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ACCSAdvanced Communications Control System
ACCSAir Command & Control System
ACCSAir Command and Control System
ACCSAirborne Computing and Communications System
ACCSAllied Command and Control System
ACCSArmy Command and Control System
ACCSAuthorisation Condition Compliance Statement
ACCSAAllied Communications and Computer Security Agency
ATacCSArmy Tactical Command System
ATCCSArmy Tactical Command and Control System
AUSTACCSAustralian Automatic Command and Control System
CCCSCommand and Control Communications System
CCSCentral Casualty Section
CCSCombat Control System
CCSCombined Cadet Service
CCSCommand and Control Station
CCSCommanders Crew Station
CCSCommon Communications Support
CCSCommunications Control System
CCSConformal Countermeasures System
CCSControl Communication System
CCSCourse Corrected Shell
CCSACommand and Control Support Agency (DAMO)
CCSDSConsultative Committee for Space Data Systems
CCSECall Control Signalling Entity (ATM)
CCSSCommunications Channel Signalling System
CCSSACombined Cryptographical Shore Support Activity
CCSSACombined Cryptological Sigint Support Activity
CCSUCouncil of Civil Service Unions
DCCSDeputy Chief of Staff Support SHAPE
GCCSGlobal Command and Control System
GCCSUS Global Command and Control System
HQACCSHQ Air Cadets Computer System
ICCSIntegrated / Improved Command and Control System
ICCSIntegrated Command and Control System
ICCSIUKADGE Command and Control System
JATCCCSJoint Advanced Tactical C3 System
MACCSMarine Air Command Control System
MACCSMMobile Adaptable Communications Countermeasures System
MCCSMarconi Command and Control System
MCCSMine Countermeasures Control System
NTCCSNaval Tactical Command and Control System
PACCSPost Attack Command and Control System
PAOCCS2Portuguese Air Command and Control System 2
RAFSCCSRAF Supply Central Computer System
SCCSRAF Supply Chain management System
SCCSSupply Central Computer System
STACCSStandard Theatre Army Command and Control System
UKACCSUK Air Command & Control System
UKMACCSUK Maritime Coastal Comms System
UKMACCSUnited Kingdom Coastal Communications System
WWCCSWorld Wide Control and Communication System
WWMCCSWorld Wide Military Command and Control System
CCSCasualty Clearing Station

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