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AEWTFAir-crew Electronic Warfare Tactics Facility
ALWTAdvanced Lightweight Torpedo
APWTAnnual Personal Weapon Test
ASWTAnti-Submarine Warfare Trainer
AWTLWGAbove Water Target Level Working Group
AWTMAbove Water Threat Manual
AWTSSAll-Weather Tactical Strike System
BOWTAGBOWMAN Training Advisory Group
BOWTATBOWMAN Training and Advisory Team
CCTWTCoupled Cavity Travelling Wave Tube
CPOWTRCPO Writer (Secretarial)
CWTACaptain Weapon Trials & Acceptance
CWTACaptain Weapons Trials and Acceptance
DWTSDigital Wide-band Transmission System
EEWTElbit Electronic Warfare Trainer
EWTEngineer Wheeled Tractor
EWTREW Training Range
EWTSElectronic Warfare Training System
EWTS-RElectronic Warfare Training System - Radar
FCRWTFleet Close Range Weapon Team
FWTFleetwork Trainer
FWTBFleet Warfare and Training Board
HWTHeavy Weight Torpedo
JWTDCJoint Warfare Tactical Doctrine Committee
LWTLight Weapon Turret
LWTLight Weight Torpedo
LWTLight Wheeled Tractor
LWTCLand Warfare Training Centre (formerly Combined Arms Training Centre)
MASWTMPS Anti-Submarine Warfare Trainer
MAWTSMarine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron
MD/WTMarine Division / Wing Team
MWTMedium Wheeled Tractor
NDEWTNuclear Directed Energy Weapon Technology programme
NEWTSNaval Electronic Warfare Training System
NWTAANaval Weapon Trials & Assessment Authority
PWTProduction Warshot Torpedo
SCWTStaff Covered Weapon Training
TEWTTactical Exercise Without Troops
TWTTravelling Wave Tube
TWTATravelling Wave Tube Amplifier
UWTUnderwater Telephone
WTWireless Telegraphy
WTMSWarehouse and Transport Management System
WTMSWarehouse and Transportation Management System
WTOWorld Trade Organisation
WTSVWatertight Slide Valve

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