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AHEAmmunition Handling Equipment
AHEADAdvanced Hit Efficiency And Destruction
AHEMAssociation of Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers
APACHEAdvanced Phased Array Chemical High Energy laser equipment
APACHEAnalysis of Pacific Area Communications for Hardening to EMP
APACHEArme Propulsee A Charges Ejectables
APHEArmour Piercing High Explosive
APHEIArmour Piercing High Explosive Incendiary
APHEIArmour-Piercing High Explosive Incendiary
APHE-SDArmour-Piercing High Explosive Self-Destroying
ASHEApproval to Store and Handle Explosives
AWHEAir Weapon Handling Equipment
BGHEBusiness Gas Home Energy Ltd
CHEControlled Humidity Environment
CINCHELCommander-in-Chief Channel and Eastern Atlantic Areas
COMLANDSOUTHEASTCommander Allied Land Forces South Eastern Europe
COMMAIR(CHEL)Commander Maritime Air (Channel East Atlantic)
COMSUB(CHELL)Commander Submarines (Channel East Atlantic)
COSSHEControl of Substance Hazardous to Health & The Environment
DHEDefence Housing Executive
FAESHEDFuel-Air Explosive Helicopter Delivered
GBHEGround-Based Hyper-velocity Experiment
HCHEHigh Capacity High-Explosive
HEHelicopter Engines IPT
HEHigh Effect (explosive)
HEHigh Explosive
HEHigher Education
HE/APHigh Explosive Armour Piercing
HE/PDSDHigh Explosive Point Detonating self-destruction
HE/PRHigh Explosive Practice
HE/PRHigh Explosive Practice
HEAHead Equipment Assembly (EF2000 helmet)
HEAAHigh Explosive Anti-Armour
HEADHigh Explosive Air Defence
HEAPHigh Explosive Anti-Personnel
HE-APERS-FRAGHigh Explosive Anti-Personnel Fragmentation
HEAP-THigh Explosive Anti-Personnel Tracer
HEATHigh Explosive Anti-Tank
HEATHigh Explosive Anti-Tank
HEATHostile Expendable Aerial Target
HEAT-FSHigh Explosive Anti-Tank Fin-Stabilised
HEAT-FSHigh Explosive Anti-Tank Fin-Stabilised
HEAT-MPHigh Explosive Anti-Tank Multi-Purpose
HEAT-MPHigh Explosive Anti-Tank Multi-Purpose
HEAT-MP(P)High Explosive Anti-Tank Multi-Purpose (Practice)
HEAT-THigh Explosive Anti-Tank Tracer
HEAT-T-HVYHigh Explosive Anti-Tank Tracer Heavy
HEAT-T-MPHigh Explosive Anti-Tank Tracer Multi-Purpose
HEAT-TP-THigh Explosive Anti-Tank Target Practice Tracer
HECHeader Error Check (ATM)
HECHelicopter Element Coordinator
HEDHorizontal Electric Dipole
HEDIHigh Endoatmospheric Defence Interceptor
HEDPHigh Explosive Dual Purpose
HEDSHigh Endoatmospheric Defence System
HEEDHelicopter Emergency Egress Device
HEERHigh Explosive Extended Range
HEFHigh Elevation Fire
HEFCEHigher Education Funding Council for England
HEFCWHigher Education Funding Council for Wales
HE-FRAGHigh Explosive Fragmentation
HE-FSHigh Explosive-Fin Stabilised
HEFTHigh Explosive Follow Through
HEIHigh Explosive Incendiary
HEISAPHigh Explosive Incendiary Semi--Armour Piercing
HEI-SAPHigh Explosive Incendiary Semi-Armour-Piercing
HEITHigh Effect Incendiary Tracer
HEITHigh Explosive Incendiary - Tracer
HELHigh Energy Laser
HELHigh-Energy Laser
HELHuman Engineering Laboratory
HELHunting Engineering Limited
HELHunting Engineering Ltd
HELARMHelicopter Armed Action
HELBATHuman Engineering Laboratory Battalion Artillery Test
HELCMHigh Energy Laser Countermeasures
HELDHelicopter Laser Designator
HELEXHigh Energy Laser Experiment
HELIOSHelicopter Instrument and Operational Procedures Simulator
HELMSHelicopter Malfunction System
HELPHowitzer Extended Life Program
HELPSHelicopter Protection and Support
HELRAPSHeliborne long-range Acoustic Path Sonar
HELRASHelicopter long-range Sonar
HELSTFHigh Energy Systems Test Facility
HELTADSHigh Energy Laser Tactical Air Defence System
HEMAHeavy Engineering Manufacturers Association
HEMATHeavy Expanded mobility Ammunition Trailer
HEMCHigh Explosive Medium Capacity
HEMLOCHelicopter Emitter / Locator Countermeasures
HEMMSHand Emplaced minefield Marking Set
HEMPSMHigh Explosive Multi--Purpose Sub--Munition
HEMTTHeavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck
HEOHigher Executive Officer
HE-OMHigh Explosive OTO Munition
HEPHigh Explosive Plastic
HEPHigh Explosive Plastic
HEPDHigh Explosive Point Detonating
HEPDHigh Explosive Point Detonating
HEPIHead End Permanent Igniter
HEPIHigh Explosive armour Piercing and Incendiary
HEPLHigh Energy Pulse Laser
HEP-THigh Explosive Plastic Tracer
HERHarsh Environment Recorder
HERAHigh Explosive Rocket-Assisted
HERALDHelicopter Equipment for Radar And Laser Detection
HEREHigh Explosive Rear End
HERFHazardous Effects of Radiation on Fuel (US)
HERIDHigh Energy Rail gun Integration Demonstration (USAF)
HEROHazard of Electromagnetic Radiation
HEROHazardous Effects of Radiation on Ordnance (US)
HEROHazards of Electronic Radiation to Ordnance
HERPHazardous Effects of Radiation on Personnel (US)
HERTHeadquarters Emergency Relocation Team
HESHard-copy Exploitation Segment (JSIPS)
HE-SHigh Explosive Spotting
HE-SHigh Explosive Spotting
HE-SDHigh Explosive Self-Destroying
HESHHigh Explosive Squash Head
HESH-THigh Explosive Squash Head Tracer
HETHeavy Equipment Transporter
HE-THigh Explosive Tracer
HETAHarpoon Engagement Training Aid
HET-PFHigh Explosive Tracer Percussion Fuze
HE-TSDHigh Explosive Tracer self-destruct
HEUHighly Enriched Uranium
HEUHUD Electronics Unit
HEUHull Electronics Unit
HEWGHaslar Expansion Working Group
HexalHexal / aluminium powder
HEXDAMHigh Explosive Damage Assessment Model
HMMHEHigh Mobility Material Handling Equipment
IDAHEXDefence Staff College High Level Wargame Facility
IHEImproved High Explosive
IHEInsensitive High Explosive
LASHELow Altitude Simultaneous HAWK Engagement
LHELeft Hand Edge
MHEMaterials Handling Equipment
MHEMechanical Handling Equipment
MHETMMechanical Handling Equipment Training Manager
NAHEMANATO Helicopter Management Agency
NASSHENaval Armament Specification for the Stowage and Handling of Explosives
PB-HEPIPlastic Banded High Explosive Penetrating Incendiary
PHEMTPseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor
PHEWGPetroleum and Handling Equipment Working Group
RHERight Hand Edge
SAPHEISemi Armour Piercing High Explosive Incendiary
SHESafety Health & Environment
SHEDSpecial Handling and Evaluation Detachment
SHEFSafety Health Environment & Fire
SHELREPShelling Report
SHEPStorage and Handling Equipment Procedure
THELTactical High Energy Laser
HEHigh Explosive
HEATHigh Explosive Anti Tank
ScratcherArmy meaning bed

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