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A/WSTAvionic/Weapons Systems Trainer
AAWSAdvanced Anti-tank Weapon System
AAWS-HAnti-Armour Weapons System – Heavy
AAWS-MAdvanced Anti-tank Weapon System – Medium
AAWWSAirborne Adverse Weather Weapon System
ACEWSAutomated Computer Assisted Electronic Warfare System
ACWSAdvanced Colour Work Station
ADAWSAction Data Automatic Weapons System
ADAWSAction Data Automation Weapon System
ADEWSAir Defence Electronic Warfare System
AFWSAirfield Frost Warning System
AIEWSAdvanced Integrated Electronic Warfare System
AIWSAdvanced Interdiction Weapon System
AMEWSAutomated Mobile EW System
ARWSAdvanced Radar Warning System
AWSAbove water Systems
AWSAir Weather Service
AWSAmerican Welding Society
AWSArea Weapon System
AWSArmy Welfare Service
AWSASAll-Weather Stand-off Attack System
AWSEMAnti-ship Weapon System Engagement Model
BMEWSBallistic Missile Early Warning Surveillance
BMEWSBallistic Missile Early Warning System
BMEWSBallistic Missiles Early Warning System
BWSBrigade Workshop/Work Station
CADWSClose-Air Defence Weapon System
CASWSClose Air Support Weapon System
CAWSCannon Artillery Weapons Systems
CAWSClose Assault Weapon System
CAWSEMCountermeasures And Weapon Systems Engagement Mode
CEWSCommunications Electronic Warfare System
CIWSClose In Weapon System
CIWSClose-In Weapon System
CLAWSClose Combat Light Armour Weapon System
CNWSEChief Naval Weapon System Engineer
COMASWSRTIKFORCommander ASW Strike Force
CO-NEWSCommunications Naval Electronic Warfare System
CSWSCorps Support Weapon System
CTWSCased Telescoped Weapon System
CTWSSPTCommand / Tactical Weapon System Software Proving Trial
CWSCentral Warning System
CWSCollision Warning System
CWSCommon Weapon Sight
CWSComputerised Work Station
CWSContainer Weapon System
CWSCo-ordination and Weapon System
CWSCoupler Warehouse System
CWSCupola Weapon Station
DEWSDigital EW Simulator
DGSWSDirector General Strategic Weapon Systems
DMGWSDirector Military Guided Weapon Systems
DRAWSDRA Workload Scales
DST(EWS)Director Engineering and Weapon Support
DSWSDirector Strategic Weapon Systems
DSWSDivision Support Weapon System
DWSDefence Works Services
DWSDispenser Weapon System
ESPAWSEnhanced Self-propelled Artillery Weapon System
EWSElectronic Warfare System
EWSExternal Weapon Station
EWSLEquivalent Single Wheel Load
EWSMEarly Warning Support Measures
EWSPEngineering and Weapon Support Publication
EWSREW Department Senior Rating
FAWSFuture Artillery Weapons Systems IPT
FEWSFollow-on Early Warning System
FEWSGFleet Electronic Warfare Support Group
FWSFighter Weapons School (USAF)
FWSFleet Wide Systems
GMWSGuided Missile Weapon System
GPWSGround Proximity Warning System
GPWSGround-Proximity Warning System
GWSGatling Weapon System
GWSGuided Weapon System
GWS 25/26Seawolf PDMS
GWS 30Seadart MR SAM system
GWS 60Harpoon SSM system
GWSSGuided Weapons Systems Support
GWSTGabriel Weapon System Trainer
HDWSHigh Definition Waming Surface (radar)
HOWSHIPMessage indicating that stores are ready for shipping and asking for delivery
HWSTHarbour Weapon System Test
IMAAWSInfantry Man-Portable Anti-armour / Assault Weapon System
IMEWSIntegrated Missile Early Warning System
INEWSIntegrated Electronic Warfare System
IRAWSInfra-Red Attack Weapon System
IREWSInfra-Red Electronic Warfare System
IRMWSInfra-Red Missile Warning Subsystem programme
IWSImproved Weapon System
IWSIn Water Survey
IWSIndividual Weapon Sight
IWSIntegrated Weapon System
IWSDBIntegrated Weapon System Data Base
JAAWSCJoint Anti Air Warfare Shore Coordination
JAAWSCJoint Anti-Air Warfare Shore Control (circuit)
JAAWSCJoint Anti-Air Warfare Shore Co-ordination Network
JAWSJamming And Warning System
JAWSJoint Attack Weapon Systems
JWSJoint Warehouse System
JWSJoint Warfare Staff
LCWSLow Cost Weapon Delivery System
LIMAWSLight Mobile Artillery Weapon System
LIMAWSLight Mobile Artillery Weapons System
LOTAWSLaser Obstacle Terrain-Avoidance Warning System
MCWSMinor Calibre Weapons Station
MEWSMicrowave EW system
MEWSMissile Early Warning Station
MEWSModular EW Simulator
MEWSGMaritime EW Support Group
MEWSGMulti-Service Electronic Warfare Support Group
MEWSSMulti-Service/Mobile Electronic Warfare Support system
MHWSMean High Water Springs
MLWSMean Low Water Springs
MPWSMobile Protected Weapon System
MRATGWSMedium Range Anti-Tank Guided Weapon System
MWSManned Weapon Station
MWSMaritime Warfare School
MWSMaster Warning System
MWSMissile Warning System
MWSModular Workstation
NAAWSNATO Anti-Air Warfare System
NAWSTNight Attack Weapon Systems Trainer
NEWSNon Explosive Workshop
NMWSNaval Meroka Weapon System
NOWSHIPMessage indicating that stores are ready for shipping
NPWSCNuclear Powered Warship Safety Committee
NTWSNew Threat Warning System
NWSNorth Warning System
NWSCNuclear Weapon Safety Committee
NWSSGNuclear Weapon System Safety Group
NWSTNaval Weapon Sea Trial
OBEWSOn-Board electronic Warfare Simulator
OWSObstacle Warning System
OWSOily Water Separator
OWSOverhead Weapon Station
OWSFOily Water Separator Filter
PAVE-PAWSPhased-Array Radars
PAWSPhased-Array Warning System
PCTOWSTowed array simulation program
PD/ELWSProgramme Director Engineer + Light Weapons Systems
PWSMPlatform Weapon System Manager
RW(IWS)Rotary Wing (Integrated Weapon Systems)
RWSRadar Warning System
RWSGRotary Wing Support Group
SAWSSubmarine Acoustic Warfare Suite
SIWSSea Ice Work Station
SMWSLSubmarine Weapon Stowage and Launch
STAWSSubmarine Tactical Anti-Ship Weapon System
STWSShip Torpedo Launching Weapon System
STWSShipborne Torpedo Weapon System
STWSShips’ Torpedo Weapon System
SWSSatellite Warning System?
SWSShipWright Store?
SWSSignals Works Services?
SWSStrategic Weapon System?
SWSAShip Weapon System Authority?
TOWS-3DTowed array simulation program
TWSTactical Weapon System
TWSTrack While Scan
TWSELTactical Weapon System Equipment List
TWSHTactical Weapon System Highway
UWSUnderwater Warfare Systems
UWSSUnderwater Sound Signals
WPWSRWorking Party on War Stocks & Reserves
WSWeapon System
WSWeapons Systems
WS3Weapons Secure Survivable Storage
WSAWarship Support Agency
WSBWeapon Section Base
WSCWeapon Safety Committee
WSCWeapon Stowage Compartment
WSCWeapon System Coordination or Wargaming and Simulation Centre
WSCWhole Ship Coordinator (MM in RN)
WSCTDSWeapon System Coordination Technology Demonstrator
WSDEMWeapon System Design Effectiveness Model
WSEAFWeapons Systems Effectiveness Analysis Facility
WSERWeapon System Effectiveness Report
WSLWhole Ship Life
WSMWater Space Management
WSMWeapon System Manager
WSMWeapon System Model
WSMWork Service Manager
WSMWork Services Manager
WSMWorks Service Manager
WSMRWhite Sands Missile Range
WSOWashington Standardisation Officer
WSOWeapon Section Officer
WSOWeapons System Operator
WSPWarship Support Plan
WSPWhole Ship Procurement
WSPWorks Scrutiny Panel
WSPSWire Strike Protection System
WSSWeapons System Specification
WSSWeapons Systems Sector
WSSWindmill Signal Station
WSSWindows Sharepoint Services
WSSWorkshop Support Services
WSSSWideband Secure Speech System
WSTGWeapon Systems Tuning Group
WSUWeapon System Upgrade
WSWSBWhole Ship Watch & Station Bill
X-WindowsA Graphical User Interface standard

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