport Surface Movement Indicator (radar)
ASMSAdvanced Surface Machinery System (US Navy)
ASMSAdvanced Surface Missile System
ASNAdvanced Secure Network.
ASN-1Abstract Syntax Notation One
ASNEAmerican Society of Naval Engineers
ASNIAmbient Sea Noise Indication
ASNRAir Senior National Representative
ASOCAir Support Operations Centre
ASOMAutonomous Stand-Off Missile
ASPActive Server Page
ASPAdvanced Signal Processor
ASPAdvanced Sound Ranging Program
ASPAdvanced Soundranging Programme
ASPAir-base Survivability Program
ASPCAircraft Self Protective Chaff
ASPECTA Set of Procurement Executive Computer Tools
ASPECTA Set of Procurement Executive Computing Tools
ASPJAir-borne Self-Protection Jammer
ASPOArmy Standing Operating Procedures
ASPRArmed Services Procurement Regulation
ASPROAdvanced Signal Processor
ASPROArmament Supply Provisioning System
ASQCAmerican Society of Quality Control
ASRAcoustic Self-Ranging system
ASRAir Staff Requirement
ASRAnnual Staff Report
ASRApproach Surveillance Radar
ASRAutomatic Send / Receive
ASRAutomatic Send and Receive
ASRAAMAdvanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile
ASRAAMAdvanced Short-Range Air-Air Missile
ASRAMMAdvanced Short Range Air to Air Missile
ASRAOAdvanced Systems Research and Analysis Office
ASRAPAcoustic Sensor Range And Prediction
ASRAPASW Range Prediction
ASROCAnti-Submarine Rocket
ASRPAdmiralty Service Raster Product.
ASRPARC Standard Raster product.
ASRPArtillery Systems Research Programme
ASRTAir support Radar Team
ASRVAlternative Source of Relative Velocity
ASSAmmunition Storage Sites
ASSAnti-Shelter Sub-munitions
ASSAviation Support Ship
ASSAMActive Sensors System Assessment Model
ASSATSAdvanced Ship to Shore Automatic Telegraph System
ASSATSAdvanced Ship-to-Shore Automatic Telegraph System
ASSCAviation Systems Standardisation Committee
ASSESSREPAssessment Report
ASSETAssociation for Schools Science Engineering and Technology
ASSGAcoustic Sensor Signal Generator
ASSIDAccelerated Army Support System Integration & Development
ASSIGNMENTThe actual frequency being used on a certain network at a certain time
AssltPnrWOAssault Pioneer Warrant Officer
ASSMAnti-Ship Supersonic Missile
ASSMAnti-Surface Ship Missile
ASSMsAnti-Surface Ship Missiles
ASSPAirfield Services Support Programme
AS-SpecArmament Specialisation Specification
ASSSActive Search Sonobuoy System
ASSTAnti-Ship Surveillance and Targeting
ASSTASSAdvanced Surface Ship Towed Array Surveillance System
ASSWAnti-Surface Ship Warfare
ASTAdvanced Simulation Technology
ASTAgreed Service Time
ASTAir Staff Target
ASTAtlantic Standard Time
ASTAvionics Systems Trainers
ASTAAircrew Synthetic Training Aids
ASTABSAutomated Status Board
ASTARAdvanced Series of Tactical Air Defence Radars
ASTARAir-borne Search Target Attack Radar
ASTEAircraft Servicing Tools and Equipment
ASTECAdvanced Small Turbine Engine Core (Anglo-French)
ASTMAmerican Society for Testing and Materials
ASTOAssistant Supply and Transport Officer
ASTO(N)Assistant STO(N)
ASTORAirborne Stand Off Radar
ASTORAirborne STandOff Radar
ASTORAir-borne Stand-off Radar
ASTOVLAdvanced Short Take Off Vertical Landing
ASTOVLAdvanced Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing
ASTRALAir Surveillance and Targeting Radar L-band
ASTRALASMA/SOMA Transaction Link
ASTRIDAmmunition System Two Revision & Interactive Development
ASTROSArtillery Saturation Rocket System
ASTTAction Speed Tactical Trainer
ASTTAttack Submarine Team Trainer
ASUAccommodation Services Unit
ASUAcoustic Simulation Unit
ASUActive Sonar
ASUAutomatic Switching Unit
ASUAviation Supply Unit
ASUsAccommodation Services Units
ASuWAnti Surface Ship Warfare
ASUWAnti Surface Unit Warfare
ASuWAnti Surface Warfare
ASUWAnti-Surface Unit Warfare
ASUWAnti-Surface Warfare
ASUWCAnti-Surface Warfare Commander
ASVAir-to-Surface Vessel
ASVAmmunition Supply Vehicle
ASVAnti-Ship Variant radar
ASVAnti-Surface Vessel
ASVAuxiliary and Specialist Vessels IPT
ASVEHAir-Surveillance Vehicle
ASVMAnti-Surface Vessel Missile
ASVUArmy Security Vetting Unit
ASVWAnti-Surface Vessel Warfare
ASWAnti Submarine Warfare
ASWAnti-Ship Weapon
ASWAnti-Submarine Warfare
ASWArea Suppression Weapon
ASW/SOWAnti-Submarine Warfare / Stand-Off Weapon
ASWACAnti-Submarine Warfare Analysis Centre
ASWACSAnti-Submarine Warfare Air Control Ship/System
ASWCAnti-Submarine Warfare Commander
ASWDAnti-Submarine Warfare Director
ASWDSAnti-Submarine Warfare Data System
ASWEAdmiralty Surface Weapons Establishment
ASWHQAlternative Subordinate War Headquarters
ASWTAnti-Submarine Warfare Trainer
ASXVAir-launched Expendable Sound Velocimeter
ASYDAir SYstems Definition
ASZAir Surface Zone
ATAcceptance Test
ATAdvanced Technology
ATAdvanced Trainer
ATAdventurous Training
ATAir Transport
ATAmmunition Technician
AT&EAircraft Test and Evaluation
AT&TAmerican Telephone & Telegraph Company
ATAActual Time of Arrival
ATAAdvanced Tactical Aircraft
ATAAdvanced Test Accelerator
ATAAerospace Technologies of Australia
ATAAir Transport Association of America
ATAAir Transport Auxiliary
ATAAtlantic Treaty Association
ATAAuxiliary Ocean Tug
ATAACAnti-Torpedo Air-launched Acoustic Countermeasures
ATACAir-Transportable Acoustic Communications buoy
ATACAll-Terrain All Climate
ATACAll-Terrain Amphibious Carrier
ATACApplied Technology Advanced Computer
ATACCAdvanced Tactical Command Central
ATacCSArmy Tactical Command System
ATACDIGArmy Tactical Digital Image Generator
ATACMSArmy Tactical Communications Management System
ATACMSArmy Tactical Missile System
ATACOAir Tactical Control Operator
ATACSAdvanced Tank Cannon System
ATACSAdvanced Target Acquisition Counter-fire System (US Army)
ATADAdvanced Towed Acoustic Decoy
ATAFAllied Tactical Air Force
ATAFCSAir-borne Target Acquisition and Fire Control System
ATAGSAdvanced Technology Anti-G Suit
ATAMAir-to-Air Missile
ATARAir-To-Air Recognition device
ATARAir-To-Air Recovery
ATARSAdvanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System
ATASActive Towed Array Sonar
ATASAdvanced Target Acquisition Sensor
ATASAir-To-Air Stinger missile
ATATSAutomatic Target Acquisition and Tracking System
ATBAdvanced Technology Bomber
ATBMAnti-Tactical Ballistic Missile
ATCAcoustic Torpedo Countermeasures
ATCAcquisition Training Cell
ATCAir Traffic Control
ATCAir Training Corps
ATCAirborne Tactical Communications
ATCAutomatic Threat Countering
ATCAutomatic Tuning Control
ATCAAllied Tactical Communications Agency
ATCAPArmy Telecommunications Automation Program
ATCCSArmy Tactical Command and Control System
ATCOAir Traffic Control Officer
ATCOMUS Army Troop Command
ATCRBSAir Traffic Control Radar Beacon System
ATCSAdvanced Tank Cannon System
ATCSAir Traffic Control Subsystem
ATDActual Time of Departure
ATDAdvanced Technology Demonstration
ATDAdvanced Technology Demonstrator
ATDAgreed Target Date
ATDAnnual Training Directive
ATDBAir Target Database
ATDDAcquisition Training Development Directory
ATDLArmy Tactical Data Link
ATDMAsynchronous Time Division Multiplex(er)
ATDSAir-borne Tactical Data System
ATDSIAAllied Tactical Data Systems Inter-operability Age
ATDTAutomatic Target Detection and Tracking
ATDUAcquisition and Tracking Detector Unit
ATDUArmoured Trials and Development Unit
ATEAircraft Test and Evaluation
ATEArmy Training Estate
ATEAutomatic Test Equipment
ATE SPArmy Training Estate Salisbury Plain
ATEMAir Total Engagement Model
ATEMSAdvanced Threat Emitter Simulator
ATERAdvanced Triple Ejector Rack
ATESSAdvanced Tactics and Engagement Simulation System
ATFAdvanced Tactical Fighter
ATFAir Transport Force
ATFAmphibious Task Force
ATFCSAdvanced Tank Fire Control System
ATFOCAir Transport Force Operations Centre
ATGAnti-Tank Gun
ATGAutomatic Test Guide
ATGMAnti-Tank Guided Missile
ATGWAnti-Tank Guided Weapon
ATHAutomatic Target Hand-over
ATHAutonomous Terminal Homing
ATHSAutomatic Target Hand-over System
ATIAir Target Identification
ATIAutomated Technical Information
ATIMAdvanced Technology Insertion Module
ATIRCMAdvanced Threat Infra-Red Countermeasures System
ATISAnti-Tank Influence Sensor
ATISAutomatic Terminal Information Service
ATLAutomated Tape Library
ATLASAbbreviated Test Language for All Systems
ATLASAdvanced Technology LADAR System
ATLASAzimuth Target Intelligence and Acquisition System
ATLISAutomatic Tracking Laser Illumination System
ATLJAssault Troop Life Jacket
ATLVArtillery Target Location Vehicle
ATMAir Targeting Mode
ATMAir Task Message
ATMAir Tasking Message
ATMAnti-Tactical Missile
ATMAnti-Tank Mine
ATMApprentice Training Manager
ATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode
ATMAutomated Teller Machine (cash point)
ATMAAir Transport Management Aid
ATMCAir Transport Movement Control
ATMDSAnti-Tank Mine-Dispensing System
ATMOSAmmunition Toxic Material Open Space
ATMPAll-Terrain Mobile Platform
ATMSASW Track Management System
ATNArmy Telephone Network
ATOAir Tasking Order
ATOAmmunition Technical Officer
ATOAmmunition Technical Officer/Operator
ATOApprentice Training Officer
ATOAssemble To Order
ATOAuthorised Telecommunications Officer
ATOAuthorised Telephone Officer
ATOCAir Tactical Operations Centre
ATOCAllied Tactical Operations Centre
ATOPSAdvanced Transport Operations System
ATOSAutomated Technical Order System
ATOTNAir Traffic Operational Telephone Network
ATOTNAir Traffic Operations Telephone Network
ATPAcceptance Test Procedures
ATPAcquisition Tracking and Pointing
ATPAdenosine Triphosphate
ATPAgency Training Plan
ATPAir Technical Publications
ATPAir Turbine Pump
ATPAllied Tactical Publication
ATPAllied Technical Publications
ATPAnti-Tactical Patriot
ATPAttack Plot
ATPAustralian Technical Publications
ATPAutomatic Train Protection
ATPAvailable to Promise
ATPFCAcquisition Tracking and Pointing and Fire Control
ATPGAutomatic Test Program Generation
ATPGAutomatic Test Programme Generator
ATRAcceptance Test Reports
ATRAdvanced Tactical Radar programme
ATRAir Transportable Racking
ATRAutomatic Target Recognition
ATRAutomotive Test Rig
ATR/IAutomatic Target Recognition/Identification
ATRAArmy Training and Recruiting Agency
ATRANAutomatic Terrain Radar And Navigator
ATRJAdvanced Threat Radar Jammer
ATSAccelerator Test Stand
ATSAcoustic Tracking System
ATSAdvanced Tracking System
ATSAerial Target Systems IPT
ATSAgile Target System
ATSAir Traffic Services
ATSAir Traffic System
ATSAir Transport Support
ATSAir Turbine Starter
ATSAircrew Training Standard
ATSAir-crew Training System
ATSApplied Technology Services
ATSAssisted Travel Scheme
ATSAutomatic Test System
ATSAuxiliary Territorial Service
ATSAviation Training Ship (Royal Navy)
ATSAArmy Technical Support Agency
ATSCAdvanced Television Standards Committee
ATSCAircraft Technician Supervisors Course
ATSOAutomatic Test Systems Organisation
AT-STArtillery survey vehicle
ATSUAccelerator Test Stand Upgrade
ATTAnti Torpedo Torpedo
ATTAnti-Torpedo Torpedo
ATTArtillery Tactical Terminals
ATTAutomatic Target Tracking
ATTDAdvanced Technology Test Demonstrator
ATTSAir-Transportable Towed System
ATTUAtlantic To The Urals
ATTVAll Terrain Tow Vehicle
ATUAerial Tuning Unit
ATUAir Treatment Unit
ATUAircraft Target Unit
ATUAntenna Tuning Unit
ATUFTAircraft Taken Up From Trade
ATVAll-Terrain Vehicle
ATV(P)All Terrain Vehicle (Protected)
ATVSAdvanced TV Seeker
ATWAir Transport Wing
ATWArea Target Weapons
ATWCSAdvanced Tomahawk Weapon Control System
ATWMArmy Transition to War Measure
AUAccess Unit
AUASSAutomatic Upper Air Sounding System
AUCAccounting Unit Code
AUIAdvanced User Interface
AUIAttachment Unit Interface
AUMAir-to-Underwater Missile
AUMAll Up Mass
AUPAcceptable User Policy
AURAll Up Round
AURAll Up Rounds
AURAAutonomous Unmanned Reconnaissance Aircraft
AURORAAutomatic Recovery Of Remotely piloted Aircraft
AUSAssistant Under Secretary or Under Secretary
AUSAssumed Usage Spectrum
AUS (H & O)Assistant Under Secretary (Home and Overseas)
AUS (SP Pol)Assistant Under Secretary (Service Personnel Policy)
AUS(EPF)Assistant Under Secretary of State (Export Policy
AUS(FS)Assistant Under Secretary of State (Fleet Support)
AUS(IL)Assistant Under Secretary of State (Infrastructure and Logistics)
AUSAAssociation of the US Army
AUSCANNZUKUSAustralia Canada New Zealand UK and US
AUSLOAustralian Liaison Officer
AUSOAssistant Utilities Service Officer.
AUSOMAutonomous Stand Off Missile
AUSTACCSAustralian Automatic Command and Control System
AUTECAtlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Centre
AUTECAtlantic Underwater / Undersea Test & Evaluation Centre
AUTODINAutomatic Digital Network
AUTODINAutomatic Distribution Network
AUTOSEVOCOMAutomatic Secure Voice Communications System
AUTOVONAutomatic Voice Network
AUVAutonomous Underwater Vehicle
AUVSAssociation for Unmanned Vehicle Systems
AUWAll Up Weight
AUWAll-Up Weight
AUWEAdmiralty Underwater Warfare Establishment
AVAll View(s)
AVAll Views
Av TechAvionic Technician
AVAAdaptive Vehicular Antenna
AVADAutomatic Voice Alerting System
AvailMgrAvailability Manager
AVCAutomatic Volume Control
AVCATAviation Carrier Air turbine Fuel
AVCATAviation Fuel (F44)
AVCIAssociation for Vocational Colleges International
AVDAtmospheric Vehicle Detection
AVDSArmoured Vehicle Driving Simulators
AVEAir-borne Vehicle Equipment
AVGASAviation Gasoline
AVGPArmoured Vehicle General Purpose
AVHArmoured Vehicle Heavy
AVHRRAdvanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
AVIAudio Video Interleave
AVICOSAvailable In Course Of Supply
AVIMAviation Intermediate Maintenance
AVIPAvionics Integrity Program (USAF)
AV-ITAvionics Installation and Test
AVLArmoured Vehicle Light
AVLAutomated Vehicle Location
AVLBArmoured Vehicle Launching Bridge
AVLFAirborne Very Low Frequency
AVLFAir-borne Very Low Frequency
AVLPArmoured Vehicle-Launched Bridge
AVMAir Vice Marshal
AVMAir-borne Vapour Monitor
AVMApplication Virtual Machine
AVMArmoured Vehicle Medium
AVMRLArmoured Vehicle Multiple Rocket Launcher
AVPAdvanced Video Processor
AVPAir Vehicle Performance
AVRArmoured Vehicle Reconnaissance
AVRArmy Volunteer Reserves
AVRAutomatic Voltage Regulator
AVREArmoured Vehicle Royal Engineers
AVRSAir-borne Video Recording System
AVSAdvanced Vertical Strike
AVSAir Vehicle Specification
AVSAvionics and Sensors Dept
AVSCOMU.S. Army Aviation Systems Command
AVTAnalogue Voice Terminal
AVTAutomatic Video Tracker
AVTAuxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship
AVTRAirborne Videocassette Tape Recorder
AVTSArmoured Vehicle Training Service
AVTURAviation Turbine Kerosene
AVUMAviation Unit Maintenance
AWAbove Water
AWAmphibious Warfare
AWAtomic Weight
AWAutomatic Weapon
AWACSAirborne Warning & Control System
AWACSAirborne Warning and Control System
AWADSAdverse Weather Aerial Delivery System
AWALSAmphibious Warfare Airborne Laser System
AWARDSAdvanced Wide-Angle Reflective Display System
AWAREAdvanced Warning of Active Radar Emissions
AWBCAir Weapons Ballistic Committee
AWCAir Warfare Centre
AWCAir-Weapons Centre
AWCCVAdvanced Weapons Carriage Configured Vehicle
AWCLSAll-Weather Carrier Landing System
AWCSAutomatic Weapons Control System
AWDATSAutomatic Weapon Data Transmission System
AWDREYAtomic Weapon Detection Recognition and Estimation of Yield
AWEAtomic Weapons Establishment
AWESArea Weapons Effect Simulator
AWESSAutomatic Weapons Effects Signature Simulator
AWGAir Weapons Group
AWGAmerican Wire Gauge
AWGArmament Working Group
AWHEAir Weapon Handling Equipment
AWHQAlternate War HQ
AWHQAlternative War Headquarters
AWIAdvanced Weapon Inspection
AWILSAbbey Wood Information & Library Service
AwISAirworthiness Information Service
AWKWARDOperation for use against swimmer attack (MISCEX 840)
AWLSAll-Weather Landing System
AWNISAllied Warning Navigation Information System
AWNISAllied Wartime Navigational Information System
AWOAll Weather Operation
AWOAll Weather Operations
AWOCAlternate War Operations Centre
AWOLAbsent without Leave
AWOPAll Weather Operations Panel
AWRAir Weapons Range
AWREAtomic Weapons Research Establishment
AWRSAir Weapon Ranges Scoring
AWSAbove water Systems
AWSAir Weather Service
AWSAmerican Welding Society
AWSArea Weapon System
AWSArmy Welfare Service
AWSASAll-Weather Stand-off Attack System
AWSEMAnti-ship Weapon System Engagement Model
AWTLWGAbove Water Target Level Working Group
AWTMAbove Water Threat Manual
AWTSSAll-Weather Tactical Strike System
AWWAbove Water Warfare
AWXAll-weather fighter
AWXAll-Weather Interceptor
AXAttack Experimental
AXBTAir-launched Expendable Bathythermograph
AXCONAxis Controller
AXPAllied Exercise Publication
BABatchelor of Arts
BABreathing Apparatus
BABring Alive
BABritish Airways
BABritish Association (for the Advancement of Science)
BABusiness Analysis
BA2000British Army 2000 (a new strategy for the Army)
BAABritish Astronomical Association
BAABroad Agency Announcement
BABSBeam / Blind Approach Beacon System
BABTBritish Approvals Board for Telecommunications
BACBattlefield Area Clearance
BACBritish Aircraft Corporation
BACBusiness Assurance Co-ordinating
BACBusiness Assurance Coordinator
BACBusiness Assurance Co-ordinator
BACSBankers Automated Clearance System
BACSBankers Automated Clearing Service
BADDBattlefield Awareness and Data Dissemination
BADGEBase Air Defence Ground Equipment
BADSBattlefield Air Defence System
BAEBehind Armour Effect
BAeBritish Aerospace
BAeBritish Aerospace Company
BAEEBritish Army Equipment Exhibition
BAEMMABrandt Aero-Engine Module Management Aid
BAFOBest and Final Offer
BAGTTBattlegroup Training Team
BAIBattlefield Air Interdiction
BALMETMeteorological Information required for Gunnery Ballistics
BALOBrigade Air Liaison Officer
BALTAPBaltic Approaches (NATO area)
BALUNBalancing Unit (antenna)
BAMPBase Assisted Maintenance Period
BAMPSBOWMAN APACHE Mission Planning System
BAORBritish Army of the Rhine
BAOSBasic Artillery Observer Sub-system
BAPBombs Anti-Personnel
BAPBridge Adapter Pallet
BARBBoosted Anti-Radar Bomb
BARCBeach Amphibious Re-supply Cargo
BARVBeach Armoured Recovery Vehicle
BASBattle Attrition Study
BAS(W)British Army Staff (Washington)
BASCCABreathing Apparatus Self-Contained Compressed Air
BASEBritish Aerospace Systems Engineering Div
BASEDAMBase Damage Report
BASEEFABritish Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment
BASICBeginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BASISBudget and Accounting Structures Information System
BASOBrigade Air Support Officer
BASSBoats and Sea Survival IPT
BATBasic Aviation Trainer
BATBrilliant Anti-Tank guided anti-armour sub-munitions
BATCISBowman and Tactical Comms And Information Systems IPT
BATCOBattle Code
BATESBattlefield Artillery Target Engagement System
BATMANBATtery MANagement expert system
BATNEECBest Available Technique Not Entailing Excessive Costs
BATNEECBest Available Techniques Not Entailing Excessive Costs
BATRBullets At Target Range
BATSBallistic Aerial Target System
BATSBattle Area Tactical Scenario
BATSBattle Area Tactical Simulation
BATSBiological Agent Treatment Set
BATUSBritish Army Training Unit Suffield
BAUBeacon Aerofoil Unit
BAUBusiness As Usual
BBABritish Board of Agreement
BBSAGBattleship Surface Action Group
BC2ABosnia Command and Control Augmentation
BCABuoyant Cable Antenna
BCARBritish Civil Air-worthiness Requirement
BCAUBackup Control and Audio Unit
BDABattle Damage Assessment
BDABomb Damage Assessment
BDARBattle Damage Assessment & Repair
BEABBritish Electro-technical Approvals Board
BeachmasterBeach Master
BEAMABritish Electro-technical and Allied Manufacturers
BEARBeam Experiment Abroad Rocket
BEAUTYMulti-Level Security Device
BECTaBritish Educational Communications and Technology
BELPABond and Etch SOI for Low Power Applications
BEMABritish Equipment Manufacturers Association
BETABattlefield Exploitation and Target Acquisition
BFAPBritish Forces Arabian Peninsula
BFDASBasic Flight Data Acquisition System
BFTABulk Fuel Tank Assembly
BIRADSBi-static Receiver And Display System
BISABattlefield Information System Application
BISPABritish Independent Steel Products Association
BJABaseline Jamming Assets
BLABatch Lot Acceptance
BLAMSBarrel Launched Adaptive MunitionS
BLISAdminBowman Logistics Information System Administrator
BMABrigade Maintenance Area
BMABritish Medical Association
BMRABrigade Major RA
BNABritish Naval Attach[M1]é
BNAUBOWMAN Network Access Unit
BNEABritish Naval Equipment Association
BNSABase Nuclear Safety Agency
BOABasic Ordering Agreement
BOABroad Ocean Area
BOATByway Open to All Traffic
BOWMANBearer for Digital Communications: future tactical combat net radio for the
BOWMANSysManBowman System Manager
BOWTAGBOWMAN Training Advisory Group
BOWTATBOWMAN Training and Advisory Team
BPABritish Ports Association
BRACI(I)Biological Radiological & Chemical IS (Integrated)
BRACISBiological Radiological and Chemical Information System
BRAMISBattle Readiness Automated Management Information
BRATBasing Repair And Tanking
BRAVEBoeing Robotic Air Vehicle
BREEAMBuilding Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method
BRISTANREP OTTAWABritish Standardisation Representative in Canada
BSABasic Skills Agency
BSABasic Standardisation Agreement 1964
BSABeach Support Area
BSABoresight Assembly
BSABusiness Software Alliance
BSABusiness Support Applications
BSAFBosnian Serb Air Force
BSAMBOWMAN Situational Awareness Module
BSAPBattle Staff Activities Plot
BSIABritish Security Industry Association
BTABest Technical Approach
BTAMBasic Telecommunications Access Method
BVRAAMBeyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile IPT
BVRAMBeyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile
BWABuoyant Wire Aerial
BYPASSBypassed Demand.
C and ECustoms & Excise Department
C&AGComptroller and Auditor General
C/JFHQ(A)Combined/Joint Headquarters (Afloat)
CA/CD?Contractual Acceptance/Concluding Development
CA/FWA?Contractual Acceptance/Fleet Weapon Acceptance
CA?Close Armour IPT
CA?Coarse Acquisition
CA?Combined Arms
CA?Command Account
CA?Command Accountant
CA?Conformal-array Aerial
CA?Controller Aircraft
CA?Corrective Action
CAA?Civil Aviation Authority
CAA?Civil Aviation Authority (UK)
CAA?Civilian Aviation Authority
CAA?Clean Air Act
CAAC?Civil Aviation Administration of China
CAAIS?Computer Assisted Action Information System
CAAT?Commissioning and Advisory Team
CAB?Common Avionics Baseline
CAB?Corrective Action Board
CABA?Closed Air Breathing Apparatus
CABE?Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment
CAC?Coastal Artillery Computer
CAC?Combat Air Command
CAC?Combat Assessment capability
CAC?Combined Arms Centre
CAC?Computer-Aided Classification
CAC?Connection Access Control (ATM)
CAC?Control and Analysis Centre
CAC?Cost Accounts Code
CAC?Customer Account Code
CAC2?Combined Arms Command and Control programme
CACCC?Combat Air Command and Control Centre
CACE?Computer Aided Control Engineering
CACM?Central American Common Market
CACOS?Computer Aided Cable Optimisation System
CACS?Computer Assisted Command System
CADContract Acceptance Date
CAD/CAMComputer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAD/CAMComputer-Aided Design and Manufacture
CAD/CAMComputeraided design/manufacturing
CAD?Central Ammunition Depot
CAD?Chemical Agent Decontaminant
CAD?Chemical Agent Detector
CAD?Close Air Defence
CAD?Close-in Air Defence
CAD?Collective Address
CAD?Combat Assault Dory
CAD?Computer Aided Design
CAD?Computer-Aided Detection
CAD?Computer-Aided Doodling
CADACoordinated Air Defence Area
CADBComposite Air Defence Battalion
CADDComputer-Aided Design and Drafting
CADDETCentre for Analysis & Dissemination of Demonstration Energy Technologies
CADECombined Allied Defence Experiment
CADEComputer-Aided Design Evaluation
CADESComputer-Aided Design Evaluation System
CADFCommutated Aerial Direction Finder
CADIMSCoordinated Air Defence in Mutual Support
CADMClustered Airfield Defeat / Dispersed Munitions
CADMATComputer-Aided Design Manufacture And Test
CADMIDConcept Assessment Demonstration Manufacture In-Service Disposal
CADMIDConcept Assessment Design Manufacture In-Service Disposal
CADMIDConcept Assessment Development Manufacture In-Service Disposal
CADMINThe acronym for the SMART acquisition cycle which is comprised of six
CADMITConcept Assessment Demonstration Migration In-Service Termination
CADOLECost saving Auto re-routing Data transparent OMB/P
CADSChemical Agent Decontamination Simulant
CADSChemical Agent Detection System
CADSConcept And Design Study
CADSControlled Aerial Delivery System
CADSCushion-Augmentation Device
CADWSClose-Air Defence Weapon System
CAEChief Aircraft Engineer (in DEME(A))
CAECommon Applications Environment
CAEComputer Aided Engineering
CAEACentral Air Equipment Authority
CAESARCentral Army Equipment Support data Analysis and Retrieval
CAFCanadian Armed Forces
CAFCitizens Air Force
CAFConfederate Air Force
CAFACAComputer Assistance For the Army Cataloguing Authority
CAFATCCanadian Air Transport Command (Canadian Air Force)
CAFGUCitizens Armed Force Geographical Unit
CAGCanadian Air Group
CAGCapability Assessment Group
CAGCarrier Air Group
CAGCommander Air Group/Customer Acceptance Group
CAGCustomer Advisory Group
CAGECommercial And Government Entity
CAGSCapability Assessment Groups
CAHCarrier Aircraft Hanger (RN)
CAIClose Approach Indicator
CAIComputer-Aided Instruction
CAINSCarrier Aircraft Inertial Navigation System
CAIUCable Angle Indicator Unit
CAIVCost As an Independent Variable
CALCanadian Arsenals Limited
CALCommercial Asset Levy
CALComputer Assisted Learning
CALComputer-Assisted Learning
CALConsolidated Allowance List
CAL/E listConsolidated Allowance List/Equipment List (stores)
CALAComputer Aided Load Analysis
CALAISCommand Automated Logistics and Information System
CALCMConventional Air-Launched Cruise Missile
CALDEXCalendar of Defence Exercise
CALFACCalibration Facility
CALFEXCombined Arms Live Firing Exercise
CALIBCompact Air-Launched Ice Beacon
CALMCrane Attachment Lorry Mounted
CALOCanadian Liaison Officer
CALSCommerce At Light Speed
CALSComputer Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support
CALSComputer Aided Life-cycle Support
CALSComputer Aided Logistics Support
CALSComputer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics support
CALSComputer-aided Acquisition and Logs System
CALSComputer-Aided Logistics Support system
CALSContinuous Acquisition & Lifecycle Support
CALSContinuous Acquisition & Life-cycle Support
CALSContinuous Acquisition and Life Cycle Support
CALSContinuous Acquisition Lifecycle support
CAMChemical Agent Monitor
CAMChemical Agent Munitions
CAMCockpit-Angle Measure
CAMComputer Aided Manufacture
CAMComputer Aided Manufacturing
CAMConventional Attack Missile
CAMCost Allocation Model
CAM/RVChemical Agent Monitor/ Residual Vapour Detector
CAMADComputer-Aided Magnetic Anomaly Detection
CAMBSCommand Activated Multi-Beam Sonobuoy
CAMDSChemical Agent Munitions Disposal System
CAMELCartridge Active Miniature Electro-Magnetic
CAMISCalibration Management Information System
CAMLCargo Aircraft Minelayer
CAMMSComputer Aided Maintenance Management System
CAMPSComputer Aided Message Processing System
CAMPSComputer Assisted Message Processing System
CAMSCalibration Recall and Maintenance System
CAMSCombat Aviation Management System
CAMSConfiguration and Asset Management System
CAMSIMCamouflage Simulation System
CAMUCentral Audio Management Unit
CANALCoded Meteorological Analysis
CANTASSCanadian Towed Array Sonar System
CANVASSCAPITAL NSC Valued Accounts for Stock System
CANVASS CAPITALNaval Valued Accounting Supply System
CAOContract Administration Office
CAOCCombined Air Operations Cell
CAOCCombined Air Operations Centre
CAORCommunications Area of Responsibility
CAPCapability Area Plans
CAPCapability Assessment Panel
CAPCarrier Air Patrol
CAPCivil Aviation Publication
CAPClass Ammunition Procedures
CAPCombat Air Patrol
CAPCombat Air Patrol (aircraft)
CAPCombat Ammunition Production (USAF)
CAPCombustible Augmented Plasma
CAPCommon Agricultural Policy
CAPControl and Audio Panel
CAPConventional Armaments Plan
CAPESCapability Evaluation System
CapexCapital Expenditure
CAPFASFLOTCaptain Faslane Flotilla
CAPITALCost-based Accounting & Planning Implementation An
CAPITALCost-based Accounting and Planning Implementation
CAPMISCapability Area Plan Management Information System
CAPPComputer Aided Process Planning
CAPPComputer Aided Production Planning
CAPPSComputer Aided Priority Progression System
CAPSComputer Aided Publication System
CAPSComputer Assistance to the Production System
CAPSConventional Armaments Planning System
CAPSSCommuter Assistance to the Production and Stores System
Capt SMCaptain Submarine Squadron
CAPWGCommunication Actions Plan Working Group
CARChange Analysis Record
CARCivilian Airworthiness Regulations
CARConformal-Array Radar
CARACombined Altitude Radar Altimeter
CARABASCoherent All Radio Band Sensing
CARADCivil Aircraft Research And Demonstration
CARAFCarrier/Commando Ship/Airfield
CARAFEComputer Assisted Ration Accounting and Food Evaluation
CARCATCapability And Requirements CATalogue
CARDSCapital Asset Reporting Database
CARDSComputer-Assisted Radar Display System
CARDSConceptual Architecture Design Studies
CARECommand Agents Research Executive
CARESCratering And Related Effects Simulation
CARICOMCaribbean Community
CARIFTACaribbean Free Trade Association
CARMChemical Agent Resistant Material
CARMCounter Anti-Radiation Missile
C-ARMCounter Anti-Radiation Missile
CARMENComputerised Aircraft Repair & Maintenance Network
CARMENComputerised Assisted Repair Management Engineering
CARMSChemical Agent Remote Monitor System
CAROComputer Anti virus Research Organization
CAROLSCalibration and Retrieval On Line System
CARRFAComputer-Aided Radio Relay Frequency Assignment system
CARRIFFComputer Assistance to RAOC and REME In the Field Force
CARSTATCarrier State
CARTCentral Analysis and Reporting Team
CARTCombat Aircraft Repair Team
CASCalibrated Air Speed
CASCasualty Assessment System
CASChief of the Air Staff
CASClose Air Support
CASCollision Avoidance System
CASCombat Advice System
CASCombined Antenna System
CASCommunicating Applications Specification
CASContract Administration Service
CASCost Account Standards
CASCost Allocation Statement
CASCost Assurance Service
CASCrisis Action System
CASAPCanadian Submarine Acquisition Programme
CASCCustomer Assured Service Centre
CASCADClose Air Support Cargo Dispenser
CASCADEComputer Assistance to the Scaling and Cataloguing
CASCOMCombined Arms Support Command
CASCOMEXClose Air Support Communications Exercise
CASEChief Above water Systems Executive
CASEComputer Aided Software Engineering
CASEComputer Assisted Software Engineering
CASEComputer-Aided Software Engineering
CASEVACCasualty Evacuation
CASEXCombined Anti-Submarine Exercise
CASEXCo-ordinated Anti-Submarine Exercise
CASFComposite Air Strike Force
CASHCIS Assistance for Headquarters
CASHCommand and Control Communications and Information
CASHComputer Assistance for Support Headquarters
CASHComputer Assistance to Subordinate HQs
CASMCESG Architecture for Secure Messaging
CASMConventional Arms Stand-off Missile
CASOMConventional Air-launched Stand-Off Missile
CASOMConventionally Armed Stand-Off Missile
CASPCoordinated Air/Sea Procedures
CASPCoordinated Air-Sea Procedures
CASREPCasualty Report
CASSCamouflage Support System
CASSChannel Associated Signalling System
CASSClose Air Support System
CASSCommand Active Sonobuoy System
CASSConsolidated Automatic Support System
CASSCrypto And Secure Systems IPT
CASTCanadian Air-Sea Transportable Brigade
CASTCombined Arms Staff Trainer
CASTCommand And Staff Trainer
CASTComputer Aided Software Testing
CASTComputer Assisted Supervision of Transmission
CASTComputer-Aided Search Technique
CASTConventional Armament Study Team
CASTConventional Armaments Study Team
CASTEComputer Aided Stock Taking – Enhancements
CASTORCorps Air-borne Stand-Off Radar
CASUCompact Air Supply Unit
CASWSClose Air Support Weapon System
CATChange Action Team
CATChemical Agents Tracer
CATClean Air Turbulence
CATCombat Aircraft Technology
CATComputer Assisted Training
CATConfiguration Accountancy Transmittal
CAT/FCSCommand Adjusted Trajectory / Fire Control System
CAT/LCVCombined Arms Team / Lightweight Combat Vehicle
CATARACentralisation of Air Transport and Air-to-Air Refuelling Assets
CATCCCarrier Air Traffic Control Centre
CATCSCentral Air Traffic Control School
CAT-DChemical Agent Training Dispenser
CATEComputer-Assisted Threat Evaluation
CATEXCategorical Exclusion
CATFCommander Amphibious Task Force
CATFAECatapult Launched Fuel Air Explosive
CATFAECatapult-launched Fuel-Air Explosive
CATGComputer-Aided Test Generator
CATIESCombined Arms Training Integrated Evaluation System
CATISComputer Aided Technical Information System
CATMChemical Agent Training Mixture
CATNAPCheapest Available Technique Narrowly Avoiding Pro
CATPACCATering Provision and Accounting
CATSComator Advanced Training System
CATTCombined Arms Tactical Trainer
CATTCombined Arms Tactical Training
CATT-BComponent Advanced Technology Test-Bed
CATTSCombined Arms Tactical Training Simulator
CATVCommunity Antenna Television
CAUCentral Alarm Unit
CAWCCombined Air-Warfare Course
CAWSCannon Artillery Weapons Systems
CAWSClose Assault Weapon System
CAWSEMCountermeasures And Weapon Systems Engagement Mode
CAXComputer Aided (Assisted) Exercise
CBACorporate Business Application
CBACost Benefit Analysis
CBACost Benefits Analysis
CCACable Communication Association
CCACaptains Combat Aid
CCACarrier-Controlled Approach
CCACentral Control Agency
CCACircuit Card Assembly
CCAContamination Control Area
CCACurrent Cost Accounting
CCAFCustomer Consent & Acceptance Form.
CCAICanadian Centre for Advanced Instrumentation
CCATCarrier Control Approach Trainer
CCATFCommander of the Combined Amphibious Force
CCATFCommander Combined Amphibious Task Force
CCATTDCommon Chassis Advanced Technology Transition Demonstrator
C-CLAWClose Combat Laser Weapon
CCMEACharge Chief Marine Engineering Artificer
CCMEA(ML)Charge CPO Marine Engineering Artificer (Marine Propulsion & Electricity)
CCSACommand and Control Support Agency (DAMO)
CCSSACombined Cryptographical Shore Support Activity
CCSSACombined Cryptological Sigint Support Activity
CCTACentral Computer and Telecommunications Agency
CCWACCINO Conventional Weapon Accident Committee
CCWEACharge Chief Petty Officer Weapon Engineering Artificer
CCWEACharge Chief Weapons Engineering Artificer
CCWEA(AD/WD)Charge Chief Weapon Engineering Artificer (Action
CD/SSACommercial Director Ships Support Agency
CDACentre for Defence Analysis
CDACompound Document Architecture
CDACo-ordinating Design Authority
CDACryptographic Distribution Agency
CDA(HLS)Centre for Defence Analysis (Higher Level Studies)
CDAACircularly Disposed Antenna Array
CDBAClearance Diving Breathing Apparatus
CDMACentral Data Management Authority
CDMACode Division Multiple Access
CDMACommand Decision Making Aid
CDR AIRCDR in charge of all aviation on board CVS
CDRS ASSTCommanders Assistant
CE (DSA)Chief Executive/Disposal Sales Agency
CE DPAChief Executive Defence Procurement Agency
CE(RAF)Chief Engineer (Royal Air Force)
CEACCommittee for European Airspace Co-ordination
CEDACost Effectiveness Decision Aid
CEDAMCombined Electronic Display and Map
CEDAMATCost-Effective manufacture of Defence and Aerospace MATerials
CENTAFCentral Air Force
CENTAGCentral Army Group
CENTLANTCentral Sub-Area Eastern Atlantic Command
CEOACentral Europe Operating Agency
CEPACommon European Priority Area
CEPACommon European Priority Area - Western European Union (EUCLID)
CEPACommon European Priority Areas
CESO(A)Chief Environmental and Safety Officer (Army)
CESO(RAF)Chief Environmental and Safety Officer (Royal Air Force)
CFACommander Field Army
CFACorporate Finance & Accounting
CfACouncil for Administration
CFACConstant-Frequency Alternating Current
CFALCombined Frequency Allocated List
CFARConstant False Alarm Rate
CG RAF RegtCommandant General Royal Air Force Regiment
CGAColour Graphics Array
CGAConsolidated Account for Central Government
CGDACommon Geographic Data Architecture
CGHACompressed Gas Association
CH ADM PILOTChief Admiralty Pilot
CHACylindrical Hydrophone Array
CHAALSCommunications High Accuracy Air-borne Location System
CHAIRControl Handling Aid for Increase Range
CHALS-XCommunication High-Accuracy Location System – Exploitable
CHAMPConfigurable Hardware Algorithm Mappable Pre-processor
CHANCOMChannel Command
CHAPSChamberlain Armour Protection System
CHAPS(A)Chaplains (Army)
CHARITSCasualty Handling and Reporting IT System
CHARMChallenger/Chieftain Armament
CHASEChemical Agents Sensor
CHASPCentral Health And Safety Project
ChukarType of remote controlled AA Target
CIACentral Intelligence Agency
CIACritical Impact Angle
CIAPContinuous Improvement Action Plan
CICATCentre for Industry Co-operation and Trade
CIDAA Co-ordinating IDA overseeing the work on two or more IDAs at an estate
CIDACentral Installation Design Authority
CIDACoordinating Installation Design Authority
CIDACo-ordinating Installation Design Authority
CIGARSConsole Internally Generated And Refreshed Symbols programme
CIMAHControl of Industrial Major Accident Hazards
CinC UKAIRCommander-in-Chief UK Air Forces
CINCEASTLANTC in C Eastern Atlantic
CINCEASTLANTCommander-in-chief Eastern Atlantic
CINCHANC in C Channel
CINCHANCommander-in-Chief Channel
CINCIBERLANTC in C Iberian Atlantic
CINCIBERLANTCommander-in-Chief Iberian Atlantic Area
CINCLANTCommander-in-Chief Atlantic Command
CINCLANTFLTCommander-in-Chief Atlantic Fleet
CINCNAVHOMECommander in Chief Naval Home Command
CINCNAVHOMECommander-in-Chief Naval Home Command
CINCNORLANTCommander-in-Chief North Atlantic
CINCPACCommander-in-Chief Pacific Command
CINCSACCommander-in-Chief Strategic Air Command
CINCUKAIRCommander-in-Chief UK Air Forces
CINCUSNAVEURCommander-in-Chief US Navy Europe
CINCWESTLANTC in C Western Atlantic Area
CINCWESTLANTCommander-in-Chief Western Atlantic
CLAESCryogenic Limb Array Etalon Spectrometer
Claimany claim demand proceeding or liability
CLAITComputer Literacy and Information Technology
CLAMSClear Lane Marking System
CLANContracts Land Air & Navy (Contract IT system)
CLAPClose Air Picture
CLARACompact Laser Radar
CLARACompact LAser RAdar (UK/F demonstrator)
CLASCoherent Laser radar Air-borne Shear Sensor
CLASPComprehensive Logistics Automated Support Programme
CLASPComputer Linked Assistance to the Scaling Process
CLASPConsolidated Logistics Automated Support Programme
CLASSClosed-Loop Artillery Simulation System
CLASSICCovert Local Area Sensor System for Intruder Classification
CLAWClose Assault Weapon
CLAWControl of Lead at Work
CLAWSClose Combat Light Armour Weapon System
CLDAClosed Loop DeAmping
CLDAClosed Loop De-Amping
CLRSTARCueing L-band Rugged Search Track and Acquisition Radar
CLSSACo-operative Logistics Supply Support Arrangement
CMACommunications Managers Association
CMAContinuation Material Assessment
CMAGCruise Missile Advanced Guidance
CMASCrisis Management ADP System
CMEACouncil for Mutual Economic Assistance
CMFACommand Management Functional Area
CMLSACommercial Microwave Landing System Avionics
CMMCACruise Missile Mission Control Aircraft
CMRACruise Missile Radar Altimeter
CMSACertificate of Material State Assessment
CMSAContinuous Material State Assessment
CMSACruise Missile Support Activity
CMSAFChief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (USAF)
CN ADMINCommunications & Navigation Admin
CNACentre for Naval Analyses
CNAChief Naval Architect
CNACContractors’ Name and Address Code.
CNADConference of National Armament Directors
CNADNATO Council of National Armament Directors
CNAESPCConventional Naval Armament Explosive Stores Packaging Committee
CNJAChief Naval Judge Advocate
CNSACommodore Naval Ship Acceptance
COAChart of Accounts
COAConcept of Analysis
COACourse of Action
COATICommittee On Awards To Inventors
COBRACom Bureau Replacement Activity
COBRACOunter Battery RAdar
CODAGCombined Diesel and Gas Turbine
CODLAGCombined Diesel Electric and Gas Turbine
CODLAGCombined Diesel Electric and Gas Propulsion
CODSIACouncil Of Defence and Space Industry
COEACost and Operational Effective Analysis
COEACost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis
COEIACombined Operational Effectiveness & Investment Appraisal course
COEIACombined Operational Effectiveness and Investment Appraisal
COEIACombined Operational Evaluation and Investment Appraisal
COEIACommon Operational Effectiveness and Investment Appraisal
CofACertificate of Airworthiness
CofAController of the Air Force
COFAMComputer Facility for Mine Warfare
COGAGCombined Gas and Gas Propulsion
COJACSCombat Jamming / Communication Support System
COJASCoherent Jammer Simulator
COLACost of Living Allowance
COMACivil Owned Military Aircraft
COMACivil-Owned Military-type Aircraft
COMAContractor Owned Military Aircraft
COMAAFCECommander Allied Air Forces Central Europe
COMAAFCECommander Allied Air Forces Central Europe
COMAIRBALTAPCommander Allied Air Forces Baltic Approaches
COMAIRNONCommander Air Northern Norway
COMAIRSONORCommander Allied Air Forces South Norway
COMAIRSOUTHCommander Allied Air Forces Southern Europe
COMAJFCommander Allied Joint Force
COMALCommunications Analysis
COMAMF(L)Commander ACE Mobile Forces Land
COMANConfiguration Management
COMAOComposite Air Operations
COMARAIRMEDCommander Maritime Air Forces Mediterranean
COMASWSRTIKFORCommander ASW Strike Force
COMATGCommander Amphibious Task Group
COMATGCommodore Amphibious Task Group
COMAWCommodore Amphibious Warfare
COMBALTAPCommander Allied Forces Baltic Approaches
ComBATCommon Battlefield Applications Toolset
ComBATCommon Battlefield Toolset
COMBAT-SIMComputerised Battle Simulation
COMBENECHANCommander Benelux Sub-Area Channel
COMCATComputer Output Microfilm Catalogue System
COMCENTAGCommander Central Army Group
COMCENTLANTCommander Central Atlantic Sub-Area
COMEDEASTCommander Eastern Mediterranean
COMEDNOREASTCommander Northeast Mediterranean
COMFAIRMEDCommander Fleet Air Arm Mediterranean
COMFIVEATAFCommander 5th Allied Tactical Air Force
COMFOURATAFCommander 4th Allied Tactical Air Force
COMGRNORSEACommander German North Sea
COMJAMCommon Jammer
COMLANDJUTCommander Allied Land Forces Jutland
COMLANDNONCommander Allied Land Forces North Norway
COMLANDSONORCommander Allied Land Forces South Norway
COMLANDSOUTHCommander Allied Land Forces Southern Europe
COMLANDSOUTHEASTCommander Allied Land Forces South Eastern Europe
COMLAND-ZEALANDCommander Allied Land Forces Zealand
COMMAIR(CHEL)Commander Maritime Air (Channel East Atlantic)
COMMAIRCENTLANTCommander Maritime Air Central Atlantic
COMMAIRCHANCommander Maritime Air Channel
COMMAIREASTLANTCommander Maritime Air Eastern Atlantic
COMMAIRNORLANTCommander Maritime Air Northern Atlantic
COMMAIRPLYMCHANCommander Maritime Air Plymouth Channel
COMMARRESCommander Maritime Reserves
COMNACommodore Naval Aviation
COMNAEWFCommander NATO Air-borne Early Warning Force
COMNAVACTUKCommander US Naval Activities United Kingdom
COMNAVBALTAPCommander Allied Naval Forces Baltic Approaches
COMNAVNONCommander Allied Naval Forces North Norway
COMNAVSONORCommander Allied Naval Forces South Norway
COMNAVSOUTHCommander Allied Naval Forces Southern Europe
COMNORECHANCommander Nore Sub-Area Channel
COMNORLANTCommander North Atlantic Sub-Area
COMNORTHAGCommander Northern Army Group
COMPASSComputer Assurance
COMPLANCommunications Plan
COMPLYMCHANCommander Plymouth Sub-Area Channel
ComptiaComputing Technology Industry Association USA
COMPUSECRAComputer Security Risk Analysis
COMRFACommodore Royal Fleet Auxiliary
COMSIXATAFCommander 6th Allied Tactical Air Force
COMSTANAV FORCHANCommander Standing Naval Force Channel
COMSTRIKFLTLANTCommander Strike Fleet Atlantic
COMSUBACLANTCommander Submarines Allied Command Atlantic
COMSUBEASTLANTCommand Submarines Eastern Atlantic
COMTWOATAFCommander 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force
COMUKAMPHIBFORCommander United Kingdom Amphibious Forces
COMUKMARFORCommander United Kingdom Maritime Forces
COMVATCombat Vehicles Armament Technology
CONASCombined Nuclear And Steam
CONMAROPSConcept of Maritime Operations
COPA74Control Of Pollution Act 1974
CORADCo-ordinated Roland Air Defence
CORBACommon Object Request Broker Architecture
CORDACoronary Artery Disease Research Association
CORSAIRComputer Output for REME Support of AIRcraft
COSAGCombined Steam And Gas Turbine
COSALXCompressable Stability Analysis (version X)
COSPARCommittee for Space Research
COSSACSComputerised Stock Segregation and Control System
CPACabin Public Address
CPACardinal Point Specification
CPAClosest Point of Approach
CPAConsumer Protection Act
CPAContinuous Patrol Aircraft
CPAControl Panel Assembly
CPACredit Protection Association
CPACritical Path Analysis
CPA/SGCentral Pulse Amplifier / Symbol Generator
CPACSCoded Pulse Anti-Clutter System
CPCACentral Plant Control Authority
CPMACivilian Personnel Management Authority
CPOMACPO Medical Assistant
CPOMEA(L)CPO Marine Engineering Artificer (Electrical)
CPSAClay Pigeon Shooting Association
CRAClosure Risk Assessment
CRAFCivil Reserve Air Fleet
CRAFFTSController RAF Fixed Telegraphic System
CRAFTCommanders Review of Aircraft Fault Trends
CRAFTComputerised Rapid Assessment of Fragments against a Target
CRAMMCCTA Risk Analysis and Management Methodology
CRAMMCCTA Security Risk Analysis and Management Methodology
CRAMSCalibration Recall And Maintenance System
CRAPPComputerisation Regime Against Productivity and Plans
CRARRVChallenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle
CRASTCommanders Review of Aircraft Supply Trends
CREAMCosmic Radiation Environment and Activation Monitor
CREATEChallenger 2 Equipment support Analysis Tool for Equipment managers
CRI(SAF)Critical (Safety)
CRIAPCentral Region Initial ACCS Programme
CROWCASSCriminals of War Commission
CRPAControlled Radiation Pattern Antenna
CRPAControlled Reception Pattern Antenna
CRSAContractors Requiring Special Attention
CS/AUS(NP)Command Secretary to 2SL/CNH and Assistant Under Secretary Of State
CSACalled Subscriber Answer
CSACanadian Space Agency
CSACanadian Standards Association
CSAChief of Staff of the Army
CSAChief Scientific Adviser
CSAChlorosulphonic Acid
CSACommercial System Application
CSACommon Support Authority
CSACommunications and Situational Awareness Team
CSAComputing Services Association
CSAConfiguration Status Accounting
CSACustomer Service Agreement
CSACustomer Supplier Agreement
CSACustomer Supplier Agreements
CSACustomer Support Agreement
CSACustomer-Supplier Agreement
CSABCivil Service Appeals Board
CSAFChief of Staff (USAF)
CSARCombat Search and Rescue
CSASCommand and Stability Augmentation System
CSDACo-ordinating System Design Authority
CSMACarrier Sense Multiple Access
CSMACivil Service Motoring Association
CSMA/CACarrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Avoidance network
CSMA/CDCarrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detection network
CSMA/CDCarrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection
CSNACareers Services National Association
CSO(AE)Chief Staff Officer(Air Engineering) - the SD authorising officer in ACOS(AV)
CSRACombat System Requirements Analysis
CSSACaptain Surface and Submarine Acceptance
CSSAComputing Services and Software Association
C-STARCounter Surveillance and Targeting
CTACase Telescoped Ammunition
CTACased Telescopic Ammunition
CTACircuit Technology
CTAPSContingency Theatre Air Planning System
CTAPSContingency Theatre Automated Planning System
CTASCosted Technical Architecture Study (LITS)
CTIACellular Technology Industry Association
CUACommon User Access
CUAComputer Users Association
CVASTCombat Vehicle Armament System Technology
CWARContinuous Wave Acquisition Radar
CWARFConventional Weapon Accident Response Facility
CWAsCommon Weak Areas
CWTACaptain Weapon Trials & Acceptance
CWTACaptain Weapons Trials and Acceptance
D Air ArmDirectorate of Air Armament
D and BDesign and Build
D and CDesign and Construct
D Def AcqDirectorate of Defence Acquisition
D of C/Air1Directorate of Contracts/Air 1
D of C/Air2Directorate of Contracts/Air 2
D PatsDirector of Patents
D Pkg ADefence Packaging Authority
D StanDirector of Standardization
D(A)AGDeputy (Assistant) Adjutant-General
D(F+S)Air1Directorate (Finance + Secretariat) Air 1
D(F+S)Air2Director (Finance + Secretariat) Air 2
D/BowmanDirector Bowman
D/EFADirectorate of Eurofighter Aircraft
D/MAPDirectorate of Military Aircraft Projects
D/MaritimeDirectorate of Maritime Projects
D/MCADirectorate of Military Combat Aircraft
D44ADirect Delivery Note
D83AStores Return Note
DADecision Altitude
DADefence Advisor/Attaché
DADelayed Action
DADesign Authority
DADirect Action
DADirect Action (Fuze)
DADistribution Authority
DADistrict Attorney
DADouble Action (Revolvers)
DA EdDirector of Army Education
DA/ZDanger Area/Zone
DAADefence Accounts Agency
DAADigital / Analogue Adapter
DAADivisional Administrative Area
DAACMDirect Airfield Attack Combined Munitions
DAASCDefence Automatic Addressing System Centre
DAATDigital Angle of Attack Transmitter
DAAvnDirector Army Aviation
DABDefence Acquisition Board
DABDigital Audio Broadcasting
DABMDefence Against Ballistic Missile
DACDangerous Air Cargo
DACDefence Administrative Committee
DACDigital to Analogue Converter
DACDiscretionary Access Control
DACDockyard Accounting Code
DaCCDisplay and Computer Console
DACEDDays After Contract Effective Date
DACMData Adapter Control Mode
DACOSDeputy Assistant Chief of Staff
DACPDefence Acquisition Change Programme
DACSDeployable Acoustic Calibration System
DACSDirectorate of Aerospace Combat System
DACTDissimilar Air Combat Training
DACUDefence Arms Control Unit
DADDeep Air Defence
DADCDigital Air Data Computer
DADRDesign Authority De-commissioning Requirement
DADSDigital Air Data System
DADSDigital Audio Distribution System
DADSDirect Air Discharge System
DADSDirect Application De-contamination System
DAENG(N)Director Aircraft Engineering
DAEPCDefence Ammunition & Explosives Packaging Committee
DAERDaily Ammunition Expenditure Rate
DAFDirectory Amendment Form
DAFCSDigital Automatic Flight Control System
DAFISDigital Aeronautical Flight Information System
DAFSDDirectorate of Air Staff Duties
DAGDefence Administration Group
DAGDefence Air-worthiness Group
DAISDigital Avionics Information System
DAISYDigital Action Information System
DALDefence Acquisition Learning
DALODivisional Air Liaison Officer
DALPDefence Advanced Lithography Program
DALSDirector of Army Legal Services
DAMDraft Amendment (to an ISO standard)
DAMADemand Assigned Multiple Access
DAMADemand Assignment Multiple Access
DAMASSDamage Assessment
DAMPDocking & assisted Maintenance Period
DAMPDockyard (Docking) Assisted Maintenance Period
DAMSDesign Authority Maintenance Schedule
DAMSDrum Auxiliary Memory Sub-Unit
DAMSONDoppler And Multipath SOunding Network
DAMTOSDAMage TOlerant Sandwich Materials
DANDrawing Alteration Number
DANCERDesign Analysis Network Common Environment
DANCSDistributed Advanced Naval Combat System
DAODear Accounting Officer (letter) or Departmental Accounting Officer
DAODirector Air Operations
DAODockyard Advanced Orders
DAOSDesign Approved Organisation Scheme
DAPData Access Point
DAPDecontamination Apparatus Portable
DAPDirectorate of Airspace Policy
DAPDirectory Access Protocol
DAPDisplay Adjust Panel
DAPDistributed Array Processor
DAPDuly Appointed Person
DAPSDefence Administrative Planning Staff
DAPSDirectorate of Army Personnel Strategy
DAQData AcQuisition
DAQDirectory of Army Quartering
DARDefence Acquisition Regulation
DARDesign Authority Requirement
DARDynamic Adaptive Routing
DARADefence Aviation and Repair Agency
DARAThe German Space Agency
DARCOMDevelopment and Readiness Command (US Army)
DARICDefence Automatic Resources Information Centre
DARIUSDrawings and Raster Images for User Support
DArmRDDirectorate of Armament Research and Development
DARPDefense Research Projects Agency (US)
DARPADefence Advanced Research Projects Agency
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DARRDesign Authority Refit Requirement
DARSDigital Attitude-Reference System
DARTData Analysis & Retrieval System
DARTData And Remote control Terminal
DARTDeployable Automatic Relay Terminal
DARTDisappearing Automatic Retaliatory Target
DARTSDigital Air-borne Radar Threat Simulator
DARTSDistributed Architecture Robust Tactical System
DASDecision Analysis System
DASDefect Analysis System
DASDefence Accommodation Stores
DASDefence Agency Status
DASDefensive Aid Suite
DASDefensive Aids Suite (armoured vehicle technology)
DASDefensive Aids Suite (or System)
DASDefensive Avionics System
DASDual Attachment Station
DASADaimler Benz Aerospace
DASADefence Analytical Services Agency
DASARDecimetric Airborne Solid-state Active-array Radar
DASBDefence Aviation Safety Board
DASCDefence Aviation Safety Centre
DASCDirect Air Support Central
DASCUDigital Automotive System Control Unit
DASDDirectorate of Army Staff Duties
DASE(N)Directorate Aircraft Support Executive (Navy)
DASHDrone Anti-Submarine Helicopter
DASODemonstration And Shakedown Operation
DASPDirector Aircraft Support Policy
DASPDiscrete Analogue Signal Processing
DASP(N)Directorate of Aircraft Support Policy (Navy)
DASSDefensive Aid Sub-System
DASSDefensive Aids Sub-System
DASSTDefence Air Support Services Team
DASTDrones for Aerodynamic and Structural Testing
DATDigital Audio Tape
DATARDetection And Tactical Alert of Radar
DATEDepot Automatic Test Equipment
DATECData And Telecommunications
DATODeputy Authorised Telecommunications Officer
DAUData Acquisition Unit
DAUDigital Amplifier Unit
DAUDominie Avionics Upgrade
DAVEDo Anything Very Easily
DAWDedicated all-weather aircraft
DAWNDelivering the Abbey Wood Network
DAWPDesign Authority Work Package
dB (A)Decibel A weighted
DBADatabase Administrator
DBADefence Billing Agency
DBADefence Bills Agency
DBAUData Bus Acquisition Unit
DBSO (FAC)Deputy Base Supply Officer (Fleet Accommodation Centre)
DCADefence Codification Authority (Kentigern House)
DCADefence Communications Agency
DCADefence Co-operation Agreement
DCADefence Cryptosecurity Authority
DCADefensive Counter Air (also referred to as Air Defence (AD))
DCADefensive Counter-Air
DCADefensive Counter-Air (operations)
DCACASData Collection Analysis and Corrective Action System
DCADMDefence Command and Army Data Model
DCALDynamic Consolidated Allowance List
DCAPDraft Conventional Armaments Plan
DCBADefence Corporate Business Applications
DCBADefence Corporate Business Applications (website)
DCIS(A)Director CIS (Army)
DCISADefence CIS Agency
DCISIADefence CIS Interoperability Agency
DCISIADefence Communication and Information Systems Integration Authority
DCMADefence Combined Material Agency
DCOADefence Cryptosecurity Operating Authority
DCOMMARRESDeputy Commander Maritime Reserves
DCPMADelegated Civilian Personnel Management Authorities
DCS(A)Defence Communications Services (Agency)
DCSADefence Communication Services Agency
DCSADefence Communications Service Agency
DCSADefence Communications Services Agency
DCSADefence Communications Support Agency
DCSADeputy Chief Scientific Adviser
DCSA(G)Defence Communication Services Agency(Germany)
DCTADefence Clothing & Textile Agency
DCTADefence Clothing and Textiles Agency
DD (Army)Director of Doctrine (Army)
DDADefence Dental Agency
DDADefence Diversification Agency
DDADelegated Design Authority
DDADemolition Danger Area
DDADetroit Diesel Allison
DDADevice Delayed Arming
DDADisability Discrimination Act
DDNBSA(Fin)Deputy Director Naval Base Supply Agency (Finance)
DDNBSA(Ops)Deputy Director Naval Base Supply Agency (Operations)
DDNBSA(SS)Deputy Director Naval Base Supply Agency (Safety and Security)
DDSADirector for Deepening Smart Acquisition
DEAData Encryption Algorithm
DEADelegated Engineering Authority
DEAMSDefence Equipment Acquisition & Material Support
DEAMSDefence Equipment Acquisition and Materiel Support
DEC (AWB)Director Equipment Capability (Above Water Battlespace)
DEC (ISTAR)Director Equipment Capability (Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition
DECADefence and Economic Co-operation Agreement
DECADigital Electronic Control Assembly
DECCARadio Navigational Aid
DECODADEtection of COmposite DAmage of composites
DEDASDecontamination Emulsion Direct Application System
Def StanDefence Standard
DEF STANDefence Standard
DEFPADefence of Ports and Anchorages
DEFRADepartment of Environment Food & Rural Affairs
DEFSTANDefence Standard
DEFSTATSDefence Statistics
DEME(A)Director Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (Army)
DERADefence Evaluation & Research Agency
DERADefence Evaluation and Research Agency (from 1 Jul 01 split into DSTL and
DERADefence Research Agency
DES(OAE)Director Equipment & Systems (Ordnance and Armament Engineering)
DESADefence Explosives Safety Authority
DESADevonport Explosive Safety Advisor
DESAGDevonport Explosive Safety Advisor Group
DESATDangerous Engineering Substances Advisory Team
DETS(A)Directorate Educational & Training Services (Army)
DF/GADay Fighter / Ground Attack
DFADuty First Aider
DFADDigital Feature Analysis Data
DFAUDefence Fraud Analysis Unit
DFDAUDigital Flight Data Acquisitions Unit
DFS(Air)Directorate of Future Systems (Air)
DGADispersed Ground Alert
DGADisplacement Gyro Assembly
DGA(N)Director General Aircraft (Navy)
DGALSDirector General Army Legal Services
DGAMSDirector General Army Medical Service
DGAS1Directorate General Aircraft Systems 1
DGAS2Directorate General Aircraft Systems 2
DGDADirector General Defence Accounts
DGDQADirector General Defence Quality Assurance
DGES(A)Director General Equipment Support (Army)
DGES(A)Director General of Equipment Support (Army)
DGES(Air)Director General Equipment Support (Air)
DGIADefence Geographic Imagery Intelligence Agency
DGIADirector General of Internal Audit
DGME/AL(ES)Director General Marine Engineering Area Leader in ES
DGSAPDirector General Saudi Armed Forces Project
DGSAPDirectorate General Saudi Armed Forces Projects
DGSM(RAF)Director General of Support Management (RAF)
DHSADefence Helicopter Support Agency
DIADefence Industry Association
DIADefence Intelligence Agency
DIADefence Internal Auditors
DIADefense Intelligence Agency (US)
DIADepartment of Internal Audit
DIADirector of Internal Audit
DIADirectorate of Internal Audit
DIADEMData Input and Distribution on Exchangeable Media
DIAMDefense Intelligence Agency Manual
DIANADigital Analog
DIANEDigital Integrated Attack Navigation Equipment
DIASDistributed Information Architecture for Ships
DIBUADefence In built-up Areas
DICASSDirectional Command Active Sonobuoy System
DICWADefence Industries Council of Western Australia
DIDADefence Industry Development and Support Administration
DIDADelegated Installation Design Authority
DIFARDirection Frequency And Ranging
DII(A)Defence Information Infrastructure (Army)
DILSADistributed Integrated Logistic Support Analysis
DINASDigital Inertial Navigation / Attack System
DINSADefence Interoperable Network Services Authority
DIQAPDefence Industry Quality Assurance Panel now DIQF
DIRAMSDockyard Installed Reactor Accident Monitoring System
DISADefence Information Security Agency
DISADefence Information Systems Agency
DISCASDepot Integrated Storage Control and Accounting System. Replaces former
DISTAFFDirecting Staff
DISTANDistributed Interactive Secure Telecom
DITACSDigital Tactical System
DIVADDivision Air Defence
DIVADSDivision Air Defence Gun System
DLADefence Land Agent
DLADefence Logistics Agency
DLS(Air)Director Logistic Services (Air) in DGES(Air) DLO
DLSADirector Land Service Ammunition
DLSADirector of Land Service Ammunition
DLSADirector Land Service Ammunition
DM(A)Directorate of Manning (Army)
DMADefence Manufacturers Association
DMADefence Mapping Agency (US)
DMADelay Arming Mechanism
DMADirect Memory Access
DMADirectorate of Manpower Audit (now DMCS)
DMADivisional Maintenance Area
DMABDefended Modular Array Basing
DMCADirect Maintenance Cost Analysis
DMEADamage Mode and Effects Analysis
DMETADefence Medical Education & Training Agency
DNADefence Nuclear Agency
DNADeoxyribo-Nucleic Acid
DNADid Not Attend
DNADirector Naval Armament
DNADocumentation Needs Analysis
DNA&FPDirector Naval Architecture & Future Projects
DNA+FPDirector Naval Architecture + Future Projects
DNAMDeputy Nuclear Audit Manager
DNAWEDirectorate North Atlantic and Western Europe
DNBSA(BM)Director Naval Basses + Supply Agency (Business Management)
DOADead On Arrival
DOADirection of Arrival
DOACDefence Operational Analysis Centre
DOAEDefence Operational Analysis Establishment
DoDAFDepartment of Defense Architectural Framework
DofC(NBSA)Director of Contracts (Naval Bases and Supply Agency)
DOLRAMDetection Of Laser Radar and Milli-metric Threats
DOR(Sea)Director of Operational Requirement (Sea Systems)
DOR(Sea)Directorate of Operational Requirements (Sea)
DP PlansDirectorate of Procurement Plans
DPAData Protection Act
DPADefence Planning Assumptions
DPADefence Procurement Agency (formerly MOD PE)
DPA XDDefence Procurement Agency Executive Director
DPAsDefence Planning Assumptions
DPCADisplace Phase Centre Antenna
DPR(A)Director of Public Relations (Army)
DPRAGDefence Procurement Risk Advisory Group
DPS(A)Directorate Personal Services (Army)
DQA/TSDirectorate of Quality Assurance / Technical Support
DQABDefence Quality Assurance Board
DQAGDefence Quality Assurance Group
DR&AData Recording & Analysis
DRADefence Research Agency
DRADirector Royal Artillery
DRAMalvern Defence Research Agency Malvern
DRAcDepartmental Resource Account
DRACDirector Royal Armoured Corps
DRACASData Recording And Corrective Action System
DRACASData Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System
DRAGONFLYDual field-of-view IR imager
DRAMDynamic Random Access Memory
DRAMADigital Radio And Multiplex Acquisition
DRAMATICDRA Mobile Armoured Target Interdiction Concepts
DRAMSDepot Recall And Maintenance System
DRAPData Recording & Presentation system
DRASHDeployable Rapid Assembly Shelter
DRASTICDRA Static Target Interdiction Concepts
DRATDefect Reliability Analysis Tool
DRAWSDRA Workload Scales
DRCADefence Root Certificate Authority
DRDADistributed Relational Database Architecture
DREADefence Research Establishment Atlantic
DREAMDefence Related Environmental Assessment Method
DSADay Sensor Assembly
DSADay Subsistence Allowance
DSADefence Support Agency (now known as DA)
DSADirectory Service Agents
DSADirectory System Agent
DSADirectory System Agent (X500)
DSADisposal Sales Agency
DSADisposal Services Agency
DSADivisional Supply Area
DSAADefence Security Assistance Agency
DSAATDirect Sensor Fuzed Attack of Area Targets Submunition
DSABSDefence Science Advisory Board
DSACDefence Scientific Advisory Committee
DSACDefence Scientific Advisory Council
DSACEURDeputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe
DSACSDirect Support Armoured Cannon System
DSARDefect Summary Analysis Report
DSARDefence Supply Agency Regulation
DSARCDefence Systems Acquisition Review Council
DSAWODivisional Supply Area Warrant Officer
DSCADefence Secondary Care Agency
DSDADefence Storage and Distribution Agency
DSDADelegated System Design Authority
DSMACDigital Scene-Matching Area Correlation
DSPS(A)Directorate of Staff and Personnel Services (Army)
DSRADefence Sports and Recreational Association
DSSADay Sensor Subassembly
DSSCCADiving Set Self Contained Compressed Air
DSSCCADiving System Self Contained Compressed Air
DTAData Terminal Adaptors
DTADefence Technical Architecture
DTAMData Transfer Access and Manipulation
DTATDevelopment Test & Trials
DTI QA REGISTERDepartment of Trade & Industry Quality Assurance Register
DTMADefence Transport & Movements Agency
DTT/AUTOVONDigital Telephone Transmission Network
DUADirectory User Agent
DUADirectory User Agents
DUADDual Air Defence
DUSASDeployed Unit Supply and Accounting System
DV/ADoppler Velocimeter / Altimeter
DVADefence Vetting Agency
DVALDemonstration and Validation
DWADuty Watch Accommodation
DWAHSGDevonport & Western Area Health & Safety Group.
E&AMEngineering & Asset Management
E3ANATO AEW Aircraft
EAElectric armour
EAElectronics Assembly
EAEnemy Aircraft
EAEngineering Authority
EAEnvironment Agency
EAEnvironmental Assessment
EAEstate Adviser (formerly DLA in the DEO)
EAExternal Assistance
EA95The Environment Act 1995
EAAElectro-Acoustic Subassembly
EAAEquipment Accounting Authority
EAAExperimental Aircraft Association
EABExternal Access Box
EACEnvironmental Audit Committee
EACEquipment Accounting Centre
EACEquipment Approval Committee
EACEquipment Approvals Committee. Now IAB
EACEquivalent Annual Cost
EAC-MLAEuropean Accreditation of Certification MultiLateral Agreement
EADIElectronic Attitude Director Indicator
EAFExternal Accruals File
EAGEnvironmental Action Group
EAIEnterprise Application Integration
EAIEquipment Accounting Instructions
EALEquipment Allowance List
EAMEmergency Action Message
EANEuropean Article Numbering (bar code)
EAOSEnhanced Artillery Observer Sub-system
EAPExperimental Aircraft Programme
EAPCEuro Atlantic Partnership Council
EAPCEuro-Atlantic Partnership Council
EAPMEnvironmental Audit Process Model
EAROMElectrically Alterable read-only Memory
EASEliminated Accounts Section
EASEmergency Avionics System
EASEngineering Administration System
EASEquivalent Airspeed
EASIElectronic Automatic Sequencing Initiator
EASTAXEUK or French AEW Aircraft Exercise in the North Sea
EASTLANTEastern Atlantic
EASTLANTEastern Atlantic Area
EATElectronically Agile Radar
EATEmployment Appeal Tribunal
EATEstimated Approach Time
EATEuropean Advanced Technologies
EATEEnterprise Awareness in Teacher Education
EAUEmergency Action Unit
EAUEngine Analyser Unit
EAZEducation Action Zone
EBAEmergency Breakaway (in RAS)
ECAElectronic Control Amplifier
ECAEuropean Combat Aircraft
ECAExperimental Combat Aircraft
ECABExecutive Committee of the Army Board
ECADElectronic Computer Aided Design
ECAMElectronic Centralised Aircraft Monitor
ECAOCExperimental Combined Air Operations Centre
ECASElectronic Chemical Agent Alarm System
ECMAEuropean Computer Manufacturers Association
EC-NC/ACEarth Coverage to Narrow Coverage / Area Coverage
ECOWASEconomic Community of West African States
ECSAEuropean Computing Services Association
EDAElectronic Design Automation
EDAEquipment Design Authority
EDASEElectronic Digital Automatic Stabilisation Equipment
EDATSExtra Deep Armed Team Sweep
EDAUExtended Data Acquisition Unit
EDBAExtended Duration Breathing Apparatus
EDCARSEngineering Data Computer Assisted Retrieval System
EDIFACTEDI For Administration Commerce & Transport
EDIFACTElectronic Data Interchange for Administration Co
EDMAGEuropean Defence Manufacturers Group
EEAEuropean Economic Area
EEAEuropean Environment Agency
EEADExtended Air Defence
EEDAEast of England Development Agency
EFAEuropean Fighter Aircraft
EFAExcess Fares Allowance
EFABExtended Forward Avionic Bay
EFDARSExpansible Flight Data Acquisition and Recording System
EFTAEuropean Free Trade Association
EGAEnhanced Graphics Array
EHAElectro-Hydrostatic Actuator
EHFAEarly Human Factors analysis
EHLLAPIExtended High Level Language Application Programming Interface
EIAElectrical Industries Associates
EIAElectronics Industries Association
EIAEnvironmental Impact Analysis
EIAEnvironmental Impact Assessment
EIAEnvironmental Impact Audit
EIAPMEnvironmental Impact Assessment Process Model
EIAWEnhanced Imagery Analysis Workstation
EICAREuropean Institute for Computer Anti-virus Research
EICASEngine Indication and Crew Alerting System
E-in_C(A)Engineer in Chief (Army)
EinC(A)Engineer in Chief (Army)
EISAElectronic Information Sharing Agreement
EISAExtended Industry Standard Architecture
ELAElectric Launcher Association (US)
ELAEngineering Logistics Advisor
ELAExtender Lens Assembly
ELACElevator and Aileron Computer
ELCASElevated Causeway
ELPAEyring Low-Profile Antenna
ELSAElectronic Lobe-Switching Antenna
ELSAEmergency Life Support Apparatus
ELSAEmergency Lifesaving Apparatus (Personal Escape Breathing Apparatus)
ELTAEHF Lightweight Transportable Antenna
ELVAEmergency Low Visibility Approach (type of helicopter recovery)
EMAEase of Maintenance Assessment
EMAEducation Maintenance Allowance
EMAElectromagnetic armour
EMAElectronic Missile Acquisition
EMAEuropean Monetary Agreement
EMAExternal Mounting Assembly
E-mailElectronic Mail
EMASEco-Management and Audit Scheme
EMASEmployment Medical Advisory Service
EMATTExpendable mobile ASW Training Target
EMDAEast Midlands Development Agency
EMIRALDEvaluation Model for Infra Red Arrays and Long-linear Devices
EMPAREuropean Multi-function Phased Array Radar
EMPASSElectro-Magnetic Performance of Air and Ship System
EMS(A)Executive Manning Support System (Airmen)
EMTANTO for Engineering Manufacture
ENVISATEnvironmental Satellite
EOACEqual Opportunities Awareness Course
EORSATElectronic Ocean Reconnaissance Satellite
EPAEnvironmental Protection Act
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
EPAEquipment Performance Analysis
EPA90Environmental Protection Act 1990
EPACEngine Performance Analysis by Comparison
EPAQSExpert Panel on Air Quality Standards
EPBAEuropean Portable Battery Association
EPMaRVEarth Penetrating Manoeuvring Re-entry Vehicle
EQAExternal Quality Audit
ERAExplosive Reactive Armour
ERAExtended Range Ammunition
ERAAMExtended Range Air-to-Air Missile
ERADCOMElectronics Research and Development Command
ERAMExtended Range Anti-armour Munition
ERAMExtended Range Anti-tank Mine
ERAPDSEnhanced Recognised Air Picture Dissemination System
ERAPIDSExtended Recognised Air Picture Display System
ERAPSExpendable Reliable Acoustic Path Sonobuoy
ERASMUSCanadian complementing tool
ER-ATACMSExtended-Range Army Tactical Missile System (US Army)
ERATOExtended Range Automatic Targeting of Otomat missile
ERDAEuropean Radio Data Association
ES (Air)Equipment Support (Air)
ES (Land)Equipment Support (Land)
ES(Air)(VL)Equipment Support (Air) Yeovilton
ESAElectronic Signature Authentication
ESAEnd Stage Assessment
ESAEnergy Services Association
ESAEnvironmental Support Application or European Space Agency
ESAEnvironmentally Sensitive Area
ESAEnvironmentally Special Area
ESAEuropean Space Agency
ESASElectronically Steerable Antenna System
ESPADONEnvironment for Signal Processing Applications Development and
ESPAWSEnhanced Self-propelled Artillery Weapon System
ESPPAEquipment Support Provision and Procurement Administration
ESSAMEquipment Support Sustainability Analysis Model
ESTAEnergy Systems Trade Association
ESTAEntity Subject to Approval
ESTACSEstablishment Authority Computer System
ET(LDA)RElectric Target (Limited Danger Area) Range
ETAEstimated Time of Acquisition
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival
ETAGEducation and Training Action Group
ETAPEducation and Training Action Plan
EURATOMEuropean Atomic Energy Committee
Euro-ARTEuropean Advanced Radar Technology
EUROCAEEURopean Organisation for Civil Aircraft Equipment
EUROSPACEEuropean Industrial Space Study Group
EVAEffectiveness and Vulnerability Assessment code
EVAExtra Vehicular Activity
EVASEmergency Vision Assurance System
EVGAEnhanced Video Graphics Array (also known as SVGA)
EVSAEnterprise Value Stream Analysis
EWACElectronic Warfare Analysis Centre
EWADElectronic Warfare and Avionics Detachment
EWAISFElectronic Warfare Avionics Integrated Support Facility
EWAMExtended Window Addressable Memory
EWASElectronic Warfare Analysis System
EWAUElectronic Warfare Avionics Unit (Royal Air Force)
EXACTEXercise Analysis for Collective Training
EXJAMExpendable Jamming System
FAFinancial Advisor
FAFree Assets
FAFunctional Area
FAAFederal Aviation Administration
FAAFleet Air Arm
FAAForce Administration Area
FAAUS Federal Aviation Administration
FAACAForce Anti-Air Co-ordination Area
FAACOFirst Aid Aircraft Outfit
FAADForward Area Air Defence
FAADC21Forward Area Air Defence Command Control and Intelligence
FAADSForward Area Air Defence System
FAAITFleet Air Arm Information Technology (system)
FAAITFleet Air Arm IT
FAAITMFleet Air Arm Information Technology Management
FAALSForward Area Armoured Logistic System
FAAMFamily of Air-to-Air Missiles
FAARForward Area Alerting Radar
FAASVField Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle
FAAWCForce Anti-Air Warfare Commander
FAAWCForces Anti-Air Warfare Coordinator
FABForward Air Base
FABForward Avionics Bay
FACFast Attack Craft
FACFleet Accommodation Centre.
FACFleet Audit Committee
FACFlight Augmentation Computer
FACForward Air Control
FACForward Air Controller
FACAForce Air Coordination Area
FACAFuture Attack and Combat Aircraft
FACCWGFuture Air Command and Control Working Group
FACCWGFuture Air Control Centre Working Group
FACEField Artillery Computing Equipment
FACETSPhysical optics prediction code
FACONFacilities Control
FACPForward Air Control Post
FACTSFLIR Augmented Cobra TOW Sight
FADFirst Aircraft Delivery
FADFleet Air Defence
FADForward Ammunition Depot
FADACField Artillery Digital Automatic Computer
FADECFull Authority Digital Engine Control
FAE or FAXFuel Air Explosive
FAEMFlexible Air Engagement Model
FAESHEDFuel-Air Explosive Helicopter Delivered
FAFCFull Authority Fuel Control
FAIFirst Article Inspection
FAITSFunctional Area Information Technology Strategy
FALCONFission Activated Laser Concept
FALCONFrequency-Agile Low Coverage Netted radar
FALCONFuel and Lubricants Computer Opportunity Network
Falcon EW/TSFalcon Electronic Warfare/Target Support Aircraft
FALCON IFuel and Lubricants Computer Operations Network (HQ Elements)
FALCON IIFuel and Lubricants Computer Operations Network (Depot Elements)
FALWFamily of Air-Launched Weapons
FALWAFleet Amphibious & Land Warfare Authority
FAMField Alarm Module
FAMFighter Attack Manoeuvring
FAMFlexible Attrition Mode
FAMFlexible Attrition Model
FAMFriendly Aircraft Movements
FAMASFinancial & Management Accounting System
FAMEFeature Associated Mesh Embedding
FAMEFrequency Assignment Management Equipment
FAMGField Artillery Missile Group
FAMSFamily of Air Missile Systems
FAMSFamily of Anti-air Missile Systems
FAMSField Automatic Message Switch
FAMVForward Area Multi-purpose Vehicle
FANForward Air Navigator
FandLFuel and Lubricants
FANYFirst Aid Nursing Yeomanry
FAOFor the Attention Of
FAOSFuture Air offensive System
FAPFiche Air Publication
FAPFinal Approach
FAPFirst Aid Post
FAPFly Away Packs
FAPDSFrangible Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot
FAPDSFrangible Armour-Piercing Discarding Sabot
FAPSMFuture Anti-Personnel Scatterable Mine
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FARFalse Alarm Rate
FARFatal Accident Rate
FARFederal Acquisition Regulation
FARFederal Aviation Requirement
FARFixed Asset Register
FARFlight Authorisation Release
FARFuel to Air Ratio
FARCFuel to Air Ratio Controller
FARCOSFast Adaptive HF Radio Communication System
FAREForward Area Refuelling Equipment
FARPForward Area Refuel Point
FARPForward Arming/Refuel Point
FARRPForward-Area Rearming and Refuelling Point
FARSFast Acquisition Receiver System
FARSField Artillery Rocket System
FARSFrequency Array Radar System
FARSIGHTInfrared staring-array imager system 3-5 mm FLIR
FARV-AFuture Armoured Re-supply Vehicle Artillery
FARVEFixed Asset Registration and Valuation Exercise
FASFlank Array Sonar
FASForward Acquisition Sensor
FASFrequency-Agile Subsystem
FASCASMFamily of Scatterable Mines
FASGWFuture Air to Surface Guided Weapon
FASGWFuture Air-to-Surface Guided Weapon
FASHFuture Amphibious Support Helicopter
FASMFuture Attack SubMarine
FASOForward Airfield Supply Organisation
FASOCForward Air Support Operations Centre
FASSField Artillery Systems Support
FASTFederation Against Software Theft
FASTFly Away Satellite Terminal
FASTForward Air Support Team
FASTFreight Automated Status Tracker
FASTFully Automatic Scoring Target
FASTFuze Activating Static Targets
FASTARForward Area Surveillance and Target Acquisition System
FASTHATFast High-Accuracy Tuneable receiver
FASTNETFixed Army Strategic Telephone Network
FASWForce Anti-Submarine Warfare
FATFactory Acceptance Test
FATFile Allocation Table (DOS)
FATFirst Aid Team
FATFirst Article Testing
FATFlying Aptitude Test
FATEFloppy And Tape Exchange
FATEFuzing Arming Test and Evaluation
FATGFixed Air-To-Ground
FATOFinal Approach and Take-Off Area
FATSField Automatic Telephone Switch
FATSFirearms Training System
FATSForward Air Transport Support
FATSFramework Agreement for Techical Support
FATSOFirst Aid Technical Stores Outfit
FATTForward Area Tactical Teletype
FAVFast Attack Vehicle
FAWFighter All-Weather
FAWFirst Aid at Work
FAWFound At Work
FAWEUForce Answerable to the Western European Union
FAWPSSForward Area Water Point Supply System
FAWSFuture Artillery Weapons Systems IPT
FBEAGFranco-British European Air Group
FC radarFire Control radar
FCAFire Control Application
FCAFunctional Configuration Audit
FCAFuture Combat Aircraft
FCA BISAFire control BISA
FCADFuture Chemical Agent Detector
FCAGTFull Cover Anti G Trousers
FCBAFuture Carrier Borne Aircraft
FC-BISAFire Control BISA
FCEAFlight Control Electrical Assembly
FDAFull Danger Area
FDASFlight Data Acquisition System
FDAUFlight Data Acquisition Unit
FDMAFleet Date Material Assessment
FDMAFrequency Division Multiple Access
FEAFinite Element Analysis
FEAFFar East Air Force
FEANIFederation Europienne dAssociations Nationales dIngenieurs
FEASFleet Engineering Admin System
FEASFleet Engineering Administration System
FEASFleet Engineering Administrative System.
FEBAForward Edge of Battle Area
FEBAForward Edge of the Battle Area
FEDAFurther Education Development Agency (now replaced by the Learning and
FEFAFuture European Fighter Aircraft
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency
FFAField Firing Area
FFAFree Fire Area
FFARFolding Fin Aerial Rocket
FFARFolding Fin Aircraft Rocket
FFARFolding-Fin Aircraft Rocket
FFARForward-Firing Aircraft Rocket
FFARFree Flight Aircraft Rocket
FFARFree-Flight Aircraft Rocket
FFLAVFuture Family of Light Armoured Vehicles
FFTATowed Array Fitted FF
FGAFighter Ground Attack (aircraft)
FIAFederation Internationale De LAuto-mobile (Grand Prix)
FIAFood and Incidentals Allowance
FIAMFlight In Air Material
FIBUAFighting In a Built Up Area
FIBUAFighting In Built Up Areas
FIBUAFighting In built-up Areas
FILAFighting Intruders at Low Altitude
FILADFuture Inner Layer Air Defence
FINABSFinancial Accounting and Business System
FIONAFLIR imagery data fusion study
FIRAMSFlight Incident Recorder and Aircraft Monitoring System
FIVEATAFFifth Allied Tactical Air Force
FLAFuture Large Aircraft
FLABFlag Lieutenant to the Admiralty Board
FLAGFlemish Aerospace Group
FLAGFlexible Lightweight Agile Guided (missile)
FLAG PCSFlag Port Control Station
FLAGEFlexible Lightweight Agile Guided Experiment
FLAGOFleet Administrative & General Orders
FLAGOsFleet Administrative & General Orders
FLAIRField Low Altitude Intermediate-range Radar
FLASHFirebee Low-Altitude Ship-to-Ship Homing Missile
FLASHFolding Light Acoustic System for Helicopters
FLAVFamily of Light Armoured Vehicles
FLTSATCOMFleet Satellite Communications
FMAFlight Mode Annunciation
FMAForward Maintenance Area
FMAFoundation Modern Apprenticeship
FMEAFailure Model & Effect Analysis
FMEAFailure Modes and Effects Analysis
FMEA-MIFailure Modes and Effects Analysis - Maintainability Information
FMECAFailure Modes Effect & Criticality Analysis
FMECAFailure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis
FMRAAMFuture Medium Range Air to Air Missile
FMRAAMFuture Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
FMSAMFuture Medium range Surface-to-Air Missile
FMSAMFuture Medium Surface to Air Missile
FOAForecast Of Arisings
FOAFuture Offensive Aircraft
FOACFlag Officer Aircraft carrier
FOAEWFollow On Airborne Early Warning
FOAEWFuture Organic Airborne Early Warning
FOAMForecast Ocean Atmosphere Model
FOAMForecast Ocean Atmospheric Model
FOASFleet Operational Analysis Staff
FOASFuture Offensive Air System
FOASFuture Offensive Aircraft System
FOCAFibre Optic Cable Assembly
FOCASFibre Optical Communications for Aerospace Systems
FOCASFlag Officer Carrier or Amphibious Ships
FOCASFlag Officer Carriers and Amphibious Ships
FOFAFollow On Force Attack
FOMAFlag Officer Maritime Aviation
FOMAFlag Officer Maritime Aviation (also AOC 3 Group STC)
FONAFlag Officer Naval Air
FONAFlag Officer Naval Aviation
FONACFlag Officer Naval Air Command
FONACFlag Officer Naval Air Command
FOPAFOcal Plane Array
FORACSFleet Operational Readiness Accuracy and Check System
FORTRANFormula Translating System
FORWARDFeedback Of Repair Workshop And Reliability Data
FOURATAFFourth Allied Tactical Air Force
FPAFire Point Assembly
FPAFocal Plane Array
FPAFocal-Plane Array
FPAAField Programmable Analogue Array
FPASFocal-Plane Array Seeker
FPDAFive Power Defence Agreement
FPDAFive Power Defence Arrangements
FPDAFive Powers Defence Alliance
FPGAField Programmable Gate Array
FPIWAFirst-Pass In-Weather Attack
FPLAField Programmable Logic Array
FRAFleet Readiness Assessment
FRAFlight Refuelling Aviation
FRACASFailure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action
Frag OFragmentary Order
FRAMFire Risk Assessment Methodology
FRAMFleet Rehabilitation And Modernisation programme (US Navy)
Frame RelayAn X.25 transmission protocol
FRASFree-Rocket Anti-Submarine
FRASMFRagmenting Airburst SubMunition
FRITMAFeasible Region Target Motion Analysis
FRPAFixed Reception Pattern Antenna
FRSAForce Rear Support Area
FRUSAFlexible Rolled-Up Solar Array
FSAField Support office
FSAFinite State Automata
FSAFuture Security Architecture
FSAFuture Surface-to-Air
FSA/CASFuel Savings Advisory and Cockpit Avionics System
FSAAFlight Simulator for Advanced Aircraft
FSACFull Stern Arc Clearance
FSAFFuture Surface to Air Family (Missile System
FSAFFuture Surface-to-Air Family of weapon systems
FSAGFleet Staff Authors Group
FSAGAFirst Sortie After Ground Alert
FSARFailure Summary and Analysis Report
FSASFuel Savings Advisory Systems
FSASFuture Surface to Air systems
FsASTFlight Simulation and Synthetic Trainers
FSATFull Scale Aerial Target
FSTAFuture Strategic Tanker Aircraft IPT
FSTA IPTFuture Strategic Tanker Aircraft IPT
FTAFault Tree Analysis
FTAField Training Area
FTAFixed Term Appointee
FTAFrangible Training Ammunition
FTAFuture Tanker Aircraft
FTAFuture Transport Aircraft
FTAASFast Time Acoustic Analysis System
FTABFlank Towed Array Broadband
FTAMFile Transfer Access Method
FTAMFile Transfer Access and Management
FTCAFuture Tactical Combat Aircraft
FTMAFuture Tank Main Armament
FTTAFuture Transport and Tanker Aircraft
FWAFleet Weapon Acceptance
FWAMFull Width Attack Mine
FWAMGFixed Wing Airworthiness Management Group
FXAFleet Exercise Area
FXAFleet Exercise Variant (Spearfish Torpedo)
G in AGrant in Aid
GAGeneral Alert
GAGovernment Accounting (Treasury publication)
GAGraduate Apprenticeship
GAGround Attack
GAGun Assembly
GATabun (chemical warfare agent)
GAAPGenerally Accepted Accounting Practice
GaAsGallium Arsenide
GACCGround Attack Control Capability
GAEGeneral Administrative Expenditure
GAFGerman Air Force (Luftwaffe)
GAGEGPS at GEO Experiment
GAIGeneral Administrative Instruction
GAIGeneral and Administrative Instruction
GambitGeneral Anti-Material Bomblet with Improved Terminal Effects
GANGlobal Area Network
GANDALFGeneral Algorithm for Numerical Determination of Aerofoil Life & Failure
GAOGeneral Accounting Office (US)
GAPGlycidyl Azide Polymer
GAPGun Aiming Point
GAPAGround-to-Air Pilotless Aircraft
GARGeneric Air-borne Radar
GARGerman Air Force
GARGovernment Accounting Rate
GARGrand Army of the Republic
GAR/IGround Acquisition Receiver / Interrogator
GARDIANGeneral Area Defence Integrated Anti-missile laser
GARPGeneric Aircraft Release Procedure
GARTEURGroup for Aeronautical Research & Technology in Europe
GASGeneral Air Situation
GASGovernment Accountancy Service
GASCGround Air Support Command
GashRN term for rubbish
GASMGeneric Airborne SIGINT Model
GASOGroup Air Staff Order
GASSGeneral Air and Surface Situation
GATGeneral Aviation Traffic
GATS/GAMGPS-Aided Targeting System/GPS-aided Munitions
GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trades
GAUGun Aircraft Unit
GAVGlobal Assets Visibility
GBADGround Based Air Defence
GBAD-BriCGround Based Air Defence Bridging Capability BISA
GCAGround Controlled Approach
GDAGround Defence Area
GDAPGovernment Document Application Profile
GEADGEGerman Air Defence Ground Environment
GEANSGimballed Electrostatic Airborne inertial Navigation System
GEMAGGeneral Electric Mobile Air Defence Gun
GENASYSGeneral Administration System
GESAMPJoint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Protection
GFAGun Fire Area
GFAEGovernment-Furnished Avionics Equipment
GHBAUGovernment Historic Buildings Advice Unit
GIAMGovernment Internal Audit Manual
GLAADSGun Low Altitude Air Defence System
GLOBALRLC Stock Control System for 2nd Line Units
GLONASSA Russian Navigation Satellite System
GNATSGraphic Navlink Aircraft Tracking System
GOAGazelle Observation Aid
GOALSGovernment Out of Area Lines Service
Gp CaptGroup Captain
GPAGovernment Procurement Agreement
GPAGEGeneral Purpose Aerospace Ground Equipment
GPALSGlobal Protection Against Limited Strikes
GPATEGeneral Purpose Automated Test Equipment
GPATEGeneral Purpose Automatic Test Equipment
GPATSGeneral Purpose Automatic Test System
GPAUGeneral Purpose Acquisition Unit
GQAGovernment Quality Assurance
GRAELGeneral Research into Automatic Enhancement of Lofargrams
GSAGeneral Security Arrangement
GSAGun sight Surface-to-Air
GSA 1/8RN Gunnery Systems
GSSAGeneral Support Supply Activity
GTAGround Test Accelerator
GTAGroup Training Association
GTACSGround Target Attack Control System
GTDARGEC Thomson DASA Airborne Radars
GTPAGraph Theoretic Processing Algorithm
GUARDAir Safety Circuit (243.0 MHz)
GUARDEDEnemy frequencies currently being exploited for combat information
HAHeavy Artillery
HAALHead of Attache & Adviser Administration and Liaison
HAARSHigh-Altitude Airdrop Re-supply System
HAASHigh Altitude Active / semi-active Seeker
HABHeavy Assault Bridge
HACHonourable Artillery Company
HACHouse Appropriations Committee
HACHover / Approach Coupler
HACVHeavy Armament Combat Vehicle
HADASHelmet Air-borne Display and Sight
HADFHigh Accuracy Direction Finding
HADRHughes Air Defence Radar
HADSHelicopter Air Data System
HAFCSHowitzer Advanced Fire Control System
HAHSTHigh Altitude High-Speed Target
HAINSHigh Accuracy Inertial Navigation System
HAIRHigh Altitude IR
HAISHydro Acoustic Information System
HAISSHigh Altitude IR Sensor System
HALHard Array Logic
HALEHigh Altitude / Long Endurance (UAV)
HALOHawk Aircraft Low Observable
HALOHigh Agility Low Observable
HALOHigh Altitude Low Observable
HALOHigh Altitude Low Opening (parachuting)
HAMGHelicopter Airworthiness Management Group
HAMPAHarrier Mission Planning Aid
HANHydroxyl Ammonium Nitrate a propellant
HAPHelicopter Assault Primary
HAPHydroxyl Ammonium Perchlorate
HAPSHelicopter Acoustic Processing System
HAPTMHazardous Area Personnel Test Meter
HARHelicopter search and rescue
HARAHazard And Risk Assessment
HARDHelicopter and Airplane Radio / Radar Detection
HARMHigh velocity Anti-Radiation Missile
HARMHigh-speed Anti-Radiation Missile
HARPHigh Altitude Research Programme
HarpoonSystem for securing Lynx helicopter to deck
HARSHeading / Attitude Reference System
HARUHeading and Attitude Reference Unit
HASHardened Aircraft Shelter
HASHeavy Armoured System IPT
HASHelicopter Assault Secondary
HASHelicopter anti-submarine
HASHood Aircrew Survival
HASHover-Augmentation System
HASHuman Activity System
HASAWHealth and Safety at Work
HASAWAHealth And Safety At Work Act 1974
HASCHouse Armed Services Committee
HASTHarrier Avionics System Trainer
HASTHigh Altitude Supersonic Target
HATHarbour Acceptance Trial
HATISHelmet Acquisition and Tracking Indication System
HATSHarbour Acceptance Trials
HATSHAWK Advanced Training Simulator
HATSHelicopter Automatic Targeting System
HAVHand-Arm Vibration
HAWHeavy Anti-tank Weapon
HAWCHoming And Warning Computer
HAWFCARHelicopter Adverse Weather Fire Control Radar
HAWKHoming All-the-Way Killer
HAWK/HIPHawk Improvement Program
Hawk-PIPHawk Product Improvement Program
HAZANHazard Analysis
HAZCATHazard Category of Explosives
HAZOPHazard & Operability Study
HAZOPHAZard Operational analysis
HBAGHistoric Buildings Advisory Group
HBARHeavy Barrelled Automatic Rifle
HDFPAHigh Density Focal Plane Array
HE/APHigh Explosive Armour Piercing
HEAHead Equipment Assembly (EF2000 helmet)
HEAAHigh Explosive Anti-Armour
HEADHigh Explosive Air Defence
HEAPHigh Explosive Anti-Personnel
HE-APERS-FRAGHigh Explosive Anti-Personnel Fragmentation
HEAP-THigh Explosive Anti-Personnel Tracer
HEATHigh Explosive Anti-Tank
HEATHigh Explosive Anti-Tank
HEATHostile Expendable Aerial Target
HEAT-FSHigh Explosive Anti-Tank Fin-Stabilised
HEAT-FSHigh Explosive Anti-Tank Fin-Stabilised
HEAT-MPHigh Explosive Anti-Tank Multi-Purpose
HEAT-MPHigh Explosive Anti-Tank Multi-Purpose
HEAT-MP(P)High Explosive Anti-Tank Multi-Purpose (Practice)
HEAT-THigh Explosive Anti-Tank Tracer
HEAT-T-HVYHigh Explosive Anti-Tank Tracer Heavy
HEAT-T-MPHigh Explosive Anti-Tank Tracer Multi-Purpose
HEAT-TP-THigh Explosive Anti-Tank Target Practice Tracer
HE-FRAGHigh Explosive Fragmentation
HEISAPHigh Explosive Incendiary Semi--Armour Piercing
HEI-SAPHigh Explosive Incendiary Semi-Armour-Piercing
HELARMHelicopter Armed Action
HELBATHuman Engineering Laboratory Battalion Artillery Test
HELRAPSHeliborne long-range Acoustic Path Sonar
HELRASHelicopter long-range Sonar
HELTADSHigh Energy Laser Tactical Air Defence System
HEMAHeavy Engineering Manufacturers Association
HEMATHeavy Expanded mobility Ammunition Trailer
HERAHigh Explosive Rocket-Assisted
HERALDHelicopter Equipment for Radar And Laser Detection
HETAHarpoon Engagement Training Aid
HexalHexal / aluminium powder
HEXDAMHigh Explosive Damage Assessment Model
HFACHelicopter Flight Advisory Computer
HFAJHigh Frequency Anti-Jam
HFAQHuman Factors Acceptance Questionnaire
HFI-ASISTHuman factors Integration - Advanced Support And Information Storage
HGASHead of Government Accountancy Service
HGASHigh Gain Antenna System
HIATHazardous Impact Area Trace
HIBATHelicopter Identification By Acoustic Techniques
HIBRADHelicopter Identification By Radar Detection
HIDARHigh Instantaneous Dynamic Range
HIDASHelicopter Integrated Defensive Aid Suite
HIMADHigh to Medium Altitude Air Defence
HIMAGHigh-Mobility Agility Test Vehicle
HIMATHighly Manoeuvrable Aircraft Technology programme
HIPACTHigh Power Acoustic Coaxial Transducer
HIPADHigh Performance Air Defence
HIPARHigh Power Acquisition Radar
HIPASHigh Performance Sonar
HIRAMHycor Infra-Red Anti-Missile decoy
HIRTAHigh Intensity Radio transmission Area
HIRTAHigh Intensity Radio Transmission Areas
HISTARLarge towed surface target
HLAHigh Level Architecture
HLADHigh Level Air Defence
HMAHer Majestys Ambassador
HMAHigh Memory Area
HMAFVHer Majestys Air Force Vessel
HMASHer Majestys Australian Ship
HMAVHer Majestys Army Vessel
HMT(RAF)Health Monitoring Team (Royal Air Force)
HNAHost Nation Assistance
HOAHeads Of Agreement
HOANHarbour Ops Admin Net (radio)
HODAHydrographic Office Defence Agency
HOTASHands On Throttle And Stick
HP(AS)Health Physicist (Ashore)
HPAHigh Power Amplifier
HPAHorizontal Planar Array
HPA-1High Performance Absorber-1
HPACHigh Pressure Air Compressor
HPAGHigh Power Amplifier Group
HPNARCHealth Physics Nuclear Accident Response Course
HQ AGHeadquarters Adjutant General
HQ LANDHeadquarters Land Command
HQACHeadquarters Air Cadets
HQACCSHQ Air Cadets Computer System
HQASHQ Ashore System
HQSOAHealth Quality Services Organisational Audit
HRAHuman Reliability Assessment
HSAHazardous Substances Authority
HSAHorizontal Sextant Angles
HSAWHealth & Safety At Work
HSEAHealth Safety & Environmental Advisor
HSW ActHealth and Safety at Work etc Act 1974
HSWAHealth and Safety at Work Act
HTADSHelmet Target Acquisition and Designating System
HTASHard Target Attack Submunition
HUDWACHead-Up Display and Weapon Aiming Computer
HUDWASSHead-Up Display Weapon-Aiming Subsystem
HVAHigh Value Unit
HVAPHigh Velocity Armour-Piercing
HVAPDS-THigh Velocity Armour-Piercing Discarding Sabot Tracer
HVAP-THigh Velocity Armour-Piercing Tracer
HVARHigh Velocity Aircraft Rocket
HVMTAHigh Value Mobile Target Attack
HVTAHigh Value Target Acquisition
I&DeaImprovement and Development Agency
IAImage Analyst
IAImmediate Action
IAInformation Age
IAInformation Assurance
IAIntegration Authority
IAInternal Audit
IAInvestment Appraisal
IAIrrespirable Atmosphere
IAIssuing Authority
IAThe Integration Authority
IAAFAInter-American Air Forces Academy
IABInvestment Appraisal Board
IABInvestment Appraisals Board formally EAC
IABInvestment Approvals Board
IACIntegrated Avionics Computer
IACIntelligence Analysis Centre
IACInternal Account Code
IACInternal Accounting Code
IACInternal Audit Code
IACSIntegrated Avionics Control System
IACSInternational Association of Classification Societies
IADBInter-American Defence Board US delegation
IADCInter-American Defence College
IADGESIndian Air Defence Ground Environment System
IADSIceland Air Defence System
IADSIntegrated Air Defence System
IADTIntegrated Automatic Detection and Tracking
IAEInstitute for the Advancement of Engineering
IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency
IAEMInstitute of Higher Military Studies
IAFIndian Air Force
IAFPInter-American Forces of Peace
IAFUImprove Assault Fire Unit
IAFVInfantry Armoured Fighting Vehicle
IAGInformation Advice and Guidance (Partnerships)
IALInfra-red Aiming Light
IALInterim Amendment Leaflet
IALCEInternational Airlift Control Element
IAMInertially-Aided Munitions
IAMInitial Approach Mode
IAMInstitute of Administrative Management
IAMInstitute of Aviation Medicine
IAMISInterim Army Management Information System
IANECInter-American Nuclear Energy Committee
IAPInitial Assessment Phase
IAPPInternational Air Pollution Prevention
IARInformation Asset Register
IARAInter-Allied Reparation Agency
IarmInspectorate of Armaments
IARRCISInterim ARRC Command and Information System
IARRCISInterim ARRC Information System
IASImproved Armour System
IASIndicated Air Speed
IASIntegrated Acoustic Sensor
IASDInstant Ammunition Selection Device
IATImage Automatic Tracking
IATInstallation Acceptance Test
IATAInternational Air Transport Association
IATDIntegrated Airframe Technology Demonstrator
IATIInitial Air Target Identification
IATPInstallation Acceptance Test Procedure
IATPIntegrated Airborne Tracking Programme
IAUISDN Access Unit
IAVInfantry Armoured Vehicle
IAWImagery Analysis Workpoint
IAWIn accordance with
IAWIndications And Warning
IBAInternal Business Agreement
IBAHRSInflatable Body and Head Restraint System
IBERLANTIberia-Atlantic Area
IBERLANTIberian Atlantic Command
ICAInternational Communication Agency
ICAASIntegrated Controls and Avionics for Air Superiority
ICADIndividual Chemical Agent Detector
ICADInformation Coherence Authority for Defence
ICAIIntelligent Computer Assisted Courseware
ICAMIntegrated Computer Assisted Manufacturing
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organisation
ICS COEIAInformation and Communication Services Combined Operational
ICWARImproved Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar
ID&AIdentification & Authentication
ID-1 cardAn ID-1 Card has physical dimensions of 85.6mm X 54mm with a corner
IDAInstallation Design Authority
IDAInstallation Design Authority
IDAInstitute for Defence Analysis
IDAInternational Development Association
IDA (cycle)Information/Decision/Action (cycle)
IDACSIntegrated Digital Audio Control System
IDAHEXDefence Staff College High Level Wargame Facility
IDASIntegrated Defensive Aids System
IDASIntegrated Design Automation System
IDASInternational Danger and Disaster Assistance
IDCAIntegrated Detector and Cooling Assembly
IDEAInternational Defence Equipment and Aerospace Exhibition
IDEALInteractive Database Editor And Linker
IDSTATUSIdentification and Status
IEAIncidental Expenses Allowance
IEAInformation Exchange Agreement
IEAInternational Energy Agency
IECCAInter Establishment Committee on Computer Applications
IECCAInter Establishment Co-ordinating Committee on ADP
IEMATSImproved Emergency Message Automation Transmission System
IFAInternational Finance Adviser
IFACInformation Fusion Architectures & Coordination
IFANSInstitute of Foreign Affairs and National Security
IFPAIndirect Fire Precision Attack
IHADSSIntegrated Helmet And Display Sighting System
IHASIntegrated Helicopter Attack System
IIAItems In Aid (MRPII)
IIRAIntegrated Inertial Reference Assembly
IISAIntelligence Information Services Enhancement programme
IKATInteractive Keyboard And Terminal
ILAIndividual Learning Account
ILAASIntegrated Low Altitude Attack Subsystem
ILACInternational Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
ILADInner Layer Air Defence system
ILAsIndividual Learning Accounts
ILOAInterconnection Letter Of Agreement
IMAIntegrated Modular Avionics
IMAIntegrated Modular Avionics/Architectures
IMAAWSInfantry Man-Portable Anti-armour / Assault Weapon System
IMAGEImagery And Geospatial Systems
IMAISIntegrated Magnetic and Acoustic Influence Sweep
IMATInformation Management And Technology
IMPAIntelligent Multi-Port Adapter
IMPACIntegrated Message Processing And Communications system
IMPACTIndustry & MOD Programme to Accelerate CALS Implementation Today
IMPACTTraffic accident-reporting system
IMSAIntelligence Multiple Source analysis
INAIntegrated Network Architecture
INASIntegrated Nav/Attack System
INASIntegrated Navigation / Attack System
INCAIntegrated Nuclear Communications Assessment
INCSEAAgreement to prevent Incidents at sea between Warships of different Nations
INLAIrish National Liberation Army
INMARSATInternational Marine Satellite
INMARSATINternational MARitime SATellite
INMARSATInternational Maritime Satellite Organisation
INSAAInstructions for Service Attachés and Advisers
INSASIndian Small Arms System
INTACSIntegrated Tactical Communications Study
INTELSATInternational Telecommunications Satellite Organisation
INTELSATInternational Telecommunications Satellites
INVALInternal Validation
IP addressInternet protocol address
IPAImagery Product Archive
IPAIndia Pale Ale
IPAInformation Processing Architecture
IPAInterim Planning Assumption
IPAInternational Pharmaceutical Abstracts
IPADSImproved Processing And Display System
IPARImproved Pulse Acquisition Radar
IPASIntegrated Pressurised Air System
IPATInertial Pointing Aided Tracking
IPSAInteractive Power System Analysis
IPSATIdentifiable Part Serialisation and Tracking
IRAInertial Reference Assembly
IRAInstrument Rating Allowance
IRAInventory Record Accuracy
IRAIrish Republican Army
IRANInspect and Repair as Necessary
I-RAPInfra-Red Augmented Projectile
IRASInfra-Red Alerting System
IRASInterdiction / Reconnaissance Attack System
IRAWSInfra-Red Attack Weapon System
IRF(A)Immediate Reaction Force (Air)
IRFNAInhibited Red Funing Nitric Acid
IR-RAPInfra-Red / Radar Augmented Projectile
IRROLAInflatable Radar-Reflective Optical Location Aid
IRVATInfra-Red Video Automatic Tracking
ISAIndependent Safety Audit
ISAIndependent Safety Auditor
ISAIndustry Standard Architecture
ISAIndustry Standard Architecture (Bus System)
ISAInitial Site Acceptance
ISAInstruction Set Architecture
ISAInternational Standard Atmosphere
ISAInternet Security Association
ISACInterim Stern Arc Clearance
ISADSIntegrated Strapdown Air Data System
ISAFInternational Security Assistance Force
ISAKMPInternet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
ISAPIInternet Server Application Programming Interface
ISAQInterim Statement of Airworthiness Qualification
ISARInverse Synthetic Aperture Radar
ISATIntensified Standard Alternating Temperature
ISAUIgnition and Safety and Arming Unit
ISCOMFARIsland Commander The Faros
ISQAAIn-Service Quality Assurance Authority
ISSAIn-Service Support Agency
ISTARIntelligence Surveillance Targeting Acquisition and Reconnaissance
ISTARIntelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
ITAInterface Test Adaptor
ITA2International Telegraph Alphabet No 2
ITACIntelligence Threat Analysis Centre
ITACSIntegrated Tactical Command System
ITALDImproved Tactical Air-Launched Decoy
ITASImproved Tracking Adjunct System
ITASIntegrated Test Alignment System
ITD(A)Individual Training Directive (Army)
ITEAIntegrated Test Evaluation & Acceptance Plan
ITEAPIntegrated Test Evaluation & Acceptance Plan
IUKADGEImproved UK Air Defence Ground Environment (now UKADGE)
IUKADGEImproved United Kingdom Air Defence Ground Environment
IWACIntegrated Weapon-Aiming System
JAJunior Assistant
JAAJoint Airworthiness Authorities HQ in the Netherlands
JAAJoint Airworthiness Authority
JAAC PUBJoint Acoustic Analysis Centre Publication
JAATTJoint Air Attack Team Tactics
JAAWSCJoint Anti Air Warfare Shore Coordination
JAAWSCJoint Anti-Air Warfare Shore Control (circuit)
JAAWSCJoint Anti-Air Warfare Shore Co-ordination Network
JABJoint Advisory Board
JACJoint Acceptance Committee
JACJoint Acoustic Centre
JACJoint Airworthiness Committee
JACIGJoint Arms Control Implementation Group
JACKAn anthropometric modelling tool
JADJoint Action Development
JADJoint Application Design
JADJoint Application Development
JADDINJoint Air Defence Digital Information System
JADIJapan Association of Defence Industries
JAFEJoint Advanced Fighter Engine
JAGJudge Advocate General
JAGOJoint Aeronautical and Geospatial Organisation
JAIEGJoint Atomic Information Exchange Group
JAMCATJammer Communications Attachment
JAMESJoint Asset Management and Engineering Solutions
JAMREPJamming Report
JANJoint Army Navy (US)
JANAPJoint Army Navy and Air Force Publication
JANAPJoint Army Navy Air Force Publication
JANNAFJoint Army Navy NASA and Air Force (US)
JANSCJoint Air Navigation Safety Committee
JAPJoint Aeronautical Programme
JAPJoint Air Publication
JAPNMSJTIDS Air Platform Network Management System
JAPSJoint Administrative Planning Staff
JARJob Appraisal Review
JARJoint Airworthiness Requirement
JARJoint Airworthiness Requirements
JARIBJoint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Board
JARICJoint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre
JARICJoint Air Reconnaissance Interpretation Centre
JARICNational Imagery Exploitation Centre
JASDFJapan Air Self Defence Force
JASINJoint Air-Sea Interaction
JASORSJoint Advanced Special Operations Radio System
JASSJoint Anti-Submarine School
JASSMJoint Air-to-Surface Stand-off Missile
JASTJoint Advanced Strike Technology
JATCCCSJoint Advanced Tactical C3 System
JATEJoint Air Transport Establishment
JATEUJoint Air Transport Evaluation Unit
JATFJoint Amphibious Task Force
JATFORJoint Airborne Task Force
JATOJet-Assisted Take-Off
JATSJamming Analysis and Transmission Selection
JAWSJamming And Warning System
JAWSJoint Attack Weapon Systems
JBIAJoint Battlefield Information Architecture
JCAJoint Combat Aircraft
JCABSJoint Cockpit Air Bag System
JCALSJoint Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistic Support system
J-CATCHJoint Countering Attack Helicopter program
JDAJapanese Defence Agency
JDAMJoint Direct Attack Munition
JESAJoint Equipment Support Authority
JFACJoint Force Air Component
JFACCJoint Force Air Component Commander
JFAIJoint Formal Acceptance Inspection
JFAmphCCJoint Force Amphibious Component Commander
JFASTJoint Flow and Analysis System for Transport
JFDA(EP)Joint Force Development Agenda (Experimentation Priorities)
JIAJoint Information Architecture
JIAWGJoint Integrated Avionics Working Group
JIFDATSJoint-services In-Flight Data Transmission System
JIGSAWJoint Implementation Group for Systematic Automation of Work
JINTACSJoint Inter-operability of Tactical Command And Control System
JITAJapan Industrial Technology Association
JMEAJapan Machinery Exporters Association
JMSAJapan Maritime Safety Agency
JOANNAJOint Airborne NavigatioN and Attack
Joint STARSJoint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System (also JSTARS)
JPASJoint Personnel Administration System
JPASJoint Personnel Administration System (JPASS - Study)
JPATSJoint Primary Aircraft Training System
JRAJaguar Rover Australia
JRAJapanese Red Army
JSAJob Seekers Allowance
JSATOJoint Support Air Tasking Organisation
JSDFAJapan Self Defence Force Agency
JSTARSJoint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System
JSTARSJoint Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance System
JSTARSJoint Surveillance Target-Attack Radar System
JTACMSJoint Tactical Missile System
JTC3AJoint Tactical Command Control and Communications Agency
JTSACJoint Training Simulation and Analysis Centre
KAKeep Alive
KAG-22K-Action Group
KASKilled on Active Service
KATIEKiller Alert Threat Identification and Evasion
kcasKnots Calibrated Air Speed
KIAKilled In Action
KIASKnots Indicated Air Speed
KMAKorea Military Academy
KPAFKorean Peoples Air Force
KPAGKey Partners Action Group (Scottish Office)
KSAsKey Support Areas
KTAKey Technical Area
KTAKey Technical Assumption
ktasKnots True Airspeed
kVAKilo Volt Amps
KVAKiloVolt Amp
kVAKilovolt Amperes
LALocal Authority
LALocally Attractive
LA IPTLogistics Applications Intergrated Project Team
LA21Local Agenda 21
LAALight Anti-Aircraft
LAAASLow-Altitude Airfield Attack System
LAADLow Altitude Air Defence
LAADSLow Altitude Aircraft Detection System
LAAGLight Anti-Aircraft Gun
LAAMLight Anti-Aircraft Missile
LAAPCLocal Authority Air Pollution Control
LAASHLITEFs Analogue Air data System for Helicopters
LAATLaser Augmented Air-borne TOW
LAAVLight Air-borne ASW Vehicle
LAAWCLocal AAW Commander or Coordination circuit
LAAWCLocal Anti-Air Warfare Coordinator
LABLight Assault Bridge
LABCOMLaboratory Command (US Army)
LABRVLarge Advanced Ballistic Re-entry Vehicle
LABSLow Altitude Bombing System
LABSLow-Altitude Bombing System
LACLeading Aircraftman
LACList of Assessed Contractors
LACELandline Air defence Communications Encryption
LACHLightweight Amphibious Container Handler
LACWLeading Aircraftwoman
LADLarge Area Display
LADLaser Acquisition Device
LADLaser Alignment Device
LADLaunch Assist Device
LADLearning Analysis Document
LADLiberation Army Daily (newspaper)
LADLight Aid Detachment
LADLocal Air Defence
LADLocal Area Disc
LADLocal Area Domain
LADLow Altitude Dispenser
LADALogical Applications and Data Architecture
LADARLaser Detection And Ranging
LADDLow Altitude Drogue Delivery
LADSLaser Air-borne Depth Sounder
LADSLight Air Defence System
LADSLocal Area Depot System
LAELow Altitude Extraction
LAFLight Assault Ferry
LAFLow Frequency Active System
LAFISLedger Accounting Financial Information System
LAFISLedger Accounts Financial Management Information System
LAFISLocal Area Financial Information System
LAFTLight Aircraft Flying Task
LAFTALatin American Free Trade Association
LAFTSLaser And FLIR Test Set
LAGLocal Award Group
LAGLocal Award Group (GEMS)
LAHLight Attack Helicopter
LAIALatin American Integration Association
LAIRLaser and Atomic Research and Development
LAIRSLight Aircraft Reconnaissance System
LAISLithium Aluminium Iron Sulphide
LAITLand Accident and Investigation Team
LALLaunch And Leave
LAMLong Aerial Mine
LAMPLarge Advanced Mirror Programme
LAMPLockheed Adaptive Modular Payload
LAMPLong Assisted Maintenance Period
LAMPSLight Air-borne Multi-Purpose System
LAMPSLong Assisted Maintenance Period
LAMSLocal Area Missile System
LANLocal Area Network
LANLocal Area Network (IT)
LANALow Altitude Night Attack
LANDSATA civilian surveillance satellite
LANLLos Alamos National Laboratory
LANTIRNLow Altitude Navigation Targeting Infra Red Night
LANTIRNLow-Altitude Navigation Targeting Infra-Red Night
LAPLocal Air Plot
LAPADSLightweight Acoustic Processing And Display System
LAPCLocal Accident Procedure Course
LAPESLow Altitude Parachute Extraction System
LARLight Artillery Rocket
LARLight Automatic Rifle
LARALarge Aperture Research Array
LARCLighter Amphibious Re-supply Cargo
LARCLogistics & Resource Cell
LARCLow Altitude Ride Control
LARCLow-Altitude Ride Control
LAROLogistic Analysis and Research Organisation
LARSLight Artillery Rocket System
LARSLower Airspace Radar Service
LASLocal Area Sub-System
LASLocal Area System
LASERLearning Age Standards Evaluation and Review (the new IiP standard)
LASERLight Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LASHLighter Aboard Ship
LASHELow Altitude Simultaneous HAWK Engagement
LASOLatin American Solidarity Organisation
LASRLow Altitude Surveillance Radar
LASSLarge Area Smoke Screening
LASSLight Armoured System Support
LASSLocal Area Sensor System
LASSLow Altitude Surveillance System
LASSIELow Airspeed Sensing and Indicating Equipment
LASSOLight Anti-Surface Semi-automatic Optical missile
LASTLocal Area System Transport
LASTLow Altitude Supersonic Target
LASTELow Altitude Safety and Targeting Enhancement
LATLight Anti-Tank
LATLocal Area Transport
LATARLaser-Augmented Target Acquisition and Recognition
LATASLaser True Airspeed System
LATCCLondon Air Traffic Control Centre
LATCPLocal Area Transport Control Programme
LATISLightweight Air-borne Thermal Imaging System
LATSLight Armoured Turret System
LAVLight Armoured Vehicle
LAVLight Assault Vehicle
LAVALow-profile Adaptive Vehicular Antenna
LAV-ADLight Armoured Vehicle - Air Defence
LAV-AGLight Armoured Vehicle - Assault Gun
LAWLight Anti-armour Weapon
LAWLight Anti-tank Weapon
LAXLimited Area automatic Extraction (radar tracking)
LBALongbow Apache
LCALanding Craft Assault
LCALife Cycle Analysis
LCALight Combat Aircraft
LCACLanding Craft Air-Cushion
LCADLightweight Chemical Agent Detector
LCAJLow-cost Anti-Jam system
LCASLight Close Air Support
LCIALogistics Coherence Information Architecture
LDALanding Distance Available
LDALaser Doppler Anemometry
LDALatent Damage Act
LDALearning and Development Adviser
LDALearning and Development Advisor
LDALimited Danger Area
LDALogistics Data Analysis
LDALogistics Functional Area
LDALondon Development Agency
LDAHLanding Distance Available (Helicopter)
LDT/SCAMLaser Detector and Tracker-Strike Camera
LE(A)Logistics Executive (Army)
LEALocal Education Authority
LEALocal Exercise Area
LEADLaunched Expendable Acoustic Decoy
LEAPLightweight Exoatmospheric Advanced Projectile
LEBALong Endurance Breathing Apparatus
LFALogistics Functional Area
LFALow Frequency Active
LFALow Frequency Active sensor
LFASLow Frequency Active Sonar
LHALaser Hazard Area
LHATLaser Hazard Area Trace
LIALinear Induction Accelerator
LICASLow Intensity Conflict Aircraft System
LIDARLight Detection and Ranging
LIMASLightweight Marking System
LIMAWSLight Mobile Artillery Weapon System
LIMAWSLight Mobile Artillery Weapons System
LINACLinear Accelerator
LINASLaser-Inertial Navigation / Attack System
LIRALow Intensity Reconnaissance Aircraft
LISALogical Information Systems Architecture
LITALLitton Italia SpA
LKALanding Ship
LLALong Linear Arrays
LLADLow Level Air Defence
LMALeading Medical Assistant
LMALeading Medical Assistant (Royal Navy)
LMAWLight Multi-purpose Assault Weapon
LMMSALightweight Modular Multi-purpose Spanning Assembly
LNALow Noise Amplifier
LNALow Noise Amplifiers
LOALaunch On Assessment
LOALetter of Offer & Acceptance
LOACLaw of Armed Conflict
LOADLow Altitude Defence
LOADEOLoading of Explosive Ordnance
LOADSLow-Altitude Air Defence System
LOALLock on After Launch
LOCAASLow-cost Anti-Armour Sub-munitions programme
LOCAPLo Combat Air Patrol
LOCATLow Cost Artillery Trainer
LOCATLow-cost Aerial Trainer
LOCATMLow-cost Advanced Technology Missile
LOCATSLow Cost Air Target System
LOCLADLow Altitude Dispenser System
LOCLADLow-cost Low Altitude Dispenser
LOCSTATLocation State
LOFAADSLo-Altitude Forward Area Air Defence System
LOFARGRAMLow Frequency Recording and Analysis Gram
LOGMANLogistics and Manpower Division SHAPE
LOGSTATLogistics State
LOMADSLow Altitude Missile Air Defence System
LOMAHLocation of Miss And Hit
LORALevel Of Repair Analysis
LORAASLong-range Air-borne ASW System
LORANLong Range Aid to Navigation
LORANLong Range Navigation
LORAPLevel of Repair Analysis Plan
LOSACALiaison Officer to the Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic
LOSATLine-Of-Sight Anti-Tank
LOTAWSLaser Obstacle Terrain-Avoidance Warning System
LOVALow Vulnerability
LOVALow-Vulnerability Ammunition
LPALinear Power Amplifier
LPALocal Planning Authority
LPARLarge Phased Array Radar
LPRALow Power Radio Association
LQALand Quality Assessment
LQALink Quality Analysis
LRALowest Replacement Assembly
LRAACALong-range Air Anti-Submarine Capability Aircraft
LRAASLong-range Air-borne ASW System
LRAS3Long-range Advanced Scout Surveillance System
LRATLarge Radar Array Technology
LRATLong-range Anti-Tank
LRATGWLong Range Anti-Tank Guided Weapon
LRCALong Range Combat Aircraft
LRPALong-range Patrol Aircraft
LRQALloyds Register Quality Assurance
LRSAMLong Range Surface-to-Air Missile
LSALayered Security Architecture
LSALife Saving Appliances
LSALink State Advertisement ( from OSPF Protocol)
LSALocal Stores Administrator
LSALocal System Administrator
LSALogistic Support Analysis
LSALogistics Support Analysis
LSAMLogistic Support Analysis Manager
LSAPLogistic Support Analysis Plan
LSARLogistic Support Analysis Record
LSARLogistics Support Analysis Record
LSATLogistic Shelter Air-Transportable
LSCAMLocal Sea Clearance Acceptance Meeting
LSD(A)Landing Ship Dock (Auxiliary)
LSDALearning and Skills Development Agency
LSFFARLow-Speed Folding-Fin Aircraft Rocket
LTALight Transport Aircraft
LTALogistics Technical Analysis
LTARLands Training Areas & Ranges
LTAVLighter Than Air Vehicle
LTWALong Trailing Wire Antenna
LUALaunch Under Attack
LUMATLimitations in the Use of Missiles and Ammunition at Training
LVALanding Vehicle Assault
LVALarge Vertical Aperture radar
LVALoud Vocal Alarm
LWALaser Warning Analyser
LYCHGATEIntelligence System for Head Quarters Strike Command
LYDIALTC Year-on-year Data and Information Analysis
MAMaintenance Area
MAManagement Accountant or Manpower Audit
MAMarketing Agreement
MAMaster of Arts
MAMaterial Accounting
MAMechanical Alloying
MAMedical Assistant
MAMilitary Attaché/Military Assistant
MAModern Apprenticeship (Foundation and Advanced levels)
MARelease Military Aircraft Release
MAAMaster At Arms (Royal Navy)
MAAMission Area Analysis
MAAMonitoring Angle of Attack
MAAPMaster Air Attack Plan
MABMarine Amphibious Brigade
MABMobile Assault Bridge
MACMaintenance Allocation Chart
MACMandatory Access Control
MACMean Aerodynamic Chord
MACMedia Access Control
MACMedium Access Control (ATM)
MACMedium Armoured Car
MACMilitary Airlift Command (USAF)
MACMulti Activity Contract
MACMulti Activity Contracts
MACAMilitary Aid to the Civil Authorities
MACAMilitary Assistance to the Civil Authorities
MACA/C/M/PMilitary Aid to the Civil Authority/Community/Ministry/Power
MACCMilitary Aid to the Civil Commander
MACCMilitary Aid to the Civil Community
MACCMilitary Aid to the Civilian Community
MACCMilitary Area Control Centre
MACCMilitary Assistance to the Civil Community
MACCSMarine Air Command Control System
MACCSMMobile Adaptable Communications Countermeasures System
MACDMaintenance Analysis and Computer Division
MACEManpower Analysis & Constraints Evaluation Model or Multi-static Active
MACEDMonth After Contract Effective Date
MACEXMilitary Air Control Exercise
MACIMilitary Adaption of Commercial Items
MACIMSMilitary Airlift Command Integrated Management System
MACMMilitary Aid to the Civil Ministries
MACMMilitary Assistance to Civil Ministries
MACMMilitary Assistance to the Civil Ministries
MACMTMean Active Corrective Maintenance Time
MACPMilitary Aid to the Civil Power
MACPMilitary Assistance to Civil Power
MACRMajor Accident Control Regulations
MACSMagnetic Countermine System
MACSManagement Accountants Computer System
MACSMarine Air Control Squadron
MACSMulti-Altitude Control System
MACSMultiple Acceleration Control System
MACSMultiple Access Communications System
MACSMultiple Applications Control System
MACTISMine-hunting Action Information Subsystem
MADMagnetic Anomaly Detection
MADMagnetic Anomaly Detector
MADMass Air Delivery
MADMutually Assured Destruction
MADARMaintenance Analysis Detection and Recording
MadarMaintenance Analysis Detection and Recording
MADCMiniature Air Data Computer
MADGEMalaysian Air Defence Ground Environment
MADGEMicrowave Aircraft Digital Guidance Equipment
MADLSMobile Air Defence Launching System
MADSMilitary Advanced Disk System
MADSMPS Air Defence Simulator
MAEMean Area of Effect
MAEMean Area of Effectiveness (USAF)
MAEMilitary Air Environment
MAEMISModular Aero-Engine Management Information System
MAEOMaster Air Electronics Officer (Royal Air Force)
MAESMarine Auxiliaries Environmental and Steam systems
MAESTROManaging Assets for Equipment Support Transactions Records and
MAESTROMEEAsset Earmarking and Shortfall Recognition
MAFMalaysian Armed Forces
MAFManual Acquisition Facility
MAFMarine Amphibious Force
MAFMaritime Amphibious Force
MAFFMinistry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food
MAFISManagement Accounting Financial Information System
MAFLIRModified Advanced Forward Looking Infra-Red
MAFRMonth of Annual / First Return
MAGMain Award Group
MAGMaintenance Advisory Group
MAGMarine Air Group
MAGMilitary Assistance Group
mag varMagnetic Variation
MAGICSModular Architecture for Graphics and Image Control System
MAGIKMerit Automated Graphics Interface Kit for simulation system
MAGLADMarksman And Gunnery Laser Device
MAGRMiniature Air-borne GPS Receiver
MAGTFMarine Air Ground Task Force (USMC)
MAHRSMicrofiche Attitude and Heading Reference System
MAHRUMicroflex Attitude and Heading Reference Unit
MAIMinistry of Armament Industry
MAIDMobile Autonomous Intelligent Device
MAINREQMaintenance Requirement
MAIRMaritime Air
MAIREASTLANTMaritime Air Eastern Atlantic Command
Maj GenMajor General
MAJ(ICY F)Major (Inter-changeability Functional)
MAJ(ICY P)Major (Interchangeability Physical)
MAJ(PER)Major (Performance)
MALMMaster Air Loadmaster (Royal Air Force)
MALOSMiniature Optical Laser Sight
MAMSMobile Air Movement Squadron
MAMSMobile Air Movements Squadron
MAMTMobile Air Movements Team
MANMetropolitan Area Network
Man S (Org)Management Services Organisation. Subsumed by Director General
MANCLOSManual Command to Line-Of-Sight
MANDATEManagement Database for Army Test Equip (also issue & procurement)
MANDATEMCCIS Austere Northwood Database and Terminal Equipment
MANDIMultiple Array Panoramic Imager
MANDUSMANagement of Design for Upkeep Support
MANPADSMan Portable Air Defence System
MANPADSMan-Portable Air Defence Missile Systems
MANPADSManportable Air Defence System
MANPRINTManpower & Personnel Integration
MANPRINTMANpower and PeRsonnel INTegration
MAN-QSoftware product to support configuration management of MANPRINT
MANSMissile And Nudet Surveillance
MANSORGManagement Services Organisation (Man S Org)
MANTISMAN-in-loop Target Interdiction System
MANTISMan-in-the-loop Target Interdiction System
MANTISManpack Tactical Intelligence System
MANTRAModern Apprenticeship and National Traineeship Steering Group
MAOTMinisterially Approved Operational Task
MAOTMobile Air Operations Team
MAOVMobile Artillery Observation Vehicle
MAPManufacturing Automation Protocol
MAPMilitary Aid Program
MAPMilitary Air Programme
MAPMilitary Assistance Program
MAPMILSTAR Advanced Processor
MAPMultiple Aim Point (USAF)
MAPMutual Assistance Programme
MAPADMilitary Assistance Program Address Directory System
MAPIMessaging Application Programming Interface
MAPPSMobile Access PTARMIGAN Packet Switch
MAPSManpower Analysis and Planning System
MAPSMaritime Asset Planning System
MAPSMobile Aerial Port Squadron (USMAC)
MAPSModular Azimuth Positioning System
MAPSThe MODs Manpower Analysis and Planning System
MAPSPMap Supply Point
MARMedium Anti-Aircraft Radar
MARMilitary Aircraft Release
MARMilitary Airworthiness Release
MARMinimally Attended Radar
MARMultiple / Multi-function Array Radar
MARAModular Architecture for Real-time Applications
MARADMaritime Administration
MARAIRMEDMaritime Air Forces Mediterranean
MARCLIPMaritime Commands long-term Infrastructure Plan
MARCOMMaritime Command
MARCONFORLANTMaritime Contingency Forces Atlantic
MARCOTCanadian Maritime Surveillance Exercise
MARCSMAC Airlift Reaction Communications System
MARDIMobile Advanced Robotic Defence Initiative
MAREMiniature Analogue Recording Electronics
MARECMaritime Reconnaissance radar
MAREQMilitary Assistance Requirement
MARETSMilitary Airfield Remote Entry Terminal System
MARINMaritime Research Institute Netherlands
MARINTSUMMaritime Intelligence Summary
MARLMARitime Leadership
MARMOSETMarconi Mobile Satellite Earth Terminal
MAROMaritime Air Radio Organisation
MARPACMaritime Forces Pacific
MARPOLMarine Pollution
MARREPMaritime Report
MARREPMARitime REPorting
MARRESManual Radar-Reconnaissance Exploitation System
MARRSModular Armoured Repair and Recovery System
MARSMagnetic Array Sensor System
MARSMaintenance Analysis and Reporting System
MARSManpower Analysis and Reporting System
MARSMAPPER Replacement System
MARSMatra road to Air transportable Reconnaissance System
MARSMid-Air Recovery System (US Navy)
MARSMid-Air Retrieval System
MARSMilitary Affiliate Radio System
MARSMilitary Afloat Reach and Sustainability
MARSMilitary Amphibious Reconnaissance System
MARSMilitary Archive and Research Services
MARSMinimally Attended Radar Station
MARSMobile Automatic Reporting Station
MARSModular Adaptable Radar Simulator
MARSModular Air-borne Recording System
MARSMulti-Access Retrieval System
MARTMean Active Repair Time
MARTModular Air / Ground Remote Terminal
MARTELMissile Anti-Radar and Television
MARTISManagement of Resources Tactical Information Systems
MARVManoeuvrable Re-entry Vehicle
MARVManoeuvring Re-entry Vehicle
MASMain Access Switch
MASMilitary Agency for Standardisation
MASMilitary Agency for Standardisation (NATO)
MASMilitary Area Services
MASMine Avoidance Sonar (Sonar 193M)
MASAAGMilitary Aircraft Structural Airworthiness Advisory Group
MASCOTModular Approach to Software Construction Operation and Test
MASEMulti-Aegis Site Emulator
MASERMicrowave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
MASHMobile Army Surgical Hospital
MASINTMeasuring and Signature Intelligence
MASISManagement and Support of Information Systems in Ships
MASRMission Avionics Software Rig
MASRMission Avionics Systems Rig
MASRMultiple Antenna Surveillance Radar
MASRCLIPMaritime Commanders Long-term Infrastructure Plan
MaSSMachinery Surveillance System
MASSMarine Air Support Squadron
MASSMaritime Air Surveillance Sortie
MASSMission Avionics Sensor Synergism
MASSTMajor Ship Satellite Terminal
MASTMilitary Anti-Shock Trousers
MASTModular Adjustable Stowage & Transport unit
MASTMulti-Application Sonar Trainer
MASTMulti-static Active Sonar Technology
MASTACSManoeuvrability Augmentation System for Tactical Air Combat Simulation
MASTERMilitary Aircraft Satcoms Terminal
MASTERModular Acoustic Stimulator / Emulator
MASTTMPS Action Speed Tactical Trainer
MASUMobile Air Support Unit
MASUMobile Aircraft Salvage Unit
MASUMobile Aircraft Support Unit
MASUMultiple Acceleration Sensor Unit
MASWTMPS Anti-Submarine Warfare Trainer
MATManagement Acceptance Trial
MATCALSMarine Air Traffic Control And Landing System
MATCHManned Anti-submarine Troop-Carrying Helicopter
MATCHMedium Range Anti-Submarine Torpedo-carrying Helicopter
MATCONOFFMaterial Control Officer
MATDEMMaterial Demand - By Signal
MATELMultiplexed Automatic Telephone Equipment
MATELOMaritime Air Telecomms Organisation
MATISMManagement and Training for Information Systems in the Royal Marines
MATOMilitary Air Traffic Operations
MATSMarconi Acoustic Training System
MATSMilitary Aircraft Target System
MATSMobile Automatic Telephone System
MATSModel Aircraft Target System
MATSMultiple Array Test Set
MATTRMean Active Time To Repair
MATTSMultiple Air-borne Target Trajectory System
MATYMultiple Array Towing Yoke
MATZMilitary Air Traffic Zone
MAUMarine Amphibious Unit
MAUVMaritime Unmanned Air Vehicle
MAVMaintenance Assist Vehicle
MAVDsMaterially Available Vessel Days
MAVIDModular Architecture for Video and Image Distribution system
MAVISManagement Admin and VME Interface System
MAWMedium Anti-Tank Weapon
MAWMilitary Airlift Wing (USAF)
MAWMissile Approach Warning
MAWMissile Approach Warning system
MAWMission Adaptive Wing
MAWModular Abstands WAFFE
MAWMountain and Artic Warfare
MAWTSMarine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron
MAWWMaritime Above Water Warfare
MAXALMAXimum Assets Level
MaxFaxMaxillo-Facial [Surgeon Department Specialty]
MBAMain Battle Area
MBAManagement Budgeting and Accounting
MBAMaster Batchelor of Arts
MBADMaterial Budgetary Analysis Document
MBARMultiple Beam Acquisition Radar
MBATMulti-Beam Array Transmitter
MC of AMilitary Certificate of Airworthiness
MCAManagement Consultancies Association
MCAMaritime and Coastguard Agency
MCAMicro Channel Architecture
MCAMilitary Co-ordinating Authority
MCAMotor Cycling Association
MCADMan-Portable Chemical Agent Detector
MCASMachinery Control And Surveillance
MCATTMulti-weapon Combined Arms Tactical Trainer
MCDAMulti-Criteria Decision Analysis
MCMTAMine CounterMeasures Tasking Authority
MCTAMaritime Commissioning Trials and Assessments
MDAMaintainers Diagnostic Aid
MDAMechanical Design Authority
MDAMinimum Descent Altitude
MDAModel Driven Architecture
MDAMonochrome Display Adapter
MDALMaster Data Assumptions List
MDAPMutual Defence Assistance Program
MDF(A)Main Defence Force (Air)
MDPAMinister of Defence Procurement Approval
MDPGAMinistry of Defence Police and Guarding Agency
MDSAMulti Sensor Deployed Array
MEADSMedium Extended Air Defence System
MEASMechanical Engineering Aircraft Squadron (Royal Air Force)
MECAMissile Electronics and Computer Assembly
MECCAModular Equipped and Configured Calibration Analyser
MEDAMilitary Emergency Diversion Airfield
MEDAXMessage Data Exchange terminal
MEDEVACMedical Evacuation
MEIDASModel of the Effectiveness of Integrated DAS
MERAMolecular-Electronics Radar
MERADCOMMobility Equipment Research and Development Command
MESARMicrowave Electronically Scanned Adaptive Radar
MESARMulti-function Electronically Scanned Adaptive Radar
MESARMultifunction Electronically Scanned Array/Adaptable Radar
MESRASMan-mounted Eye/Scene Recording and Analysis System (Eye pointing
METSATNETMeteorological Satellite Network
MEVAModular version of EVA code
MFAMovements Financial Authority
MFARMulti-Function Array Radar
MFASISMovements Finance Audit Information System
MFMAMulti-Function Microwave Aperture
MGARJSMobile Ground-to-Air Radar Jamming System
MGDA RAFMaintenance Group Defence Agency. See DARA.
MIAMissing In Action
MIAMIMicrowave Ice Accretion Measurement Instrument
MIASManagement Information and Accounting system
MICAMedia Independent Communication Architecture
MIDASMaintenance Information and Defect Analysis System
MIDASMake Ideas Develop Assets Successfully (Suggestion scheme)
MIDASManagement Information Data and Accounting System
MIDASMarine Inclination Differential Alignment System
MIDASMaritime Integrated Defensive Aids Suite
MIDASMaritime Intelligence Dissemination & Analysis System (RAN Command
MIDASMine and Ice Detection/Avoidance System
MIDASMissile Defence Alarm System
MIDASMobile Integrated Digital Automatic System
MIDASMotorway Island Detection and Automatic Signalling System
MIEAMaster Information Exchange Agreement
MIEAMaster Information Exchange Arrangement
MIFASSMarine Integrated Fire and Air Support System
MILANMissile dInfanterie Leger ANtichor
MILCAPMilitary Capability
MILCAPMILitary CAPability report
MILSATCOMMILitary SATellite COMmunications
MILSTAMPMilitary Standard Transportation And Movement Procedures
MILSTANMilitary Standard
MilstarMilitary Strategic Tactical and Relay
MILTRACSMilitary Air Traffic Control System
Min AFMinister Armed Forces
MIN(AF)Minister for the Armed Forces
Min(AF)Minister of State for the Armed Forces
MIRAMILAN Infra--Red Adapter
MIRAMILAN Infra-Red Attachment
MIRAMiniature Infra-Red Alarm
MIRACLMid Infra-Red Advanced Chemical Laser
MIRADCOMMissile R&D Command (US Army)
MIRADORMinefield Reconnaissance and Detector System
MIRAGEMicroelectronics Indicator for Radar Ground Equipment
MIRCATMultispectral Infra-Red Cueing And Tracking
MIS(CAT)Proposed Army Catering Management Information System
MITASMulti-sensor Imaging Technology for Air-borne Surveillance
MLAManufacturing License Agreement
MLAMean Line of Advance
MLAWMissile Launch and Approach Warner
MLSAMMOD Logistic Support Analysis Manager
MLTAAManufacturing License and Technical Assistance Agreement
MMAMain Management Area
MMAManual Metal Arc (welding)
MMAMast Mounted Assembly
MMAMotor Mileage Allowance
MMAMulti-mission Aircraft
MMARSMilitary Movement and Reporting System
MMARSMovement Management and Air Reservation System
MMARSMovements Management Air Reservation System
MMS 6AMaintenance Management System
MOAMemorandum Of Agreement
MOAMemorandum of Agreement (binding)
MOAMilitary Operations Area
MOADMaritime Operational Analysis Database
MOATMineware Operations Analysis Tool
MOBAMobility Operations For Built-up Areas (US Army)
MOCRATMembers of the Central Region Air Tasking
MODAMinistry Of Defence and Aviation
MODAFMinistry Of Defence Architectural Framework
MODARMOD Architectural Repository
MODASModular Data Acquisition System
MODSAFMODular Semi Autonomous Forces
MOFAMulti-Option Fuze Artillery
MOGASMechanical Transport Gasoline
MOLARMortar/Artillery Locating Radar
MONABMobile Naval Air-base on shore (US Army)
MOPTARMultiple-Object Phase Tracking And Ranging
MORANManagement Of Resources And Networks
MOVTASModified Visual Target Acquisition System
MOWAMMobile Water Mine
MPAMan Powered Aircraft
MPAMan-Powered Aircraft
MPAMaritime Patrol Aircraft
MPAMedium Power Amplifier
MPAModular Protocol Architecture
MPAMulti-Port Adapter
MPAAMultifunctional / Multi-beam Phased-Array Antenna
MPATMulti-Purpose Anti-Tank
MPBAMultiple Practice Bomb Adapter
MPCAMultiple Phase Centre Antenna
MR SAMMedium range Surface to Air Missile system
MR TRIGATMedium Range ThiRd Generation Anti-Tank
MRAMain Responsibility Area
MRAMultiple Receiving Array
MRAAMMedium Range Air-Air Missile
MRAAMMedium Range Air-to-Air Missile
mradmilli radians
MRADMultiple Range Alignment Device
MRAFMarshal of the Royal Air Force
MRASMMedium Range Air-to-Surface Missile
MRATGWMILAN Medium Range Anti--Tank Guided Weapon
MRATGWSMedium Range Anti-Tank Guided Weapon System
MRAVMulti-Role Armoured Vehicle
MRCAMulti-Role Combat Aircraft
MRSAMMedium-Range Surface-to-Air-Missile
MRSASSMedium Range SAM in the Surface to Surface mode
MS EAMicrosoft Enterprise Agreement
MSAMarine Safety Agency
MSAMaritime Safety Agency
MSAMedical Supplies Agency
MSAMid-Stage Assessment
MSAMobile Subscriber Access
MSAMutual Security Area
MSAMMedium (range) Surface to Air Missile
MSAMMedium Range Surface-Air Missile
MSAMMedium Range Surface-to-Air Missile
MSAMMedium Surface-to-Air-Missile
MSAMMedium-range Surface-to-Air-Missile
MSARMiniature Synthetic Aperture Radar
MSAT-AirMulti-Sensor Aided Targeting - Air-borne
MSAWMinimum Safe Altitude Warning
MSHATFMedium Support Helicopter Advanced Training Facility
MSSAMine Sweeping System Acoustic
MSSASMERLIN Support & Spares Availability System
MSTARManportable Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar
MSTARTMissile System To Attack Relocatable Targets
MT(Ops)ManagerMotor Transport(Operations)Manager
MTAMemorandum Trading Account
MTAMessage Transfer Agent (X400)
MTAMilitary Training Area
MTACC/IASMarine Corp Tactical C2 System/Intelligence C2 System
MTACSMarine Tactical Air Control System
MTADMulti-Trace Analysis Display
MTAEMultiple Time Around Echoes
MTASMillimetric Target Acquisition System
MTASModular Target Acquisition System
MTASMulti-sensor Target Acquisition System
MTAUMachinery Trials Assessment Unit
MTBAFMean Time Between Attributable Faults
MTBMAMean Time Between Maintenance Actions
MTBMAMean Time Between Maintenance Activities
MTCASMarine Corps Tactical Command And Control System
MTDAMean Time Data Availability
MTIAMetal Trades Industry Association of Australia
MTIACManufacturing Technology Information Analysis Centre
MTMAMilitary Terminal Manoeuvring Area
MTRACSMultiple input Tracking Control System
MUAMilitary User Agent
MUAVMaritime Unmanned Air Vehicle
MUDASModular Universal Data Acquisition System
MuFARMulti-target Field Artillery Radar
Multi-agent CGFMulti Agent Computer Generated Forces
MULTIFABType of waterproof suit for working in cold & wet conditions
MWAMinor Warships & Auxiliaries
MWAMultiple Weapons Adapter
MWABMinor Warships Auxiliaries and Boats
MWANMegastream Wide Area Network
MYRAnnMilestone (M) designation
N/ANot Applicable
NANaval Advisor/Attaché
NANot Applicable
NANot Available
NANumerical Aperture
NA TABNot Available Tabulation
NAANorth Atlantic Assembly
NAABNot Available Any Base
NAADMNorth American Air Defence Modernisation
NAAFINavy Army and Air Force Institutes
NAAGNATO Armies Armaments Group
NAAIHTONot Available Action In Hand To Obtain
NAAWSNATO Anti-Air Warfare System
NABNickel Alloy Bronze
NABKNATO Artillery Ballistic Kernel
NABSNATO Air Base Satcom
NABSENorwegian Artillery Battery Survey
NABUSTNuclear Accident Back-Up Support Team
NABWNorth Atlantic Bottom Water
NACNational Accounts Classification
NACNATO Alert Committee
NACNaval Air Command
NACNaval Avionics Centre
NACNetwork Access Controller
NACNorth Atlantic Council
NACCBNational Accreditation Council for Certification Bodies
NACCISNorth Atlantic Command & Control Information System
NACETTNational Advisory Council for Education and Training Targets
NACNOCNo Acceptable / Appropriate Certification - NO Contract
NACNOCNo Appropriate Certification No Contract
NACOSANATO Communications Organisation Support Agency
NADNational Armaments Director
NADNATO Ammunition Depot
NADNaval Armaments Director
NADNon Acoustic Detection
NADCNATO Air Defence Committee
NADEECNATO Air Defence Electronic Environment Committee
NADEFCOLNATO Defence College
NADEPNaval Aviation Depot
NADGENATO Air Defence Ground Environment
NADGERSNATO Air Defence Ground Environment Routine Servicing
NADLNavy Avionics Development Laboratory
NADREPsNational Armament Directors Representatives
NADSNational Armaments Directors
NADSNaval Air Data System
NAENuclear Accident & Emergency Arrangements
NAEDSNon-Aqueous Equipment Decontamination System
NAEWNATO Air-borne Early Warning
NAEWNATO Airborne Early Warning Force
NAEWNATO Early Warning
NAEWFNATO Air-borne Early Warning Force
NAFNATO Architecture Framework
NAFNaval Air Facility
NAFAGNATO Air Force Armaments Group
NAGNaval Advisory Group
NAGNetherlands Aerospace Group
NAHEMANATO Helicopter Management Agency
NAHQNuclear Accident Headquarters
NAIADNerve Agent Immobilised Enzyme Alarm and Detection
NAIADNerve Agent Immobilised Enzyme Alarm and Detector
NAICNATO Intelligence Centre
NAIRNaval Air Systems Command headquarters
NAKNegative acknowledgement
NALLADSNorwegian Army Low Level Air Defence System
NAMNuclear Audit Manager
NAM(A)Nuclear Assurance Manager (Authorisation)
NAMASNational Association of Measurements and Standards
NAMCNavy Address Management Centre
NAMCNuclear Accident Monitoring Course
NAMFINATO Missile Firing Installation
NAMLNaval Air Maintenance Laboratory
NAMLNaval Aircraft Materials Laboratory
NAMLNaval Aircraft Materiels Laboratory
NAMMANATO MRCA Development and Production Management Agency
NAMMsNaval Aircraft Maintenance Manuals
NAMOPSNaval Air Maritime Operations (circuit)
NAMOsNaval Aircraft Maintenance Orders
NAMSANATO Maintenance and Supply Agency
NAMSONATO Maintenance and Supply Organisation
NAONational Audit Office
NAPNaval Application Plan
NAPNon Availability Period
NAPATMONATO Patriot Management Office
NAPBNaval Armament Package Book
NAPCNaval Air Projects Co-ordination office
NAPCNuclear Accident Procedures Course
NAPNOCNo Acceptable Price - NO Contract
NAPONATO Production
NAPRNATO Armaments Planning Review
NAPsNBC tablets (Nerve Agent Prophylactic)
NAPSNerve Agent Pretreatment Set
NAPSNerve Agent Pre-Treatment Set
NAPSNerve Agent Pre-treatment Tablets
NAQSNational Air Quality Strategy
NaRCoSiSNaval Radar Computer Simulation Suite
NARFNaval Air Reserve Force
NARIMSNuclear Accident Response Information Management System
NARONaval Aircraft Repair Organisation
NARONuclear Accident Response Organisation
NAROTCNuclear Accident Response Organisation Training Committee
NARPICCNaval Radiation Protection Instrument Calibration Centre
NASNational Aerospace Standards
NASNaval Air Squadron
NASNaval Air Station
NASNaval Armament Stores
NASNetwork Application Support
NASNon Acoustic Sensor
NASANational Aeronautical and Space Administration
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASAMSNorwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air-Missile System
NASCNaval Air Systems Command
NASCOMNASA Communications network
NASDANational Space Development Agency
NASFNavigation and Attack Systems Flight (Royal Air Force)
NASHNavigation and Attack System for Helicopters
NASISNATO Subject Indicator System
NASPNATO Atomic Supply Point
NASPNavy Air-Ship Program
NASPONaval Air System Program Office
NASRNaval and Air Staff Requirements
NASSNaval Anti-Submarine School
NASSNaval Armament Stores System
NASSHENaval Armament Specification for the Stowage and Handling of Explosives
NASTNaval and Air Staff Target
NASUNaval Aerial/Antenna Switching unit
NASWDUNaval Air/Sea Warfare Development Unit
NATName Address Translator
NATCNaval Air Training Command
NATCNevada Automotive Test Centre
NATESCNaval Automatic Test Equipment Steering Committee
NATINADSNATO Integrated Air Defence System
NATIPNATO Information and Press office
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATO C3Consultation Command and Control
NATO FMBNATO Frequency Management Branch
NATSNational Air Traffic Services
NAUNetwork Access Unit
NAURCNear All Up Round Container
NAUTICNaval Autonomous Intelligent Console
NAUTISNaval Autonomous Information System
NAVAIDNavigation Aid
NAVAIDSNavigation Aids
NAVAIDSNavigational Aids
NAVAIRSYSCOMNaval Air Systems Command
NAVBNavy Board
NAVCOMPARSNaval Communications Processing And Routing System
NAVDACNaval Data Automation Command
NAVEXNavigation Exercise
NAVFACENGCOMNaval Facilities Engineering Command
NAVHARSNavigation Heading and Attitude Reference System
NAVHOMENaval Home Command
NAVICERTNavy Certificate
NAVICPNAVal Inventory Control Point
NAVMACSNaval Modular Automated Communications System
NAVMATINSTNaval Materiel Command Instruction
NAVMICNaval Maritime Intelligence Centre
NAVMOVENavigational Movements
NAVOBSYNaval Observatory
NAVOCFORMEDNaval On-Call-Force Mediterranean
NAVRNAVigation Radar
NAVSNAVigation System
NAVSEANAVal SEA Systems Command (US)
NAVSEASYSCOMNaval Sea Systems Command
NAVSITSUMNaval (own) Situation Summary
NAVSPASURNaval Space Surveillance System
NAVSSESNaval Ship System Engineering Station
NAVSTARNavigation Satellite Timing and Ranging (see GPS)
NAVSTARCODENaval Staff Target And Requirement Code
NAVSUPSYSCOMNaval Supply Systems Command
NAVTAGNaval Tactical Game
NAVTEXNavigational Telex
NavWarNavigation Warfare Programme
NavWASSNavigation and Weapon Aiming Subsystem
NAWNight/Adverse Weather
NAWASNational Warning System
NAWBSNaval Armament Weapon Business System
NAWBUSNaval Armaments and Weapons Business System
NAWCNaval Air Warfare Center (US)
NAWCNaval Air Warfare Centre
NAWDASNaval Armament Weapon Data Base Analysis System
NAWDASNaval Armament Weapons Database Analysis System
NAWELNaval Above Water Exploitation Laboratory
NAWELNaval Above Water Exploration Laboratory
NAWSTNight Attack Weapon Systems Trainer
NAWXNigh to All Weather
NBRPANaval Base Radiological Protection Advisor
NBSANaval Base & Supply Agency
NBSANaval Bases and Supplies Agency
NBSANaval Bases and Supply Agency (part of the DLO)
NBSA/CB/PROC14Commercial Branch Naval Bases & Supply Agency & DEF Log Support
NC/AC-ECNarrow Coverage / Area Coverage to Earth Coverage
NC3ANATO Command Control and Communication Agency
NCANational Command Authority
NCANational Control Authority
NCAGENATO Contractor and/or Government Entity
NCAGSNaval Coordination and Guidance to Shipping
NCAPNight Combat Air Patrol
NCAPCNATO Conventional Armaments Planning Committee
NCARCNATO Conventional Armament Review Committee
NCISANATO Communications and Information Systems Agency
NCSANational Computer Security Association
NCWANATO Wartime Civil Agencies
NDANaval Discipline Act
NDANetwork Design Authority
NDANo Danger Area
NDANon-Disclosure Agreement
NDACNuclear Defence Affairs Committee
NEARTIPNear-Term Improvement Programme
NEFAMANATO EFA Management Agency
NEPANational Environmental Policy Act
NERVANuclear Energy for Rocket Vehicle Applications
NETMANATO Eurofighter & Tornado Management Agency
NEWACNATO Electronic Warfare Advisory Committee
NEXRADNext-generation Radar
NFANo Fire Area
NFANon-Firing Assessment
NFAPNational Frequency Assignment Panel
NGANational Geospatial Intelligence Agency (US)
NGASNaval Gunfire Air Spotting
NGASRNavy Army and Air Staff Requirements
NGASTNavy Army and Air Staff Target
NIACENational Institute of Adult Continuing Education
NIAGNATO Industrial Advisory Group
NICS COANICS Control Operating Authority
NILTANational Information and Learning Technologies Association
NIMANational Imagery and Mapping Agency (US)
NIPSSANaval Intelligence Processing Systems Support Activity office
NIRATAMNATO InfraRed Air TArget Model (IR Signature Prediction Code)
NJFANATO Joint Frequency Agreement
NLABSUS Army Natick Laboratories Natick Massachusetts
NLAWNew Light Anti-armour Weapon
NLFANaval Logistics Functional Area
NLOS-CANon-Line-Of-Sight-Combined Arms
NMANaval Manning Agency
NNAGNATO Naval Armaments Group
NOANon-Operational Aircraft
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAHNorwegian Adapted Hawk
NOMADNaval Operations and Maintenance Aviation Deck (US Navy)
NORADNorth American Air Defence (NATO)
NORADNorth American Air Defense Command
NORLANTNorthern Sub-Area Eastern Atlantic Command
NORTHAGNorthern Army Group
NORTHAGNorthern Army Group (NATO)
NORTHAXEExercise in the NW Approaches to the UK
NOSANATO Open Systems Security Architecture
NOTALNot To All Addressees
NOTAMNotice to Airmen
NOTARNo Tail Rotor
NOVRAMNon-volatile Random Access Memory
NPANational Pistol Association
NPANetwork Point of Attachment
NPACCNominated Primary Alternate Command Centre
NQANetwork Quality Analyser
NQAANational Quality Assurance Authority
NRANational Rifle Association
NRANational Rivers Authority
NRANuclear Reaction Analysis
NRANuclear Reserved Area
NRADUS Navy Laboratory
NRC(Central)Nato Regional Conflict (Central)
NRTANaval Recruiting & Training Agency
NRTANaval Recruiting and Training Agency
NSANational Security Agency
NSANational Standards Association
NSANATO Standardisation Agency
NSANetwork Security Architecture
NSANew Shipborne Aircraft programme
NSANight Sensor Assembly
NSANight Subsistence Allowance
NSANitrate Sensitive Area
NSANo Standing Arrangement
NSA/CSSNational Security Agency Central Security Service
NSAGNuclear Services Authorisation Group
NSAPNaval Sector Application Portfolio
NSAPNetwork Service Access Point
NSAPINetscape Server Application Programming Interface
NSEANaval Sea system command headquarters
NSIANational Security Industrial Association
NSMANuclear Safety Management Arrangements
NSRANational Small--bore Rifle Association
NSSANaval Sector Strategic/Systems Architecture
NSTAPNational Strategic Technology Acquisition Plan
NTANational Training Awards
NTANot in Target Area
NTASNORAD Tactical Autovon System(USAF)
NTASNorwegian Tracking Adjunct System
NTATNear Term ACME Technology
NTSANavy Tactical Support Activity office
NUANetwork User Address
NUFASNATO UHF Frequency Assignment System
NUSAFENuclear Safety Instructions
NVARNon-Value Added Retailer/Re-Seller
NVRAMNon-volatile Random Access Memory
NWANuclear Weapon Accident
NWAGNaval Weld Acceptance Group
NWAPPSNorth West Approaches
NWARCNavy Weapon Assessment Research Centre
NWDANorth West Development Agency
NWTAANaval Weapon Trials & Assessment Authority
NZDSU(SEA)New Zealand Defence Support Unit (south East Asia)
OAOffice Automation
OAOffset Adviser
oaon application
OAOperational Analysis
OAOperational Availability
OAOrder Administration
OABOuter Air Battle
OACOperational Analysis Committee
OACOperator Assistance Centre
OADSOmnidirectional Air-Data System
OAKOver the Air Keying
OALOfficers Appointment List
OAMOffensive Air Missions
OAMPOptical Air-borne Measurement Platform
OANOffice Automation Network
OAPOld Age Pensioner
OAPECOrganisation of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
OAROffice of Aerospace Research (USAF)
OAROperational Analysis and Research
OASObstacle Avoidance Sonar
OASOffensive Air Support
OASOffensive Avionics System
OASOn Active Service
OASOrganisation of American States
OASCOfficer and Aircrew Selection Centre
OASDOffice of the Assistant Secretary of Defence
OASISOnboard ADP Support in Ships
OASISOnboard ADP Support in Ships - RN ADP System in ships
OASISOn-board ADP Support in Ships & Submarines
OASISOn-board Automated Ships Information System. RN stores accounting
OASISOperational Applications of Special Intelligence Systems
OASMOmni directional Airspeed Sensor Mechanism
OASPOperational Analysis Supporting Paper
OATOperational Air Traffic
OATOutside Air Temperature
OATSOut of Area TreatmentS
OATSOxford Air Training School
OAUOrganisation of African Unity
OBUAOperations in Built Up Area
OBVACTOn-Board Visual Aimer Continuation Trainer
OBVACTOnboard Visual Aimer Continuation Trainer (for CR guns)
OCAOffensive Counter Air
OCAOffensive Counter-Air (operations)
OCAOperational Control Authority
OCCARQuadrilateral Armaments Agency
OCEANAVOceanographer of the Navy(US Navy)
OCEANLANTOcean Sub-Area Atlantic
OCIDASOcean Intervention & Data Assimilation System
ODAOffice (or Open) Document Architecture
ODAOffice Document Architecture
ODAOfficial Development Assistance
ODAOpen Document Architecture
ODAOverseas Development Administration
ODAOverseas Development Office
ODASOmni Directional Airspeed Sensor
ODLAFibre Optic Deployable Line Arrays
ODMAOperational Date Material Assessment
OFAOracle Financial Manager
OFFASOcean Fronts Feature Analysis System
OFSAOptical Fire Sensor Assembly
OIRAOfficial Irish Republican Army
OJAROfficers Joint Appraisal Report
OLAOperational Level Agreement
OMAObject Management Architecture
OMACOn-Line Manufacturing And Control
ONERAOffice Nationale dEtudes et de Recherches Aerospatiale (France)
OOAObject Oriented Analysis
OOAOut-Of-Area (NATO)
OODAObservation Orientation Decision and Action
OPBATOperation Bahamas And Turks
OPCAOffice of Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration
OPEVALOperational Evaluation
OPLANOperational Plan
OPNAVINSTOperational Naval Instruction
OPRASOperational RAS (i.e. not for training)
OPSTATOperational Status
ORACOn-board RFA Accounting Computer system
ORACOperational Resources Allocation Computer. BAOR control of 3rd line
ORAC-AOROn-Board RFA Accounting Computer - Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment
ORACLEOperational Research and Critical-Link Evaluation
ORADSOptical Ranging and Detecting Systems (US Army)
ORATMSOff-Route Anti-Tank Mine System
ORBATOrder of Battle
OSAOperational Support Aircraft
OSAFOffice of the Secretary of the Air Force
OSCADOffice of the Scientific Advisor to SACEUR SHAPE
OSCAMOperating and Support Cost Analysis Model
OSCAROptical Submarine Communications by Aerospace Relay
OSLANOpen Systems Local Area Network
OSPACOpen System Packet Access Controller
OSPAROslo-Paris Convention
OSWALDOn-line System for World-wide Access to Logistic Data
OTAOpen Target Architecture
OTAOver The Air
OTAOverfly Top Attack
OTANOrganisation du Traite de lAtlantique du Nord (NATO in French)
OTAROver-the Air Rekeying
OTDMAOptical Time Division Multiple Access
OTEAOperational Test and Evaluation Agency
P/TSAPressure/Temperature Swing Adsorption
PAPersonal Assistant
PAPilots Associate
PAPlanned Alteration
PAPower Amplifier
PAProcurement Authority
PAProject Activity
PAProject Agreement or Phased Array
PAProvisioning Acceptance
PAPublic Address
PAPublic Address (system)
PAPublication Authority
PA CertPlanned Alteration Control/Completion Certificate
PA LPermissive Action Link
PAAPrecision Approach Aid
PAACProvisioning Alternative and Amalgamation Code
PAAMSPrincipal Anti Air Missile System
PAAMSPrincipal Anti-Air Missile System
PAATPassive Acoustics Analysis Trainer
PABProjected Available Balance(MRPII)
PABXPrivate Automatic Branch Exchange
PACPenetration Aid Carrier
PACPolicy Advisory Committee
PACPre-Action Calibration
PACProcurement Authority Code
PACProgrammable Armament Control
PACPublic Accounts Committee
PACAFPacific Air Forces (US 7th Air Force)
PACCPrimary Alternative Command Centre
PACCSPost Attack Command and Control System
PACEPerformance Assessment of Combustion Emission
PACEPerformance Agility Confidence Efficiency
PACEProperty Advisors to the Civil Estate
PACSProject Authorisation and Control System
PACSProliferation and Arms Control Secretariat
PADPacket Assembler & Disassembler
PADPacket Assembler/Dissembler
PADPlanning Analysis Document
PADPoint Air Defence
PADPost Attack Doctrine (ASW)
PADPreliminary Analysis Document
PADProgramme/Project Acceptance Date
PADProjector Area Defence (mine)
PADMRPerformance and Development Management Review
PADSPassive Advanced Sonobuoy
PADSPosition and Azimuth Determining System
PADSPosition Attack Defence System
PADsPrimary Access Device
PADTPoint Air Defence Trainer
PAEPower Added Efficiency
PAFPhilippine Air Force
PAFProject Approval File
PAFProvisioning Action Figure
PAFWGProject Alexander Financial Working Group
PAGProcedure Authorisation Group
PAGProcedures Authorisation Group
PAGAPNVS azimuth gimbal assembly
PAGODAProfile Alignment Group for ODA
PAHPolyaromatic Hydrocarbons
PAHPolycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon
PAHOPan-American Health Organisation
PAIPolaris Applicable Indicator
PAITProject Alexander Implementation Team
PAKProjector Alignment Kit
PALPhase Alternating Line
PALPortable Advanced Laser
PALSPortable Airfield Light Set (USAF)
PALSPositioning and Locating System
PALTProduction Authority Lead Time
PAMPayload Augmented Munition
PAMPenetration Augmented Munitions
PAMPercentage Availability Minimum
PAMPre-Assessment Meeting
PAMPulse Amplitude Modulation
PAMPASPersonnel Administrative Microcomputer Pilot Automatic Data Processing
PAMSPoint Anti-Missile System
PANAPan-African Press Agency
PANDORAPilot and Occurrence Report Analysis
PANGSPlanning Aid for Naval Gunfire Support
PAOPrincipal Accounting Officer
PAOPrincipal Administrative Officer
PAOPublic Affairs Officer
PAOCPrincipal Administrative Officers Committee
PAOCCS2Portuguese Air Command and Control System 2
PAPPlans Activation Party
PAPPoisson Auto Propulse
PAPPost Acceptance Period
PAPPreparatory Action for Production
PAPIPrecision Approach Path Indicator
PAPSPeriodic Armaments Planning System
PAPSPhased Armaments Programme Systems
PARPerformance Appraisal Report
PARPerformance Appraisal Review
PARPhased Array Radar
PARPower Analyser and Recorder
PARPrecision Approach Radar
PARProduct Assurance Record
PARProfessional All-Rounder
PARProgressive Aircraft Rework
PARProject Acceptance Review
PARProject Approval Record
PARProject Approval Request
PARPulse Acquisition Radar
PARCOMParis Commission
PARCSPerimeter Acquisition Radar Characterisation System
PARESPassive Radar ESM System
PARLTProduction Authority Repair Lead Time
PARMPersistent Anti-Radiation Missile
PARMProject Accounting and Resource Management
PARMODProgressive Aircraft Rework Modification
PARPPlanning and Review Process
PARSPrimary attitude Reference Systems
PARTPUMA Airworthiness Review Team
PASPatient Administration System
PASPerformance Appraisal/Advisory System
PASPersonnel Administration System
PASPrimary Alerting System
PASProgrammable Audio Synthesiser
PASProgramme Analysis System
PASProvision Action State
PASPublicly Available Specification.
PASPulse Analysis System
PASARSPodded Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System
PASCPeacetime Activity Sub Committee
PASCOProject to replace NSTN/MHS (Pasco - Nelson’s signals officer)
PASEPlanning Assumption for Service Entry
PASSPassive Aircraft Surveillance System
PASSPassive and Active Sensor Subsystem
PASSEPPassed Separately
PASUPure Air Supply Unit
PATPermanent maritime exercise Analysis Team
PATPointing Acquisition and Tracking
PATPostal Advisory Team
PATPower Assisted Traverse
PATProduction Acceptance Test
PATProject Acceptance Test
PATProject Assurance Team
PATCHPrecision Approach To Coupled Hover
PATCHITPersonnel & Training Command Headquarters IT System
PATEPointing And Tracking Experiment
PATHSPrecursor Above-the-Horizon Sensor
PATNPersonnel & Administration Temporary Notice
PATOPrincipal Ammunition Technical Officer
PATRONMoD Secret Voice Network
PATSPrecision Automated Tracking Station
PATSPrototype Automatic Target Screener
PAVE-PAWSPhased-Array Radars
PAWSPhased-Array Warning System
PAYDPay As You Dine
PAYEPay As You Earn (Tax System)
PB teamsPlanning and Budgeting teams
PBAAPolybutadiene Acrylic Acid
PB-APPlastic Banded Armour Piercing
PB-APDSPlastic Banded Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot
PBATSPortable Battlefield Attack System
PCAPhysical Configuration Audit
PCAPort Controllers Assistant
PCAPsychological Consolidation Activities
PCADDSPanoramic Cockpit Display System
PCAEPre-Contract Award Evaluation
PCASPersistent Chemical Agent Stimulant
PCMCIAStandard PC Interface for peripherals
PCTAPlastic Cased Telescoped Ammunition
PD/ARM SYSProgramme Director Armoured Systems
PD/ARTY SYSProgramme Director Artillery Systems
PDAPersonal Digital Assistant (hand-held PCs)
PDAPort Defence Area
PDAPrimary Access Device
PDAMProvisional Draft Amendment
PDASPrincipal Director of Accounting Services
PDC/AirPrincipal Director of Contracts (Air)
PDST(AS)Principal Director Supplies and Transport (Armament Supplies)
PEAProfessional Engineering Authority
PECAPNVS Electronic Control Amplifier
PENETRATESensor augmentation TDP
PERAProcurement Executive Resource Accounting
PERAProduction Engineering Research Association
PERACProject Estimating and Risk Analysis Committee
PEXAPractice and Exercise Area
PFAPreparation For Acceptance
PFWAProvisional Fleet Weapon Acceptance
PHARUSPhased Array System
PHAT(E)Part Harbour Acceptance Trial (Equipments)
PI(A)Photographic Interpreter (Assistant)
PIAPrivacy Impact Assessment
PIAUPrimary Indicator & Alarm Unit
PINDARA Control Centre
PIRAProvisional Irish Republican Army
PISAPtarmigan Individual Subscriber Access
PIVADSProduct Improve Vulcan Air Defense System (US)
P-JFACHQPilot-Joint Force Air Component HeadQuarters
PLAPre-Launch Activity
PLANETPersonal Location Allocation NETwork
PLARSPosition Location and Reporting System
PM(A)Provost Marshall (Army)
PMAPersonnel Management Authority
PMAPortable Maintenance Aid
PMACPreliminary Maintenance Allocation Chart
PMAsPreventative Maintenance Actions
PMRAFNCPrincess Marys Royal Air Force Nursing Service
PNSAPNVS Night Sensor Assembly
POAPoint of Aim
poaprice on Application
POLADPolitical Adviser
POLADPolitical Advisor
POMAPO Medical Assistant
POMEAPO Marine Engineering Artificer
POSAPetty Officer Stores Assistant
PPAPay and Personnel Agency
PPAPrincipal Publications Authority/Power Performance Index
PPAGPond Procedure Authorisation Group
PPPAPeople Pay and Pensions Agency
PQAOProject Quality Assurance Officer
PR&AProject Review & Assurance
PRAPre-Refit Assessment/Acceptance
prac practiceprac practice
PRAMSPegasus Repairable Asset Management System
PRODASPROjection DisplAy System
PRODATProduct Data Message
PROPMANProperty Management
PSAPlant State A
PSAPolaris Sales Agreement
PSAPotential Serviceable Arising
PSAPressure Swing Adsorption
PSAProbabilistic Safety Analysis
PSAProbalistic Safety Assessment
PSAProperty Services Agency
PSAPublic Service Agreement
PSAGProjects and Standards Approval Group QCA
psiaPounds per Square Inch (Absolute)
psiapounds per square inch absolute
PSPAPeace Support Psychological Activities
PTAPermanent Training Range
PtarmiganUK tactical mobile digital switched telephone system with mobile access
PTSAPressure and Temperature Swing Adsorption
PUMAPre Upkeep Material Assessment
PUMASPurchase Management and Accounting System
PWAProject Works Adviser
PWAGPrimary Weld Acceptance Group
PWO(A)Principal Warfare Officer (for Above Water warfare)
QAQuality Accreditation (CFQ)
QAQuality Assurance
QAAQuality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
QAAQuality Assurance Authority
QAFMISQ Area Financial and Management Information System
QAGQuality Assurance Group
QAMSQuality Assurance Management System
QAOQuality Assurance Officer
QAOQuality Auditing Officer
QARQuality Assurance Representative
QARQuality Assurance Review
QARANCQueen Alexandras Royal Army Nursing Corps
QARelQinetiQ Aircraft Release Statement
QARNNSQueen Alexandras Royal Naval Nursing Service
QASQuality Assurance Services
QASGQuality Assurance Steering Group
QASOQuality Assurance Support Officer
QCAQualifications and Curriculum Authority
QCAQuality Control A
QCAQuick Change Assembly
QDAOQuality Documentation & Auditing Officer
QMACQuadriparite Material and Agreements Committee
QMACQuestionnaire on the Method of Allocation of Costs
QRAQuantified Risk Assessment
QRAQuick Reaction Alert
QSTAGQuadripartite Standing Agreement
QSTAGSQuadripartite STandardisation AGreementS (US/Canada/ Australia/UK)
R & AReview and Approval Process
R SIGNALSRoyal Signals
R&A formReview and Approval Form
RARadiocommunications Agency
RARear Admiral
RAReinforced Alert
RARoyal Artillery
RAARange Allocating Authority
RAARapid Area Assessment
RAAMSRemote Anti-Armour Mine System
RAAONRemain at Anchor Overnight
RABResource Accounting and Budgeting
RABSREME Aircraft Branch System
RACResource Accounting Code
RACReturns Acceptance Code
RADALT Radar Altimeter
radRadiation Absorbed Dose
RADRapid Application Development
RADRecorded Announcement Device
rad ARadioactive
RAD ALTRadar Altimeter
Rad/HazRadiation Hazard
RADAGRadar Area Guidance
RADARSATA civilian surveillance satellite
RADHAZHazard from Radio or Radar
RADHAZRadiation Hazard
RadhazRadio Frequency Hazard
RADIACRAdiation Detection Indication And Computation
RADIAC GRPRADIAC Generic Research Programme
RADIGRapid Application Development Interest Group
RADIRSRapid Deployment Multiple Rocket System
RadmRear Admiral
RAERoyal Aerospace Establishment
RAFCCIS RAF Command and Control Information System
RAFRoyal Air Force
RAF IHMTRAF Institute of Health and Medical Training
RAF IIRRoyal Air Force Independent Inspector of Ranges
RAFANRAF Airmove Network
RAFANRoyal Air Force Airmove Network
RAFATRoyal Air Force Aerobatic Team
RAFCCISRAF Command and Control System
RAFCISRAF Command Information System
RAFCSSRAF Command Support System
RAFFTSRAF Fixed Telecommunications System
RAFIORAF Infrastructure Organisation
RAFIORoyal Air Force Infrastructure Organisation
RAFLCRAF Logistics Command
RAFLORAF Liaison Officer
RAFPRoyal Air Force Police
RAFRRoyal Air Force Reserve
RAFSADPSRAF Supply Automated Data Processing System
RAFSCRoyal Air Force Support Command
RAFSCCSRAF Supply Central Computer System
RAFSCOCRoyal Air Force Support Command Operations Centre
RAFSEERAF Signals Engineering Establishment
RAFSORoyal Air Force Staff Officer (on naval staff)
RAFTRemote Ammunitioning Facility Tamar
RAHReactor Access House
RAIDRandom Array of Inexpensive Disks
RAIDRedundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
RAIDRuggedised Array of Independent Disks
RAIDSRangeless Airborne Instrumented Debriefing System
RALRutherton Appleton Laboratory
RALONGSRoyal Artillery Liaison Officer for NGS
RAMInert ammunition round for testing gun loading mechanism
RAMRadar Absorbent Material
RAMRadiation/Radar Absorbent Material
RAMRadioactive Material
RAMRandom Access Memory
RAMReliability Availability and Maintainability
RAMRepairable Asset Management
RAMResidual Assets Manager
RAMResource Allocation Module
RAMRolling Airframe Missile
RAM-DReliability Availability Maintainability and Durability
RAMPRapid Acquisition of Manufactured Parts
RAMPRepair and Modification Procedures
RAMPRevalidation Assisted Maintenance Period
RAMSReplenishment and Movements (Operations) Scheduling
RAMTReliability Availability Maintainability and Testability
RANRecorded Announcement
RANRoyal Australian Navy
RANDIResearch Ambient Noise Directionality Model
RANSReynolds Averaged Navier Stokes
RAORange Authorising Officer
RAPRadar Absorbent Paint
RAPReactor Assembly Procedures
RAPRecognised Air Picture
RAPRecognized Air Picture
RAPRing Access Point
RAPRocket Assisted Projectile
RAPSReduced Aircraft Propulsion Signatures
RARReal Aperture Radar
RARDERoyal Armament Research and Development Establishment
RARIRequirement for Airborne Radio Installation
RARSReview of Ammunition Rates and Scales
RASRadar Absorbent Structure
RASRAFCSS Access Server
RASRectified Airspeed
RASReplenishment at Sea
RAS(A)Replenishment at Sea (Ammunition)
RAS(FA)Astern RAS(Fuel)
RAS(L)Replenishment at Sea (Liquids)
RASHRadar Absorbent Sheet
RASORear Airfield Supply Organisation
RASONRemain At Sea OverNight
RASPRecognised Air Sea Picture
RASTReplacement Aerial Subsonic Target
RATReliability Assessment Trial
RATACRadar for Field Artillery Fire
RATSRationalised Allocation of Tools System
RATSRepairable Asset Tracking System
RATTRadio Automatic Teletype
RATTRadio Teletype
RATTAMResponse Against Attack on Munitions
RAURange Administering Unit
RAuxAFRoyal Auxiliary Air Force
RCARequest for Contract Action
RCAReturn Call and Address (to Ships Company)
RCAASRemote-Controlled Anti-Armour System
RCO(ATC)Range Control Officer (Air Traffic Control)
RDARange Danger Area
RDARegional Development Agency
REARapid Environmental Assessment
REDACSREgenerated DAta Communications System
REMAPSRe-Engineered Manpower Allocation and Planning System
REMBASSRemotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System
REPACRegional Environmental Protection Advisory Committee
REQADEXRequest for Small Area Air Defence Exercise
RESARunway End Safety Area
RFARestrictive Fire Area
RFARoyal Fleet Auxiliary
RFARoyal Fleet Auxiliary (Ship and/or Organisation)
RFA 80Reserve Forces Act 1980
RFA 96Reserve Forces Act 1996
RFA SupRoyal Fleet Auxiliary Support
RFABRight Forward Avionics Bay
RFACRegional Fisheries Advisory Committee
RFACCYRFA CPO Communications Yeoman
RFAFRadio Frequency Application Form
RFANSURoyal Fleet Auxiliary Naval Support Unit
RFCAReserve Forces and Cadets Associations
RFDAPRunning Fleet Design Assistance Programme
RHARolled Homogeneous Armour
RHAGRotary Hydraulic Arrestor Gear
RHAGRunway Hydraulic Arrestor Gear
RISTAReconnaissance Intelligence Surveillance and Target Acquisition
RISTAReconnaissance Intelligence Surveillance and Target Acquisition
RLARepair Level Analysis
RLI RARESTRICTED LAN Interconnect Remote Access
RMAReal Maintenance Area
RMARegional Marketing Agreement
RMAReliability Maintainability & Availability
RMAReliability Maintainability and Availability
RMARemote Manipulator Arm
RMASRoyal Maritime Auxiliary Service
RMASRoyal Military Academy Sandhurst
RMPAReplacement Maritime Patrol Aircraft
RNAAIURoyal Naval Aircraft Accident Investigation Unit
RNADRoyal Naval Armament Depot
RNAESSRoyal Naval Air Engineering and Survival Equipment School
RNASRoyal Naval Air Station
RNAWRoyal Naval Aircraft Workshop
RNAYRoyal Naval Aircraft Yard
RNCARoyal Naval Codification Authority
RNDARN Distribution Authority (for classified books crypto etc)
RNEAWCRoyal Naval Element: Air Warfare Centre (Waddington)
RNFSAICRoyal Naval Flight Safety & Accident Investigation Centre
RNNARCSRN Nuclear Accident Response Communications System
ROBATRobot Counter-Obstacle Vehicle
ROLANDRevised On-Line Ammunition Development. Ammunition issues. Replaced by
RORSATRadar Ocean Reconnaissance Satellite
ROTARelease Other Than (NBC) Attack
RP(Navy)Resources and Programmes (Navy)
RPARadiation Protection Advisor
RPARisk Potential Assessment
RPAGRefuelling Procedure Authorisation Group
RR&ARolls Royce & Associates
RRARolls Royce & Associates
RRADARRolls-Royce and Associates Defect Analysis Report
RRDARotor Running De Arm (For helicopter)
RRRARotor Running Re Arm (For helicopter)
RSARepair and Salvage Authority
RSAReverse Saturable Absorption
RSARoyal Society of Arts
RSAFRoyal Small Arms Factory
RSIT(A)Range Safety Inspection Team (Army)
RSTAReconnaissance Surveillance and Target Acquisition
RTAReelable Towed Array
RTAResearch and Technology Agency
RTADBRange and Training Area Development Board
RTCARadio & Technical Committee of America
RTODAHRejected Take-Off Distance Available (Helicopter)
RTSARelease to Service Authority
RUMAReinforced Units Marshalling Area
RUMTACRegional Utilities Management Tariff Analysis Cell
S&EASustainability and Environmental Advisory Team
SASchedule Authority
SASelective Availability
SASimple Alert
SASiting Authority
SASituational Awareness
SASmall Arm(s)
SASmall Arms
SASouth Atlantic
SAStores Accountant.
SASupport Authority
SA-80Personnel Weapon
SAASmall Arms Ammunition
SAARShips A&A Register
SAAvnSchool of Army Aviation
SAAWCShore Anti-Aircraft Weapon Control
SABSpares Advice Book
SABREStatistical Assessment of Beam Engagement Response
SaBRESupporting Britains Reservists and Employers
SABRESystem for Aircraft Branch REME Equipment Section
SACScene of Action Commander
SACSenior Aircraftman / Aircraftwoman
SACSpecial Area of Conservation
SACStrategic Air Command
SAC(T)Senior Aircraftman or Aircraftwoman Technician
SACCSupport Arms Coordinating Centre
SACCSupporting Arms Coordination Centre
SACEURSupreme Allied Commander Europe
SACLANTSupreme Allied Commander Atlantic
SACLOSSemi-Active Command to Line Of Sight
SACLOSSemi--Automatic Command to Line Of Sight
SACRUSemi Automatic Cargo Release Unit
SACSService Air Cargo System
SADSurface-to-Air Defence
SADSurvey & Docking
SADASearch and Destroy Armour
SADAStandard Advanced Dewar Assembly
SADARMSearch And Destroy Armour
SADARMSeek and Destroy Armour
SADESolar Array Drive Electronics
SAESociety of Automotive Engineers
SAEOStaff Air Engineering Officer
SAFSemi-Automated Forces
SAFARISupply for Accounting For Army Rations and Issues
SAFFRONPassive ASW Sonar
SAGScenarios Assessment Group
SAGSearch & Attack Group (ASUW)
SAGService Award Group
SAGSimulation/Special Advisory Group or Scenario Approval Group
SAGStudies Assumption Group
SAGSurface Action Group
SAGEShip Acoustic Gathering Equipment
SAGOPSemi-Automatic General Operations Plot
SAGWSurface-Air Guided Weapon
SAGWSurface-to-Air Guided Weapon
SAGW/MSurface To Air Guided Weapon/Missile
SAINTSatellite Interceptor
SAINTSonar Analysis INitial Trainer
SALSemi-Active Laser
SAL VEXSalvage Exercise
SALOMESystem for the Accounting Location and On-line Management of
SALTStrategic Arms Control Treaty
SALTStrategic Arms Limitation Talks
SAMScheduled Ancient Monument
SAMSchool of Aviation Medicine
SAMSickness Absence Management
SAMSpecialist in Aviation Medicine
SAMSurface to Air Missile
SAMSurface-Air Missile
SAMSurface-to-Air Missile
SAMAStation Administration Management Aid
SAMHADSSubmarine Automated Message Handling And Distribution System
SAMISStock Accounting Management Information Systems
SAMMSecurity Assistance Management Manual
SAMSSatellite Access Management System
SAMSSupplier Approval Management System
SANDFSouth African National Defence Force
SANDSSea ANimal Database System
SANESynthetic Ambient Noise Environment
SANSSensor Avionic and Navigation Systems
SANSSensors Avionics and Navigation Systems
SAOSecure Area of Operations
SAPSafety Air Plot
SAPSemi-Armour Piercing
SAPCStand Alone Prime Contract
SAPCSubmarine Air Purification Committee
SAPCSubmarine Atmosphere Purification Committee
SAPHEISemi Armour Piercing High Explosive Incendiary
SAPISemi-Armour Piercing Incendiary
SAPPHIREIR signature prediction code
SARSafety Assessment Report
SARSearch & Rescue
SARSearch and Rescue
SARShip Activity Return
SARSoftware Action Reports
SARSynthetic Aperture Radar
SARASkynet AOCS Recovery Assistant
SARESonar Aural Recording Equipment
SAROSupply Aero-Engine Record Office
SARSShip Activity Returns System
SARSATSearch and Rescue Aided Tracking
SASSingle Attached Station
SASSpecial Air Service
SASStability Augmentation System
SASStatistical Analysis System
SASSubsidiary Access Switch
SASSurface to Air Missile in the Surface to Surface M
SASCSmall Arms School Corps
SASGSecure Air Systems Group
SASOSecretary and Assistant Supply Officer
SASOSenior Air Staff Officer
SASOStaff Air Standards Officer
SASSSonar Array Sounding System
SATSatisfactory Assessment
SATSea Acceptance Trial
SATSmall Arms Trainer
SATSystems Approach to Training
SATCOSenior Air Traffic Control Officer
SATCOSenior Air Traffic Controller
SATCOMSatellite Communications
SATNAVSATellite NAVigation
SATOSenior Ammunition Technical Officer
SATROScience and Technology Regional Organisation
SATSSmall Airfield for Tactical Support
SATSSmall Arms Target System
SAUSafety and Arming Unit
SAUSearch & Attack Unit (ASW)
SAUSearch Attack Unit
SAUNAStructured and Unstructured Numerical Analysis
SAVESystematic Approach to Vehicle Electronics
SAWSquad Automatic Weapons
SAWStand-Alone Workstation
SAWSurface Acoustic Wave
SAWCSSubmarine Acoustic Warfare Control System
SAWGSafety Assessment Working Group
SAWSSubmarine Acoustic Warfare Suite
SAXONMechanised Infantry Vehicle
SBASovereign Base Area
SBASovereign Base Area Cyprus
SBAASovereign Base Areas Administration Cyprus
SBACSociety of British Aerospace Companies
SCAShip Controlled Approach (type of helicopter recovery)
SCASpecialist Conservation Advisor
SCAStatic Code Analysis
SCADSubmarine/Sonar Countermeasures Acoustic Device
SCADSubsonic Cruise Armed Decoy
SCADSSeaboard Containerised Air Defence System
SCAHCSpace Components Ad Hoc Committee
SCAIDSubmarine Classification Aid
SCAMSubsonic Cruise Attack Missile
SCAMBLSimulator Chemical Attack Multi--Barrelled Launcher
SCAMPSealless Centrifugal Axial Magnetic Pump
SCAOStaff Catering Officer
SCARSonar Central Archive Recorder
SCARFSTC Change Action Review Forum
SCARSStatus Control Alerting & Reporting System
SCASStability and Control Augmentation System
SCATCCScottish Air Traffic Control Centre
SCCARSet up Control Coaching and Analysis Reporting
SCIADScientific Advisor
SCIDASite Coordinating Installation Design Authority
SCIDASite Co-ordinating Installation Design Authority
SCIDASystems Coordination Installation Design Agency
SCOTS(A)Standing Committee On Training Safety (Army)
SCPOMAStaff CPO Medical Assistant
SCRASingle Channel Radio Access
SCRA(T)Single Channel Radio Access (Terminal)
SCRIASupply Chain Relationships in Action
SCSAPSatellite Communications System Analysis Package
SDASenior Defence Auditor
SDAService Delivery Agreement
SDASystem Design Authority
SDA/ZSea Danger Area/Zone
SDAPSustainable Development Action Plan
SEAStatistical Energy Analysis
SEAStrategic Environmental Assessment
Sea WIFSSea Viewing Wide Field of View Sensor
SEACLShip Engineering Assessment Consolidated List
SEADShip Engineering Assessment Document
SEADSuppression of Enemy Air Defence
SEADSuppression of Enemy Air Defences
SEAESchool of Electronic and Aeronautical Engineering
SEAGNATDecoy Launching System
SEALSea Air Land (US Special Forces)
SEALITECode name for a pointing mirror
SEAMEXSeamanship Exercise
SEASATOceanographic Satellite
SeaSTARA satellite
SEATOSouth East Asia Treaty Organisation
SeaWiFSSea Viewing Wide Field Sensor
SECRET-CapableA subset of the System designed to handle data at SECRET protective
SEEDASouth East England Development Agency
SEMAStation Engineering Management Aid
SEMC(AE)Air Engineering Systems Engineering and Management Course
SEPAScottish Environment Protection Agency
SEPADSSonar Environment Prediction And Display System
SEPADSSonar Prediction & Display System
SESAMESupply Executive System and Automated Management Environment
SFASafe Firing Arc
SFASenior Finance Adviser
SFIASkills Framework for the Information Age
SFPAStarting Focal Plane Array
SGPASortie Generation Planning Aid
SH/PRACSquash Head Practice
SHASafe Handling Area
SHASpecial Handling Area
SHAStatutory Harbour Authority.
SHASystem Hazard Analysis
SHAPESupreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
SHARSea Harrier
SHORADShort Range Air Defence
SHORANShort Range Navigation (radio)
SIASector Integration Authority
SIASystems Integration Architecture
SIAMSubmarine Interactive Attack Model
SIBCASampling and Identification of Biological and Chemical Agents
SIBCRASampling and Identification of Biological Chemical or Radiological Agents
SICASystems Information Co-ordinating Agency
SIDFACShore Integration & Demonstration FACility
SINCGARSSingle Channel Ground & Airborne Comms System
SINCGARSSingle Channel Ground and Air Radio System
SIRSASpecification for an IR Seeker for an Autonomous guided bomb
SKAAmphibious support Seaking
SLASea Land Air
SLAService Level Agreement
SLASite Licence Arrangement
SLASupply Loading Airfield
SLABSubmarine Locator Acoustic Beacon
SLABSubsonic Low-Altitude Bomber
SLAMSingle Living Accommodation Modernisation
SLAMStandoff Land Attack Missile
SLAMSubmarine Launched Attack Missile
SLAM-ERStandoff Land Attack - Expanded Response
SLANTSouth Atlantic
SLAPSaboted Light Armour Penetrator
SLAPISoftware Licensing Application Programming Interface
SLARSideways Looking Airborne Radar
SLARRSideways Looking Airborne Reconnaissance Radar
SLATSupersonic Low Altitude Target
SLCSATSubmarine Laser Communication Satellite
SLUFAESurface Launched Unit FAE
SM (QA)Support Manager (Quality Assurance)
SMASafety Management Arrangements
SMASignal Message Address
SMAStealthy Missile Airframe
SMACScene Matching by Area Correlation
SMACShort Miscellaneous Air Course
SMAGSpectrum Management Advisory Group
SMARTSpecific Measurable Agreed Realistic Timely
SMARTSymbolic Method Aiding Representation of Tactics
SMARTISimulation and Modelling of ARray Thermal Imagers
SMARTISStock Management And Repair Transaction Information Service
SMMASSub Marine Mine Avoidance Sonar
SMQASection Manager Quality Assurance
SMRASubmarine Maintenance & Refit Authority
SNASystems Network Architecture
SNACSecure Net Alongside Communication
SNACSecure Network Alongside Communications
SNAMSenior Nuclear Assurance Manager
SNAPShips Navigation And Processing System
SNAPSShip Navigation & Plotting System - Automated Plotting Table
SNARKSemi-strapdowN Autonomous Reliable Killer
SNASSecure Network Access Service (CSV6)
SNR(A)Senior National Representatives (Army)
SO (A)Supply Officer (Administrative)
SOAScene of Action
SOAService Orientated Architecture
SOASpeed of Advance
SOAStaff Officer Administration
SOAPSpectrometric Oil Analysis Programme
SOARProcess model of human cognition
SOFAStatus of Forces Agreement
SOFARSound Fixing And Ranging
SOinC(A)Signal Officer in Chief (Army)
SOLASSafety Of Life At Sea
SOMAStation Operational Management Aid
SONARSOund NAvigation and Ranging
SOOTAXHelicopter for personnel movements
SOTASStand-Off Target Acquisition System
SOUTHAXEExercise in the Bay of Biscay
SPAService Provision Agreement
SPAService Provision Agreements
SPASingle Point of Accountability
SPASpecial Protection Area
SPAStrategic Psychological Activities
SPAAGSelf-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun
SPAAMSelf-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Missile
SPADShear Pin Actuated Decoupler
SPADDETSelf Propelled high velocity Air Defence Detachment Engagement Trainer
SPADESearchwater Processor and Display Enhancer
SPADESouthampton (University) Program Analysis Development Environment. See
SPAGSelf-Propelled Assault Gun
SPALTSpecial Project ALTeration
SPAMESpecialist Aeromedical Equipment
SPARCScalar Processor Architecture
SPARKSolid Propellant Advanced Ramjet Kinetic energy missile
SPARKSPADE Ada Reduced Kernel
SPATGSelf-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun
SPATSSpecial Purpose Automatic Test Systems
SPAWSelf-Propelled Artillery Weapon
SPVAService Personnel and Veterans Agency
SQAScottish Qualifications Authority
SQASoftware Quality Assurance
SQAPSoftware Quality Assurance Plan
SQAPPSoftware Quality Assurance Programme Plan
SR(A)Staff Requirement (Air)
SR(SLA)Staff Requirement (Sea/Land/Air)
SRASpecial Repair Activity
SRASub Responsibility Area
SRASurveillance Radar Approach
SRAAMShort Range Air-Air Missile
SRAAMShort Range Air-to-Air missile
SRACStrategic Resources Allocation Committee
SRADSusceptibility RADHAZ Designator
SRAHWShort Range Anti-Helicopter Weapon
SRAMShort Range Attack Missile
SRAMStatic Random Access Memory
SRAMStructural Radar Absorbent Material
SRAPSurface and Recognised Air Picture
SRFAOStaff RFA Officer
SRFAO(C)Staff RFA Officer (Communications)
SRFAO(N)Staff RFA Officer (Navigation)
SRFAO(S)Staff RFA Officer (Supply)
SRHASoftware Requirements Hazard Analysis
SS(A)SACEURs Strategic Reserve (Air)
SSASenior Safety Advisor
SSAShip Support Agency
SSASoftware Support Analysis
SSADMStructured System Analysis and Design Methodology
SSADMStructured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology
SSAFASoldiers Sailors and Airmen Families Association
SSCASystem Specific Communications Architecture
SSFAPStanding Sea First Aid Party
SSG(ASI)Specialist Support Group (Aircraft Structural Integrity)
SSPASolid State Power Amplifier
SSSASubstitute Single Service Accommodation
ST(SLA)Staff Target (Sea/Land/Air)
STAShell Transfer Arm
STASupersonic Tunnel Association
STASurveillance and Target Acquisition
STA&SP SSSurveillance Target Acquisition and Special Projects System Support
STA&SPSSSurveillance Target Acquisition and Special Project Support Systems
STACCSStandard Theatre Army Command and Control System
STAFSystem/Sea Trial Analysis Facility
STAFFSmart Target Activated Fire and Forget
STAGSite Test Authorisation Group
STAGESpecial to Type AGE
STAGESpecial to Type Aircraft Ground Equipment
Stage 1/2/3Stage of NBCD Training
STAIRSimulation Training and Artificial Intelligence Research (Group)
STAIRSSensor Technology for Affordable Infra Red Systems
STAMAStation Transport Management Aid
STANAGNATO STANdardisation Agreement
STANAVFORLANTStanding Naval Force Atlantic
STANOCSurveillance Target Acquisition Night Observation and Counter Measures
STAPSpace Time Adaptive Processing
STAPSurveillance and target Acquisition Plan
STARStores Enquiry Archiving and Retrieval
STARSurveillance and Targeting or Synthetic Target
STARSurveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
STARSystem Threat Assessment Report
STARTStrategic Arms Reduction Talks/Treaty
STARTStrategic Arms Reduction Treaty
STARTLESurveillance and Target Acquisition Radar for Tank Location and Engagement
STARTSSoftware Tools for Application to (large) Real-Time Systems
STASSShort Term Air Supply
STASSShort Term Air Supply System
State 1/2/3NBCD States that correspond with Degrees of Readiness
STAWASurveillance Target Acquisition and Weapon Aiming
STAWSSubmarine Tactical Anti-Ship Weapon System
STOBARShort Take Off But Arrested Recovery
STRADISSTRuctured Analysis Design and Implementation of Software-based systems
STRAPSOStrap Security Officer
STRIFAXSTRIke command FAX network
STRIKFLTLANTStriking Fleet Atlantic
STSAShort Term Strategic Airlift
Supt (AS)Superintendent (Armament Specialization)
SURTASSSurface Ship Towed Away Surveillance System
SUSTATSustainability Statement
SVGASuper Video Graphic Array
SWAARMSmart Weapon Anti-ARmour Missile
SWAGSecondary Weld Acceptance Group
SWAPSquadron Weapon Analysis Programme
SWAPPSSouth West Approaches to the UK
SWARFSoftWare And Reliability Focus
SWARMWake Model
SWATSplit Window adaptive Threshold
SWATHSmall-Waterplane-Area Twin Hull
SWFLANTStrategic Weapon Facility Atlantic
SWO(AIO)Staff Warfare Officer (Above Information Organisation)
SWO(AV)Staff Warfare Officer (Aviation)
SWO(AWW)Staff Warfare Officer (Above Water Warfare)
SWO(RFA)Staff Warfare Officer (RFA)?
SWORDSMANStatic Workshop Organisation Repair Data System MANagement?
SWRDASouth West Regional Development Agency?
SWSAShip Weapon System Authority?
SYNADEXSynthetic Air Defence Exercise?
TATechnical Area
TATerritorial Army
TATowed Array
TATowed Array sonar
TATraining Area
TAAType Airworthiness Authority
TAAMTemperature Airfield Attack Munition
TAASTactical Airfield Attack Munition
TAASTraffic Accident Analysis System
TAAUTowed Array Analysis Unit
TABIDUTowed Array BroadBand Interim Display
TABOOFriendly frequencies that must never be jammed or interfered by friendly
TACTactical Air Command (US Air Force)
TACTechnical Assurance Coordinator
TACTotal Acquisition Cost
tac air recceTactical Air Reconnaissance
TAC T(MR/SR)Tactical Transport (Aircraft)(Medium/Short
TACANTactical Air Navigation
TACCTactical Air Control Cell
TACCTactical Air Control Centre
TACDEMTACtical DEMonstrator
TACDITactical Direction
TACEVALTactical Evaluation
TACFIRETactical Fire Direction System
TACFIRETactical Fire Network
TACOMTactical Command
TACOMTank Automotive Command
TACOMMSTActical COMMunicationS
TACONTActical CONtrol
TACPTactical Air Control Party
TACSTactical Air Control System
TACSYTasking And Control SYstem (SE District Transport and Movement)
TADTactical Air Direction
TADTarget Audience Description
TADTarget Audience Descriptions
TADTowed Acoustic Decoy
TADTowed Active Decoy
TADTrailing Arm Device
TAD/PNVSTarget Acquisition and Designation Sight/Pilots Night Vision Sensor
TADCTactical Air Direction Common
TADDSTarget Alert Display Data Set
TADMICMTowed Acoustic Decoy & Magnetic Influence mine Counter-Measure
TADMICMTowed Acoustic Decoy Mine Influence Counter-Measure
TADSTactical Laser and Designation System
TADSTarget Acquisition Designation Sight
TAFTask Authorisation Form
TAFADSTactical Aid for Active Dipping Sonar
TAFFSTowed Array Free Flood Space
TAFIMTechnical Architecture Framework for Information Management
TAGTAG Small Arm School Corps
TAGTask Acceptance Group
TAGTechnical Advisory Group
TAGTowed Acoustic Generator
TAGsTechnology Advisory Groups
TAHSTowed Array Handling System/Space
TAITrident Applicable Indicator
TALMTomahawk and Land Attack Missile
TALOTactical Air Landing Operations
TAMTactical Air Management
TAMTowed Acoustic Monitor
TAMType Airworthiness Meeting
TAMPATornado Advanced Mission Planning Aid
TAMSTest & Monitoring System
tantangent (trigonometric)
TANDEMTactical ATM Network DEMonstrator
TANSTactical Air Navigation System
TANSTactical Air Navigation System In helicopter
TAOBTTowed Array On Board Trainer
TAOBTTowed Array On-Board Trainer
TAORTactical Area of Operational Responsibility
TAPTechnical Activities Plan
TAPTelephone Access Point (UNITER)
TAPTender Assessment Panel
TAPTerminal Access Point
TAPTerminal Approach Procedure
TAPTowed Array Plotter
TARTactical Air Reconnaissance
TARETelegraph Automatic Routing Equipment
TAREQTowed Array REQuirement
TARIFTelegraph Automatic Routing in the Field
TASTechnology Assessment Stage
TASTowed Array Streaming Authority
TASTracking Adjunct System
TASTrue Air Speed
TASTyped Air Station
TAS(RE)Technical Advisory Section (Royal Engineers)
TASGTechnical Advice & Support Group
TASMTactical Air to Surface Missile
TASMTactical Anti-Ship Missile
TASMOTactical Air Support of Maritime Operations
TASMODTyped Air Station Modification
TASTTornado Avionics System Trainer
TATTurnaround Time
TATCTactical Air Traffic Control
TATUTowed Array Terminal Unit
TAVTotal Asset Visibility
TAV xBICES Target Architecture Version x
TAVRTerritorial Army Volunteer Reserve
TAVRATerritorial Auxiliary and Volunteer Reserve Association
TAWPTowed Array Working Party
TBATo be Advised
TCATrack Crossing Angle
TCASTraffic Collision Avoidance System
TCASTraining Course Admin System
TCMATime Critical Multicast Architecture
TDATraining Development Advisor
T-DABTerrestrial Digital Audio Broadcast
TE&ATrials Evaluation & Acceptance
TEATowed Enhanced Array
TEATraining and Employment Agency Northern Ireland
TEACASEThermal Effects on Airborne Conventional Armament Stores and Equipment
TEALTactics Equipment And Logistic
TECATADS Electronic Control Amplifier
TenDRATrademark for the development of a portability technology
TESTATTactical Engagement Simulation Training Advisory Team
TETAThreat Evaluation & Tactical Advice
TETRATerrestrial Enhanced Trunked Radio System
TEWAThreat Evaluation and Weapon Allocation
TEWAThreat Evaluation Weapon Assignment
TFTATerrain Following Terrain Avoidance
TGDARAF Training Group Defence Agency
TGDATraining Group Defence Agency
THAAD(US) Theatre High Altitude Air Defence
THAADTheatre High Altitude Area Defence
TIADTechnical Instructions for Armament Depots
TIALDThermal Imager Airborne Laser Designator
TIALDThermal Imaging And Laser Designation
TIALDThermal Imaging And Laser Designator
TIARATornado Integrated Avionics Research Aircraft
TITANName of a data fusion project
TKATemporary Keep Alive
TL/SATeam Leader Smart Acquisition
TLAThin Line Array
TLAThree Letter Acronym
TLAThree-letter Acronym
TLAMTactical Land Attack Missile (Tomahawk)
TLAMTheatre Land Attack Missile
TLAMTomahawk Land Attack Missile
TLIAThrough Life Information Architecture
TMATarget Motion Analysis
TMATime Motion Analysis
TMASTransport Management Accounting System
TMUASTurret Mortar Under Armour System
TNAThe National Archives (formerly the Public Records Office)
TNATraining Needs Analysis
TOATime Of Arrival
TOATransfer of Authority
TOATreasury Officer of Accounts
TOATformerly Hawk Aircraft Low Observable
TOBATerms Of Business Agreement
TODATake-Off Distance Available
TODAHTake-Off Distance Available (Helicopter)
TORATake-Off Run Available
TPATwo-Photon Absorbers
TPAGsTraining Policy Advisory Groups
TRATeledyne Ryan Aeronautical
TRACTradoc Analysis Command
TRACERTactical Reconnaissance Armoured Combat Equipment Requirement
TRACERTactical Reconnaissance for Armoured Combat Equipment
TRACSTARTracked Search and Target Acquisition Radar
TRADTransmitter RADHAZ Designator
TRADOCTraining and Doctrine Command
TRADOCUS Army TRAining and DOctrine Command
TRAMPTorpedo Recognition Active Multibeam Processor
TRANMISHigh Level fleet management system
TRANSECTransmission Security
TRANSOPTransport Operation Order Processing System
TRASTraining Requirements Analysis Section
TRAWLERMANCurrent UK strategic Defence Intelligence Information System
TRICATTri-Service catering system
TRIGATThird Generation Anti-Tank missile
TRRAPTechnology Readiness and Risk Assessment Programme
TSATemperature Swing Adsorption
TSATotal Ship Arsenal
TSATraining Standards Authority
TSARTurret System Assembly Repair
TSATTechnical Specification and Assessment Technique
TSCIDATechnical Supervisory Coordinating Design Authority
TSNAPSTrident Ship Navigation And Processing System
TTCP UAG 15A NATO Committee
TTSARTechnology Transfer Security Assistance Review
TTWMAPSTransition to War Manpower Allocation Planning System
TUATarget Uncertainty Area
TUATOW Under Armour
TWATime Weighted Average
TWACNTheatre Wide Area Communication Network
TWACNTheatre-Wide Area Communications Network
TWAINTechnical Wizardry in a Nutshell
TWASTornado Weapons Analysis System
TWTATravelling Wave Tube Amplifier
UAUser Actions
UAUser Agent
UACUser Assurance Coordinator
UAJUnattended Jammer
UAMSUnit Ammunition Management System
UARSUnderwater Acoustic Recognition System
UASUniversity Air Squadron
UASSTUnit Air and Surface Staff Tables
UATUser Acceptance Test
UAVUnmanned Aerial Vehicle
UAVUnmanned Aerial Vehicles
UAVUnmanned Air Vehicle
UAVASMGUAV Airworthiness and Safety Management Group
UAVSUnmanned Air Vehicle System
UCASUniversities and Colleges Admission Service for the UK
UHF-AMUltra High Frequency Amplitude Modulated
UIAUrgent Interim Amendment
UK DAUGUnited Kingdom Danger Area User Group
UKACCSUK Air Command & Control System
UKADGEUK Air Defence Ground Environment
UKADGEUnited Kingdom Air Defence Ground Environment
UKADRUK Air Defence Region
UKAIRCCIS UKAIR Command and Control Information System
UKAISUK Academy for Information Systems
UKASUK Accreditation Service
UKASUnited Kingdom Accreditation Service
UKGAAPUK Generally Accepted Accounting Practice
UKINCAUK Intelligence CIS Architecture
UKMACCSUK Maritime Coastal Comms System
UKMACCSUnited Kingdom Coastal Communications System
UKMARBATSTAFFUnited Kingdom Maritime Battle Staff
UKNAVCAMSUK Naval Communication Area Master Station
UKNAVCAMSUK Naval Communications Area Master Station
UKPFATUK Peacetime Frequency Allocation Tables
UKSAGUK Simulation Advisory Group
UKWFATUK Wartime Frequency Allocation Tables
ULAVUltra Light Armoured Vehicle
UMAUnmanned Aircraft
UMAUnmanned Military Aircraft
UMAVUnManned AirVehicle
UNCLASUnited Nations Convention on the Law Of the Sea
UN-EDIFACTUnited Nations - Electronic Data Interchange Standard for Administration
UNIRASUNified Incident Reporting and Alert System
UNIRASUnified Incident Reporting and Alerting Scheme
UNSATUnsatisfactory Assessment
UoSATUniversity of Surrey Satellite
URAUltra Reliable Aircraft
US ACTDUnited States Advanced Concepts Technology Demonstrator
US joint CAT systemUS joint Combined Arms Training
US of S (AF)Under Secretary of State for the Armed Forces
USAUnited States of America
USAFUnited States Air Force
USASUnit Supply ADP System
USASUnit Supply and Accounting System
UTAUnmanned Tactical Aircraft
UVAUltraviolet Absorption
V&AValuable & Attractive (stores)
VAACVectored thrust Aircraft Advanced flight Control
VAACVectored-thrust Aircraft Advanced Control
VABVickers Armoured Bridgelayer
VadmVice Admiral
VALUEValue-Added Acquisition and Logistics for Ultimate Efficiency
VAMPVC-10 Aid to Management Planning
VANValue Added Network
VAPSVirtual Application Prototyping System
VARRVVickers Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle
VASVisible Infra-Red Spin-Scan Radiometer Atmospheric Sounder
VASVoice Alarm System
VATValue Added Tax
VAUTOmaxMaximum speed for autorotation flight
VCADVehicle Chemical Agent Detector
VECTACsVectored (ASW) Attacks (using a helicopter)
VEMASIDVehicle Magnetic Signature Duplicator
VERAVersatile Experimental Receive Array
VGAVideo Graphics Adapter
VGAVideo Graphics Array
VHF-AMVery High Frequency Amplitude Modulated
VIAVirtual Integration Authority
VISAVME Inoperable Support Application
VISAVME Inoperable System Access
VITALVisibility In Transit Asset Logging
VLAVery Large Array
VLLADVery Low Level Air Defence
VMAPDigital map standard (vector data)
VMATVersatile Multi Aimer Trainer (for all types of PDMS)
Vmax R/CAirspeed for maximum rate of climb
Vmax R/DAirspeed for maximum rate of descent
VSAValue Stream Analysis
VSAValued Stock Accounting
VSAVertical Sextant Angles
VSARVersatile Synthetic Aperture Radar
VSATVery Satisfactory Assessment
VSATVery Small Aperture Terminal
VSHORADVery Short Range Air Defence
VSHORADSVery Short Range Air Defence System
VSRAAMVery Short Range Air-to-Air Missile
VULCAN NRTEVULCAN Naval Reactor Test Establishment
VV & AVerification Validation & Accreditation
w/daysworking days
WACWeapon Acceptance Committee
WADWork Authorisation Document.
WADSWholesale Automated Distribution System
WAGEWide Area GPS Precise Positioning Service Enhancement
WAHWestland Attack Helicopter
WAISWide Area Information Service
WAITWeapon Aiming In the Turn
WAMWork Allocation Model
WANWide Area Network
WARThe Multi-Threat War Exercise held every Thursday
WARCONWar Consumables (IT System)
WARMWar And Reserve Mode
WARTWeapon Action Repair Team (RFA)
WARTOWeapon Action Repair Team Officer (RFA)
WASWeapons Action Switch
WASWide Area System
WASPWeapons Application Signal Processor
WASP(A)WR Assumptions Planning Tool (Army)
WASSWide Angle Star Sensor
Watch On DeckDuty personnel available for general evolutions
WAVELLArmy Battlefield MIS
WAXTERA UK/US collaborative programme
WbLAWork-based Learning for Adults
WBRAWhole Base Risk Assessment
WCAWarnings Cautions and Advisory
WCAWaste Collection Authority
WDAWaste Disposal Authority
WDAWeapon Danger Area
WDA/ZWeapon Danger Area/Zone
WDAAPSWeapon Danger Area Assessment and Prediction System
WEAGWestern European Armaments Group
WEAOWestern European Armament Organisation
WEEAWorld Energy Efficiency Organisation
WESTAXEExercise in the SW Approaches to the UK
WHAWeapons Holding Area
WIA91Water Industry Act 1991
WOCAWO Catering Accountant
WOSAWindows Open Systems Architecture
WOSAWO Stores Accountant
WOTSACWhen Old Type Spares are Consumed
WOWE(RFA)WO Weapons Engineering (RFA)
WPAFBWright-Patterson Air Force Base
WR HALL PORTWardroom Hall Porter
WRA91Water Resources Act 1991
WRAMAsset management information for helicopter engines
WRAMWork Recording and Asset Management
WRAMWork Recording and Asset Management system
WRAPWaste Resources Action Programme
WSAWarship Support Agency
WSEAFWeapons Systems Effectiveness Analysis Facility
YARDYarrows Admiralty Research & Development.
AMSArmy Medical Services
QARANCQueen Alexandras Royal Army Nursing Corps
RAMCRoyal Army Medical Corps
ACEAllied Command Europe
ACVArmoured Command Vehicle
AFCENTAllied Forces Central European Theatre
AFVArmoured Fighting Vehicle
AMFAllied Mobile Force
APArmoured Piercing or Ammunition Point
APCArmoured Personnel Carrier
APOArmy Post Office
ARRCAllied Rapid Reaction Corps
ARVArmoured Recovery Vehicle
ASAPAs Soon As Possible
ATGWArmy Tank Guided Weapon
CasevacCasualty Evacuation
AWOLAbsent Without Leave
AWACSAirborne Warning And Control Systems
BAORBritish Army of the Rhine
Battle BowlersWhat the QAs of World War Two nicknamed their tin hats
Compo or Comp RatComposite Ration (also called comp rat)
BlagTo acquire something
CrabsThe slang name for the RAF
Crap HatParatroopers call a regiment or corps that does not wear a maroon beret a crap hat
CADCentral Ammunition Depot
Hack ItTo endure or to do something
HEATHigh Explosive Anti Tank
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival
FACForward Air Controller
Fat AlbertNickname of the Hercules plane
JackTo Be Selfish
FEBAForward Edge Battle Area
JackedTo Give Up
Troops JankersBe on a charge or in the camp jail
LRATGWLong Range Anti Tank Guided Weapon
GatA Gun or Rifle
Or BatOrder of Battle
POETS DayPush Off Early Tomorrows Saturday
NAAFINavy Army and Air Force Institutes
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organisation
RAFRoyal Air Force
RAPRegimental Aid Post or Rocket Assisted Projectile
RMARoyal Military Academy or Rear Maintenance Area
SACUERSupreme Allied Commander Europe
SADOSenior Administrative Officer
SatComSatellite Communications Force
ScratcherArmy meaning bed
SHAPESupreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
A WetA Cup Of Tea Or Coffee
WhitecapRoyal Air Force Policeman
Yomp or TabA long march carrying kit
SquaddieSlang Word For A Soldier
TATerritorial Army
TABTactical Advance to Battle
ARRCAssociate Royal Red Cross
ASCArmy Service Corps
VADVoluntary Aid Detachment
WAACWomen’s Army Auxiliary Corps
QAIMNSQueen Alexandras Imperial Military Nursing Service
LOALiving Over Sea's Allowance
LSALonger Separation Allowance

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