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ACHDFAir Commander Home Defence Forces
ADFAutomatic Direction Finding
ADFAutomatic Document Feeder.
ADFCCAir Force Defence Control Centre
AEDFAsian Economic Development Fund
BDFBelize Defence Force
BUDFINBudget & Finance
BUDFINBudget and Finance Division SHAPE
CADFCommutated Aerial Direction Finder
CDFChannel Definition Format file
CDFCiskei Defence Force
CDFRCommercial Demonstration Fast Reactor
CJRDFOChief Joint Rapid Deployment Force Operations
CODFMCoded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex
CSDFCentral Storage & Distribution Facility (RNSD Port)
CSDFCommunications Shore Development Facility
CSRDFCrew Station Research and Development Facility
CSTDFCombat System Technical Demonstration Facility
CSTDFCombat System Technology Demonstrator Framework
DFDefensive Fire
DFDelivery Forecast
DFDeterrent Force
DFDeuterium Fluoride
DFDirection Finding
DF/GADay Fighter / Ground Attack
DF/SSLDirection Finding / Single Station Location
DFADuty First Aider
DFADDigital Feature Analysis Data
DFAUDefence Fraud Analysis Unit
DFCSDigital Fire-Control System
DFCTDirectorate of Foreign & Commonwealth Training
DFDData Flow Diagram
DFDData Fusion Demonstrator/Display
DFDDirector Force Development
DFDDirectorate of Force Development
DFDAUDigital Flight Data Acquisitions Unit
DFDPDirector Financial Development Projects
DFDRDigital Flight Data Recorder
DFEDepartment For Education
DfEEDepartment for Education and Employment
DFGDefence Fuels Group
DFGCDigital Flight Guidance Computer
DFIDirector of Flying Instructions
DFIDDepartment for International Development
DFLDescription for Location
DFLPDemocratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
DFMDigital Frequency Meter
DFMDirector Fleet Maintenance
DFMIDirector of Finance and Management Information
DFMSDefence Financial Management System
DFMSDepartmental Financial Management System
DFNDefence Fixed Networks
DFN/DFTSDefence Fixed Network/Defence Fixed Telecommunications Service
DFODefence Final Output
DFODepartmental Final Output
DFOSTDeputy Flag Officer Sea Training
DFP(N)Director Future Projects (Naval)
DFP(N)Director Future Projects (Navy)
DFRDirect Fire Rocket
DFRFDecontamination and Fleet Return Facility
DFRFDryden Flight Research Facility
DFSDaily Flight Servicing
DFSDefence Food Services IPT
DFSDepth Fire Support
DFSDerived File System
DFSDirector Fleet Support - Contracts
DFSDirector Fleet Support - Future Developments
DFSDirectorate of Future Systems (Air)
DFS(Air)Directorate of Future Systems (Air)
DFS(CIS)Director of Fleet Support (Communications + Information Systems)
DFS(Pers)Directorate of Fleet Support (Personnel)
DFS(S)RPDirector Fleet Support - Resources and Personnel
DFS(SM)Director Fleet Support - Submarines
DFS(SS)Director Fleet Support - Surface Ships
DFSCDefence Fuel Supply Centre
DFSDDirector Fleet Supply Duties
DFSVDirect Fire Support Vehicle
DFSWGDefence Flight Safety Working Group
DFTDuty Fleet Tender
DFTDSData Fusion Technology Demonstrator System
DFTSDefence Fixed Telecommunication Service
DFTSDefence Fixed Telecommunications Service
DFTSDefence Fixed Telecommunications System
DFUDefence Fraud Unit
DFUDeployable Flotation Unit
DFWESDirect Fire Weapon Effect Simulator
DFWESDirect Fire Weapons Effect Simulator
EDFEngineering Development Fixture
ERDFEuropean Regional Development Fund
HADFHigh Accuracy Direction Finding
HDFBHigh Density Fibre Board
HDFPAHigh Density Focal Plane Array
HFDFHigh Frequency Direction Finding
IDFIceland Defence Force
IDFInstallation Data Form
IDFInstantaneous Direction Finder
IDFIntelligence Defence Fighter
IDFIsraeli Defence Forces
IRDFInfra-Red Direction Finding
JASDFJapan Air Self Defence Force
JDFJamaica Defence Force
JDFCGJamaica Defence Force Coast Guard
JGSDFJapan Ground Self-Defence Force
JMSDFJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force
JRDFJoint Rapid Deployment Force
JSDFJapan Self Defence Force
JSDFAJapan Self Defence Force Agency
LDFLightweight Digital Facsimile
LDFBLow Density Fibre Board
LHDFLedger Heading Distribution File
LMRDFSLightweight Man-transportable Radio Direction Finding System
MDFMain Defence Force
MDFMain Distribution Frame
MDFMaritime Defence Force
MDFMission Data File
MDFMission Degradation Factor (USAF)
MDFMonopulse Direction Finding
MDF(A)Main Defence Force (Air)
MDF(L)Main Defence Force (Land)
MDF(M)Main Defence Force (Maritime)
MDFBMedium Density Fibre Board
METDFMarine Engineering Technology Demonstrator Framework Document
MFDFMedium Frequency Direction Finder
MRDFSMan-transportable Radio Direction Finding System
NDFDNATO Data Fusion Demonstrator
NZDFNew Zealand Defence Force
PDFPopular Defence Force
PDFPortable Document File
PDFPortable Document Format
PDFProbability Distribution Function
QDFQuantity Discount Factor
RDFRadio Detection/Direction Finder
RDFRapid Deployment Force
RDF/LTRapid Deployment Force Light Tank
SANDFSouth African National Defence Force
SDFShore Development Facility
SDFSkills Development Fund
SDFSoftware Development File
SDFCSource of Delivery Forecast Code
SIDFACShore Integration & Demonstration FACility
TDFMTraining Device Fidelity Matrix
TSDFTrident Shore Development Facility
DFDefensive Fire
RJDFRapid Joint Deployment Force

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