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AOCinCAir Officer Commanding in Chief
AOCinC STCAir Officer Commanding in Chief Strike Command
CinC UKAIRCommander-in-Chief UK Air Forces
CINCEASTLANTC in C Eastern Atlantic
CINCEASTLANTCommander-in-chief Eastern Atlantic
CINCENTC in C Allied Forces Central Europe
CINCENTCommander-in-Chief Allied Forces Central Europe
CINCEURCommander-in-Chief European Command
CINCFLEETCommander in Chief Fleet
CinCFleetCommander-in-Chief Fleet
CINCGERFLTCommander-in-Chief German Fleet
CINCHANC in C Channel
CINCHANCommander-in-Chief Channel
CINCHELCommander-in-Chief Channel and Eastern Atlantic Areas
CINCIBERLANTC in C Iberian Atlantic
CINCIBERLANTCommander-in-Chief Iberian Atlantic Area
CINCLANTCommander-in-Chief Atlantic Command
CINCLANTFLTCommander-in-Chief Atlantic Fleet
CINCNAVHOMECommander in Chief Naval Home Command
CINCNAVHOMECommander-in-Chief Naval Home Command
CINCNORLANTCommander-in-Chief North Atlantic
CINCNORTHC in C AF Northern Europe
CINCNORTHCommander-in-Chief Northern European Command (NATO)
CINCPACCommander-in-Chief Pacific Command
CINCSACCommander-in-Chief Strategic Air Command
CINCSOUTHC in C AF Southern Europe
CINCSOUTHCommander-in-Chief Allied Forces Southern Europe
CINCUKAIRCommander-in-Chief UK Air Forces
CINCUSNAVEURCommander-in-Chief US Navy Europe
CINCWESTLANTC in C Western Atlantic Area
CINCWESTLANTCommander-in-Chief Western Atlantic
DCINCDeputy Commander-in-Chief Fleet
GOCinCGeneral Officer Commanding-in-Chief
CinCCommander in Chief

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