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AABMAir-to-Air Battle Management
AABNCPAdvanced Airborne National Command Post
AABWAntarctic Bottom Water
ABAble Seaman
ABAdmiralty Board
ABAir Base
ABAirborne (forces)
ABArmy Board
ABAssault Breaker
AB 88Lift Equipment Register Form Book
ABAAdaptation Box Assembly
ABACUSAll Arms Battlefield Computer Simulation
ABACUSArtillery Battery Computer Support system
ABCAcquisition Behavioural Competences
ABCActivity Based Costing
ABCAll-purpose Ballastable Crawler
ABCAll-purpose Battle Computer
ABCAmerica Britain and Canada
ABCArgentina Brazil Chile
ABCAtomic Biological/Bacteriological and Chemical
ABCAutomatic Boost Control
ABCAutomatic Brightness Control
ABCPARETO Cost Accounting (20% of stock = 80% of Value)
ABCAAmerica Britain Canada and Australia. The treaty
ABCAAmerican British Canadian Australian (group)
ABCAAmerican-British-Canadian-Australian Armies
ABCCCAirborne Battlefield Command and Control Centre
ABCDAmerican British Chinese and Dutch Allied Forces
ABCFAcquisition Behavioural Competence Framework
ABDRAircraft Battle Damage Repair
ABESAir Breathing Engine System
ABFAdaptive Beam Forming
ABFAnnular Blast Fragmentation warhead
ABFMAmerican Board of Foreign Missions
ABIApplication Binary Interface
ABIAssociation of British Insurers
ABICSADA Based Integrated Control System
ABIOSAdvanced Basic Input Output System
ABISAll-Bus Instrumentation System
ABITAdvanced Built-In Test
ABLAirborne Laser
ABLEAutomated Bridge Launching Equipment
ABMActivity Based Management (MRPII)
ABMAdaptive Bandwidth Management
ABMAnti-Ballistic Missile
ABMAssignment Bid Manager
ABMAssistant Bandmaster
ABMDAdvanced Ballistic Missile Defence
ABMSAir Battle Management System
ABMTAnti-Ballistic Missile Treaty
ABNLAdmiral Benelux and Netherlands
ABOAccess Basing and Overflight
ABOArmy Band Office
ABOsAgents of Biological Origin
ABPWAdmiralty Board Professional Warning
ABRCAdvisory Board for the Research Councils
ABRESAdvanced Ballistic Re-Entry System
ABROArmy Base Repair Organisation
ABRVAdvanced Ballistic Re-entry Vehicle
ABSActivity Breakdown Structure
ABSAmphibious Bridging System
ABSAnti-Lock Braking System
ABsAwarding Bodies
ABS(T)Amphibious Bridging System (Tracked)
ABS(W)Amphibious Bridging System (Wheeled)
ABSAAdvanced Base Support Aircraft
ABSDArmy Blood Supply Depot
ABSOCAdvanced Broadcasting Systems of Canada
ABSVArmoured Battlefield Support Vehicle
ABTAdvanced Back-plane Technology
ABTAdvanced Bi-CMOS Technology
ABTAAssociation of British Travel Agents
ABTALAircraft Branch Temporary Amendment Leaflet
ABUAviation Bird Unit
ABWAbbey Wood
ACABAir Cavalry Attack Brigade
APPLABSAppleton Rutherford Laboratory
ASTABSAutomated Status Board
BABSBeam / Blind Approach Beacon System
BABTBritish Approvals Board for Telecommunications
BEABBritish Electro-technical Approvals Board
CAB?Common Avionics Baseline
CAB?Corrective Action Board
CABA?Closed Air Breathing Apparatus
CABE?Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment
CARABASCoherent All Radio Band Sensing
CSABCivil Service Appeals Board
DABDefence Acquisition Board
DABDigital Audio Broadcasting
DABMDefence Against Ballistic Missile
DMABDefended Modular Array Basing
DQABDefence Quality Assurance Board
DSABSDefence Science Advisory Board
EABExternal Access Box
ECABExecutive Committee of the Army Board
EFABExtended Forward Avionic Bay
FABForward Air Base
FABForward Avionics Bay
FINABSFinancial Accounting and Business System
FLABFlag Lieutenant to the Admiralty Board
FTABFlank Towed Array Broadband
HABHeavy Assault Bridge
IABInvestment Appraisal Board
IABInvestment Appraisals Board formally EAC
IABInvestment Approvals Board
JABJoint Advisory Board
JCABSJoint Cockpit Air Bag System
LABLight Assault Bridge
LABCOMLaboratory Command (US Army)
LABRVLarge Advanced Ballistic Re-entry Vehicle
LABSLow Altitude Bombing System
LABSLow-Altitude Bombing System
MABMarine Amphibious Brigade
MABMobile Assault Bridge
MONABMobile Naval Air-base on shore (US Army)
MULTIFABType of waterproof suit for working in cold & wet conditions
MWABMinor Warships Auxiliaries and Boats
NA TABNot Available Tabulation
NAABNot Available Any Base
NABNickel Alloy Bronze
NABKNATO Artillery Ballistic Kernel
NABSNATO Air Base Satcom
NABSENorwegian Artillery Battery Survey
NABUSTNuclear Accident Back-Up Support Team
NABWNorth Atlantic Bottom Water
NLABSUS Army Natick Laboratories Natick Massachusetts
OABOuter Air Battle
PABProjected Available Balance(MRPII)
PABXPrivate Automatic Branch Exchange
RABResource Accounting and Budgeting
RABSREME Aircraft Branch System
RFABRight Forward Avionics Bay
SABSpares Advice Book
SABREStatistical Assessment of Beam Engagement Response
SaBRESupporting Britains Reservists and Employers
SABRESystem for Aircraft Branch REME Equipment Section
SECRET-CapableA subset of the System designed to handle data at SECRET protective
SLABSubmarine Locator Acoustic Beacon
SLABSubsonic Low-Altitude Bomber
TABIDUTowed Array BroadBand Interim Display
TABOOFriendly frequencies that must never be jammed or interfered by friendly
T-DABTerrestrial Digital Audio Broadcast
VABVickers Armoured Bridgelayer
CrabsThe slang name for the RAF
Yomp or TabA long march carrying kit
TABTactical Advance to Battle

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