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ADROWPUAdvanced Double Pass Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit
BWPBasic Work Package
CLEWPCleared Lane Explosive Widening Path Charge
CWPCentral Warning Panel
CWPCentralised Warning Panel
CWPContractors Working Party
DAWPDesign Authority Work Package
DHCIWPDefence Human Computer Interaction Working Party
DSWP(N)Director Surface Weapons Projects (Naval)
DWPDefence White Paper
EWPElectronic Working Practices
FAWPSSForward Area Water Point Supply System
GWPGet Well Programme
JWPJoint Warfare Publication
LRWPLand Ranges Working Party
LWPLight Window Pintle
LWPLocal Working Procedure
MCWPMain Circulating Water Pump
MDWPMutual Defence Weapons Program
MEWPPModular Electronic Warfare Pre-processor
NFWPNuclear Fuelling Working Party
NSWPNon-Soviet Warsaw Pact
NWPCNaval Weapon Policy Committee
OCWPOperational Control Work Post
OTSWPOriginal To Ship Work Package
OWPOrdnance and fuel Working Party
PEWPPublic Expenditure White Paper
SBWPSpace BandWidth Product
SM(Wpns)15Support Management(Weapons)15
Smoke-WPSmoke White Phosphorus
SWP(CEW)Staff Warfare Officer (Communications & Electronic Warfare)?
TAWPTowed Array Working Party
TWPTechnical Working Party
USWPUpkeep & Support Working Party
WPWarsaw Pact
WPWater Point
WPWeapons Processor
WPWhite Phosphorous
WPWork Proposal
WPAFBWright-Patterson Air Force Base
WPDWarship Planning Document
WPDWarship Policy Document
WPIWavell Processor Installation
WPMWarship Project Manager
WPMWords Per Minute
WPMWork Package Management
WPPWeekly Practice Programme
WPPWorks Project Programme
WPTWeapons Procedure Trainer
WPWSRWorking Party on War Stocks & Reserves

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