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ACAAgile Combat/Cargo Aircraft
ACAAirspace Control Authority
ACAAllied Control Authority
ACAAmmunition Container Assembly
ACAApplication Control Architecture
ACAArmy Cataloguing Authority
ACABAir Cavalry Attack Brigade
ACACAir Cargo Allocation Centre
ACADAAutomatic Chemical Agent Detector Alarm
ACALSArmy Computer aided Acquisitions and Logistic Support
ACAMAUV Concept Assessment Model
ACAPAdvanced Composite Airframe Programme
ACARDAdvisory Council for Applied Research and Development
ACARSAutomatic Communications and Reporting System
ACASAdvisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service
ACASAirborne/Aircraft Collision Avoidance System
ACASAirfield Chemical Alarm System
ACASAssistant Chief of the Air Staff
ACASAssistant Chief of the Air Staff (2* post)
ACASTAdvisory Committee on the Application of Science and Technology
CAFACAComputer Assistance For the Army Cataloguing Authority
DCACASData Collection Analysis and Corrective Action System
DRACASData Recording And Corrective Action System
DRACASData Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System
FAACAForce Anti-Air Co-ordination Area
FACAForce Air Coordination Area
FACAFuture Attack and Combat Aircraft
FRACASFailure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action
LOSACALiaison Officer to the Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic
LRAACALong-range Air Anti-Submarine Capability Aircraft
MACAMilitary Aid to the Civil Authorities
MACAMilitary Assistance to the Civil Authorities
MACA/C/M/PMilitary Aid to the Civil Authority/Community/Ministry/Power
PACAFPacific Air Forces (US 7th Air Force)
TACANTactical Air Navigation
TEACASEThermal Effects on Airborne Conventional Armament Stores and Equipment

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