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CAFACAComputer Assistance For the Army Cataloguing Authority
CALFACCalibration Facility
CFACConstant-Frequency Alternating Current
DBSO (FAC)Deputy Base Supply Officer (Fleet Accommodation Centre)
EDIFACTEDI For Administration Commerce & Transport
EDIFACTElectronic Data Interchange for Administration Co
FACFast Attack Craft
FACFleet Accommodation Centre.
FACFleet Audit Committee
FACFlight Augmentation Computer
FACForward Air Control
FACForward Air Controller
FACAForce Air Coordination Area
FACAFuture Attack and Combat Aircraft
FACCWGFuture Air Command and Control Working Group
FACCWGFuture Air Control Centre Working Group
FACEField Artillery Computing Equipment
FACETSPhysical optics prediction code
FACONFacilities Control
FACPForward Air Control Post
FACTSFLIR Augmented Cobra TOW Sight
HFACHelicopter Flight Advisory Computer
IFACInformation Fusion Architectures & Coordination
JFACJoint Force Air Component
JFACCJoint Force Air Component Commander
NAVFACENGCOMNaval Facilities Engineering Command
P-JFACHQPilot-Joint Force Air Component HeadQuarters
RFACRegional Fisheries Advisory Committee
RFACCYRFA CPO Communications Yeoman
SIDFACShore Integration & Demonstration FACility
UN-EDIFACTUnited Nations - Electronic Data Interchange Standard for Administration
FACForward Air Controller

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