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AD/Eng PolAD/Engineering Policy in DGES(Air) DLO
ADENArmament Designed Enfired
AENAlternative ELINT Notation
AFCENTAllied Forces Central Europe
AIAIT Centre (US Army)Army Intelligence and Threat Analysis
AirOpsCenAir Operations Centre
ALFENSAutomated Low Flying Entry and Notification System
ALFENSAutomated Low Flying Flight Planning Enquiry and Management System
ALFENSAutomated Low-Flying Flt-Planning Enquiry & Notification System
ALLOTMENTThe list of frequencies available for the operation
ARENArmy Radio Engineered Network
ASSIGNMENTThe actual frequency being used on a certain network at a certain time
BENELUXBelgium Netherlands and Luxembourg
BRENTDigital terminal encryption device
BS EN ISOBritish Standard Euro. Standard Intern. Organisn. for Standardisation.
CARMENComputerised Aircraft Repair & Maintenance Network
CARMENComputerised Assisted Repair Management Engineering
CENComite European de Normalisation
CEN/CENELECEuropean Committee for Standardisation / European Committee for Electrical
CENGChartered Engineer
CENTAFCentral Air Force
CENTAGCentral Army Group
CENTCOMCentral Command
CENTLANTCentral Sub-Area Eastern Atlantic Command
CENTOCentral Treaty Organisation
CENTREMCentralised Repair Item
CGENCharacter Generator
CINCENTC in C Allied Forces Central Europe
CINCENTCommander-in-Chief Allied Forces Central Europe
COFDENCommander Operational Forces Denmark
COMBENECHANCommander Benelux Sub-Area Channel
COMBOPEN®Nerve Agent Antidote Injection Device
COMCENCommunications Centre
COMCENTAGCommander Central Army Group
COMCENTLANTCommander Central Atlantic Sub-Area
COMEDCENTCommander Central Mediterranean
COMMAIRCENTLANTCommander Maritime Air Central Atlantic
COMMCENCommunications Centre
CORCENCORrelation CENtre
CRYPCENCrypto Centre
D Def Env PolDirectorate of Defence Environmental Policy
DAENG(N)Director Aircraft Engineering
DENIDepartment for Education Northern Ireland
DEnisDefence Estates networked information service
ENElectronic Neutralisation
ENEnglish Nature
ENEuropean Norm
ENDEXEnd of Exercise
ENDSEnvironmental Data Services Ltd (producers of The ENDS Report)
ENJJPTEuropean NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Programme
ENKEndo-atmospheric Non-nuclear Kill
ENOEnvironmental Noise Officer
ENOBEffective Number Of Bits
ENOHDExtended Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance
ENSCEEnemy Situation Correlation Element
ENSIPEngine Structural Integrity Program (USAF)
ENTEar Nose and Throat
ENVEnvironment Cabinet Committee
ENVEuropean Pre-Norm
ENVISATEnvironmental Satellite
FENGFellow of Engineering
FOLPENFoliage Penetration
GENASYSGeneral Administration System
GENSERGeneral Service
GENSERGENeral SERvice (Terminal/node)
GENTELGeneral Intelligence
GEN-XGeneric Expendable
GWENGround Wave Emergency Network
HM GovernmentGovernment
IENGIncorporated Engineer
JengoJunior Engineering Officer (Royal Air Force)
LENLarge Extension Node
LENSLarge Extension Node Switch
Lt GenLieutenant General
LWRENLeading Wren
Maj GenMajor General
MENSMission Element Need Statement
MENTORConnection to Out of Area Communications facilities
Multi-agent CGFMulti Agent Computer Generated Forces
NAVFACENGCOMNaval Facilities Engineering Command
NRC(Central)Nato Regional Conflict (Central)
NRENNational Research and Education Network
PENETRATESensor augmentation TDP
PHOENIXSurveillance and Target Acquisition PRV
RP (Centre)Resources and Plans (Centre)
SDENSoftware Development Environment Network
SENSkills and Enterprise Network
TenDRATrademark for the development of a portability technology
AFCENTAllied Forces Central European Theatre
COMSENCommunications Centre
GreenNew to the job or service
GreenflyThe nickname of the British Army Intelligence Corps

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