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AIWSAdvanced Interdiction Weapon System
CIWClose-In Weapon System
CIWGCapability Integration Working Group
CIWSClose In Weapon System
CIWSClose-In Weapon System
DHCIWPDefence Human Computer Interaction Working Party
DIWGDefence Infosec Working Group
EIWElectronically Initiated Weapon
FMIWFast Moving Item Warehouse
FPIWAFirst-Pass In-Weather Attack
IWIndividual Weapon
IWInformation Warfare
IWACIntegrated Weapon-Aiming System
IWCIntegrated Weapons Complex
IWDIntegrated Weapon Display
IWDInteractive Weapon Display
IWESSInfantry Weapons Effects Simulation System
IWSImproved Weapon System
IWSIn Water Survey
IWSIndividual Weapon Sight
IWSIntegrated Weapon System
IWSDBIntegrated Weapon System Data Base
IWVInstrumented War-weight Variant (Mk24 Torpedo)
MIWManagement Information Wing
MIWGMultinational Interoperability Working Group
PIWPeriod of Incapacity for Work
RW(IWS)Rotary Wing (Integrated Weapon Systems)
SIWGSimulation Interoperability Working Group
SIWGStructural Integrity Working Group
SIWSSea Ice Work Station
TIWTactical Imagery Intelligence Wing
TIWGThreat Information Working Group
UKSIWGUK Simulation Interoperability Working Group
WIWWork In Way
WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
IWIndividual Weapon

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