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ATWMArmy Transition to War Measure
BOWMANBearer for Digital Communications: future tactical combat net radio for the
BOWMANSysManBowman System Manager
CofWMClerk of Works Mechanical
D/BowmanDirector Bowman
DWMCDishwashing Machine
EWMElectronic Warfare Manager
EWMSElectronic Warfare Mutual Support
FWMIGMFour Wave Mixing in Inverted Gain Media
FWMPFull Width Mine Plough
LWMBLocal Works Maintenance Budget
LWMLLight Weight Multiple Launcher
LWMSLight Weight Modular Site
NTWMNaval Transition to War Measures
SWMLUSea Wolf Mid Life Upgrade
SWMLUSea Wolf Mid-Life Update
TEWMISTest Equipment Wing Management Information System
TTWMAPSTransition to War Manpower Allocation Planning System
TWMPTrack Width Mine Plough
UKWMOUnited Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation
WMWeapons Management
WMWorkstream Manager
WMCWeapon Maintenance Condition
WMDWeapon of Mass Destruction
WMDWeapons of Mass Destruction
WMFWindows Meta File
WMIWider Markets Initiative
WMOWeapon Maintenance Officer (RFA)
WMPWith Much Pleasure (affirmative reply to an RPC)
WMRWar Maintenance Reserve
WMRVWheeled Maintenance and Recovery Vehicle
WMSWarehouse Management System
WMSWeapons Multi block Euler Code
WWMCCSWorld Wide Military Command and Control System

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