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AABNCPAdvanced Airborne National Command Post
ABNLAdmiral Benelux and Netherlands
BNBelgian Navy
BNABritish Naval Attach[M1]é
BNAUBOWMAN Network Access Unit
BNCBayonet Net Coupler (RF connecter)
BNCEBrazilian Naval Commission in Europe
BNEABritish Naval Equipment Association
BNF plcBritish Nuclear Fuels
BNFMFBritish non-ferrous Metals Federation
BNGBritish National Grid
BNRIDBasic Net Radio Interface Device
BNSBILL Night Sight
BNSBOWMAN Network Services
BNSBritish Naval Staff
BNSABase Nuclear Safety Agency
BNSCBritish National Space Centre
BNSOBase Nuclear Safety Organisation.
DBNSDoppler Bombing / Navigation System
FBNWFor But Not With
ISBNInternational Standard Book Number
SBNOSenior British Naval Officer
SSBNBallistic Missile Carrying Nuclear Powered Submarine
SSBNBallistic Missile Submarine - Nuclear
SSBNShip Submarine Ballistic Nuclear
SSBNShip Submersible Ballistic Nuclear (TRIDENT)
SSBNSubmarine (ballistic nuclear)
TBNTo Be Notified
TSSBNTrident Ship Submersible Ballistic Nuclear

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