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Military Acronym Tool: The Results

ADAIRSAir Data and Inertial Reference System
ADIRSAir Data and Inertial Reference System
ADIRSAirfield Damage Information and Reporting System
AIRAccident Incident Rate
AIRAIR Command replaced Strike when Strike and PTC merged
AIRAir Intercept Radar
AIRAnnual Infrastructure Report
Air CdreAir Commodore
Air Chf MshlAir chief Marshal
Air MshlAir Marshal
AIRBALTAPAllied Air Forces Baltic Approaches
AIRCOMAir Command
AIRNONAllied Air Forces Northern Norway
AirOpsCenAir Operations Centre
AIRSAdvanced Inertial Reference System
AIRSAdvanced Infra-Red imaging Seeker
AIRSAirborne Integrated Reconnaissance System
AIRS2P2Air Sensors Systems and Platform Protection IPT
AirSHAir Support Helicopter
AIRSONORAllied Air Forces Southern Norway
AIRSOUTHAllied Air Forces Southern Europe
AirSpaceMgrAir Space Manager
AIRTAir-to-air Interceptor Radar Training
ALTAIRARPA Long-range Tracking And Instrumentation Radar
AMIRAnti-Missile Infra-Red
AOIRArea of Intelligence Responsibility
ASIRAirspeed Indicator Reading
ATIRCMAdvanced Threat Infra-Red Countermeasures System
BIRBiennial Infrastructure Review
BIRBusiness Improvement Request
BIRADSBi-static Receiver And Display System
BIRISBattlefield Inoculation Remote Initiation System
CCIRComite Consultative International des Radiocommunication
CCIRCommanders Critical Information Requirements
CCIRCommanders Critical Information Requirements
CCIRMCollection Coordination and Intelligence Requirements Management
CCIRMCollection Co-ordination and Intelligence Requirements Management
CCIRMCoordination of Collection & Intelligence Requirements Management
CCIRsCommander’s Critical Information Requirements
CDIRRSControl and Display of Infra-Red Reconnaissance System
CDR AIRCDR in charge of all aviation on board CVS
CHAIRControl Handling Aid for Increase Range
CinC UKAIRCommander-in-Chief UK Air Forces
CINCUKAIRCommander-in-Chief UK Air Forces
CIRCommander’s Information Requirement
CIRCommitted Information Rate
CIRConsultancy Inspection and Review
CIRContinuous Infra-Red
CIRCCentral Information Reference and Control (FASTC)
CIRECommand Instrument Rating Examiner
CIRICommand Instrument Rating Instructor
CIRPLSComputer Integration of Requirements Procurement Logistics and Support
CIRPLSComputer Integration of Requirements Procurement and Logistic and
CIRPLSComputer Integration of Requirements Procurement Logistics and Support
CIRTEVSCompact Infra-Red Television System
CIRTOCivilian Industrial Relations & Training Organisation
CM(IR&C)Civilian Management (Industrial Relations and Conditions of Service)
COMAIRBALTAPCommander Allied Air Forces Baltic Approaches
COMAIRNONCommander Air Northern Norway
COMAIRSONORCommander Allied Air Forces South Norway
COMAIRSOUTHCommander Allied Air Forces Southern Europe
COMARAIRMEDCommander Maritime Air Forces Mediterranean
COMFAIRMEDCommander Fleet Air Arm Mediterranean
COMMAIR(CHEL)Commander Maritime Air (Channel East Atlantic)
COMMAIRCENTLANTCommander Maritime Air Central Atlantic
COMMAIRCHANCommander Maritime Air Channel
COMMAIREASTLANTCommander Maritime Air Eastern Atlantic
COMMAIRNORLANTCommander Maritime Air Northern Atlantic
COMMAIRPLYMCHANCommander Maritime Air Plymouth Channel
CORSAIRComputer Output for REME Support of AIRcraft
CWIRSComponent Work Inspection Record Sheet
D Air ArmDirectorate of Air Armament
D of C/Air1Directorate of Contracts/Air 1
D of C/Air2Directorate of Contracts/Air 2
D(F+S)Air1Directorate (Finance + Secretariat) Air 1
D(F+S)Air2Director (Finance + Secretariat) Air 2
DCIRTDefence Computer Incident Response Team
DFS(Air)Directorate of Future Systems (Air)
DGES(Air)Director General Equipment Support (Air)
DIRDigital Instrumentation Range
DIRAMSDockyard Installed Reactor Accident Monitoring System
DIRCMDirected Infra-Red Countermeasures
DIRGDefence Information Reference Group
DIRGEDefence Information Reference Group Executive
DIRODirectorate Information and Records Officer
DIRSPDynamic InfraRed Scene Projector
DIRSUPDirect Intelligence Support
DLS(Air)Director Logistic Services (Air) in DGES(Air) DLO
DRIRDirect Readout Infra-Red
DUWIRDual Waveband Imaging Radiometer
DUWIRDUal Waveband IR sensor
EIREnvironmental Information Regulations
EIRPEffective Isotropic Radiated Power
EMIRALDEvaluation Model for Infra Red Arrays and Long-linear Devices
EPIRBEmergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
ES (Air)Equipment Support (Air)
ES(Air)(VL)Equipment Support (Air) Yeovilton
FIRFar Infra-Red
FIRFlight Information Region
FIRFunctional Item Replacement
FIRAMSFlight Incident Recorder and Aircraft Monitoring System
FIRMUFlight Incident Recorder Memory Unit
FIRSTFederation of Incident Response Teams or Future Infra-Red Suppression
FIRSTFleet Integrated and Rationalised Study Team
FIRST LTAssistant to the Commander of HMS DRAKE
FLAIRField Low Altitude Intermediate-range Radar
FLIRForward Looking Infra-Red
FLIRForward-Looking Infra Red
FOIRLFibre Optic Inter-Repeater Link
FP Firing PointFP Firing Point
FR No 4 shirtFire Retardant clothing (always worn on board in the RN)
FTIRFourier Transform InfraRed
GMIRLGEC Marconi Infra Red Limited
GPTIRFGeneral Purpose Thermal Imager Repair Facility
HAIRHigh Altitude IR
HIBIRDHelicopter Identification By Infra-Red Detection
HIRAMHycor Infra-Red Anti-Missile decoy
HIREHughes Infra-Red Equipment thermal subsystem
HIRFHigh Intensity Radiated Field
HIRFHigh Intensity RF Field
HIRISHigh resolution Infra-red System
HIRNSHelicopter Infra-Red Navigation System
HIRSHelicopter Infra-Red System
HIRTAHigh Intensity Radio transmission Area
HIRTAHigh Intensity Radio Transmission Areas
HMIRHer Majesty’s Inland Revenue
HRIRHigh Resolution Infra-red Radiometer
IIRImaging Infra Red
IIRImaging InfraRed
IIRInfra-red Imaging Radar
IIRAIntegrated Inertial Reference Assembly
IIRSInstrument Inertial Reference Set
IRIndividual Reinforcement
IRIndustrial Relations
IRInfra Red
IRInfra-Red Electromagnetic Radiation
IRInland Revenue
IRInstrument Rating
IRInsulation Resistance
IRIntelligence Request
IR&DIndependent Research and Development
IR/EOInfra-Red / Electro-Optical
IRAInertial Reference Assembly
IRAInstrument Rating Allowance
IRAInventory Record Accuracy
IRAIrish Republican Army
IRANInspect and Repair as Necessary
IRASInfra-Red Alerting System
IRASInterdiction / Reconnaissance Attack System
IRAWSInfra-Red Attack Weapon System
IRBImproved Ribbon Bridge
IRBIrish Republican Brotherhood
IRBMIntermediate Range Ballistic Missile
IRCInflatable Rubber Crafts
IRCInternational Research Collaboration
IRCCDInfra-Red Charge-Coupled Device
IRCCMInfra-Red Counter Countermeasures
IRCMInfra Red Counter Measures
IRCMInfra Red CounterMeasure
IRCMInfra-Red Counter Measures
IRCSIntrusion-Resistant Communications System
IRDFInfra-Red Direction Finding
IRDSInformation Resource Dictionary Standard
IRDSInformation Resource Dictionary Systems
IRDSInfra-Red Detecting Set
IRDSCInfosec Research & Development Co-ordination Sub-Committee
IRDUInfra-Red Detection Unit
IREInstrument Rating Examiner
IRESSRCImplementation of the RAFCSS EDS Security Study Recommendations
IREWInfra-Red Electronic Warfare
IREWSInfra-Red Electronic Warfare System
IREXInfra-red signature predication model
IRFImmediate Reaction Force
IRF(A)Immediate Reaction Force (Air)
IRF(L)Immediate Reaction Force (Land)
IRF(M)Immediate Reaction Force (Maritime)
IRFISInertial Referenced Flight Inspection System
IRFNAInhibited Red Funing Nitric Acid
IRGImmediate Replenishment Group
IRGWInfra-Red Guided Weapons
IRIInstrument Rating Instructor
IRICSInterim Reciprocal Information and Consultation System
IRISIncident Reporting Information System
IRISInfra-Red Imaging System
IRISIntegrated Radar Imaging System
IRJInfra-Red Jammer
IRLInterface Reference List
IRLSInfra Red Line Scanner
IRLSInfra-Red Line Scan
IRMSIntegrated Radio Management System
IRMWSInfra-Red Missile Warning Subsystem programme
IRNFIntermediate Range Nuclear Forces
IROInspection Rejection Order
IROInspection-Rejection Open item
IROFImproved Rate Of Fire
IRQInformation Request Questionnaire
IRQInterrupt request
IRRImmediate Readiness Reserve
IRRInfra-Red Radiation
IRRInfrared Reflecting
IRRIntegral Rocket / Ramjet
IRRIntegrated Radio Room
IRRInternal Rate of Return
IRRPaint Infra-Red Reflecting Paint
IR-RAPInfra-Red / Radar Augmented Projectile
IRROLAInflatable Radar-Reflective Optical Location Aid
IRRSInfra-Red Reconnaissance System
IRSImproved Radar Simulator
IRSInertial Reference System
IRSInterface Requirements Specification
IRSFIR Simulation Facility
IRSIIndependent Range Safety Inspectors
IRSMInfra-Red Surveillance Measures
IRSPIR Scene Projector
IRSSInfra-Red Search Set
IRSTInfra-Red Search and Track
IRSTInfraRed Search-and-Track
IRSTDInfra-Red Search and Target Designation
IRTInstrument Rating Test
IRTHInfra-Red Terminal Simulator
IRTSIntegrated Radiation Transport Suite
IRUInertial Reference Unit
IRVImproved Recovery Vehicle
IRVATInfra-Red Video Automatic Tracking
IRWRInfra-Red Warning Receiver
LAIRLaser and Atomic Research and Development
LAIRSLight Aircraft Reconnaissance System
LANTIRNLow Altitude Navigation Targeting Infra Red Night
LANTIRNLow-Altitude Navigation Targeting Infra-Red Night
LIRLaser Intercept Receiver
LIRALow Intensity Reconnaissance Aircraft
LIRDLaser and Infra-red Irradiation Detector
LIRODLightweight Radar Optronic Director
LIRSLaser Inertial Reference System
LWIRLong Wave Infra Red
LWIRLong Wave Infra-Red
MAFLIRModified Advanced Forward Looking Infra-Red
MAIRMaritime Air
MAIREASTLANTMaritime Air Eastern Atlantic Command
MARAIRMEDMaritime Air Forces Mediterranean
MIIRSModular Imagery Interpretation and Reporting System
MIRMultiple-target Instrumentation Radar
MIRSpace Station
MIRAMILAN Infra--Red Adapter
MIRAMILAN Infra-Red Attachment
MIRAMiniature Infra-Red Alarm
MIRACLMid Infra-Red Advanced Chemical Laser
MIRADCOMMissile R&D Command (US Army)
MIRADORMinefield Reconnaissance and Detector System
MIRAGEMicroelectronics Indicator for Radar Ground Equipment
MIRCMissile In-Range Computer
MIRCATMultispectral Infra-Red Cueing And Tracking
MIRTHMillimetric and IR Test Head
MIRTSModular Infra-Red Transmitting System
MIRVMultiple Independently Targeted Re-Entry Vehicle
MODIRModulated Infra-Red jammer
MSAT-AirMulti-Sensor Aided Targeting - Air-borne
MWIRMedium Wave Infra Red
NAIRNaval Air Systems Command headquarters
NAVAIRSYSCOMNaval Air Systems Command
NDIRNon Disperse Infra Red
NIDIRNike Digital Instrumentation Radar
NIRNear Infra-Red
NIRATAMNATO InfraRed Air TArget Model (IR Signature Prediction Code)
NIREPNuclear Industry Road Emergency Response Plan
NIREXNuclear Industry Radioactive Waste Executive
NIRSNational Insurance Recording System
OIRAOfficial Irish Republican Army
OPDIROperational Directive
PDC/AirPrincipal Director of Contracts (Air)
PIRPost Implementation Review
PIRAProvisional Irish Republican Army
RADIRSRapid Deployment Multiple Rocket System
RAF IIRRoyal Air Force Independent Inspector of Ranges
REPPIRRadiation Emergency Preparedness & Public Information Regulations
SAPPHIREIR signature prediction code
SBIRSpace Based InfraRed
SBIRSSpace Based Infra-Red System
SBRIRSpace Based Radar and Infra Red
SFIRRSolid-Fueled Integral Rocket/Ramjet
SIRShip Installed Radiac System
SIRLSystem Integration Readiness Levels
SIRRSystem Integrator Risk Reduction
SIRSShip Installed RADIAC System (Radiation Detectors)
SIRSASpecification for an IR Seeker for an Autonomous guided bomb
SLIRSideways Looking Infra Red
SPIRITSPectral IR Imaging sysTem
SPIRSSupply Progression Information Retrieval System
STAIRSimulation Training and Artificial Intelligence Research (Group)
STAIRSSensor Technology for Affordable Infra Red Systems
SWIRShort Wave Infra Red
tac air recceTactical Air Reconnaissance
TACFIRETactical Fire Direction System
TACFIRETactical Fire Network
TIRTarget Illuminating Radar
TIRETank Infra-Red Elbow
TIRRSTornado Infra Red Reconnaissance System
UKAIRCCIS UKAIR Command and Control Information System
UNIRASUNified Incident Reporting and Alert System
UNIRASUnified Incident Reporting and Alerting Scheme
VIRSSVisual and Infra-Red Smoke Screening System
VNIRVery Nearly Infra-Red
IRIndividual Reservist

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