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AAWOAnti-Air Warfare Officer
AssltPnrWOAssault Pioneer Warrant Officer
AWOAll Weather Operation
AWOAll Weather Operations
AWOCAlternate War Operations Centre
AWOLAbsent without Leave
AWOPAll Weather Operations Panel
BEWOBrigade Engineer Warrant Officer
BOOKWORMIT System - transfer of print onto optical disc
BOWOBrigade Ordnance Warrant Officer
COMTWOATAFCommander 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force
CSSWOCombat Service Support Warrant Officer
D(Works)SSEDirectorate (Works) Strategic Systems Executive
DEWODivisional Electronic Warfare Officer
DOWODivisional Ordnance Warrant Officer
DSAWODivisional Supply Area Warrant Officer
DWODefensive Weapons Officer (RFA)
EWOElectronic Warfare Officer
EWOEmergency War Order
EWOEngineer Works Organisation
EWOExecutive Warrant Officer
EWOCElectronic Warfare Operators Console
EWOSEuropean Workshop for Open Systems
EWOSEuropean Workshop on Open Systems
EWOSEElectronic Warfare Operational Support Establishment
EWOSUElectronic Warfare Operational Support Unit
e-WOWElectronic Ways of Working
FWOFleet Waterfront Organisation
FWOCFleet Weather & Oceanographic Centre
FWOCFleet Weather and Oceanographic Centre
FWOCFleet Weather Oceanographic/Operations Centre
FWOCForward Wing Operations Centre
JOWOGJOint WOrking Group
JWOGSub Group J WOrking Group
KWOCKey Word Out of Context
MESRWOME Sea Riding Warrant Officer
PWOPrincipal Warfare Officer
PWO(A)Principal Warfare Officer (for Above Water warfare)
PWO(C)Principal Warfare Officer (Communication)
PWO(U)Principal Warfare Officer (for Under Water Warfare)
RNEWOSRoyal Naval Electronic Warfare Online System
SWOStaff Warfare Officer
SWOStation Warrant Officer
SWO(AIO)Staff Warfare Officer (Above Information Organisation)
SWO(AV)Staff Warfare Officer (Aviation)
SWO(AWW)Staff Warfare Officer (Above Water Warfare)
SWO(C)Staff Warfare Officer (Communications)
SWO(EW)Staff Warfare Officer (Electronic Warfare)
SWO(FC)Staff Warfare Officer (Fighter Control)?
SWO(HM)Staff Meteorological and Oceanographic Officer?
SWO(N)Staff Warfare Officer (Navigation)?
SWO(RFA)Staff Warfare Officer (RFA)?
SWO(UW)Staff Warfare Officer (Underwater Warfare)?
SWORDSMANStatic Workshop Organisation Repair Data System MANagement?
SWOTStrengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats?
TWOPSTactical Weapon Operating Procedures in Submarines
UWOUnderwater Warfare Officer
WOWarrant Officer
WO(U)Warrant Officer (Upkeep)
WOCWeather & Oceanographic Centre
WOCWork Order Control
WOCAWO Catering Accountant
WOCYWarrant Officer Communications Yeoman
WOCYWO Chief Yeoman
WORMWrite Once Read Many
WORSWO Radio Supervisor
WOSAWindows Open Systems Architecture
WOSAWO Stores Accountant
WOTSACWhen Old Type Spares are Consumed
WOWWeight On Wheels
WOWE(RFA)WO Weapons Engineering (RFA)
AWOLAbsent Without Leave
WOWarrant Officer

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