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AIIAccuracy Improvement Initiative (GPS)
AIIMAssociation for Information and Image Management
AOIIArea of Intelligence Interest
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
CCIICommand and Control Information Infrastructure
DEC (CC&II)Director Equipment Capability Command and Communication and
DEC(CCII)Director of Equipment Capability for Command Control and Information
DGIIDefence Geographical and Imagery Intelligence
DIIDefence Information Infrastructure
DIIDefence Intelligence Industries
DII (F)Defence Information Infrastructure (Future)
DII (HO)Defence Information Infrastructure (Head Office)
DII ©Defence Information Infrastructure (convergence)
DII IPTDefence Information Infrastructure Integrated Project Team
DII(A)Defence Information Infrastructure (Army)
DII/CDefence Information Infrastructure Convergence
DII/FDefence Information Infrastructure Future
DODIISDepartment of Defence Intelligence Information System
EC(CCII)IO&CMEquipment Capability (Command Control Information Infrastructure)
FALCON IIFuel and Lubricants Computer Operations Network (Depot Elements)
FII CWGFixed Information Infrastructure Capability Working Group
FSIIFuel System Icing Inhibitor
GIIGlobal Information Infrastructure
HSE/NIIHealth and Safety Executive/Nuclear Installations
IIImage Intensification
IIImage Intensifier
IIInstallation and Inspection
IIInstallation Inspection
IIAItems In Aid (MRPII)
IIDSIntegrated Instrumentation Display System
IIEGRInstitute of Industrial Exhibitions
IIFIntelligent Impact Fuze
IIGFImperial Iranian Ground Forces
IIMEFII Marine Expeditionary Force
IINItem Identity Number
IIPInvestors in People
IIRImaging Infra Red
IIRImaging InfraRed
IIRInfra-red Imaging Radar
IIRAIntegrated Inertial Reference Assembly
IIRSInstrument Inertial Reference Set
IISInformation Interchange Specification
IISInfra-red Imaging System
IISIntegrated Instrument System
IISInternet Information Server
IISAIntelligence Information Services Enhancement programme
IISIIntegrated Information Systems Infrastructure
IISSInternational Institute for Strategic Studies
IITIIIT Research Institute
LIILight Image Intensifier
MIIMotion Induced Interruption
MIIDSMilitary Intelligence Integrated Database System
MIIRSModular Imagery Interpretation and Reporting System
MRPIIManufacturing Resource Planning
MRPIIIMaterial Acquisition System (Kanbans Bar-Codes and EDI)
NIINaval Internal Information
NIINuclear Installations Inspectorate
NIIDNetherlands Defence Manufacturers Association
NIINNATO Item Identification Number
PIIPre-Issue Inspection
PIIPProject Isabella Impact Plan
RAF IIRRoyal Air Force Independent Inspector of Ranges
SIINStock Item Identification Number
IIImage Intensifier

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