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AACOMSArmy Area Communications System
AARADCOMArmy Armament Research and Development Command
Ac ComdAircraft Commander
ACCORDAdvanced Command and Control Research Demonstrator
ACCORDApplication to Co-ordinate Comments On Repository
ACE COMSECACE Communications Security
ACOAdministrative Contracting Officer
ACOAirspace Control Order
ACOAirspace Co-ordination Order
ACOAirspace Co-ordinator Order
ACO(W)Atomic Co-ordinating Office (Washington)
ACODAccess Code
ACOPApproved Code of Practice
ACOPApproved Code Of Practice (H&S)
ACoPApproved Code of Practice and Guidance (Managing Health & Safety in
ACORAuthorised Contractor Record
ACOSAssistant Chief of Staff
ACOS(AV)Assistant Chief of Staff (Aviation) RN
ACOS(CIS)Assistant Chief of Staff (Communications and Information systems)
ACOS(M&D)Assistant Chief of Staff (Medical & Dental)
ACOS(OPS)Assistant Chief of Staff (Operations and Plans)
ACOS(P&S)Assistant Chief of Staff (Personnel and Support)
ACOS(POL)Assistant Chief of Staff (Policy)
ACOS(W)Assistant Chief of Staff (Warfare)
ACOSTAdvisory Committee on Science and Technology
ACOVSArtillery Combat Observer Vehicle Simulator
ACTCOSTActivity Cost Analysis
ADCOMAerospace Defence Command
AFSATCOMAir Force Satellite Communications System
AICORNAdaptive Intelligent Control of Radio Networks
AIRCOMAir Command
AMCCOMArmament Munitions and Chemical Command
AMCOAir Maintenance Control Office
APCOMAir Picture Compilation
ARMSCORArmament Manufacturing Corporation (South Africa)
ARRADCOMArmament Research and Development Command
ASCONAutomatic Switched Communications Network
ASCOTAccounting Software Catalogue Options
ASCOTAir Support Command On Transit
ASCOTAirspace Control and Operations Training simulator
ATACOAir Tactical Control Operator
ATCOAir Traffic Control Officer
ATCOMUS Army Troop Command
AUTOSEVOCOMAutomatic Secure Voice Communications System
AVICOSAvailable In Course Of Supply
AVSCOMU.S. Army Aviation Systems Command
AXCONAxis Controller
BATCOBattle Code
BCOBombardment Control Officer (NGS)
BCOEBOWMAN Common Operating Environment
BRITCON UNFICYPBritish Contingent United Nations Forces in Cyprus
BUDCOMBudget & Finance Computer
CACOS?Computer Aided Cable Optimisation System
CARICOMCaribbean Community
CASCOMCombined Arms Support Command
CASCOMEXClose Air Support Communications Exercise
CCOChief Claims Officer
CCOContact Cell Officer
CCOContract CO-ordination Officer
CCOCCombustion Change Outer Case
CEMCONSCentralised Emissions Control System
CENTCOMCentral Command
CHANCOMChannel Command
COCentral Office
COCommanding Officer
CoStandard Ballistic Coefficient
CO2Carbon dioxide
COAChart of Accounts
COAConcept of Analysis
COACourse of Action
COATICommittee On Awards To Inventors
COBCarried On Board (spares)
COBIPCustomer Order Book Interface Plan
COBLOGSCaptain of Base Parent Unit Wider Fleet Unit
COBLUCooperative OutBoard Logistic Upgrade
COBOLCommon Business-Oriented Language
COBRACom Bureau Replacement Activity
COBRACOunter Battery RAdar
COCCombat Operation Centre
COCCommand Operations Centre
COCCContractors Operational Control Centre
COCCCost Of Capital Charge
COCHCost to Order Cost to Hold
CoCoCode of Connection
COCOContractor Owned Contractor Operated
COCOMCo-ordinating Committee for East-West Trade Policy
COCOMCo-ordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls
COCOMOConstructive Cost Model (Boehm)
CoCoMsCoordinated Combat Management
COCSCombined Operational Command System
COCTCab-Over Cargo Truck
CODCarrier Onboard Delivery
CODCash On Delivery
CODCentral Ordnance Dept
CODCertificate Of Design
CODAGCombined Diesel and Gas Turbine
CODECCompressor / DE Compressor
CODERMCommittee for Defence Equipment Reliability & Maintainability
CODERMCommittee Of Defence Equipment Reliability and Maintainability
CODFMCoded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex
CODLAGCombined Diesel Electric and Gas Turbine
CODLAGCombined Diesel Electric and Gas Propulsion
CODOGCombined Diesel or Gas Turbine
CODSIACouncil Of Defence and Space Industry
COECab Over Engine
COECentres Of Excellence
COECommon Operating Environment
COEACost and Operational Effective Analysis
COEACost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis
COECCouncil Operations and Executive Committee NATO HQ
COEIACombined Operational Effectiveness & Investment Appraisal course
COEIACombined Operational Effectiveness and Investment Appraisal
COEIACombined Operational Evaluation and Investment Appraisal
COEIACommon Operational Effectiveness and Investment Appraisal
CoFChannels of Fire
CofACertificate of Airworthiness
CofAController of the Air Force
COFAMComputer Facility for Mine Warfare
CofCCertificate of Competency
CofCChain of Command
COFDENCommander Operational Forces Denmark
CofFCone of Fire
COFFERComputerised Office for Field Force Enquirys and Records
CofGCentre of Gravity
CofHCorporal of Horse
CofMCorrection of the Moment
CofNController of the Navy
CofRCommencement of Rifling
CofSChief of Staff SHAPE
COFTConduct of Fire Trainer
CofWCClerk of Works Construction
CofWEClerk of Works Electrical
CofWMClerk of Works Mechanical
COGAGCombined Gas and Gas Propulsion
COGOContractor Operated Government Owned
COGOGCombined Gas Turbine or Gas Turbine
COGOGCombined of Gas or Gas Propulsion
COGSConfederation of Group Training Schemes
COHClyde Operational Headquarters
COHVCartridge Operated HAP Valve
COICommunity Of Interest
COICCareers and Occupational Information Centre
COILChemical Oxygen-Iodine Laser
COINCounter Insurgency
COINSComputer and Information Handling System
COINSComputer Operated Instrument System
COJACSCombat Jamming / Communication Support System
COJASCoherent Jammer Simulator
COLCommand Open Line (internal circuit in Ops Room & bridge)
COLACost of Living Allowance
COLDComputer Output to Laser Disc
COLDSCommon Opto-electronic Laser Detection System
COLOCChange of Locations of Command
COLOSCommand off Line of Sight
COLPROCollective Protection
COLSCommand Off the Line of Sight
COLTCO2 Laser Technology
COMCompact Optronic Mast
COMCompany Operating Manual
COMACivil Owned Military Aircraft
COMACivil-Owned Military-type Aircraft
COMAContractor Owned Military Aircraft
COMAAFCECommander Allied Air Forces Central Europe
COMAAFCECommander Allied Air Forces Central Europe
COMAIRBALTAPCommander Allied Air Forces Baltic Approaches
COMAIRNONCommander Air Northern Norway
COMAIRSONORCommander Allied Air Forces South Norway
COMAIRSOUTHCommander Allied Air Forces Southern Europe
COMAJFCommander Allied Joint Force
COMALCommunications Analysis
COMAMF(L)Commander ACE Mobile Forces Land
COMANConfiguration Management
COMAOComposite Air Operations
COMARAIRMEDCommander Maritime Air Forces Mediterranean
COMASWSRTIKFORCommander ASW Strike Force
COMATGCommander Amphibious Task Group
COMATGCommodore Amphibious Task Group
COMAWCommodore Amphibious Warfare
COMBALTAPCommander Allied Forces Baltic Approaches
ComBATCommon Battlefield Applications Toolset
ComBATCommon Battlefield Toolset
COMBAT-SIMComputerised Battle Simulation
COMBENECHANCommander Benelux Sub-Area Channel
COMBOCalculation of miss between objects
COMBOPEN®Nerve Agent Antidote Injection Device
COMBRITFORCommander British Forces
COMBSCommodity Management Business System
COMCATComputer Output Microfilm Catalogue System
COMCENCommunications Centre
COMCENTAGCommander Central Army Group
COMCENTLANTCommander Central Atlantic Sub-Area
COMCJTFCommander Combined Joint Task Force
COMCLYDECommander Clyde Area
ComdSec Command Secretary/Secretariat
COMDEFCommon Defence Exhibition and Seminar
COMDEVCommodore Devonport
COMDEVFLOTCommodore Devonport Flotilla
ComdTpLdrCommand Troop Leader
COMECONCouncil for Mutual Economic Assistance
COMEDCombined Map and Electronic Display
COMEDCENTCommander Central Mediterranean
COMEDEASTCommander Eastern Mediterranean
COMEDNOREASTCommander Northeast Mediterranean
COMEXCommencement of ASW Action (in CASEX)
COMFAIRMEDCommander Fleet Air Arm Mediterranean
COMFIVEATAFCommander 5th Allied Tactical Air Force
COMFOURATAFCommander 4th Allied Tactical Air Force
COMGIBMEDCommander Gibraltar Mediterranean
COMGRNORSEACommander German North Sea
COMICSComputerised Indulgence Control System
COMINTCommunication Intelligence
COMINTCommunications Intelligence
COMJAMCommon Jammer
COMLANDJUTCommander Allied Land Forces Jutland
COMLANDNONCommander Allied Land Forces North Norway
COMLANDSONORCommander Allied Land Forces South Norway
COMLANDSOUTHCommander Allied Land Forces Southern Europe
COMLANDSOUTHEASTCommander Allied Land Forces South Eastern Europe
COMLAND-ZEALANDCommander Allied Land Forces Zealand
COMMAIR(CHEL)Commander Maritime Air (Channel East Atlantic)
COMMAIRCENTLANTCommander Maritime Air Central Atlantic
COMMAIRCHANCommander Maritime Air Channel
COMMAIREASTLANTCommander Maritime Air Eastern Atlantic
COMMAIRNORLANTCommander Maritime Air Northern Atlantic
COMMAIRPLYMCHANCommander Maritime Air Plymouth Channel
COMMARRESCommander Maritime Reserves
COMMCENCommunications Centre
COMMHQCommunications Head
COMMITSCommand Management IT Strategy
COMMITSSCommand & Management IT Strategy Study
COMMSCustomer-Orientated Manufacturing Management System
CommsLoggerCommunications Logger
CommsOpCommunications Operator
COMMWCommander Mine Warfare / War vessels
COMMWCommodore Minewarfare & Minor War Vessels
COMMWCommodore Minor War Vessels
COMNACommodore Naval Aviation
COMNAEWFCommander NATO Air-borne Early Warning Force
COMNAVACTUKCommander US Naval Activities United Kingdom
COMNAVBALTAPCommander Allied Naval Forces Baltic Approaches
COMNAVNONCommander Allied Naval Forces North Norway
COMNAVSONORCommander Allied Naval Forces South Norway
COMNAVSOUTHCommander Allied Naval Forces Southern Europe
COMNONCommander Northern Norway
COMNORECHANCommander Nore Sub-Area Channel
COMNORLANTCommander North Atlantic Sub-Area
COMNORTHAGCommander Northern Army Group
Comp BComposition B
COMPASSComputer Assurance
COMPLANCommunications Plan
COMPLYMCHANCommander Plymouth Sub-Area Channel
COMPORFLOTCommodore Portsmouth Flotilla
COMPREPCOMPuter assisted REPair planning
COMPREPComputer Planning of Repair
ComptiaComputing Technology Industry Association USA
COMPUSECComputer Security
COMPUSECRAComputer Security Risk Analysis
COMRCivil-Owned Military Registered (Aircraft)
COMRFACommodore Royal Fleet Auxiliary
COMSECCommunication Security
COMSECCOMmunications SECurity
COMSERVGRUCommander Service Group
COMSIMCommunications Simulator
COMSIXATAFCommander 6th Allied Tactical Air Force
COMSONORCommander Southern Norway
COMSTANAV FORCHANCommander Standing Naval Force Channel
COMSTRIKEFOR SOUTCCommander Naval Striking and Support Forces Southern Europe
COMSTRIKFLTLANTCommander Strike Fleet Atlantic
COMSTRKFLTCommander Strike Fleet
COMSUB(CHELL)Commander Submarines (Channel East Atlantic)
COMSUBACLANTCommander Submarines Allied Command Atlantic
COMSUBEASTLANTCommand Submarines Eastern Atlantic
COMSUBMEDCommander Submarines Mediterranean
COMTWOATAFCommander 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force
COMUKAMPHIBFORCommander United Kingdom Amphibious Forces
COMUKMARFORCommander United Kingdom Maritime Forces
COMUKTGCommander UK Task Group
COMUKTGCommander United Kingdom Task Group
COMVATCombat Vehicles Armament Technology
CONASCombined Nuclear And Steam
CONDOContractors On Deployed Operations
CONDORCovert Operations Night Day for Rotorcraft
CONEMPConcept Of Employment
CO-NEWSCommunications Naval Electronic Warfare System
CONMAROPSConcept of Maritime Operations
CONOLDConsolidated On-line Documentation
CONOPConcept Of Operations
CONOPSCONcept of OPerationS
CONPConnection-Oriented Network Protocol (ISO)
CONSConnection-Oriented Network Service
CONUSContinental United States (not Hawaii/Alaska)
CONUSContinental USA
CONUSEConcept Of Use
CONVISConsignment Visibility
COOCost of Ownership
COOPCraft Of OPportunity
CoPClose of Play
COPClose of Play (end of working day)
COPCode of Practice
COPCommitments and Operation Planning (MRPII)
COPContingency Operation Plan
COPA74Control Of Pollution Act 1974
COPEXCovert and Operational Procurement Exhibition
COPLCommitments Operational Priority/Priorities List
CORADCo-ordinated Roland Air Defence
CORBACommon Object Request Broker Architecture
CORCENCORrelation CENtre
CORDACoronary Artery Disease Research Association
COrEComBAT ORBAT Editor (COrE) Toolset
COREControlled Requirements Expression
CORIPDCorrection of IP Data
CORPIDCorrection of Initial Provisioning Data
CORSAIRComputer Output for REME Support of AIRcraft
COSChief of Staff
COSChiefs of Staff
COSCompany Operating System
COSContracted Out Services
COS(T)Chief of Staff Transformation
COS2SLChief of Staff to Second Sea Lord
COSAGCombined Steam And Gas Turbine
COSALXCompressable Stability Analysis (version X)
COSCChief of Staff Committee
COSECommon Open Systems or Software Environment
COSHHControl Of Substances Hazardous to Health
COSMICCombat Systems Multi-format Information Centre
COSPARCommittee for Space Research
COSSACSComputerised Stock Segregation and Control System
COSSECChief of Staff Secretariat
COSSECChief(s) of Staff Secretariat
COSSHEControl of Substance Hazardous to Health & The Environment
COSTINDCommission of Science Technology and Industry
COSUTCertificate Of Safety Under Test
COSYSCombat System
COTSCommercial Off The Shelf
COTSCommercial Off-The-Shelf
COTSCommercial Off-the-Shelf (systems hardware or software)
COTSCost Off-The-Shelf
COTTControl Of Transmission Test
CoVCalculus of Variations
COVCounter-obstacle Vehicle
COWContract of Work
CRITCOMCritical intelligence Communications
CryptoNCOCrypto Non-Commissioned Officer
DACOSDeputy Assistant Chief of Staff
DARCOMDevelopment and Readiness Command (US Army)
DCODamage Control Officer
DCODefence Contracts Organisation
DCODemolitions Conducting Officer
DCODesign Clip-On
DCOADefence Cryptosecurity Operating Authority
DCOMA Microsoft integration technology
DCOMMARRESDeputy Commander Maritime Reserves
DCOSDeputy Chief of Staff
DECODADEtection of COmposite DAmage of composites
DEFCOMNONDefence Command North Norway
DEFCOMNORDefence Command Norway
DEFCOMSONORDefence Command South Norway
DEFCONDefence Condition
DEFCONDefence Contract Condition
DEFCONDEFence CONtract standard clause
DEFCON 52Local Purchase Order
DEPCODefence Electronic Parts Committee
DISCOMDivision Support Command
DISCONDistributed Integrated Secure Communications Network
DSCOMDefence Supply Chain Operations & Movements
ECOEngineering Change Orders
ECOMEmission Control
ECOPElectronic co-pilot
ECOSEnvironmental Consultancy Services Ltd
ECOWASEconomic Community of West African States
EMCOFEuropean Monetary Co-operation Fund
EMCONEmission Control
EMCONEmission Control - Radio silence
EMCONEMitter CONtrol
ERADCOMElectronics Research and Development Command
ESCOsEnergy Services Companies
EUCOMEuropean Command
EUROCOMEuropean Communications
EUROCONTROLEuropean Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation
FAACOFirst Aid Aircraft Outfit
FACONFacilities Control
FALCONFission Activated Laser Concept
FALCONFrequency-Agile Low Coverage Netted radar
FALCONFuel and Lubricants Computer Opportunity Network
Falcon EW/TSFalcon Electronic Warfare/Target Support Aircraft
FALCON IFuel and Lubricants Computer Operations Network (HQ Elements)
FALCON IIFuel and Lubricants Computer Operations Network (Depot Elements)
FARCOSFast Adaptive HF Radio Communication System
FCOFire Control Officer
FCOFleet Communications Office
FCOForces Courier Office
FCOForeign & Commonwealth Office
FCOForeign and Commonwealth Office
FINCOField Intelligence NCO
FLOTCOMFlotilla Command
FLTSATCOMFleet Satellite Communications
FlycoFlying Control
FOCOSFoam Overhead Cover Support System
FORSCOMForces Command
GOCOGovernment Owned Contractor Operated
HCOHanger/Helicopter Control Office
HCOHybrid Clip-On
HIPCORHigh-Power Coherent Radar
IBCORSIntroduction of Bar Coding to RNSTS Systems
ICOGInternational Cooperative Opportunities Group
ICONIntegration Contract
ICONIntelligence Communications Operations Node
ICS COEIAInformation and Communication Services Combined Operational
IMCOInter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organisation
INCOSEInternational Council on Systems Engineering
INSCOMIntelligence and Security Command (US Army)
ISCOMFARIsland Commander The Faros
ISCOMICEIsland Commander Iceland
ISYSCONIntegrated System Control programme (US Army)
JNCOJunior Non-Commissioned Officer
JOCOMEXJoint (inter-Service) Communications Exercise
JOCOMEXJoint Communication Exercise
Jt ComdJoint Commander
LABCOMLaboratory Command (US Army)
LC COORDLanding Craft Coordinator
LCCOLanding Craft Control Officer
LCOLaunch Control Officer
LCOSSLead Computing Optical Sight System
LECOSLight Electronic Control System
LISCOPELogistic Information Systems Collaboration ProgrammE
LoCoFISLogistics Command Financial Information System
Lt ColLieutenant Colonel
MARCOMMaritime Command
MARCONFORLANTMaritime Contingency Forces Atlantic
MARCOTCanadian Maritime Surveillance Exercise
MASCOTModular Approach to Software Construction Operation and Test
MATCONOFFMaterial Control Officer
MCOMain Communications Office
MCOMovement Control Officer
MECOMMiddle East Electronic Communications Exhibition
MERADCOMMobility Equipment Research and Development Command
MICOMMissile Command
MICOMMissile Command (US Army)
MICOSMultifunctional Infra-red Coherent Optical Scanner
MILCONMilitary Construction
MILSATCOMMILitary SATellite COMmunications
MIRADCOMMissile R&D Command (US Army)
MOMCOMSMan-On-the-Move Communications
MORCOSMortar Computing System
MSCOModelling and Simulation Coordination Office
NACOSANATO Communications Organisation Support Agency
NADEFCOLNATO Defence College
NaRCoSiSNaval Radar Computer Simulation Suite
NASCOMNASA Communications network
NAVAIRSYSCOMNaval Air Systems Command
NAVCOMPARSNaval Communications Processing And Routing System
NAVFACENGCOMNaval Facilities Engineering Command
NAVSEASYSCOMNaval Sea Systems Command
NAVSTARCODENaval Staff Target And Requirement Code
NAVSUPSYSCOMNaval Supply Systems Command
NCCOSCNaval Command Control and Ocean Surveillance Centre
NCONon-commissioned officer
NICS COANICS Control Operating Authority
NSCONaval Shipping Control Officer
NUSCOTNuclear Submarine Control & Operator Trainer
OCONUSOutside the Continental United States
OCOVOffice for Co-ordination of Overseas Visitors
OPCOMOperational Command
OPCONOperational Communications Network - Naval Planning System
OPCONOperational Control
PARCOMParis Commission
PASCOProject to replace NSTN/MHS (Pasco - Nelson’s signals officer)
PCOPollution Control Officer
PConPortable Controller (cryptographic device)
RAFSCOCRoyal Air Force Support Command Operations Centre
RCORange Conducting Officer
RCOReactor Co-ordination Officer
RCO(ATC)Range Control Officer (Air Traffic Control)
SATCOSenior Air Traffic Control Officer
SATCOSenior Air Traffic Controller
SATCOMSatellite Communications
SCOShips Communications Officer
SCOStaff Communications Officer
SCOCISSupport Command Operational Command Information System
SCOISATCOM Community of Interest
SCOINSupport Command Office Information Network
SCONTOScottish Council of NTOs
SCORStreamlined Certification Of Receipts
SCORESDI Collaborative Research
SCORESignal Communication by Orbiting Relay Equipment
SCORM[The] Shareable Content Object Reference Model
SCORMShareable Courseware Object Model
SCORRStanding Committee for Refit and Repair
SCORR(SM)Standing COmmittee for Refit & Repair (submarines)
SCORR(SS)Standing COmmittee for Refit & Repair (Surface Ships)
SCOSERStanding Committee On Submarine Escape & Rescue
SCOTSatellite Communications Ocean Terminal
SCOTSatellite Communications System
SCOTS(A)Standing Committee On Training Safety (Army)
SERCOMarine Services Contractor
SMCOStandard Manufacturing Company
SNCOSenior Non-Commissioned Officer
SRCOSenior Range Conducting Officer
STRICOMUS Army Simulation Training and Instrumentation Command
TACOMTactical Command
TACOMTank Automotive Command
TACOMMSTActical COMMunicationS
TACONTActical CONtrol
TCOTempest Control Officer
TCOTrial Conducting Officer
TECOTest Equipment Calibration Organisation
TECO(NS)Test Equipment Calibration Organisation (Non Strategic)
TERCOMTerrain Contour Matching
UK COEUnited Kingdom Common Operating Environment
UKCOEUK Common Operating Environment
UNESCOUN Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation
UNICOMUNIt COMputer Project
UNSCOMUnited Nations Special Commission
WARCONWar Consumables (IT System)
WESSCOMWeapons Electronic Emission Security Steering Group
COCommanding Officer
ComdCommand or Commander
Comms ZCommunications Zone
Compo or Comp RatComposite Ration (also called comp rat)
COMSENCommunications Centre
CoSChief of Staff
NCONon Commissioned Officer
SatComSatellite Communications Force
SNCOSenior Non Commissioned Officer
WilcoWill Comply: Used To Be Used In RAF Comm

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