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CONEMPConcept Of Employment
EMPElectro Magnetic Phenomenon
EMPElectro Magnetic Pulse
EMPElectro--Magnetic Phenomenon
EMPElectromagnetic Pulse
EMPEngineering Mine Plough
EMPEnvironmental Management Plan
EMPAREuropean Multi-function Phased Array Radar
EMPASSElectro-Magnetic Performance of Air and Ship System
EMPPElectro Magnetic Pulse Protection
EMPPElectromagnetic Pulse Protection
EMPPEMP Protection
EMPPPElectro-Magnetic Pulse Protection
EMPSEquipment Management Policy Statement
EMPSEstablishment Maintenance Policy Strategy
HEMPSMHigh Explosive Multi--Purpose Sub--Munition
NEMPNon-nuclear ElectroMagnetic Pulse
NEMPNuclear Electro-Magnetic Pulse
NNEMPNon Nuclear ElectroMagnetic Pulse
NNEMPNon-Nuclear Electro-Magnetic Pulse
SEMPSystems Engineering Management Plan
SGEMPSystem Generated Electromagnetic Pulse
SGEMPSystems Generated Electromagnetic Pulse
TEMPESTRadiation Security
TEMPESTSystem for monitoring transmission security
EMPElectro Magnetic Pulse

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