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ABIOSAdvanced Basic Input Output System
ADARIOAnalogue/Digital Adaptable Recorder Input/Output
AIOAction Information Organisation
AIOAction Information Organisation (ship command centre)
ALLOCATIONThe band of frequencies available for a certain equipment these are
BIOSBasic Input Output Services
BIOSBasic Input Output System
CIOCentral Imagery Office
DIODefence Information Operations
DIODirectorate of International Organisations
DLOIODefence Logistics Organisation Infrastructure Organisation
EC(CCII)IO&CMEquipment Capability (Command Control Information Infrastructure)
EIOCxEnd of Increment Operating Capability where x defines the increment
FIOField Intelligence Officer
FIOFor Information Only
FIONAFLIR imagery data fusion study
FNOIOFleet Naval Ordnance Inspection Officer
HELIOSHelicopter Instrument and Operational Procedures Simulator
HOW-IOHOllow Waveguide Integrated Optic
IOIdentification Officer
IOInformation Operations
IOInspecting Officer
IOIntelligence Officer
IOInventory Optimisation
IOCInitial Operating Capability
IOCInitial Operational Capability
IOCIntergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
IOCInterim Operating Capability
IOCInterim Operational Capability
IoDInstitute of Directors
IOEIrregular Outer Edge
IOMInter-Organisational Messaging
IONInput and Output Node
IONDSIntegrated Operational Nuclear Detection System
IORImmediate Operational Requirement
IOSInstructor/Operator Station
IOSIntegrated Observation System
IOTIntegral Operator Trainer
IOTEInitial Operational Test and Evaluation
IOUInterim OPCON Update
ISD/IOCIn Service Date/Initial Operational Capability
JIOJoint Intelligence Organisation
LIOLITS Installation Order
LIODLightweight Optronic Director
LIONLinked Information Office Network
LIONLocal Information Office Network
MIOSHMember of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
NOIONaval Ordnance Inspecting Officer
PIOSProgrammable Integrated Ordnance Suite
RAFIORAF Infrastructure Organisation
RAFIORoyal Air Force Infrastructure Organisation
SCIONStaff Communications Integrated Office Network
SCIONSystem for Consumable Inventory Optimisation
SectionOften means Damage Control Section
SIOSector Integration Office
SIOSenior Instructional Officer
SIOSite Implementation Officer
SIOSoftware Issuing Organisation
SIOStaff Instructor Officer
SIOStaff Intelligence Officer
SWO(AIO)Staff Warfare Officer (Above Information Organisation)
IOIntelligence Officer

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