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An up-to-date database of all known acronyms used by the UK military.

Military Acronym Tool: The Results

ABCAcquisition Behavioural Competences
ABCActivity Based Costing
ABCAll-purpose Ballastable Crawler
ABCAll-purpose Battle Computer
ABCAmerica Britain and Canada
ABCArgentina Brazil Chile
ABCAtomic Biological/Bacteriological and Chemical
ABCAutomatic Boost Control
ABCAutomatic Brightness Control
ABCPARETO Cost Accounting (20% of stock = 80% of Value)
ABCAAmerica Britain Canada and Australia. The treaty
ABCAAmerican British Canadian Australian (group)
ABCAAmerican-British-Canadian-Australian Armies
ABCCCAirborne Battlefield Command and Control Centre
ABCDAmerican British Chinese and Dutch Allied Forces
ABCFAcquisition Behavioural Competence Framework
LABCOMLaboratory Command (US Army)

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