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AAAMAdvanced Air-to-Air Missile
AAMAir-to-Air Missile
AAMIAssociation for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
AAMOURAnglo-Australian Memorandum Of Understanding on Research
AAMTUAutomatic Antenna Matching and Tuning Unit
AdSAAMSAdvanced Surface-to-Air Missile System
AFAAMSAnglo-French Air-to-Air Missile System/Anti-air Multi-spectral Seeker
AIAAMAdvanced Intercept Air-to-Air Missile
ALRAAMAdvanced long-range Air-to-Air Missile
AMRAAMAdvanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile
AMRAAMAdvanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
ASRAAMAdvanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile
ASRAAMAdvanced Short-Range Air-Air Missile
BVRAAMBeyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile IPT
ERAAMExtended Range Air-to-Air Missile
FAAMFamily of Air-to-Air Missiles
FMRAAMFuture Medium Range Air to Air Missile
FMRAAMFuture Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
LAAMLight Anti-Aircraft Missile
MRAAMMedium Range Air-Air Missile
MRAAMMedium Range Air-to-Air Missile
PAAMSPrincipal Anti Air Missile System
PAAMSPrincipal Anti-Air Missile System
RAAMSRemote Anti-Armour Mine System
SPAAMSelf-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Missile
SRAAMShort Range Air-Air Missile
SRAAMShort Range Air-to-Air missile
TAAMTemperature Airfield Attack Munition
VSRAAMVery Short Range Air-to-Air Missile

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