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ACDSAdvanced Combat Direction System
ACDSAdvanced Countermeasures Dispenser System
ACDSAir Combat Direction System
ACDSAssistant Chief of Defence Staff
ACDSAssistant Chief of the Defence Staff (2* posts)
ACDSAutomatic Computer-controlled Dispensing System
ACDSAutomatic Countermeasures Dispensing System
ACDS(CIS)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Command-Control-Comms and Info Sys)
ACDS(L)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Logistics)
ACDS(O)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Overseas)
ACDS(Op/Sy)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Operations and Security)
ACDS(Pol/Nuc)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Policy and Nuclear)
ACDS(Prog)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Programmes)
ACDS(Res&Cdts)Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Reserves and Cadets)
ADDSAdvanced Decoy Dispenser System
ADDSAdvanced Digital Dispensing System
ADDSArmy Data Distribution System
ADSAcoustic Detection System
ADSActive Dipping Sonar
ADSAdvanced Deployable Systems program (US Navy)
ADSAir Data System
ADSAirborne/Active Dipping Sonar or Air Defence System
ADSAircraft Document Set
ADSAmmunition Delivery System
ADSArchitectural Design Study
ADSAstronomical Data Services
ADSAudio Distribution System
ADSAutomatic Defence System
ADSAutomatic Dependent Surveillance
ADS/PSAssistant Director Project Support
AdSAAMSAdvanced Surface-to-Air Missile System
ADSAFAutomatic Data System for the Army in the Field
ADSCMAdvanced Ship Communications
ADSIAir Defence Systems Integrator
ADSIAAllied Data Systems Interoperability Agency
ADSIAAllied Data Systems Inter-operability Agency
ADSLAsymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
ADSMAir Defence Suppression Missile
ADSPAdvanced Digital Signal Processor
ADSR(CD))Assistant Director Ship Refitting (Corporate Development)
ADSTAssistant Director Supply and Transport
ADSUAir Data Sensor Unit
AEDSAtomic Energy Detection System
AFATDSAdvanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
AFDSAdvanced Flight-Deck Simulator
AFDSAir Fighting Development Squadron
AFDSAutomatic Flight Director System
AFEDDSAutomatic Fire and Explosion Detection and Suppression System
AIDSAcoustic Intelligence Data System
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIDSAdvanced Integrated Display System
AIDSAirborne Integrated Data System
ALDSAcquisition Leadership Development Scheme
ALDSAcquisition Leadership Development Team
AMDSAnti-Missile Discarding Sabot
AMDSAutomatic Manoeuvring Device System
AMDSAutomatic Message Distribution System
AMIDSAirborne Minefield Detection System
APDSArmour Piercing Discarding Sabot
APDSArmour-Piercing Discarding Sabot
APDS-TArmour-Piercing Discarding Sabot Tracer
APFIDSArmour-Piercing Fragmentation Incendiary Discarding Sabot
APFSDSArmour Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding Sabot
APFSDSArmour-Piercing Fin-Stabilised Discarding Sabot
APFSDS(P)Armour-Piercing Fin-Stabilised Discarding Sabot (Practice)
APFSDS-TArmour-Piercing Fin-Stabilised Discarding Sabot-Tracer
APHIDSAdvanced Panoramic Helmet Integrated Display System
APHIDSAdvanced Panoramic Helmet Interface Demonstrator System
ARCADSArmament Control and Delivery System
ARDSAirborne Radar Demonstrator System
ARTADSArmy Tactical Data Systems
ASDSAdvanced Seal Delivery System
ASDsArmy Supply Depots
ASWDSAnti-Submarine Warfare Data System
ATDSAir-borne Tactical Data System
ATDSIAAllied Tactical Data Systems Inter-operability Age
ATMDSAnti-Tank Mine-Dispensing System
AVDSArmoured Vehicle Driving Simulators
AWADSAdverse Weather Aerial Delivery System
AWARDSAdvanced Wide-Angle Reflective Display System
BADSBattlefield Air Defence System
BDSBritish Defence Staff
BIDSBattlefield Information Distribution System
BIDSBOWMAN Information Distribution System
BIRADSBi-static Receiver And Display System
BMDSCBallistic Missile Defence Systems Command
BUDSBOWMAN User Data System
CADSChemical Agent Decontamination Simulant
CADSChemical Agent Detection System
CADSConcept And Design Study
CADSControlled Aerial Delivery System
CADSCushion-Augmentation Device
CAMDSChemical Agent Munitions Disposal System
CARDSCapital Asset Reporting Database
CARDSComputer-Assisted Radar Display System
CARDSConceptual Architecture Design Studies
CCPDSCommand and Control Processing and Display System
CCPDSRCommand & Control Passive Display System Replacement
CCSDSConsultative Committee for Space Data Systems
CDDSCompact Disc Distribution Service
CDSCentre for Defence Studies
CDSChief Direction System
CDSChief of Defence Staff
CDSChief of the Defence Staff
CDSCivil Direction of Shipping
CDSCombat Direction System
CDSContinuing Design Services
CE (DSA)Chief Executive/Disposal Sales Agency
CEDSCompetitive Engineering Design Studies
CFDSCentral Fault Display System
CHODSChiefs Of Defence Staff
CIDSCollateral Information Display Station
CIDSCritical Item Development Specification
CLDSCockpit Laser Designation System
CMDSCockpit Management and Display System
CMDSCountermeasures Dispenser System
CODSIACouncil Of Defence and Space Industry
COLDSCommon Opto-electronic Laser Detection System
COMLANDSONORCommander Allied Land Forces South Norway
COMLANDSOUTHCommander Allied Land Forces Southern Europe
COMLANDSOUTHEASTCommander Allied Land Forces South Eastern Europe
CSEDSCombat Systems Engineering Development Site
CUDSCommon User Data Services
DADSDigital Air Data System
DADSDigital Audio Distribution System
DADSDirect Air Discharge System
DADSDirect Application De-contamination System
DCDSDeputy Chief of the Defence Staff
DCDS(C)Deputy Chief of The Defence Staff (Commitments)
DCDS(EC)Deputy Chief of The Defence Staff (Equipment Capability)
DCDS(S)Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Systems)
DCDS(S)Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Systems)
DDSData Dictionary System
DDSDefence Diving School
DDSDepartment of Defence Support
DDSDetached Duty Station
DDSDigital Data Set
DDSDigital Data Storage
DDSDirect Digital Synthesis
DDSADirector for Deepening Smart Acquisition
DDSTPDeep Diving System Test Pressure
DDSTPDepth Dependent System Test Pressure
DEDSDigital Enhancement Database System
DEODSDefence Explosives Ordnance Disposal School
DFTDSData Fusion Technology Demonstrator System
DIDsData Items Descriptions
DIVADSDivision Air Defence Gun System
DNDSDirector of Naval Dental Service
DSDesign Standard
DSDirect Support
DSDirecting Course
DSDirecting Staff
DSDirectionally Solidified
DSDirector of Support
DSDiscarding Sabot
DSDouble Sided (computer disc)
DSDressing Station
DS SecDefence Services Secretariat
DS&CDirectorate of Safety and Claims
DS(N)Director Supply (North)
DS(Pol)/VP(S+S)Director Safety (Policy)/Vice President (Safety + Support)
DS(S)Director Supply (South)
DS/T(120mm Practice) Discarding Sabot Tracered
DS/TDiscarding Sabot / Tracer
DS1Digitization Stage 1
DS2Digitization Stage 2
DSADay Sensor Assembly
DSADay Subsistence Allowance
DSADefence Support Agency (now known as DA)
DSADirectory Service Agents
DSADirectory System Agent
DSADirectory System Agent (X500)
DSADisposal Sales Agency
DSADisposal Services Agency
DSADivisional Supply Area
DSAADefence Security Assistance Agency
DSAATDirect Sensor Fuzed Attack of Area Targets Submunition
DSABSDefence Science Advisory Board
DSACDefence Scientific Advisory Committee
DSACDefence Scientific Advisory Council
DSACEURDeputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe
DSACSDirect Support Armoured Cannon System
DSARDefect Summary Analysis Report
DSARDefence Supply Agency Regulation
DSARCDefence Systems Acquisition Review Council
DSAWODivisional Supply Area Warrant Officer
DSBDefence Science Board
DSBDefence Signal Board
DSBDouble Side Band
DSBDrug Supervisory Body
DSBDuracell Special Batteries
DSCDefence Supply Chain
DSCDefence Supply Committee
DSCDeputy Squadron Commander (Royal Air Force)
DSCDigital Scan Converter
DSCDirectorate of Safety and Claims
DSCDynamic Signature Control
DSCADefence Secondary Care Agency
DSCCDefence Security Co-ordinating Committee
DSCOMDefence Supply Chain Operations & Movements
DSCSDefence Satellite Communications System
DSCSDefence Supply Computer Services
DSCSSDirectorate of Strategic Communications + Surveillance Systems
DSDData Storage Device
DSDData Systems Designers
DSDDefence Support Division
DSDADefence Storage and Distribution Agency
DSDADelegated System Design Authority
DSDMDynamic Systems Development Method
DSDMDynamic Systems Development Methods
DSEDirector Strategic Equipment
DSEDisplay Screen Equipment
DSESDirectorate of Sensors + Electronic Systems
DSESDirectorate of Sensors and Electronic Systems
DSETSDirect Support Electrical Test System
DSFDepot Support Facility
DSFDirector of Special Forces
DSFDirector Special Forces
DSFDDirector Ships Future Development
DSFMDirectorate of Services Food Management
DSGDefence Scientific Group
DSGDefence Strategic Guidance
DSGDefence Support Group
DSICDowty and Smiths Industries Controls
DSIPDirect Short Range Surveillance and Instruments Projects
DSISDigital Software Integration System
DSLDeep Scattering Layer
DSLDigital Subscriber Line
DSLCDirectorate of Strategic Electronic Comms
DSLEDirector Ships Logistic Engineering
DSLMDisposal System Limpet Mine (replacement for LMDE)
DSLPDirectorate of Strategic Electronic Programmes
DSMData and Systems Management
DSMDefence Spectrum Management
DSMDetachment Sergeant Major (RM)
DSMDirector Submarines
DSMDistributed Systems Management
DSMDiving Safety Memorandum
DSMACDigital Scene-Matching Area Correlation
DSMLDraft Service Modification Leaflet
DSMRCDefence Services Medical Rehabilitation Centre
DSMSDefence Stores Management Solution
DSMTDepartment of Specialist Management Training
DSMT(FMRO)Director Ships Market Testing (FMRO)
DSNData Switching Network
DSNDefence Switched Network
DSNDemand Serial Number
DSODefence Sales Organisation
DSODepartmental Security Officer
DSODepartmental Standing Objectives
DSODistinguished Service Order
DSO in CDeputy Signal Officer-in-Chief
DSOODeputy Staff Operations Officer
DSPDefence Services Profile
DSPDefence Support Programme
DSPDeployment Support Pack
DSPDigital Signal Processing
DSPDirectory Service Protocol
DSPDomain-based Security
DSPGDefence Special Projects Group
DSPS(A)Directorate of Staff and Personnel Services (Army)
DSQDirectorate for Safety and Quality
DSRData Set Ready
DSRDefence Survey Requirements
DSRDesign Substantiation Report
DSRDocumentation Status Report
DSRADefence Sports and Recreational Association
DSREDSDigital Storage and Retrieval Engineering Data System
DSRPDirector Ships Resources and Personnel
DSRR(TR)Discarding Sabot Reduced Range (Training Round)
DSRVDeep Sea/Submergence Rescue Vehicle
DSSData Selection Sheet
DSSData Storage Set
DSSDecision Support System
DSSDefence Signal Staff
DSSDepartment of Social Security
DSSDepot Stock System
DSSDirector Strategic Systems
DSSDismounted Soldier Systems IPT
DSSDistributed Secure System
DSS(F+S)Director Surface Ships (Finance and Secretariat)
DSSADay Sensor Subassembly
DSSBDirector Large Warships and Auxiliaries
DSSCDirector Frigates and Mine Countermeasures
DSSCCADiving Set Self Contained Compressed Air
DSSCCADiving System Self Contained Compressed Air
DSSDDera Support Services Division
DSSLDocument Style and Semantics Language
DSSODefence Systems Support Organisation
DSSODeputy Staff Supply Officer
DSSPDirectorate of Surveying Service Policy
DSSSDefence Secure Speech System
DSSSDirect Sequence Spread Spectrum
DSSSLDocument Style Semantics and Specification Language
DSTDefence and Space Talks
DSTDefence Suppression Threat
DSTDirectorate Safety and Technology
DSTDomain Support Team
DST(EWS)Director Engineering and Weapon Support
DST(FIN)Director Finance
DST(GW)Director Guns and Weapons
DST(IT)Director Information Technology
DST(MM)Director Stores & Transport - Materials Management
DST(PERS)Director Personnel
DST(RP)Director Stores & Transport - Resources and Plans
DST(SE)Director Strategic Weapons and Explosives Safety
DST(SF)Director of Stores & Transport (Strategic Weapons & Explosive Safety)
DST(SF)Director Ships and Fuel
DST(South)Director of Supplies and Transport (South)
DST(SS)Director Specialist Stores
DST(SV)Director Store and Victualling
DST(W)Director of Stores & Transport (West)
DSTEDeployable Support and Test Equipment IPT
DSTLDefence Science and Technology Laboratories
DSTLDefence Scientific Technology Laboratory
DSTODefence Science and Technology Organisation
DSTODefence Science and Technology Organisation Australia
DSUData Storage Unit
DSUDirect Support Unit (USAF)
DSURData Storage Unit Receptable
DSVDeep Sea Vessel
DSVDeep Submergence Vehicle
DSVDefence Suppression Vehicle
DSVNDefence Secret Voice Network
DSVTDigital Secure Voice Terminal
DSVTDigital Subscriber Voice Terminal
DSWEDirector Ships Weapons Engineering
DSWP(N)Director Surface Weapons Projects (Naval)
DSWSDirector Strategic Weapon Systems
DSWSDivision Support Weapon System
EDSEngineering Development Simulator
EDSEngineering Display System
EHUDSElectronic Health & Usage Data System
ENDSEnvironmental Data Services Ltd (producers of The ENDS Report)
ERAPDSEnhanced Recognised Air Picture Dissemination System
ERAPIDSExtended Recognised Air Picture Display System
ERGFCDSExtended Range Gunnery Fire Control Demonstration System
EVIDSEnhanced Vehicular Information Distribution System
EWEDSElectronic Warfare Evaluation Display System
FAADSForward Area Air Defence System
FAPDSFrangible Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot
FAPDSFrangible Armour-Piercing Discarding Sabot
FDDSFlag Data Display Systems
FDSFixed Distributed System
FDSFlight Deployable Simulator
FDSFlight Director System
FDSFunctionally Distributed Simulation
FMDSFloating Mine Disposal System
FMDSFuture Mine Detection System
FMDSFuture Mine Disposal Systems
FSDSFin-Stabilised Discarding Sabot
GDSGeneral Data Sheet
GDSGun Display System
GDSSGroup Decision Support System
GEODSSGround-based Electro-optical Deep Space Surveillance System
GLAADSGun Low Altitude Air Defence System
GMDSSGlobal Maritime Distress and Safety System
GMRDSGEC-Marconi Radar Defence Systems
GRDSGeneric Radar Display System
HADSHelicopter Air Data System
HDDSHydro-dynamic Design Database System
HDSHeadquarters Distribution System
HDSHelicopter Dispatch System (PAX/Stores transfer)
HE/PDSDHigh Explosive Point Detonating self-destruction
HEDSHigh Endoatmospheric Defence System
HELTADSHigh Energy Laser Tactical Air Defence System
HIDSHeadquarters Information Distribution System
HIDSHMIS Interim Database System
HTADSHelmet Target Acquisition and Designating System
HVAPDS-THigh Velocity Armour-Piercing Discarding Sabot Tracer
IADSIceland Air Defence System
IADSIntegrated Air Defence System
IBDSIntegrated Biological Detection System
ICDSIntegrated Control and Display System
ICDSIntegrated Corporate Database System
IDSInformation Distribution and Switching system
IDSInformation Distribution System
IDSInfra-Red Detection Set
IDSIntegrated Design Support system
IDSIntegrated Display Set (USAF)
IDSInterdictor Strike
IDSInterim Defence Standard
IDSInternational Development Strategy
IDSIntruder Detector System
IDSSIntegrated Diagnostic Support system
IDSTATUSIdentification and Status
IETDSInteractive Electronic Training Delivery System
IGDSIntegrated Graduate Development Scheme
IHADSSIntegrated Helmet And Display Sighting System
IIDSIntegrated Instrumentation Display System
IMPDSImproved Missile Point Defence System
IONDSIntegrated Operational Nuclear Detection System
IPADSImproved Processing And Display System
IRDSInformation Resource Dictionary Standard
IRDSInformation Resource Dictionary Systems
IRDSInfra-Red Detecting Set
IRDSCInfosec Research & Development Co-ordination Sub-Committee
ISADSIntegrated Strapdown Air Data System
ISDSIce & Snow Detection System
ISDSImage Switching and Distribution System
ISDSIRCM self-defence System
ITDSCInformation Technology Development Sub-Committee
JETDSJoint Electronics Type Designation System
JMDSJoint Message Distribution Centre
JTIDSJoint Tactical Info Distribution System
JTIDSJoint Tactical Information Distribution System
LAADSLow Altitude Aircraft Detection System
LADSLaser Air-borne Depth Sounder
LADSLight Air Defence System
LADSLocal Area Depot System
LANDSATA civilian surveillance satellite
LAPADSLightweight Acoustic Processing And Display System
LDSLaser Dazzle Sight
LDSLaser Detecting Set
LDSLayered Defence System
LDSLogical Data Structure
LLDSLow Latency Data Service
LOADSLow-Altitude Air Defence System
LOFAADSLo-Altitude Forward Area Air Defence System
LOMADSLow Altitude Missile Air Defence System
MADSMilitary Advanced Disk System
MADSMPS Air Defence Simulator
MANPADSMan Portable Air Defence System
MANPADSMan-Portable Air Defence Missile Systems
MANPADSManportable Air Defence System
MAVDsMaterially Available Vessel Days
MD/HDSMilitary Deputy to the Head of Defence Sales
MDSMaintenance Data Station
MDSMaintenance Data System
MDSManagement Development Scheme
MDSMeteorological Data System
MDSMine Disposal System
MDSModular Decontamination System
MDSModular Dispenser System
MDSAMulti Sensor Deployed Array
MDSGWMaximum Structural Design Gross Weight
MDSSMobility and Deployed Support Study
MEADSMedium Extended Air Defence System
MEDDSMechem Explosives and Drug Detection System
MEDSManaged Electronic Directory Service
MIDSMultifunction Information Distribution System
MIDSSManagement Information and Decision Support System
MIIDSMilitary Intelligence Integrated Database System
MLDSMedium Latency Data Service
MMDSMoving Map Display Equipment
MMDSMulti-Mode Seeker Demonstration project
MODSAFMODular Semi Autonomous Forces
MODSIPSMOD System Integration Process
MODSYMinistry Of Defence Security
MPDSMessage Processing and Distribution System
MPDSMissile-Piercing Discarding Sabot
MPDSMulti-Purpose Decontamination System
MSDSMaintenance Support Data System
MSDSMaterial Safety Data Sheet
MTDSManufacture to Target or Disposal Sequence
MTDSMarine Tactical Data System
MTDSMission Training via Distributed Simulation
MTDSSMaritime Tactical Decision Support System
MWDSMan-Worn Detector System
NADSNational Armaments Directors
NADSNaval Air Data System
NAEDSNon-Aqueous Equipment Decontamination System
NALLADSNorwegian Army Low Level Air Defence System
NATINADSNATO Integrated Air Defence System
NAVAIDSNavigation Aids
NAVAIDSNavigational Aids
NBDSNaval Biological Detection System
NDSNuclear Detection System
NDSCINetwork Data Service Communications Information
NDSTCNational Defence Science and Technology Commission
NDSTICNational Defence Science Technology and Industry Commission
NEDSNon-ruggedized Electronic Display System
NIDSNational Institute for Defence Studies
NODSNight Observation and Detection System
NPDSNuclear Propulsion Development Support
NRDSNuclear Rocket Development Station
NTDSNaval Tactical Data Systems
NTDSNaval Tactical Display System
NWDSNavigation and Weapon Delivery System
NZDSU(SEA)New Zealand Defence Support Unit (south East Asia)
OADSOmnidirectional Air-Data System
ODSOptical Disk System
ODSOutstation Display System
OGDsOther Government Departments
ORADSOptical Ranging and Detecting Systems (US Army)
OSDSOwn Ships Data Simulator
OSPDSOcean Surveillance Product Dissemination Service
OSPDSOcean Surveillance Product Dissemination System
PADSPassive Advanced Sonobuoy
PADSPosition and Azimuth Determining System
PADSPosition Attack Defence System
PADsPrimary Access Device
PB-APDSPlastic Banded Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot
PBDSPrototype Biological Detection System
PCADDSPanoramic Cockpit Display System
PCDSPrecision Course Direction System
PDSPassive Detection System
PDSPermanent Duty Station
PDSPost Design Service
PDSPost Design Services
PDSPost-design Services
PDSProject Definition Stage
PDSProject Definition Study
PDSSPropulsion-Derived ship Service
PDSSFPost Development Software Support Facility
PDSTPrincipal Director Supplies and Transport
PDST(AS)Principal Director Supplies and Transport (Armament Supplies)
PDST(OPS)Principal Director Supplies and Transport (Operations)
PDST(SV)Principal Director Supplies and Transport (Stores and Victualling)
PFDSPriority Freight Distribution System
PIDsPersonal Identification Devices
PIDSPrime Item Development Specification
PIVADSProduct Improve Vulcan Air Defense System (US)
RAIDSRangeless Airborne Instrumented Debriefing System
RCDSRoyal College of Defence Studies
RCMDSRemote Control Mine Disposal System
RDSRapidly Deployable Systems
RDSRationalised Design Scenario
RDSSRapidly Deployable Surveillance System
REDSRuggedized Electronic Display System
REMIDSRemote Mine Detection System
RIDSRangeless Instrumental Debriefing System
RRDSRacal Radar Defence Systems
SAMHADSSubmarine Automated Message Handling And Distribution System
SANDSSea ANimal Database System
SCADSSeaboard Containerised Air Defence System
SDDSShips Data Distribution System
SDSSafety Data Sheet
SDSSatellite Data System
SDSSenior Dental Surgeon
SDSShips Diving Supervisor
SDSSignal Dispatch Service
SDSSystem Design Specification
SEPADSSonar Environment Prediction And Display System
SEPADSSonar Prediction & Display System
SIDSStation Infrastructure Data System
SMDSSwitched Multi-megabit Data Service
SSDSShip Self Defence System
SUDSSubmarine Upkeep Data System
SWORDSMANStatic Workshop Organisation Repair Data System MANagement?
TADDSTarget Alert Display Data Set
TADSTactical Laser and Designation System
TADSTarget Acquisition Designation Sight
TAFADSTactical Aid for Active Dipping Sonar
TDSTactical Data Systems
TDSTactical Display System
TDSThermal Day Sight
TDSTraining Device Suite
TDSUTraining Development and Support Unit
TPFSDS-TTarget Practice Fin-Stabilised Discarding Sabot Tracer
URDsUser Requirement Documents
VCDSVice Chief of Defence Staff
VCDSVice Chief of the Defence Staff
VDSVariable Depth Sonar
VDSLVery High Speed Digital Subscriber Line
VDSLVickers Defence Systems Ltd
VEDSVehicle External Distribution System
VOIDSVideo Output Interface Description Specification
VSHORADSVery Short Range Air Defence System
WADSWholesale Automated Distribution System
WHIDDSWar Headquarters Information Dissemination & Display System
WSCTDSWeapon System Coordination Technology Demonstrator
DSDirecting Staff (also called Di Staff)
VCDSVice chief of the Defence Staff
DSODistinguished Service Order

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