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A&AEWAvionics And Air Electronic Warfare IPT
ACEWSAutomated Computer Assisted Electronic Warfare System
ACTEWAcoustic Charged Transport Electronic Warfare
ADEWSAir Defence Electronic Warfare System
AEWAirborne Early Warning
AEW&CAirborne Early Warning and Control
AEWTFAir-crew Electronic Warfare Tactics Facility
AFEWCAir Force Electronic Warfare Centre
AFEWESAir Force Electronic Warfare Evaluation Simulator
AIEWSAdvanced Integrated Electronic Warfare System
AMEWSAutomated Mobile EW System
BEWOBrigade Engineer Warrant Officer
BMEWSBallistic Missile Early Warning Surveillance
BMEWSBallistic Missile Early Warning System
BMEWSBallistic Missiles Early Warning System
CEWCommunications Electronic Warfare
CEWContinental Early Warning
CEWICombat Electronic Warfare Intelligence
CEWSCommunications Electronic Warfare System
CLEWPCleared Lane Explosive Widening Path Charge
COMNAEWFCommander NATO Air-borne Early Warning Force
CO-NEWSCommunications Naval Electronic Warfare System
CREWBritish Complementing tool
CREWComplement Regime Evaluated for Warships
DEWDirected Energy Weapon
DEWDirected Energy Weapons
DEWDistant Early Warning
DEWCSDuty EW Coordination Ship
DEWDBDefence Electronic Warfare Data Base
DEWDBDefence Electronic Warfare Database
DEWISDistant Early Warning Identification Zone
DEWODivisional Electronic Warfare Officer
DEWSDigital EW Simulator
DST(EWS)Director Engineering and Weapon Support
EEWTElbit Electronic Warfare Trainer
EWEarly Warning
EWElectronic Warfare
EW&CEarly Warning and Control
EW/GCIEarly Warning and Ground-Controlled Intercept
EWACElectronic Warfare Analysis Centre
EWADElectronic Warfare and Avionics Detachment
EWAISFElectronic Warfare Avionics Integrated Support Facility
EWAMExtended Window Addressable Memory
EWASElectronic Warfare Analysis System
EWAUElectronic Warfare Avionics Unit (Royal Air Force)
EWCElectronic Warfare Coordinator
EWCEstablishment Works Consultant
EWCCElectronic Warfare Control Centre
EWCCElectronic Warfare Coordination Cell
EWCPElectronic Warfare Control Processor
EWCSElectronic Warfare Control Ship/Station
EWDEffective Working Days
EWDElectronic Warfare Director
EWEEuropean Work Experience project
EWEDSElectronic Warfare Evaluation Display System
EWEPElectronic Warfare Evaluation Program
EWESElectronic Warfare Evaluation System
EWGExecutive Working Group
EWGExpert Working Group
EWKBSElectronic Warfare Knowledge Based System
EWMElectronic Warfare Manager
EWMSElectronic Warfare Mutual Support
EWOElectronic Warfare Officer
EWOEmergency War Order
EWOEngineer Works Organisation
EWOExecutive Warrant Officer
EWOCElectronic Warfare Operators Console
EWOSEuropean Workshop for Open Systems
EWOSEuropean Workshop on Open Systems
EWOSEElectronic Warfare Operational Support Establishment
EWOSUElectronic Warfare Operational Support Unit
EWPElectronic Working Practices
EWRRFElectronic Warfare Rapid Reaction Facility
EWSElectronic Warfare System
EWSExternal Weapon Station
EWSLEquivalent Single Wheel Load
EWSMEarly Warning Support Measures
EWSPEngineering and Weapon Support Publication
EWSREW Department Senior Rating
EWTEngineer Wheeled Tractor
EWTREW Training Range
EWTSElectronic Warfare Training System
EWTS-RElectronic Warfare Training System - Radar
EWXEW Exercise
Falcon EW/TSFalcon Electronic Warfare/Target Support Aircraft
FEWFighter Escort Wing
FEWSFollow-on Early Warning System
FEWSGFleet Electronic Warfare Support Group
FLEET EWFleet Electronic Warfare
FOAEWFollow On Airborne Early Warning
FOAEWFuture Organic Airborne Early Warning
HEWGHaslar Expansion Working Group
IEWIntegrated Electronic Warfare
IEWIntelligence / Electronic Warfare
IEWCSIntelligence and Electronic Warfare Common Sensors
IMEWSIntegrated Missile Early Warning System
INEWSIntegrated Electronic Warfare System
IREWInfra-Red Electronic Warfare
IREWSInfra-Red Electronic Warfare System
JEWCJoint Electronic Warfare Centre
JEWGJoint Executive Working Group
KEWKinetic Energy Weapon
LEWDDLightweight Early Warning Detection Device
MCEWGMilitary Communications Electronics Working Group
MEWMicrowave Early Warning
MEWGMarine Engineering Working Group
MEWPPModular Electronic Warfare Pre-processor
MEWSMicrowave EW system
MEWSMissile Early Warning Station
MEWSModular EW Simulator
MEWSGMaritime EW Support Group
MEWSGMulti-Service Electronic Warfare Support Group
MEWSSMulti-Service/Mobile Electronic Warfare Support system
NAEWNATO Air-borne Early Warning
NAEWNATO Airborne Early Warning Force
NAEWNATO Early Warning
NAEWFNATO Air-borne Early Warning Force
NDEWNuclear Directed Energy Weapon
NDEWTNuclear Directed Energy Weapon Technology programme
NEWNormal Working Envelope
NEWNorth West Europe
NEWACNATO Electronic Warfare Advisory Committee
NEWSNon Explosive Workshop
NEWTSNaval Electronic Warfare Training System
OBEWSOn-Board electronic Warfare Simulator
OEWOrdnance and Explosive Waste
PEWPPublic Expenditure White Paper
PHEWGPetroleum and Handling Equipment Working Group
POEWPetty Officer (Electronic Warfare)
REWDBRelational EW DataBase
RF(DEW)Radio Frequency (Directed Energy Weapon)
RNEWOSRoyal Naval Electronic Warfare Online System
SPEWGSubmarine Platform Equipment Working Group
SWO(EW)Staff Warfare Officer (Electronic Warfare)
SWP(CEW)Staff Warfare Officer (Communications & Electronic Warfare)?
TEWAThreat Evaluation and Weapon Allocation
TEWAThreat Evaluation Weapon Assignment
TEWMISTest Equipment Wing Management Information System
TEWTTactical Exercise Without Troops
EWElectronic Warfare or Early Warning

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